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  1. I’m really enjoying it. Only played for 2 hours, taking my time and trying to learn the game. it’s not my usual type of game but I really enjoyed what I saw in videos. Died 2 times (once to the first biome boss) at no point did I feel the game was difficult though and I’m not great at these type of games. Looks great, feels great with the dual sense and sounds awesome with headphones on 9/10 from me
  2. Thanks
  3. Anyone know if all main game trophies from ps4 autopop now? Been holding off til they were fixed
  4. Completion never used to bother me until last year when I had a LOT of time to game. I've worked on it from around 60% to 68% in a year and I'm still going. But as far aspiring to get a 100% profile i would never do that. I have severe idontknowwhattoplayitis, sometimes it's easy to jump to the next game, sometimes it's not. I only imagine it would be worse if maintaining 100%. Yeah i have games i regret starting but thats gaming, gaming should be about the games and not stress
  5. I'm trying for the rolling heavy trophy but 9 times out of 10 the ability doesn't work. I have it upgraded and selected but when i press r1/l1 it doesn't always work, am i doing it correctly?
  6. Yeah, brilliant game. Something completely different, which in this day and age is rare to come by. I found it increasingly difficult as the game went on which is not a bad thing. I loved the design more than anything. Hoping Lucas Pope develops more game as he has an eye for quality.
  7. Yeah it’s a shame. I felt that way recently when I platted it in January and found out I couldn’t get the Pirates dlc. But at least it’s an ultra rare plat 👍🏻
  8. If you purchased both dlc’s you should be fine (if servers are repaired) If you didn’t buy both dlc’s yet then it could be an issue. I managed to buy the MGS dlc on the store but the pirates of the Caribbean dlc is de listed so the 100% wouldn’t be obtainable
  9. Pretty much. Yeah i was surprised how easy final boss was, annoying more than difficult. The final level blew me away with the detail etc and like you say, for them to have done it from home, WOW. I know my limits with difficulties but playing this dlc on a controller is on another level imo. Haven't played it with MSK but i imagine it's even better. I wonder what the future holds for this IP now
  10. Just trying to get more coins quickly as i need a better car. Any particular event that gives the most/quickest coinage?
  11. I migrated save from the ps4 version on my ps5 for this. I have just use my ps4 to migrate save and it popped another 2 trophies. It still didn't pop the power level 150 and upgrade an artifact to max level despite my hulk having met both requirements. This autopop seems very inconsistent
  12. Yeah this. I have platted some games where i did the multiplayer back when servers were online and done the single player portion years later. Transformers: revenge of the fallen being an example for me 10 years before i plat'd that 😂
  13. 46 of 51 auto popped. I started the game before full download
  14. Anyone know if this would have any more DLC? I haven't bought this game yet do plan on getting it Just be nice to get a deluxe edition or something