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  1. @HaserPL Your guide was incredibly helpful. I just got the platinum yesterday. I don't know if this was the case for anyone else, but I got First Blood without killing anyone--it was after Katia got attacked when I was stealing. I didn't attack with her, she got shot or hit as I was running away.
  2. Did anyone else have a significant drop in completion %? I was at 53.something and now I'm listed at 49.something. Not the biggest deal in the world, but I just thought it was weird that I dropped without adding new games.
  3. Final Fantasy XV with hot chocolate while watching the snow fall. Perfect Sunday if you ask me.

  4. I'm honored! I didn't expect to get nominated for it since it only has a 3 star rating. Glad that it was helpful for you!
  5. Have you tried the murkrifts that you can access with your airship on the world map? That's where I got the starters I was missing. I'd offer mine, but I'm trying to still master the board. If you still need it once I do, I'd be more than happy to send him your way.
  6. I might suggest changing the phrasing of your rules, otherwise you may continue to get this question when FFXV comes out. From the way it stands now, it doesn't solidly state that you won't move from the platinum rank.
  7. Yes, the stronger your characters are, the less time it gives you to earn the 5 star. In addition to this, I believe maxed out weapons will also be your downfall. Purchase some of the tier 1's again for this fight.
  8. Well, hopefully you can save your hard drive. I wouldn't think that this would have affected it if it's still turning on. Then again, I'm not well-versed in tech problems aside from my own. Good luck.
  9. Glad to see that the Lego games are staying true to form. Where's their appeal if their not bug-riddled, half-baked messes? But in all seriousness, terribly sorry for your loss. At least it's Harry Potter? That's about the only reason I wouldn't give up on it all together.
  10. Mine would do this all the time, even to TVs that it had recognized before. Scared the crap out of me the first time it did it when I hadn't changed the TV it had been plugged into. Basically, I'd just repeat the 3-second hold with swapping out HDMI cables if it didn't work. Eventually, it would find one it liked and be content.
  11. For those of you in the postgame, the rightmost dungeon in The Girl's Tearoom has a EXP+ Mirajewel right of the bat. Make sure to get it as soon as possible. You're gonna need it.
  12. It's not a missable treasure, but there's a chest in the second area of Big Bridge that's on the left side, very bottom. This means you have to run all the way up the right side and come all the way back down on the left. It contains a Stealth Mirajewel, which is some bitter irony. Edit: I would change the title of it as it may mislead some until they read the second post.
  13. You're going to want Resist Confusion Mirajewels and Seeds for the last stage of the boss fight. The last stage lets his speed get insane.
  14. They didn't have anyone from XII, or at least that I've come across but I'm already in the Postscript. And I'm pretty sure Type-0 characters would just make me sob.
  15. DEMON, DetectiveCJ, and I are working on a World of Final Fantasy guide. Stay tuned!
  16. Update on it, Detective CJ, DEMON, and I are collaborating on one now.
  17. For anyone not wanting to have to continuously run back to access the prism case, I recorded what you need, albiet not with all their formal names: White Nakk (Correct me if I'm wrong, I made the list starting with the second one) Blue Toad (Not proper name) Mimic Queen Malboro Magitek Armor Manticore Mordskull Mega Nightqual Ramuh Shiva Ifrit Tamamohime Edit: Names added
  18. I had a couple of really great runs, but then someone would always get targeted and die. Although, I did have one run where I had the medium and small enemy left and only Vivi standing. Figured I was going to lose, but managed to pull it off. I had done a few rounds in the Twins' Room when I was playing the other mini-games and before I had read you had to do it in the intervention to get the momento. I know it's mostly luck, but it really seemed like I had better luck in the intervention. I won 1/3 that I played in the Twins' Room.
  19. I'd be more than happy to help if you guys would like! I was thinking about doing a detailed mirage guide including what everything can transform into, to help with the board grind. Not sure if that would be better to link to the trophy guide or do as a gameplay guide. My big suggestion would be to check and make sure that you're not trying to level up two mirages that can transform into the other: black & white Nakks, the small golems, etc. Once they've been captured once, or you've unlocked the "Mirage Board Unlock" nodes, you can transform them to the different board as well as all the SP you've earned. It's much faster than unlocking each board individually.
  20. Ah, I had checked the List of Guides Need and What Guides are You Working on Threads and didn't see anyone had claimed it. Totally missed it in this thread and the Project Guide Creation. My bad. We really need a more streamlined way of claiming guides/showing guide status. If CJ wants help, I'm game. Otherwise I'll let it hang out unfinished in my list.
  21. Hey guys, I'm starting to write up a guide for the game. I'd love to know what your hours were in completing the plat once you get there and your estimation on difficulty. Personally, I'm tossing up between a 3 and a 4. The trophies aren't hard (except the minigame ones if you're not super lucky), just mostly time consuming.
  22. As someone who hates spoopy things, this was the perfect level of spoop. I will admit that I did jump a few times. I thought the story was pretty interesting, especially since the main character's perspective is so dependent on what you uncover.
  23. Aeronite isn't so bad once you're in NG+. You're so close to the plat. Don't give up just yet!
  24. Is it just me, or is it easier to win in the intervention? I felt like my luck was much worse in the the twins' room.
  25. The way Kupo Lover is written, you just need to have completed all of the current Final Fantasies. I guess technically since you haven't yet beaten WoFF, you're no longer a Kupo Lover.