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  1. I really should of got back to the game sooner than I did. Guess I’ll have to do it legit and wait a few weeks to get the 3 targets. Don’t think it’ll bug on me because I never tried the change the date method so my save should be safe.
  2. This isn’t working for me whatever I try. Must of killed the Leader around 20 times and it’s not unlocking. Is this method working for anyone else at this present time or has it been patched?.
  3. I can’t find the quest giver for Rat Plague, Cortouis Belcher in Gale Crossing. Been inside every house in town looking for him and he’s nowhere to be seen.
  4. Same thing has happened to me on the PS5. Just got the Guardians of the Galaxy platinum and I can’t sync it. Should sort itself out soon enough
  5. Loved this game on the ps2 way back. Will be waiting a for a decent sale to get it next time around though.
  6. I found doing solo ops was much faster to level towards the end. In the end the grind for max on all killed my enjoyment of the game.
  7. No you have to do a non special stage course. I use Mont Lerno in Rally Sardegna. Can do it in under 3 minutes and you can just restart and grind them out. Good luck im on 780 so im getting close.
  8. It is fixed yes, i only had to get one kill and it popped. Saved me replaying a couple of story chapters to get another 50 kills.
  9. Downloading the patch now, be good to finally delete this buggy and broken game from my hard drive.
  10. Iv been impatiently waiting for this to become available with access for a while now. Playing it now.
  11. Iv just got the glitch myself. Annoyingly i was grinding the 1000 miles trophy and was on 905 miles when it happened on the big bridge. I quit the game but did it from the options button so it has saved itself like that, iv reloaded that save and another save and there both black screen.
  12. Still no news on a miles tracker in game or on RaceNET?
  13. How long do people reckon it will take before its free on EA Access?. I want to play it but would much rather get it for free down the line.
  14. Yeah i got it yesterday, had a bit trouble actually playing it after downloading. Luckily it sorted itself out after i restored licenses.
  15. Thanks for the info, i didn't want to have to pay for the final dlc to get 100%. Ill just wait till they fix the issue.