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  1. Have you adjusted all settings? Audio too? I had no problem with it, try all the subs in the accessibility part, as well! It’s not just the sliders, there are some hidden by the toggles
  2. Just checked, it’s CUSA16579… luckily I haven’t gotten much farther then finishing the prologue, but it still sucks that a game bought in a local store is a different region than the same game bought in regional psn store…
  3. I just got the digital version of the game, and I had played a bit on the physical version, but when looking at the savedata, nothing shows up on the digital version, while the save was still present in physical version… Does anyone know a fix for this, or should I just go back to the disc version again?
  4. I got so excited when I saw this! I wish they would port their entire library to PS4, ESPECIALLY Strife: Veteran Edition!! Fuuuck, that game is soooooo good!!
  5. It was up earlier yesterday, but it has since been removed. I saw it was on the Nintendo e-shop as well, but it only cost half of what it did on PSN, and it wasn’t on sale or anything, so it might have been because of that?
  6. Makes sense! I have done a couple of Ratalaika Games from a review code, and it was actually a little annoying that you couldn’t update your trophy list, because the game wasn’t listed!
  7. I’ve seen that you can use the save data from the disc version of BioShock 1 on the eu version to load up at the final boss, and unlock the ending trophy, so I was wondering if anyone have tried this for 2??
  8. How many chapters do you guess there are?? I’m at “chapter 6”, just unlocked the Pilgrim trophy
  9. 64 - move the ramp over to the platform that holds down the balloons, so that the bomb can slide one it when you Trigger the engine. The balloons needs to be moved with the spray can, and you put it as close to the moveable balloon. The straight moveable wall needs to be at the bottom so the lighter slides off it down to the slimer I only miss 91 now!
  10. I can't seem to finish level 64, even though there aren't any of the little bastards left on the screen... And also, any one know of a possible solution to 80 and 91?? They don't make ANY sense to me...
  11. Nope... Only way to get it is to play through the entire thing again, so I'm not getting that plat...
  12. I wrote earlier that MS re-released it this year, but up until then, it had been removed.. I don't know why, but I can't see my Scott Pilgrim license on my Xbox anymore, so that's kinda weird....!
  13. What happens if you just redownload your save?
  14. Currently a shit ton of Tool and Enter Shikari...!
  15. That is kinda weird, I just saw that too! But, because of the lawsuit with Epic games back in the day, they were forced to recall all physical copies, and remove it from the xbox servers! Just read up on it a bit, and it seems that Microsoft re-released it on the store, themselves in june of this year, but Silicon Knights were still forced to remove it completely back in the day, though!