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  1. Yo, Plated now warrior all stars na version, this time i was 5 days faster like before. Plat took me 60h around. Guess dw 8 and 8treme both ps 3 gonna be next till samurai warriors 5 arrive.
  2. Looks like a ps 4 game, guess i wait untill i get a ps 5 then and play it there. But gameplay wise it looks great dark souls 2 on steroid vibes.
  3. My name is mayo 1 & 2 r Contenders for the best game dat ever got released ask god of war 4 and ghost of tsushima. Only elite gamers got both of dem classics plated. Its a proudfull plat to have on a list.
  4. Orc slayers i even plated it twice, worst game ever ask the rock.
  5. Yo, plated now dw 7 empires, with that one i had most fun with the 7 series. Playing as evil fame homeboy was hella fun even if my whole gang left me after the years cuz i was evil asf. Guess next is warrior all stars na
  6. I bought it for 10 bugs today looks like naruto storm 4 so its great game ask madara uchiha
  7. Oi, plated today dw 7 xtreme legends. I had with this more fun then dw 7, guess next is dw 7 empires.
  8. Be happy to get trophies for such an masterpiece of a game ask my name is mayo oh boy g g g g g g gunit
  9. Bad trophy list for one of the worst fighting games out there, guess it fits together haha. Atleast u dont have to win any ranked fights so most non skilled peeps get dem very simple.
  10. 10 bugs for a 2 min plat is kind of expensive, game should cost max 1 euro/dollar at best. Dang i hate dem ratalia trash games, sad part is i even have few of em myself Plated lul.
  11. Dragon quest heroes count as muso games too y? If yes i have dragon quest heroes 1 & 2 plated as well. Cheers
  12. Plated now dynasty warriors 7, was fun but conquest mode was boring asf.
  13. So i uploaded my safe from ps now into the Cloud storage to ps 3. i bought dw 7 for 5 bugs and uploaded my safe from ps now to my friends ps 3. when i try to start dw 7 it cant see my safe file lol why is that. I played us dw 7 but i bought german dw 7 is that possible that my safe file is not compatible with the us version?
  14. Ty, i like dem mission avas and theme homes
  15. Anyone played this on ps now and done the Trophy for movie collector? Dang im on the same boat, did all conquest missions and i dont have the movies from the factions.