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  1. Well guess this will forever stay at 10% on my profile. Never did like the game, only played it cause a former friend begged me to play it with them and once I did they never played it again...
  2. I still enjoy my PS3, I prefer the PS4 controller sure but overall I still fully enjoy my PS3
  3. So me and my girlfriend broke up today. While unpacking my stuff back at my parents I realized that quite a few of my games and collectible figures and such are all things I got from her. Should I keep these things? give them back? (she didn't ask for them and she wouldn't want them)

    I'm just afraid looking and playing the games will stop me from moving on and such

    1. Nighcisama


      Did not know moving on required to get rid of every piece of evidence that there was ever a relationship. Well you can try keeping it, if you feel bad about it for some reason you can still either sell them online, or give them away as gifts for your friends.

  4. I gotcha Normally I use the psn party chat but sometimes its either not working or the player cap is exceded.
  5. So are we not allowed to link to discords anymore then? Cause boosting some games like Overwatch kinda makes discord needed since the psn party has a player cap.
  6. Dont I need to save money for respawns? I was told if I die and cant respawn, you have to start the entire game over again
  7. Looking for any tips that can make this mode a breeze. I know the fight with the Siren and the fight at the end is gonna be a HUGE headache and to be honest I really dont like this title. However, since I only need a 1999 playthrough and have to do that run without using the dollar bill machines in order to get the plat, then why not finish it. Any and all advice and tips are appreciated. I just wanna get this done as fast as possible.
  8. This happened to me on dying light. I joined a game that was around the same progress in the story as me and I got the trophy for beating the game when I shouldn't have. Sly dictates that the 5 trophy hacked is pretty much essential, so unless they report your with 5 justifiably hacked trophies, the one trophy that glitched won't be alarming at all,No one ever reported mine and I know a few others that have had trophies glitch and pop so don't fret.
  9. Need For Speed Underground 2 I cant remember the titles but they were these xmen games where you could make your own xmen team and do missions. your friend could join and pick a xman and do the mission with you. Those were pretty fun from what I remember
  10. Give us a 10-page essay on why cheating is wrong. Due Friday
  11. It honestly depends for me. Do I have a whole collection? Is it autographed? Did I enjoy it enough to keep it around? If any of these are yes then I keep them on my shelf. If the answer is no then I sell them to this store called Disc Replay. They always give me a good deal (better than gamestop anyway)
  12. No plans on that according to Jaffe