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  1. i got it for free a few days ago
  2. It’s not too difficult but then again I’m a big fan of cricket and from a cricketing nation. Just keep at it And they’ll come soon enough. Some trophies can be done with 2 controllers maybe all of them. I can’t remember.
  3. Wouldn’t say mine is loud (6yo og PS4 with 2tb ssd) I’ve opened mine up and cleaned it out. Sounds and runs perfectly
  4. Have you played the demo?
  5. You’ll find that taking wickets is hard and maidens even harder, especially towards the start of your career. Did you start your career as a batsmen or all rounder? Either of those two options will also make bowling more difficult. Variations in your bowling will help, over the wicket (bowling to left of the umpire) and around the wicket (bowling to the right of the umpire) if your bowler is right handed. Setting up different fields (preset fields are fine) and may catch a batsmen off guard. Bowling reverse swing is when you select leg side and point the marker slightly off centre in the opposite direction and vice versa. Hope what I’ve explained has made sense as cricket is complex 😂
  6. I got a 360 back in the famous 2011 PSN hack. It didn't last long and i regretted the purchase, I can't even remember what i did with it. I had got a few platinums and was into trophy hunting, not like i am now though. But i didn't have the same enjoyment like i do with PS. I do however like the achievement tracking that xbox has and also the loudness of an achievement popping, the PS4 trophy volume is too damn low. But you can't replicate that feeling of getting a platinum
  7. Looks absolutely stunning. Have to say i preferred GOW to HZD but loved it nevertheless. Bring it on!!
  8. I like special editions of games that come with artworks, figure and other merch. Digital doesn't offer that bar avatars and themes. Also the price difference of the 2 will be offset by the price of games. Digital has always been more expensive on release and. I do buy digital games but only at reasonable prices. The last full price digital i got was RDR2 as i was way too hyped for it. Both designs are great imo and will be interesting to see if Sony use the sales data between the 2 for the PS6
  9. LOVE IT. Was buying it before the reveal and now i simply cannot wait and will be counting down the days. Sony, I love you!!
  10. Very proud, of course! Fifa 11 was by no means an easy plat. I even still remember the free kick i scored to earn the plat. good times
  11. I've just noticed mine had disappeared too. I've added one into my cabinet and will wait til earn a trophy and sync up to see if it works.
  12. As others have said before me, It helps with maintaining an ageing game increasing longevity. I'm all for crossplay with consoles but not consoles/pc. There are games which favour a mouse keyboard combo i.e DOOM and give what i feel, an unfair advantage to the pc gamer. I have a pc and laptop but i prefer console gaming. I doubt we'll ever get 100% console crossplay but we can but dream
  13. Just in case anyone is foolish enough to miss the spoilers subject (they exist)
  14. Yeah that's what i thought. Don't fancy gong through the glitch fest on ps3 but so frustrating