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  1. Glad it’s not just me. I like my trophy list to represent myself. IP’s that I’ve always loved, nostalgia or small indie’s that look appealing to me. but damn the controls on this make me wanna give it up
  2. Me too. Well worth the investment. Sold the previous 500gb to a friend to soften the blow. Although I have recently bought a 4tb external on top. My OG ps4 handles it just fine.
  3. I've not had the displeasure of having to install this game but sure sounds like it deserves a trophy in itself 😂
  4. Yeah same. I'm really glad that the r3make is pretty much confirmed but damn. Nemesis needs some sonic the hedgehog treatment here. He looks awful. Why does he have a nose? It was the first thing i spotted. Why does he have piano keys for teeth? Jill looks ok, but i'm still not sure. Carlos looks good but needs a hair redesign. Plus side (and hopefully imo) we're getting 2 campaigns/scenarios? I wanna know what Carlos was up to before meeting Jill. It's my 2nd fave resi after REmake so they better not screw this up for me lol
  5. Yeah i believe it is. It never really felt like a great game let alone a great DiRT game. It didn't feel as if it particularly expanded on the past games and seems like they just the brand name to make an extra few quid off of the consumer. Oh and don't get me started on the early days when the "flavour of the week" trophy glitched. DiRT 2 remains to this day my favourite racing game
  6. Doom 3, I’m not good enough to go for that 😂
  7. Can all these be earned in quick play? They’re really frustrating trophies to get too. Can use you 3 dummy pads for super fast? Is “thrower” in darts and hitting 3 5’s in one visit? lucky & lucky at cards, are they in red or black? EDIT: lucky at cards is in baccarat, lucky is at red or black, thrower is in greyhounds. i tried using multiple pads for super fast but it doesn’t work. i now have platinum
  8. Win a t20 main with a rain reduced target (duckworth Lewis) Just earned this in a 50 over match
  9. Search the whole area. You will Usually start with a corpse of a NERO worker. From there it will guide you on a treasure hunt. Make sure you also fill up the generator with gas as well. Top tip I found also is to shoot the alarms before doing anything at the NERO checkpoints
  10. A great list. No multiplayer/difficulty trophies. Looks like a 2-3/10 30 hour game for me. Only trophy which probably could be an issue is challenge accepted as I haven’t tried that mode yet.
  11. Magic: the gathering is my go to deck game. Its quite complex but when you get the rules nailed Its an awesome game. Or as above mentioned, yu gi oh and gwent are great too
  12. Well if you thought they were too easy in the day then why not do them at night, use less effective weapons, set yourself goals I.e no heals when taking them down. As you say it’s suicide... I’ve taken quite a few down at night as I felt the same (too easy) during the day. I hope bend doesn't give up on the game after June’s DLC. Heck I even want a sequel!
  13. Got my og PS4 in 2015 which I then upped to 2gb. Yes it has flaws, everyone is aware of them. Although it was a slight annoyance that frames were dropping, textures not rendered in time or even the early sound drops but it really didn’t bother me. (I didn’t experience any crashes or game save corruption that some have) Then again I’m in the one percent. I’ve never been one to buy a game for its graphics, it’s reviews or even because my friends have it. I make my own decisions when purchasing/enjoying game on it’s storyline and character development for me. Also I think those that have slated this game should cut the devs some slack. Days gone is also a brand new ip, although it’s a common genre nowadays. They also patched the game 4 times (quote me if i’m wrong) in the same week to help some issues! Maybe i’m being biased because I loved the game idk
  14. Kyren has had a great year. Judd imo is too inconsistent/worries too much about his hair to win the worlds, but could reach semis. I’m also hoping Higgins has a great tourney as he’s one of my all time faves (even after his scandal)
  15. I know everyone reckons Ronnie will win (I hope he does) But who’s your dark horse? Who’s your semi finalists? Or even finalists? Thoughts?