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  1. I never understand the hype from dat game. Grafics looks dope but dats it . Carrying a baby whole the time sounds stupid 4 me imo. I hope u can kill ppl atleast or so. May i change my mind then.
  2. Gta 5 for becoming a real thug
  3. Shao kahn mk 2 dang when i was a lil G it was hard to beat him i needed the blessings from the elder gods. Omega weapon ff 8 without using the end or god potions was also nuts. Mk 9 300th floor tower battle. Ff x Penance without using yojimbo. Neverwinter Orcus solo as a gwf
  4. Personaly i wouldnt waste time on a ps 3. But its up to you. There r for sure some good games up there.
  5. Lufia 1 & 2 one of my fav rpgs Suikoden series same as above Mystic quest remake dat one for pc just ported to ps 4
  6. Shenmue 3 collectors edition Final fantasy 7 deluxe edition Greedfall Ni no kuni remastered Dunno bout black desert, if it has the xbox achievements it wont have a plat. But it could have a different list then on xbox. Same as neverwinter.
  7. Detroit become human THESE ARE OUR STORIES - Spend 20.000 bonus points DETROIT MASTER - Collected all trophies!
  8. #136 - Detroit become human Dang the grafics and the story was epic asf. The game had few references from other games/events. Humans puting androids in camps. Same as the germans did it to tha jews in ww 2. Humans creating androids, same as in star wars the evil side producing a clone army. Connor lickin blood to identify humans same as the cybord did it in terminator 3. Its even better then until dawn. Plat is easy with a guide. 1.5 playthroughs r needed took around 25 - 30h, cheers.
  9. 1 worms battlegrounds 4 days 1 hour 2 bound by flame 4 days 2 hour 3 gauntlet 5 days 3 hour
  10. Samurai warriors 4 - 2 A Tale of Unification - Unlock 100% of all events for viewing the Vault. Unrivaled Warrior - Obtain all trophies.
  11. #135 - Samurai warriors 4 - 2 The plat took me 168 hours, its a pure grindfest. Getting for all characters all rare weapons/all skills/lvl 30. 100% objectives in all levels in story mode. Im a huge fan of the dynasty games so i had to plat the samurai warriors games as well. Kunochi is the best character to get the 100 floors done in survival tower imo, cuz with her r1 move shes invincible for few seconds. I had a lot of fun while playin the game, cheers.