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  1. Yes I do! But I can't handle the anxiety in speedruns, so I'm taking my time 😄 I don't want to recommend Bioshock again, so I would go with Bloodborne!
  2. Having just earned it myself, I would recommend to platinum Bioshock 1. Congrats on all Metal Gear plats btw!
  3. I second Zero Escape Series. Until Dawn is somewhat similar IMO, you have a mystery and murder, but not a detective, and it tends to horror more than the other things.
  4. Alright, let's do this COME ON! Piece of Cake Award: Nominees: Burly men at sea Conan Exiles - debug mode lol Game of Thrones Batman Winner: Batman Of all nominees, this has the best story. It's like Dark Souls: Nominees: Crash Bandicoot 2 Bloodborne Guacamelee 2 Dark Souls 3 Winner: Bloodborne It is pretty much like Dark Souls. Bad Ass Award: Winner: Bloodborne - Cleric Beast I've been listening to its theme long before starting the game, and when I got to it, I beat it the first time. Badass boss with a badass theme. Grind of the Year: Nominees: Dark Souls 3 Overcooked 2 Winner: Dark Souls 3 Those useful covenant items... King of the Internet: Nominees: Bloodborne - Thanks to all those that helped me through chalices dungeons Dark Souls 3 Diablo 3 - Playing with friends is the reason why this is here Winner: Dark Souls 3 Sunbros. Worst Online Experience: Winner: Diablo 3 I love this game, but it was full of hackers. Sleeper hit of the year: Winner: The Nonary Games To be honest, I knew that this game was good according to some reviews, but boy what a story. The kind of story that stays with you for a long time. Biggest bomb of the year: Nominees: Game of Thrones Detroit - The story was OK, but there was one particular decision at the end that was bad IMO. And replaying it for the trophies was boring. Horizon Zero Dawn - I'm sorry, but I didn't like playing it. The graphics were amazing, but I was just dragging to the end. Frozen Wilds was pretty good though, they improved a lot from the main game. Winner: Game of Thrones You can play the game without a controller, just picking whatever decision at some key points. The ending was anti-climatic due to a terrible lag. Best Trophy Image: Nominees: Dancer of the Boreal Valley (Dark Souls 3) - I just love this boss design. Bloodborne (Bloodborne) - My current wallpaper Father and Son (God of War) Winner: Father and BOI (God of War) So simple, yet so meaningful. Worst Trophy Image: Nominees: I'm Batman (Batman) Lord of Ironrath (Game of Thrones) Winner: Lord of Ironrath (Game of Thrones) Meh Best Female Character: Nominees: Phi (The Nonary Games) Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) - The voice acting was amazing Freya (God of War) Lady Maria (Bloodborne) - There is a reason she is the face of DLC Winner: Phi (The Nonary Games) I know Phi... I know... Best Male Character: Nominees: Slave Knight Gael (Dark Souls 3) - We should make a painting of him Connor (Detroit) - The best part of the game Juan (Guacamelee 2) Kratos (God of War) Junpei (The Nonary Games) Winner: Kratos (God of War) Also one of the best characters transformation Best Plat of the Year: Nominees: God of War Bloodborne - Almost made it. This is a masterpiece on every level. Diablo 3 The Nonary Games Marvel's Spider-Man - The details of this game are amazing. Congratulations to everyone involved. Winner: Dad of BOI What a journey, enjoyed every second of it. Wurst Plat Ov Teh Yeer: Nominees: Game of Thrones Conan Exiles Horizon Zero Dawn - sorry Detroit Winner: Game of Thrones The tension it was building came down to very little at the end. Most Anticipated Platinum of 2020: Zero Time Dilemma Sekiro Castlevania Nioh
  5. Hello there! Would you kindly sign me up for Champion of the Gods? I have all 7 now. Thank you!
  6. You can start on Episode 4:
  7. Borderlands 1, the only Borderlands I'm missing. Helldivers! Spreading democracy through galaxy!
  8. Both XCOM Enemy smth games! Congrats on both of them!
  9. Capra Demon can be a pain, as it was to me, but here are some tips that worked for me: As soon as the battle starts, roll to the right and forward, avoiding both his attack and his dogs; Run straight to the stairs, killing the dogs that are right behind you; Try to lure the demon to be right below you (when in this position you can yell "I have the high ground!" just to piss him off); Plunge attack him, rinse and repeat. After a few tries you can do this, and I assume you have Drake Sword, right?
  10. The Call of Nature Catch Trico… in the act. Is it...?!
  11. You are already doing it, but Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands is an easy/fun plat.
  12. How can you resist the urge of unlocking that shiny little piece of a Platinum?
  13. Game of Thrones and/or Rocket League. You are very close on both