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  1. Dang LoL is funny asf. I remember when i played the beta of lol. I showed it to my cousin and he played it 24 7 for years xD. Its true bout the community is toxic we dissed noobs all the time when they fed the enemys etc great times hah. Warwick jungling F t W!!!
  2. Soul games arent hard, just try em out. They r fun asf, if u have issues in certain areas just power lvl a spot or get help by bosses via online hustlers. Nioh is better then all soul games combined imo. All of em r cheap as well. I would pick nioh first then dark souls 1,3,2 and last bloodborne. Bloodborne is the worst souls game imo. Hope i could help ya out homezZz
  3. When does it get out?
  4. I hope not, nintendo does the best handhelds. Thats the only thing that they can do great. Its waste of ressources for sony to produce handhelds imo.
  5. God of war 5,demon souls remake/2, ghost of tsushima,black desert remastered
  6. Price will be between 500-600 euro. If i get real 4k hdr 30/60 fps then im happy. 4k blue ray player is also a nice dang. I hope the ps 5 doesnt sound like a vacuum cleaner. Ps 5 pad needs also a better battery.
  7. 1 neverwinter 0.73% 2 neverwinter 0.92% 3 Worms battlegrounds 1.32% 4 dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends 1.48% 5 naruto to boruto shinobi striker 1.71%
  8. Best thread 2019
  9. Torchlight 2 Unstoppable - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode Delver - Obtain All The Trophies
  10. #139 - torchlight 2 Dang torchlight 2 had lot of stuff from 2, few maps was similar, same goes for the sound. The game has lot of bugs. I lost around 10h of playtime by doin to late back up safes ._. . I didnt had the new game glitch, but i had blue errors every few hours. Mostly when i send my pet to town to sell stuff. Mapworks was also buged 4 me after few maps i got errors and my safe was corrupt. I had fun with the game cuz diablo clons r always good xd. Enginer is the best class to play u cant die with spaming force shield at new game ++ and more. My first legendary i got in new game +++. The plat took me 60h around i guess. I hope all the glitches gets patched, peace out bratans.
  11. Tibia, diablo 2, world of warcraft , guild wars 2, League of legends
  12. First person no buy, where is t-800 as arnold ? Is he in the game with his uber shotgun
  13. I was close to act 4 in ng + with my lvl 70 enginer but the game gives me all the time error code CE-34878-0. I had to delete my safe. I reloaded my safe from the deserts in ng + i lost 5 lvls. So if i do maps ,u get there as well quick 1 mil gold? Even if u have to buy the maps all the time?
  14. Do quick lvl 30 and u can do all 30 seed exams