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  1. Dark souls 1-3, nioh 1-2, greedfall, bound by flame, dragonball z kakarot,horizon zero dawn, nier automata, star wars jedi fallen, code vein,ni no kuni 2 there r more ofc. But personaly i would pick dark souls 1-3 and nioh 1-2.
  2. K dats great, could u link me your build perhaps? When does the league end btw? Or how long is a league? Its like 2 or 3 months y? Isnt it easier to play on standard server? Cuz the items r cheaper and so on.
  3. One piece pirate warriors 4 The Name of that Sea is ... - Cleared the deciding battle Episode from the Treasure Log "New World" The Fifth Emperor of the Sea - All trophies acquired
  4. #153 - One piece pirate warriors 4 Dang the game was fun asf, katakuri is the best char in pw 4,plat is easy too, its the fastest plat in the series. Nothing is missable. All yonkos r op as well. But sad dat they removed haki walk with shanks. It took me around 35 or 40h.
  5. As the title says, wats the current best begginer build to get everything done in poe? I want to start it soon. Im not the mage type of play. Also the gearparts shouldnt be dat expensive to get. But if a mage type is neccessary i would play it as well. My pal dat plays it said necro with zombies is op and also cheap with gear etc.
  6. Ps 3 sold at the end more units, so ps 3 won at the end. Every xbox was stronger then a sony console except ps 4 was stronger then xbox 1. All ps exclusives looks better wat xbox can offer. Ofc sony will win like all the times lol. Better rep,better exclusives games. 2tf difference is almost nothing. Every ps 5 exclusive will looks better then any xSx game.
  7. looks op asf, ps 5 won already next gen lol.
  8. Final fantasy 7 remake Hardened Veteran - Complete all chapters on hard difficulty. Master of Fate - earn all Final fantasy 7 remake trophies.
  9. #152 - Final fantasy 7 remake Oh boy game felt like an upgraded ff 15 gameplay wise. I still liked it, plat took me 59h. Only part in hard mode dat took me 3 trys to beat was hell house and chapter boss 10 at tha sewers ombre. Nothing is misseable, the episode format feels so wrong. Everythin is straight forward to get.
  10. I guess there will be trophies, but who knows
  11. E : Exist archives takes around 80-100h to plat it T : Tera takes also few days to plat if u know wat yer doin, plus rng on the worldbosses, 50-100h Y: Yakuza 0, kiwami Dem i can recommend on ur list dat ive myself.
  12. This looks dope, so stage fatalitys and friendships gets back. Sheeva and ropocop are meeh ._. i would replace em with michael myers and smoke.
  13. Great no trophies
  14. I guess its fake, dying light is forbidden in Germany. And the other dark souls games was earlier out on the ps 4 and never hits plus. If its true then dang a great month
  15. I played all ff games except ff 11 and 14. I started with final fantasy legends 2 on gameboy when i was 7 years old around and final fantasy 2 on snes. Dat was 1994 around XD. Every1 should play ff 7 remake. If any1 knew to the series get also 7,8 and 9 on the ps 4. Or buy a raspberry pi 3b or 4 and get all ff games on it.