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  1. I'm about by my estimates a third of the way through the game and I feel like they could have reduced the collectibles by at least a quarter of the whole and the game would be better for it. Too many unnecessary stops in the world which add little to no value to the overall story.
  2. I'm pretty sure you just have to die with a Game Over screen on it, not a life bottle refill. I got the trophy dying by fire on Cemetery Hill. I guess the trophy pops up for a lot of people on Haunted Ruins is because no matter how many life bottles you have once the timer runs out, its a Game Over screen.
  3. Some characters are certainly more OP than others. I'm grinding Blastbeard as he is tons of fun and his normal attack seems to have the highest base dmg and infinite ammo to boot. How about you guys?
  4. I am definitely going for the plat hence felt rather discouraged with the amount of collectibles. But yeah, I'm slowly churning away going 1 map at a time. This! It felt like Origins and Odyssey were much more "alive". I have both game's plats and 100% Odyssey, I wasn't able to buy the last DLC of Origins but I got the plat for that as well and the first set of DLC trophies so I'm definitely not a newbie to AC games. There's also a lot of annoyances with this game that really grinds my gears. Chasing after that flying tattoo collectible and then Eivor deciding to do something stupid because of the silly pathing really frustrates me. Fishing is also really unrewarding and boring for me. Orlog on the other hand, is a nice little mini-game that I admittedly quite enjoy.
  5. I'm finding this hard to believe. I'm all for it though. But is there any incentive in going after the locations aside from the miniscule xp?
  6. I don't find Kayi fun at all. How do you use her? I feel like her base damage is too low and the snow globe secondary is very situational.
  7. I've played 5 games so far and I'm guessing this is the premium currency for the game. Is there any way to earn it without buying? I just got 100 RF and I don't know where I got it from.
  8. Just recruit a new character (preferrably construction worker) then get everything in one go. Should take 3-4 hours. Worked for me. Make sure to not switch in between characters as well to be absolutely sure.
  9. Thanks, it doesnt explain where I got the 100 from though.
  10. Hacking gameplay is super fun and puzzle mechanics are interesting, that being said. Story is bland and voice acting is terrible.
  11. For anyone having this problem as well, check if you have the Home and Hosed mission - complete it, and wanted levels should come back. Found it on the other thread.
  12. I'm 3-4 months removed from the game, I got the Plat and all and it never felt like a chore. I still think back about the time I spent with the game and try to look for similar games but nothing really fits the bill. It is a unique game from the mind of someone who's not afraid to experiment and test boundaries.
  13. I'm still dying 2 out of 3 times here but the times I was able to get past I died from Brad. Unfortunately, I've already used up 3 save slots so its tough. I think I'm throwing the towel on this one. Probably going to revisit this half a year down the road but this has given me a good amount of stress for the last couple of days. I'd like to think that I'm a veteran hunter but fuck this lol.
  14. Any advice on the rolling charlie head? Died there 3 times now and the walk back is dreadful
  15. Played 2 games earlier and got to level 2. If that's indication I think it's going to be a slogfest reaching 50.
  16. Use your camo once you're like 100m near the car.
  17. Hopefully no branching paths and every storyline can be completed in 1 playthrough
  18. I remember the game had tons of content. Wonder why they didn't put a lot of thought into the trophy list. Deserves a platinum to be honest.
  19. The Forever Alone trophy is going to make or break this game for me. Also, Gold trophy for clearing the tutorial.
  20. I posted this on the other thread but the trophy isn't as bad as it sounds offline. If you have the ability to play online then that is much better, but if you are stuck offline (like me), run Trials I all the way through. Should net you 6-10 medals per run in less than 5 minutes. For anyone interested and feeling daunted by the time they undertake this trophy, my setup is as follows: I am running the 2h Argent Wolf Blade/2h Black Sword both Fortification Levels 1/2, 4/5 - Ishtar with all the attack buffs and Argent Wolf Blade - Overdrive, Bridge of Glory, Adrenaline, Bloodsucking Blades - the gift that boosts your drain rate, and Flame Weapon/Freeze Weapon (this is important). If you have the dlc the Gift Extension gift from the Astraea Blood code is very helpful. Pop a camo on levels 1 and 4 and just charge attack the single mob. Levels 2 and 5 just make sure you kill 1 mob before all mobs spawn and you should be golden. Level 3 - Butterfly - I use the Queenslayer for the Final Journey gift and use the Black Sword as it has additional hits on the charge attack which is important for staggering - for passives get Swift Destruction, a Mind passive (for Bridge of Glory since Queenslayer base stat cannot cast this), Charge Accelerator (from Heimdall blood code), and Two-Handed mastery, Active gifts - Overdrive, Bridge of Glory, Precision (important to stagger bosses), Flame Weapon, and very important is the gift Time Crunch. Activate Final Journey, pop a Charge boost and go in. Charge attack two/three times and then a Dragon Lunge. With the Charge passive, the Charge boost, and Time Crunch you should get 2 to 3 charge attacks even before the boss can do his first move and be able to stagger her consistenly, Dragon Lunge to finish the job. Swift Destruction is deceptively good, it doesn't show you the added damage outright on the stats screen but will make or break your damage output. Level 6 - The Claw Cat girl - same setup above but use Freeze Weapon. Make sure to dodge the first lunge that she does and get your charge attacks in. 3 charge attacks will stagger her and Dragon Lunge will finish her off same as above. Also, make sure to equip a lighter Blood Veil and have your mobility to normal so that when you use Final Journey your mobility bumps to Quick for that yummy Swift destruction damage. I was able to consistently pull this off as early as level 160. IMO definitely beats mindlessly grinding and is much more engaging.
  21. I am 3/4ths of the way done with this trophy. For anyone undertaking this soon and can only play offline, it is definitely a whole lot better farming Trials I all the way through than mindlessly going back and forth the first level on Trials II, unless you want to lose a part of your sanity. I found, and as a lot of people would also recommend, Final Journey is the key in melting the bosses. You are guaranteed 2 and 4 medals on level 3 and level 6. There is also a good chance that floors 4 and 5 will drop 2 medals a piece. Floor 1 and 2 drop 1 medal a piece but drop rate is low. I started consistently clearing the Trial as early as level 160ish.
  22. Even the trophy content is more or less rehashed since the first game. Uninspired hits the mark.
  23. Do you need to complete all titles in a single playthrough or can you clean it up on NG?
  24. I'm currently in the middle of playing it. While it's gorgeous, there's so very little things to do that are actually interesting. Sure the map is filled with side quests and Locations but they get a bit repetitive after awhile.
  25. I played the PS2 version a decade ago and I really enjoyed completing the Frog Log and obtaining all the alternate costumes. Kinda sad they don't have trophies for those.