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  1. This is the only thing i want from VR2. SO annoying to hook up/put away and cables just get in the way
  2. Very easy plat. more you play the better you get
  3. I'm so happy it's back. Never got around to buying it before. I love telltale games
  4. Yeah it's fine to 100%
  5. Yeah that site is great
  6. I always buy mine from shopto also. I’ve never had an issue. Check your digital items in your account and check what one you bought. It sounds like this is the case. I also never have auto renew on for this reason.
  7. No way. Pre sequel is imo. I just didn’t like the oxygen and slamming or whatever it was called. It felt a lot more empty and more of a side project than an actual full borderlands.
  8. Yeah he’s great. He’s got quite a collection too. Just looked on eBay for this title, £10k! Insane. Trophies are only bronze and no platinum
  9. Has some impressive plats
  10. Me too. You have to be so close to the lines, like right on top of them. a minor annoyance though
  11. No issues at all on PS5. Loved the game
  12. Not as difficult as people make out. It just needs perseverance and acceptance that the hit boxes are way off
  13. Agree with all of this. I certainly didn't have the patience to type all this but yeah, you nailed it. I'll keep at it for platinum but i also would not recommend buying this garbage excuse for a poker game
  14. This And also this. I felt they were pretty much the same in all aspects. a poor remaster imo
  15. I've played a lot of live poker, online poker and won a lot of money playing it. But I've lost count the amount of times the ai 6 bets pre flop just to annoy you, I get dicked on the river or have been called when the ai has nothing compared to my pocket pre flop. Anyone else experiencing this?