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  1. Shenmue 1 Next stop is Hong Kong - Complete the game Full Cabinet - Earn all the Trophies. Well done !
  2. #118 - Shenmue Never played the series bk at dreamcast times. But the story was great and the whole game was tight as fuuuk. Game is simple and easy, some trophies r missables but with a guide nothing to worry about. I wish Shenmue was for ps 2 released bk at the release such a masterpiece. We had only yakuza bk then .
  3. Looks easy as tekken 7 meeh, anyway i get it. Need 1 fighting game for 2018 to rush noobs in.
  4. Anyone can tell me if the hk or jpn version of burst can set up as eng dubs?
  5. I wont , this name i used, was also the name of my first char on a mmo called tibia back for 14 years. The funny part is i spelled the name wrong Lol, i played duel masters a training card game when i was 14 years old. There was a card that was called " Zagaan knight of darkness " . But i spelled it as Sagaan xD. Thats the epicness bout my blessed name.
  6. I need a certified item for 2 trophies i give em bk after i get the trophies if it possible . If it doesnt work like that i need a certified item to score goals or defend shots at my goal. So i can lvl em up myself, psn id saggan pm if u can help.
  7. I used paul and rushed my opponents with phoenix fist to heaven. Since tekken 1 paul was my main, sad dat he became a joke character in story modes
  8. Great no trophies for it, i sold the game after i plated it. Very happy bout dat G G G G Gunit.
  9. Nice one,left my comment on ur yt video as well
  10. Def jam fight for new york
  11. In the trunk