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  1. There r few ppl dat have already 70-90% of the trophies done. U can easily plat this under a week if u play a certain amount of time. Feel the wrath of shao kahn !
  2. Its the best fighting game current gen dats why, oh yeah nahui.
  3. Ppl brought modded gear via safe export from ps 3 to ps 4. Theres also few communitys for borderlands 1 remaster with modded gear etc. Dats the way i got it via community by ppl
  4. Injustice 2 is easy as fuk too homes, hes has right wat he says. If u compare mk 11 to the other mk games its a joke imo. Feel the power of shao kahn!
  5. 8k is fake probaganda i guess we can be happy if the ps 5 reach 4k hdr with 30fps or trash indie games run with 4k 60 fps. This sounds all too good, but at the end we get disapointed. So i wont jump on the hype train untill we have prooven facts.
  6. Easy as fuuukk
  7. If the ps 5 has 14-15 terraflops, support 4k60fps i pay any price.500 - 600 sounds good with them specs if they r true etc
  8. I used moded gear, i was host in my playthrough during the tournaments, but my set up was public.
  9. I didnt had any errors while i did them big tournaments. Started last day with em, finished em today.
  10. #132 - Borderlands Goty remastered Finaly its been out on ps 4. Multiplayer is a bit buggy i couldnt join random ppl. Only sometimes when some1 direct invited me it worked. The plat it took me 19 hours around. Game is fun, i plated all Borderlands games so far. Only 1 trophy is missable rest is simple to get. There r also ppl who doin boosting givin modded weapons so u can get the plat faster. September borderlands 3 hype train activated , cheers, oh yeah nahui.
  11. Borderlands Goty remastered Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest - Killed 5 Raak in under 10 seconds Borderland Defender - You have defeated all bosses and are a powerfull force to be reckoned with
  12. Conan exiles The Tower of the Elephant - Kill something by standing on its head To crush all trophies beneath sandaled feed - For completing all trophies
  13. #131 - Conan exiles A easy peasy plat while using admin settings plat can be done in 1-3 h. One trophy requires to be online rest can be done in offline.
  14. The trophy list is a shame for a mortal kombat game