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  1. How many chapters do you guess there are?? I’m at “chapter 6”, just unlocked the Pilgrim trophy
  2. 64 - move the ramp over to the platform that holds down the balloons, so that the bomb can slide one it when you Trigger the engine. The balloons needs to be moved with the spray can, and you put it as close to the moveable balloon. The straight moveable wall needs to be at the bottom so the lighter slides off it down to the slimer I only miss 91 now!
  3. I can't seem to finish level 64, even though there aren't any of the little bastards left on the screen... And also, any one know of a possible solution to 80 and 91?? They don't make ANY sense to me...
  4. Looking at your timestamps, you unlocked level 7 and level 13 within 2 seconds, that seems a bit fast...
  5. Nope... Only way to get it is to play through the entire thing again, so I'm not getting that plat...
  6. I wrote earlier that MS re-released it this year, but up until then, it had been removed.. I don't know why, but I can't see my Scott Pilgrim license on my Xbox anymore, so that's kinda weird....!
  7. What happens if you just redownload your save?
  8. Currently a shit ton of Tool and Enter Shikari...!
  9. It might be that the trophies didn’t pop in the first run, and then might have done in a second run...?
  10. That is kinda weird, I just saw that too! But, because of the lawsuit with Epic games back in the day, they were forced to recall all physical copies, and remove it from the xbox servers! Just read up on it a bit, and it seems that Microsoft re-released it on the store, themselves in june of this year, but Silicon Knights were still forced to remove it completely back in the day, though!
  11. Huh, that’s odd, because I owned it on my 360, and I’m unable to download it again....?
  12. There are other examples, ones that comes to mind is Too Human for the 360, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World....
  13. It seems a bit random, actually...! I just tried running through the game to get to Bloodless, and I only got 20-something from her, then I reloaded my save and got around 180....
  14. I only got 8L from draining the fountain... Apparently, you should equip and use it the moment you get it, because there should be enough blood in the boss room to unlock it....!
  15. I got it by dropkicking a sabnock pretty early on....!