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  1. Dead Nation and Infamous 1-2 8)
  2. Are you referring to Tower of Babel? I've yet to achieve that, but there is somewhat a solution to this problem! Watch this video: It's doable with only 2 people! So this can limit the amount of people you need to look for. If you're ever interested, I can probably team up with you to try and tackle this trophy. Hey Parker, I am more than willing to join you in some games some time I've been playing on XBOX, however, I just bought the game for PS3 on Friday. I'm still at level 1, but I'll level up quickly! It'll be fun playing with people who aren't total strangers lol
  3. I'd love to see a Leader board that only displays members registered to PSNP
  4. I've been waiting for this!I'm so glad it's here!
  5. I'm so excited! They didn't confirm it for North American release, but I'm sure it'll come eventually!
  6. Thanks, I let the game play for an hour, just to test out whether or not it would work after the sixty minutes. Once the hour was up, the game kicked me out. I checked it in the menu, and it stated that it had expired. I tried playing it again and it worked just fine! The weird thing is that the version I downloaded did not state it was a trial. I downloaded it directly from the PS Plus Menu. I'm glad it worked itself out
  7. So, when I found out that Borderlands was going to be free on Play Station Plus, I quickly downloaded the game because I haven't played it yet. I went directly into the PS Plus section of the PlayStation store. After the game was finished downloading, I looked at it, and saw that yellow timer icon that appears on the left of a game when its a 60 minute time trial. Now, I had thought this game was free for the duration of my PS Plus subscription? Has anyone ran into this problem too? I've searched online, and didn't see this problem anywhere. How do I fix this?
  8. A Kingdom Hearts Collection with the following games: -Kingdom Hearts -Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories -Kingdom Hearts:2 With an additional bundle of these: -Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep -Kingdom Hearts:358/2 Days -Kingdom Hearts:Re Coded Though. having all on a few discs would be great 8)
  9. Thanks. I didn't chose the million bolts because I thought it was easy I used the glitch, and left it on over night. Skillful, I felt, took longer because after playing the game for awhile, I was getting annoyed having to go back through every levels. Not to mention the hover board Skills took a lot of retries lol Thanks guys
  10. Thanks! I've just added my Infamous 2 Page 8) Let me know if you guys think I should add anything to these, I can make them wider and/or taller
  11. My list is still a work in progress. So far I have finished my latest Plat Page of Ratchet and Clank, and need the final touches to finish the Infamous 2 Page. After that I'll begin working on the other 5. These take quite a long time to make, but they have been very fun to work on. Let me know what you all think. EDIT I just finished the Infamous 2 Plat Page. I've added it right above my previous Ratchet and Clank Page, Since I achieved IF2 before R&C. A Plat Page for Plants vs Zombies for the Vita has been added.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's calculated based on trophy points, because I checked the percentage of amount of trophies, and it was a different percentage.
  13. OMG I want a Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, and most of all KINGDOM HEARTS ON VITA!!!
  14. Now I don't have to pay for All 4 One