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  1. I'm missing one character, and I know where to get him, but I've completed every task in the game, so I'm thinking that I'm kinda screwed with this one... Any one know of a fix, or do I need to do it all over again?? It's the Resistance General that you unlock on the DESTROY THE STARKILLER - Assault of Starkiller level
  2. Nope... Only way to get it is to play through the entire thing again, so I'm not getting that plat...
  3. I wrote earlier that MS re-released it this year, but up until then, it had been removed.. I don't know why, but I can't see my Scott Pilgrim license on my Xbox anymore, so that's kinda weird....!
  4. What happens if you just redownload your save?
  5. Currently a shit ton of Tool and Enter Shikari...!
  6. It might be that the trophies didn’t pop in the first run, and then might have done in a second run...?
  7. That is kinda weird, I just saw that too! But, because of the lawsuit with Epic games back in the day, they were forced to recall all physical copies, and remove it from the xbox servers! Just read up on it a bit, and it seems that Microsoft re-released it on the store, themselves in june of this year, but Silicon Knights were still forced to remove it completely back in the day, though!
  8. Huh, that’s odd, because I owned it on my 360, and I’m unable to download it again....?
  9. There are other examples, ones that comes to mind is Too Human for the 360, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World....
  10. It seems a bit random, actually...! I just tried running through the game to get to Bloodless, and I only got 20-something from her, then I reloaded my save and got around 180....
  11. I only got 8L from draining the fountain... Apparently, you should equip and use it the moment you get it, because there should be enough blood in the boss room to unlock it....!
  12. I got it by dropkicking a sabnock pretty early on....!
  13. Yeah, they don’t look too bad! They seem simple enough!
  14. It would be great if you could add either a separate column for the global unlock percentage, or maybe a static switch, so we can change it ourselves, so we don't have to hover over to see the actual completion bonus. I'm more interested in the global total, more than the site total, maybe it's just me, though, nut it would be kinda nice!
  15. Well, don't I look like an idiot now... But still, it would be nice if the feature was working on the trophy log, and and the rare trophy cabinet!
  16. Life Will Change (ATLUS Meguro Remix) CAN be cleared on easy, Ren is just random, I've had Morgana/The Twins, Morgana/Theodore, and Morgana/Ren, so far, so just keep trying!
  17. Has this game been removed from the store?
  18. I have a friend that is missing this singular bronze, and as far as I can see, it's supposed to unlock with "The Party Never Stops", and he has that one unlocked... Anyone experienced this...??
  19. Such a shame, I seem to recall that there was some trouble with different youtuber and his fans starting some drama, I think.... But I really liked his videos back in the day, and I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 2 years, maaaan....
  20. Bad writing... They stated last year that you won't lose any games as long as you have PS+...
  21. Here's the first game; And here's the second;
  22. Cool! Just one tiny thing, Zone of the Enders is actually 2 games, and 2 trophy lists!
  23. The gears are behind the A doors
  24. Yeah, that might be it!