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  1. Its a free 2 play version of black desert just with more pve related stuff, if u ever played wow or ff 14 i Wouldn't touch dat game. Im sure this game dies faster then tera lol. Good thing is u dont need p2w to be op. Trophies looking also not bad if nothing is glitched, alot of ppl said this game is a mess. If u care bout yer completion rate try it on a sec acc.
  2. Zero is a bit harder then kiwami, but 3 is the hardest.
  3. Normal bruder
  4. Dang, dem dlc r nasty. Smoke would be better then rain, mileena is fine but dafuk rambo. Chuck norris steven seagal sho kosugi or jean claud van damme ( lionheart, bloodsport or alex from hard target as variations) would be bossrap. But free 4k hdr 120fps upgrade r cool asf. It dont count they made jhonny cage persona of the GOAT JCVD.
  5. I like the idea for boostin yer lvl even more for obtaining rare trophies and plats, guess im in gold league tomorrow. Icons on the trophy looks kool as well.
  6. Crash bandicoot for yerself my guy
  7. Why the hate? Ur profile is worse then his lol.
  8. Dragon crown Gourmand - Eat all the different food that can be made at camp. Dragon's Crown - Earn all trophies
  9. #159 - dragon crown Dang i didnt like the game back at 2013, but 7 years later i had to give it an another try. Had lot of fun playin it. Plat took me 49h, u safe around 25 - 30h using a sec pad to get dem character trophs done, or even more if u have 3 or 4. Nothing is missable. U dont need to grind 100 floors to kill the demon if some1 unlocked it, u just join yer ese to the last floor and kill dem demon like a elder boss.
  10. PS1: Diablo PS2: Dragon quest 8 PS3: Mortal Kombat 9 PS4: Hard one its on of dem Nioh, Dragon quest 11 or God of war 4
  11. #158 - Arslan the warrior of legends, Dang this time i was blessed Arslan was one of the less grindy muso games. Story was cool, nothing is missable. Even on hard / extreme the game was ez. Plat took me around 50 or 60h. Best char to get the chains done is Arslan with bow and his muso atk.
  12. Arslan the warrior of legends Court Chef - Collected all Recipe Books. Liberator Shah - Aquired all other Trophies.
  13. Yo, i plated today Arslan the warrior of legends. Really fun game, also one of the less grindy muso games. Guess its time to get ps now, so i can plat dem warriors from ps 3.