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  1. Soulja boy got the same legend status like eazy-e, turn my swag on f t w hah dat dude neva learns, now its time for sony to whoop his ass like a real G
  2. First model of the ps 4 pro, i just got it since i had 4k hdr tv
  3. O, only noobs hide their stuff
  4. Punish all cheaters modders
  5. For 2019 i bought resident evil 2 deluxe edi 70 bugs and senran kagura burst 40 euro. But i also preordered sekiro die twice collectors 109 euro, mk 11 prem edi 100 euro,but cancel it if we get mk 11 collectors
  6. My best xmas memory was 18 years ago. My father came bk from work i felt sleep in the living room before he woke me up. My father bought me a ps 2 to xmas and hid it in the living room. So i found it after he woke me up . I was hyped af then lol. It was around 1-2 am. Was 12 years old bk then.
  7. Dark souls 4 Mortal kombat shaolin monks remasterd
  8. Mk 11, re 2 , sekiro die twice, doa 6, code vein
  9. Mortal kombat 11, sekiro die twice, dead or alive 6
  10. Dangggggggggg, shao kahn solos ur fav. Im so happy we get a new mk in 2019. I hope they release a cool collecters edition for mk 11 as well.
  11. #123 - Burly men at sea Three dudes doin a big adventure wat yer want more. From all trash games i played this one was my favorite. 10 times eaten by a giant whale. Easy plat, watched a playthrough plat to get this one. I didnt felt bothered while gettin it xD. Nothing is misseable as well.