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  1. Iv just got the platinum the other day. Only one trophy was a little buggy, the one for getting all strikepoints. Had go start a new game and focus on getthing them again. Luckily i didn't need them all and it popped after around 10.
  2. Not been interested in CoD since black ops but would definitely get this if it's WW2. Missed the setting that used to be the go too in years gone by.
  3. I collected every single skill point and after completing the story and getting those skill points as rewards I had 10 or so left over once I upgraded all my skills.
  4. Think it's enough to play 1 hand then leave. Seen a few people doing that myself.
  5. I think it has to be quick play. You can go in the options and change the % of your bankroll from 20% which it was on at default down to 5%. Means I join 20K rooms now instead of 200K ones.
  6. No fast way to billion chips. Doubt anyone will ever get it.
  7. Anyone know if they have to be earned through quick play or can I get them any mode. Just because iv got over a million chips and when I tried to do a quick play it threw me into a 200K room. Not risking my chips in big rooms, rather play ranked tournament or head to head.
  8. Don't worry about the guild challenges. I was thinking they were needed for 100% sync but they don't. You do need to do the guild missions that are dotted around the map though. I got those mixed up and wasted quite a bit of time doing challenges instead of missions.
  9. Mine too . Need to go back to my save was half way through my second play through for plat.
  10. Iv played it for the last few hours and it's great fun. Was weird playing with PS2 era analogue controls and I'm still getting used to it. Had to buy it since I never played it first time around