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  1. Yes, I have, and that was also how I found it, as stated.
  2. I have the season pass, but I can’t for the life of me find out where to download the game! I’ve looked under DLC in FC5, under the menu on the dashboard, in the ubiclub, can’t find it anywhere!!
  3. Thanks!! Found it! Kinda silly that they didn’t list it, and you had to search for it manually!
  4. Dead Island Definitive Edition - Slaughter Pack (FYI, don't buy it hoping to get both games on disc, only one comes on disc and the other on a voucher) Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Okami HD Goat Simulator Bundle on sale on PSN And Song for the Deep
  5. Persona 4 Golden Final Fantasy VIII Parasite Eve 1+2 Onimusha series Red Dead Redemption Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Alundra Bushido Blade Vagrant Story Timesplitters series Zone of the Enders 1+2 Silent Hill series Rule of Rose Haunting Grounds Breath of Fire series And if at all possible Eternal Darkness All the GBA/DS Castlevania games
  6. I've been playing FF since 1991, and I straight up loved the game, as did everyone I know, bar maybe one or two. It wasn't a perfect FF game, but it was A BIIIIIG improvement on the XIII-trilogy, that was god awful... Not really a PS4 game, but when I think overrated, immediately UNDERTALE comes to mind... I couldn't even complete that game! The battlemechanic sucked, the "humour" was just tedious and forced, and as soon as that platinum popped, I deleted that trainwreck... Also, Gundam Versus... Saw it last week on a "must-play" list.... NO!!
  7. Jungle Wa Itzumo Hare Nochi Guu and Neon Genesis Evangelion!
  8. Neon Genesis Evangalion....again...all of it...! Freaking love that series!
  9. I just DL'ed the 2 new pieces of DLC, and noticed that there are a handfull of coins for purchase. Now, I noticed that 2 of them ARE unlockable in game by playing it, but does anyone know if the others are some sort of unlock bonus??
  10. For the life of me, I cannot find this freaking thing!! I know it's at the third sections, but I can't find the trigger point!! Help, please....?
  11. Sure, I just used it and it worked great! I can look in to formatting it, if you’d like, but it looks fine as is? Anythning specific you’d want?
  12. Damn, that sucks...! Og, øøøhm, god jul, du!
  13. I know this, my question was if they could be unlocked naturally, like the attack and defence coins....
  14. Persona 4 The Golden Animation
  15. Thank you! That worked!
  16. I've completed the game, and no trophy, I then tried playing the 2 second endings and still nothing.... Any one know how to fix this??
  17. I love the materia system and the junction system... I always found that it wasn't the boards that made them different, but the gambit system... But again, I know it's a "small" issue!
  18. I just purchased Izanagi, Magatsu Izanagi and the Persona 4 costume packs, but I can't access them, and I didn't get a pop-up when booting up my save... I've tried reseting the game, shutting down my ps4, AND uninstalling, rebooting and then re-installing, but nothing works! And yes, the packs are installed, at least it says so in my add-on list... HEEEEELP PLZ!!!!
  19. THAAAANK YYYOOOOOOUUU!!!! That worked!!
  20. Well, that sucks... I loved the old license board, every one started out in different classes, but could become multi-class later.... Nit-picking, I know..
  21. I've just started summerbreak, so I'm a bit into the game....
  22. Nope, that doesn't work. As stated earlier, I don't even get a pop-up when I load my game, as I did when I DL'ed the free DLC
  23. Yes, my game is r2, purchased at my local Gamestop, and all of the free DLC works fine, so it's really puzzling!
  24. Jessika Testor Pava! DESTROY THE STARKILLER Assault of Starkiller Minikit 1 – Story Mode - During the approach to the oscillator, there are 5 small turrets you need to destroy. Minikit 2 – Story Mode – In the oscillator area, there's a small ship circling the area that you can shoot for the minikit. Characters Unlocked: Admiral Statura, Jessika Tester Parva, Major Brance, Poe (helmetless), Resistance General, Yolo Ziff But it might be difficult! I'm missing the one below her which is Resistance General, but he gets unlocked by completing every challenge on that level, and seeing that he is the ONLY thing I'm missing, then I can't complete the challenges again...
  25. How do you unlock the Friend Zone trophy with only one controller??