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  1. I'm having serious trouble with some of the later fights in the clouds! What is your advice?
  2. Mostly because I'm running through Persona 4 Golden yet again, but also because Tanooki Suit is freaking awesome!!
  3. It's on January 31st... Can't freaking wait for this! Although, bit annoyed that they put in a trophy for Yiazmat, I HAAAATED that fight! But I think they didn't include a trophy for the Zodiac Spear so there wouldn't be any missables...
  4. I was wondering if you could decline a tour, say Liege of the Lake, but still do it later??
  5. I missed the photo of her way back, is it possible to get it anywhere else? Can it be obtained by replaying the chapter?
  6. So, I just gotta rest, and then open each photo? Got it!! Heh, could be kinda cool to get the plat before this trophy, but that might be difficult...!
  7. Cool, thanks!!
  8. Heh, I got a little bit confused at first, but I figured it out!! Thanks! Sucks about the save, though!
  9. I just googled "help with Pinky slime terraria" and it was there in a forum, no mention of it being PC only, but I'll take your word for it! But if Pinky is the only one missing, then it shouldn't be too difficult, I hope! And that turtle armor trick sounds pretty neat!!
  10. I did read the whole thing! And I do remember back when I played it on the 360 that the slime trophy was a bit of a hassle! But that was ages ago, and I see that they've add'ed even more slimes now!! I remember Pinky being a pain! But I've read somewhere that the chances are bigger during a slime rain?
  11. I was refering to my dayjob! I'm at UTC+1 in Denmark, so it's 12:42PM here! Sucks about the PS4, though!
  12. Sweet!! I check to see when I can do this, with a daily 9-5, and the time difference, IF you're up for it!
  13. This is so cool of you!! How long does this take? And is it possible to get a dupe set of items, if I wanted to help my brother at some point?
  14. Am I the only one not being able to find this on the store?? It disappeared just as it got released in the EU store! ...was really looking forward to play this again!
  15. Does any one know if the old glitch where you could get both in one go still work in this version? I remember mixing those 2 with the "Marathon Runner" achievement on the 360 back in the day, and it'd be easy, and neat, if it still worked!
  16. Damnit...
  17. As the title says, are there any missable trophies?
  18. The soundtrack is phenomenal!! Although, I'm not to big on the new chocobo theme, I prefer the original there!!
  19. Any one know of a way back in to Glaive castle?
  20. I don't really recall there being some pretty rare items, but then again, it's been about 15 years since I played the original, so my memory might be a little foggy....
  21. Yeah... I pushed Sage by mistake.... Just about to board the Airship... Luckily, I hadn't hardsaved since Wendell, so I only lost, like, an hour, of gameplay.....