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  1. Hahaha thats a gd lesson i love it when someone punishes himself
  2. Hi i would like to join i have 1 plat wich is unity ill get more soon
  3. I liked i hope i win can you just get me psnp lifetime premium if i win
  4. 1-Runescape pc this is the best game in history i retired it after 5 years of playing it i used to play 5 hours a day so i spent like 3000 hours on it makes me cry to remember it 2-the witcher 3 just wow best offline rpg ever 3- i only played 2 rpgs i played final Fantasy but didnt love it :/
  5. Syndicate will be my last ac i wont pay it again only if they get ac like the old ones ac3 and lower
  6. Well binding of isaac got worse with the patch so thats a problem
  7. Did anyone notice that digital games are being installed with their patch in 1 download? That's a problem because in binding of isaac You need to play without seeds to get the plat easy so without a patch and i can't install it can i disable it?
  8. Is there no other way ? Bonus points maybe?
  9. How to do this?
  10. Ok thanks for the video i showed it to friends we will follow your way ! And any tips for making sure our progress is synched for awo races and team wins
  11. Wow thats a nice idea but put the participants in this thread not in another thread i will do plants vs zombies garden warfare
  12. What does it transfer all online trophies with dlc? Or all trophies with story trophies
  13. There is the ultimate edition on amazon with dlcs or the greatest hits in usa and platinum hits in eu all of these contains the expansions
  14. I want a gta on vita