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  1. i got the achievement on pc version 4 coop missions completed i think ps4 need to wait a patch
  2. ty confirm😂
  3. i think it will be required you see this trophy's icon😶you'll understand
  4. not traditional 1-3 star spec ops its PVE=large PAYDAY 2 or Battlefield COOP? 4 players must the trophy need you to finish all 4 missions but. really difficult
  7. yup same case and still don't know why report
  8. @B1rvine would you mind to consider this case?Thanks.
  9. don't know why report with this rediculous reason
  10. no idea how can they sync in psnp,in our chinese trophy website only one day,10+ platinum... i only banned first guy because its hacking too intuitive for others,i only know a few of them was true still i don't know the first guy cheated or not Sorry,Because i'm chinese too... What they did made us look disgraceful😂
  11. nice strategy!
  12. i see,sure get all bosses trophy then load the save to farm skill point and lapis great idea!
  13. yes!but shura ending can't get any lapas,i tried:/ one full playthrough=3 from boss(different boss don't know how to call) 2 exchange merchant and last one fron poison the fish and exchange these six only got after kill the owl(daddy) hope you can understand...
  14. i think only one guy(first guy)cheated,other 3 seems no cheat but,why banned 3... farm xp in one playthrough need really a lot of time,for max hp i forgot about playthrough(i got that in 2 dunno 1) prostetic must need 2 playthroughs,because one playthrough give you 6 (don't know how to say it in english)really rare material.THIS trophy need 10. and shura ending don't give you that material.
  15. for third playthrough,the xp can be done with a method 3min=28000+xp posted here can you see it and this method can earn more rare materials/