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  1. How do you get back to the Underground City after beating it though? Or is it not possible? Wish I'd read through this sooner as I'm in the same boat.
  2. Just played my first trio match and the framerates are indeed bad, this kind of game would be better on the PC. I really don't understand why they would think it would be good on a console. Controls are clunky as said above as well, in the middle of sprinting the character suddenly would slow to a walk even though my finger is holding the L2 button. Got into a match rather quick though so there might still be a lot of people holding on to this game. Unfortunately, I opened a chest and a trophy popped up (didn't really look into the trophy list) and now its going to be stuck on my profile. Might as well play a few more games and see if it sticks.
  3. I'm so frustrated with this right now. Definitely missing the Memorial station cause it doesn't show up on the map. This is the last trophy that I need and I'm livid that I have to download a 40gb patch (1.3), should have downloaded the 28gb 1.23 patch while that was still the latest. I am on 1.20 and didn't bother updating cause I was fairly certain (at that time) that every trophy was attainable. EDIT - Just got it now on 1.3 - popped up as soon as I booted the game since I was in front of the terminal itself. Other than this specific bug playing on 1.2 (PS4 Slim) is now quite bearable actually.
  4. Glad it worked for you! Also, I saw this from a Trials speedrun video (credits to tha btw) which is where I got the idea but I can't find the video again and the video didn't explain a lot of things which I had to figure out.
  5. I'm pretty sure you just have to die with a Game Over screen on it, not a life bottle refill. I got the trophy dying by fire on Cemetery Hill. I guess the trophy pops up for a lot of people on Haunted Ruins is because no matter how many life bottles you have once the timer runs out, its a Game Over screen.
  6. I am definitely going for the plat hence felt rather discouraged with the amount of collectibles. But yeah, I'm slowly churning away going 1 map at a time. This! It felt like Origins and Odyssey were much more "alive". I have both game's plats and 100% Odyssey, I wasn't able to buy the last DLC of Origins but I got the plat for that as well and the first set of DLC trophies so I'm definitely not a newbie to AC games. There's also a lot of annoyances with this game that really grinds my gears. Chasing after that flying tattoo collectible and then Eivor deciding to do something stupid because of the silly pathing really frustrates me. Fishing is also really unrewarding and boring for me. Orlog on the other hand, is a nice little mini-game that I admittedly quite enjoy.
  7. I'm about by my estimates a third of the way through the game and I feel like they could have reduced the collectibles by at least a quarter of the whole and the game would be better for it. Too many unnecessary stops in the world which add little to no value to the overall story.
  8. I don't find Kayi fun at all. How do you use her? I feel like her base damage is too low and the snow globe secondary is very situational.
  9. Some characters are certainly more OP than others. I'm grinding Blastbeard as he is tons of fun and his normal attack seems to have the highest base dmg and infinite ammo to boot. How about you guys?
  10. Just recruit a new character (preferrably construction worker) then get everything in one go. Should take 3-4 hours. Worked for me. Make sure to not switch in between characters as well to be absolutely sure.
  11. Thanks, it doesnt explain where I got the 100 from though.
  12. I've played 5 games so far and I'm guessing this is the premium currency for the game. Is there any way to earn it without buying? I just got 100 RF and I don't know where I got it from.
  13. Hacking gameplay is super fun and puzzle mechanics are interesting, that being said. Story is bland and voice acting is terrible.
  14. For anyone having this problem as well, check if you have the Home and Hosed mission - complete it, and wanted levels should come back. Found it on the other thread.
  15. I'm 3-4 months removed from the game, I got the Plat and all and it never felt like a chore. I still think back about the time I spent with the game and try to look for similar games but nothing really fits the bill. It is a unique game from the mind of someone who's not afraid to experiment and test boundaries.