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  1. I have some friends that couldn't play this game, always facing problems like endless loadings, no data being registered, coundn't find matches, this sort of things. I played this game a lot. I helped some friends to platinum, so with that being said i am sure to say that connection problems are mostly related to the number of friends you have on your list, the more friends you have normally the most problems you'll face, such as infinite loadings, data that are not recorded. I came with this conclusion after several tests alongside with some friends, and after several and several tests we concluded that the ideal for you to play without problems is to have less than 100 friends on your list, in the worst possible scenario less than 200, my friends who were facing connection problems with this game had no more problems after they reduced the amount of friends on their lists. I use to have a friend with more than 1600 friends, he couldn't play this game basically saying, he couldn't barely find a match, and when he finally found a match the trophies didn't pop to him and his data were not being registered and a endless loading after the match. He faced no problems when he reduced the number of friend in his list to less than 100. 2 of my friends used to have about 400-600 friens those were facing less problems than my friend with 1600 friends, they were facing mostly problems to find a match and a long loading sometimes endless after the match. They faced no problems when they reduced the number of friends in their lists to less than 100. me and another friend of mine used to have less than 100 friends, we were facing no problems at all. So if you have this game stucked in your list and thought that you would never get the platinum, try to reduce the number of friends in your list and give this game another shot. 😉 Good luck! and i hope i can help someone to reach this plat with this topic.
  2. #245 Driveclub Bikes
  3. Well, i'm trying to play Free Ride in online match, but i'm unable to create the session, it looks like the servers were shutted without a previous warning. Leaderboards is not working, being unable to create any online mode. Edit: It were just a temporary problem. THE SERVERS STILL RUNNING!
  4. #244 Dead Island - Definitive Edition The Whole World Went Away
  5. I experienced that too, i did the requirements for "The floor is lava", "So Generous" and "Lifeguard" the trophies didn't pop, so i close the application, but when i closed the application all of these trophies poped at the same time
  6. Yeah, I know is about Fever mode. I tried to defeat some oponents in this mode, but the count is not raising. Maybe I need to do something specific which i don't know what it is
  7. Someone can explain me what should i have to do in this trophy. I tried about everything alredy. 😕
  8. Anyone knows if the servers still running?
  9. #200 Far Cry 2 Iron-guts
  10. Oh thanks,! I didn't know, will be my first guide, so i'm not used to it yet. Good to know! 😁
  11. Sorry i don't know if this is the right place to ask that, but anyway... The user marccap has a guide for the PS4 version of FIFA 17, great guide by the way. I would like to write a guide for the PS3 version of FIFA 17 since the trophies for these versions have some diferences (the PS3 version doesn't have The Journey and Pro Clubs for example), But when i were about to create the guide i realized that the PS4 guide is also attached in the PS3 version, could any admin fix this problem or give me a solution?
  12. Well, looks like Telltale is getting back to their origins, now is not just about beating the game, now it seems like you have some missable trophies and collectables to deal with. That reminds me some old games from Telltale like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. I just hope Telltale don't go to that way, hope they get back to that "only have to beat the game stuff". Because honestly i hate playing a game while worring about missable and collectables trophies like these. 🙁
  13. Thx! I used to have that doubt too.
  14. I had the same problem. I beat the game on Veteran, i got the trophy for beat on Veteran, but i didn't get the Officer. I only got the Officer difficulty trophy right after complete some other episode in my playthrough on Hardline difficulty, i don't remember exactly which one was. I read in some forums out there some players had to delete their saves, thank god i've just needed to replay some chapter. Yep, BF4 has that same problem. Hardline inherited this, even though looks like is rarer than BF4.
  15. I tried about everything alredy. Thx, I can't wait to have the pleasure to delete this crap!