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  1. I have a friend that is missing this singular bronze, and as far as I can see, it's supposed to unlock with "The Party Never Stops", and he has that one unlocked... Anyone experienced this...??
  2. Such a shame, I seem to recall that there was some trouble with different youtuber and his fans starting some drama, I think.... But I really liked his videos back in the day, and I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 2 years, maaaan....
  3. Bad writing... They stated last year that you won't lose any games as long as you have PS+...
  4. Here's the first game; And here's the second;
  5. Cool! Just one tiny thing, Zone of the Enders is actually 2 games, and 2 trophy lists!
  6. The gears are behind the A doors
  7. Yeah, that might be it!
  8. Nevermind, it shows if you’ve defeated a boss without using the timestop and/or not getting hit!
  9. Hmmm... Okay! Kinda sucks that it's Limited Run, though, their games are expensive to get to Denmark.... But the listing is for both systems, though...
  10. Has this game been removed from the store?
  11. Anyone know what region, or what ever, this is?? And why it suddenly is here?
  12. I’ve noticed that some of the feats have a little icon on the right side of the listing in the in-game menu, anyone know what these are?? It’s little hourglass.
  13. I have to go with Red Dead Redemption 2... I love realism in games, but they just went to far with it, and everything just moves soooo sloooowly.... I loved the first Redemption, and played it constantly back in the day, so I knew what I was going in to, seems like they forgot that it was supposed to be entertaining in one way or the other... Other than that, I might say God of War... Did NOT like the combat, it felt to repetetive, and most enemies were reskins, and it got old really fast, and found myself lowering the difficulty just to get through the fights a little faster....
  14. - Mark of the Ninja - #86 - Completion Unlock all trophies. I freaking loved this game back on the 360, and I got really pissed when I only heard about the remaster for the switch, but turned out that they did want to make money on this, so day one purchase for me! It's actually not that hard of a plat, and it only takes 2 playthroughs if you plan it correctly, although, you might need to grind out the "stars" or the coins, and the scrolls takes a bit of searching, but luckily the game comes with a NG+, so it is quite managable!! Don't overlook this gem, guys!!
  15. Persona 5, it's been on my to-do list since it's release Dark Souls Remastered, kinda have to, seeing that I got 1000/1000G on X360 back in the day Maybe Ni No Kuni II, even though the endgame is a slooooooog