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  1. Even the trophy content is more or less rehashed since the first game. Uninspired hits the mark.
  2. I'm finding this hard to believe. I'm all for it though. But is there any incentive in going after the locations aside from the miniscule xp?
  3. Do you need to complete all titles in a single playthrough or can you clean it up on NG?
  4. I'm currently in the middle of playing it. While it's gorgeous, there's so very little things to do that are actually interesting. Sure the map is filled with side quests and Locations but they get a bit repetitive after awhile.
  5. I played the PS2 version a decade ago and I really enjoyed completing the Frog Log and obtaining all the alternate costumes. Kinda sad they don't have trophies for those.
  6. Played this on Steam awhile back. Charming game to say the least
  7. Kinda in the same boat. I have over 70 hours of game time now and is just slightly over 30% completion. I do around 2-3 side ops and then take a break maybe play a mission or an entirely different game.
  8. I'm 50 hours into the game and barely scratched the 20% overall completion mark. Wow this game will take awhile to plat.
  9. Just a heads up, I followed someone's advice on here to install the episodes 1 by 1 and I didn't experience any crash or visual glitches. Framerates dropped from time to time but nothing severe. Game was certainly interesting but mediocre at best.
  10. Holy wow. I wasn't expecting this to get worked on. Thanks you guys.
  11. Can we have a better image for this trophy list. I don't have much love for the game but the current image/banner (don't know what it's called) just looks terrible.
  12. Is it possible or does it require more than 1 person to be able to start the game?
  13. Just finished downloading the F2P MP and as I feared it doesn't have coop maps so I can only earn 1 trophy (the 1 for the competitive maps) . This is what I read online so no surprise there. Someone said below as well that I need to buy the coop maps (which I did mention on my initial post). Thanks for the help, much appreciated. Thanks, this is what I had imagined. I have the disc (bought it 2nd hand) and I need an online pass to be able to play it (which is 10$ on the store). What I plan to do now is to buy the coop upgrade for the F2P Multiplayer which is onl 1.5$.
  14. So you're saying that the F2p Multiplayer also has coop maps on them? I've been reading about this on here and on that other PS trophy site and I've come to understand that they don't come with Coop maps.
  15. Quick question - so I get that this trophy is unobtainable on the F2P Multiplayer as those only have competitive maps. My question is - if I buy the Co-op Map Pack, will I be able to obtain this trophy? I'm only interested in the Platinum, not the 100%. Thanks!