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  1. My two neverwinter plats ez, i was also first homeboy on the world who plated it twice
  2. Ys series , dq 11, tales series, ff series theres a lot of to choose ez ese.
  3. Hoi, as the title says hows the game work so far on dem platforms above mentioned? Is it 60 fps,1080p rubberbanding still a thing? Any lags by a big screen activity?
  4. It depends on ur playstyle most tankish dudes r paladin and barbarian but paly is also best class as melee and caster as well. I would go for hammerdin ez ese
  5. My hammer spirit arent strong for this one dayum
  6. I plated diablo 3 3 times but i pass on diablo 2 , guess if i get it i play it on an alt Account just to have fun and wreck everything as a hammerdin the best class in diablo 2 dat ever existed.
  7. I guess ur eyes were closed while u played it xD. Rubberbanding Most times when u faces a lot of mobs in screen and when u tried to run away u got Ported back to mob spwans, 1-2 lag delays as well by huge screen activitiy. Its playable but best Version is too play on pc.
  8. Without player 8 commands gg Lvlin to 99 xD. I wait Till all issues r fixed or we get lobies later. Since beta didnt run well on ps 4 pro i dont want to play game in 25-30 fps and on a resolution 800x600.
  9. No lobbies, no player 8 commands like on pc no chat. 20-30 fps on last gen, even new gen didnt run 60 fps. I hope the framerates gets fixed to 60 fps on on ps 4 pro or i pass on it till i get a ps 5.
  10. Do seperate Trophy list of the same game count as 1 or not? For example dw 8 xl and warrior all stars?
  11. Yo, plated now dw 8 xl on ps 3, took overall 141h, i used my safe from ps 4 104h i had on it. Replayed ambition mode, challenges and had to get bk 50 6 star weps rest autopoped Xd. Now i wait for dw 9 empires ez.
  12. It worked, i used my file from ps 4 from dw 8 xl on ps 3. most Trophy autopoped after playing 1 stage. So i dont have to play stages on ultimate again and doin all objectives. Only trophies who didnt pop were from ambition mode. The safe i used was 3 days before i got the plat at 2018. so i need to get back half of the lvl 6 weapons doin few ambition mode stuff and all the challenges.
  13. K ty i try it, i still have my safe from ps 4 dw 8 xl as well, if ps 4 safe works i rather use this one then vanila dw 8.
  14. Howdy, i plated now dw 8 for the ps 3. The plat took me 138h, i had lot of fun while doin it since dw 8 xl was my fav in the series. I hope i can use my safe from dw 8 into dw 8 xl cuz i like to plat it for the ps 3 as well.
  15. Dang dats hella impressive ese, i cant even blind eat properly lul.