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  1. Still no news on a miles tracker in game or on RaceNET?
  2. How long do people reckon it will take before its free on EA Access?. I want to play it but would much rather get it for free down the line.
  3. Yeah i got it yesterday, had a bit trouble actually playing it after downloading. Luckily it sorted itself out after i restored licenses.
  4. Thanks for the info, i didn't want to have to pay for the final dlc to get 100%. Ill just wait till they fix the issue.
  5. Seems a bit underhand to charge for the final dlc. Its not like they announced all the dlc included with the pass, then added an extra dlc later on.
  6. But this is the 14th dlc with trophies. Seems like they just want to scam a little extra money off us with the last premium dlc.
  7. Does anyone know why the new Street Racing DLC is showing up as £3.99 on the playstation store when iv already got the season pass. Iv tried clicking on it to see if it lets me download but i just get the option to add it to basket.
  8. Well this was unexpected, hasn't been a manager game on console since the ps2 era. Im buying it, although would be better if championship manager came out on ps4.
  9. I think it will be good playing couch co-op, doesn't look worth £25 so wait for a sale.
  10. Must be because of the backlash from people that dont like football i suppose. Im going ha e to buy PES now because i was looking forward to playing it again.
  11. Me too, i was looking forward to PES as a change from FIFA. Iv already got Detroit on disc but i suppose i can now trade it in and get a little money back. First time i remember SONY changing a game with plus. At least give people the option to choose.
  12. I managed to get the trophy, i had a quest called we remember or something similar for hipocrates in athens, once i completed that herodotos's final quest unlocked.
  13. Hopefully ubisoft is aware of the problem and theres a quick fix.
  14. Im having the same problem, iv got a save from before i started the quest and have done all the quests till after the ship battles twice now but the last quest doesnt appear.
  15. The only online trophy is for complete 20 races i think from the base game. All the dlc is for getting trophies are for winning every race on each dlc.