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  1. and ps5 version trophy list?
  2. I think with 4 players is better way, in a public lobby people die a lot, add me on ps4 to try this trophy guys, my ID is EDURICE write dead ops on the mensage
  3. the exploit it doesnt works now?
  4. im lvl 40, i always die 3 or 4 times when i try to do everything on this game, i dont know if i am doing something wrong, i equip armours of my lvl, weapons of my lvl, i eat, i drink, but play this game is very tedious to me, now im trying to kill a lvl 17 robot to beat a quest, but he kill me all the time, any advices to play this game better?
  5. I just got the Platinum and i can confirm the best way to obtaint this hard trophy is start a match, speak to master mind to choose alex and send a message explain that you want to get this trophy and wait he wants to help you, i read about people obtaint this way and it works for me. Good luck people!
  6. And Alex trohpys can be obtained since level 5? or i need to level her, thanks guys.
  7. my question is, how level you need with daniel to spawn 4 cards of 4 bio energy and tips for make easy one punch or how level you need to unlock any possible skill to make this easy. Too, trophys of alex wesker need any level in concret? or you can do this at level 5? thanks for the info guys