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  1. Dat time where psn was down for like 6 weeks y.
  2. In german too since 8 pm around
  3. Get em all, if yer pick only 1 of em i would pick dqh2 or ni no kuni 2
  4. Square enix soloed the e3 with ff 7 remake gameplay + tifa looks nasty asf xd.
  5. Time to rape omega weapon again, multi lionheart solos ur fav
  6. Not worth, guess every episode gets a collectors
  7. Anyone have a full set of Rainbow gear to dupe it for me? Lvl no matter i need em for the trophy
  8. A xenoverse 3 would be better, still getting it. I hope the story moves till buu saga.
  9. Goal keeper : Jens Lehmann Defenders : sergio ramos, jerome boateng, john terry, branislav ivanovic Central middlefield : Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack Offensive middlefield : Eden Hazard, Michael Essien, Luis Figo Striker : Didier Drogba Manager : Mourinho
  10. If someone want to do 100% from scratch pm me. Im only interessted if someone start from 0% as well, cheers
  11. My all time fav fighting game is mortal kombat 2, basicly i liked em all except mortal kombat 3 and 4. Tekken series is my number 2 spot followed by street fighter and soul calibur.
  12. #134 - Samurai Warrior Spirits of Sanada The plat took me 51,50h. There is no guide for the game, but i found the objective list in youtube for each stage. It was really helpfull, no trophy is missable. The game is straight forward. Nothing is hard to get, even on chaos difficulty everything is easy to do if u lvl ur weapons. U dont need the rare weapons at all. I liked to play with the sanadas view bout the story. It was a blessing there was no trophy to get all rare weapons for each homeboy.
  13. Samurai Warriors spirit of sanada The Sanada's Millions - Talk to the guard of the land's most famous Vault. Spirit of Sanada - Obtain all trophies.
  14. Best fatal blow so far in mk 11, kintaro fatality is similar from mk 2, your soul is mine G I A