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  1. Sony can burn 30 bilion for random crap, they buy se or ubisoft next. Thats why they hired op lawyers for dat case recently to get dem big deals done ya salame.
  2. Its best to stick with base plus for a year, maybe then prem is worth to get ya salame
  3. Boruto strikers best game ever made only legendary gamers can plat dat masterpiece. If this no fake best month ever ya salame.
  4. Rip to ppl who stacked ps now for 5 years around XD, i was right to not do it.
  5. Every Classic game will have trophies thats op gia.
  6. Oi, i wanted to play some borderlands 2 again. Strange is my safe file wont be Readed. I played it last time 2019 when the last dlc came out. I dont wanna start from scratch rip. So i look for someone who can boost me to max lvl and drop me all gear for salvador ( gunzerker ). Any help i appreciate. I can boost in tiny tinas assoult if needed as my gratitude then. My psn is sagaan.
  7. Game will be worth 100-200 bugs like godsilla, gonna buy few copies sealed for 20 each to make big business in few years G I A.
  8. I skiped for this trailer my 1 year anniversary with ma bae lmao, best game series ever created ask tupac
  9. I tried to sell the game too, my local game shope offered only 5 euro since noone buy those games lol. It was 1 week after the release , so i better keep it haha.
  10. Only numbers from psnp count towards this xD, not the whole world. Yea better wait, its the easiest samurai warriors plat of the series.
  11. My two neverwinter plats ez, i was also first homeboy on the world who plated it twice
  12. Ys series , dq 11, tales series, ff series theres a lot of to choose ez ese.
  13. Hoi, as the title says hows the game work so far on dem platforms above mentioned? Is it 60 fps,1080p rubberbanding still a thing? Any lags by a big screen activity?
  14. It depends on ur playstyle most tankish dudes r paladin and barbarian but paly is also best class as melee and caster as well. I would go for hammerdin ez ese
  15. My hammer spirit arent strong for this one dayum