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  1. Got Diona off Yoimiya's banner. Is it worth pulling more for higher constellation on her or is she usable at C0?
  2. Many thanks p_strawn and ry_13 The Fried-Merrifield method worked for me.
  3. Not difficult, just convoluted as a lot of the trophies are missable or have bizarre requirements. Giving the medal to The Pigs for instance doesn't work if you are with your partner Lt. Kim but works if you are alone. You can make a save before going to bed on night three then reload that for the different political endings. The steam guide is very helpful but given all the different dialogue options and quests there isn't an "in depth perfect path" and a lot of partial playthroughs are required. Amazing game I highly recommend it. I have not laughed so hard at a game in a while.
  4. Use the character bug for all 6s and 12s. Climb atop Cuno's shack and head towards the Evrart area and Kim should start looking at the crane to trigger that dialogue. There are two things you can say to Tommy the lorry driver about his truck. There are two speech checks when inspecting Kim's car though I think one requires you are alone. The specifics are in the Steam guide.
  5. This still works on the PS5 version of the game. I had my first character level 50 on main account. I started a second character on a separate account at level 1 and joined that game. I closed the game then restarted the game from the dashboard on my second account. Invited my main account in and then went to boss rush chaos 5. Took that boss out easy and trophies popped for both.
  6. I had to do all 6 on the PS5 version of the game. It finally popped when I finished the witch hunter.
  7. I started a new character and did not pass any gear to this character by split screen. I only had filled 3 chests of which the forest chest was the closest. I ran past everything to this chest and the trophy popped. When I tried passing the cierzo key via split screen it seemed to invalidate the trophy for all chests on that character. Cierzo was empty and despite reaching the full forest and desert chests the trophy did not pop. Again on a brand new character with no co-op it worked so I would try that