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  1. Spyro re-ignited trilogy Fallout 76
  2. but do you get to play that game now? theres waiting for shipping and such, unless you have prime but then thats extra for the subscription
  3. Love them or hate them, most gamers have visited a GameStop at least once. We all know Gamestop offers pennies for trade-ins and turns around and sells them for a major profit. One only has to look around on the internet to hear about GameStop horror stories and how employees hate working for them. That being said, however, Gamestop was the place to go to for physical games. That may be changing. Gamestop is not doing well. Stocks have started to fall and Gamestop is on its third CEO in a very short time. Investors are scared and yes Gamestop is up for sale. Now whether you wanna see GameStop close or not is not the topic here, GameStop is pretty much the main reason why the big 3 consoles have not gone to digital only. When people buy consoles, they mostly buy them at GameStop and if Gamestop can't make money off the games, they wouldn't sell the console. If Gamestop goes out of business, I see no reason for Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo to stay in the physical business. Gamestop isn't quite at the point where they need to go the way of Toys r us but they appear to be getting there. I personally do not want digital only, I prefer my physical copies and if Gamestop closes, that makes them harder to acquire and as said above, without Gamestop, there's really no incentive to make them. So that being said, it appears the future of gaming is about to change. either we lose GameStop and gaming changes forever or GameStop somehow saves themselves and then they pretty much show the gaming industry how much power they really hold :/ kinda sounds like a lose lose but what really isnt these days. I just thought id make a topic on this. feel free to share your thoughts
  4. nope, its gonna be free this month for PS plus
  5. its cool that DbD is gonna be free, I hear it is hard to boost and after overwatch I am scared to even try lol
  6. I got it for free on PS+ so yeah t was worth the price. Now if I had to pay money for it, I wouldn't pay more than $20
  7. mine are still there
  8. It was just a light satin cloth. I have since turned on a disc base game and everything seems to be ok. Just kinda weird and it freaked me out.
  9. No I told her the cloth has to go lol
  10. So my girlfriend recently moved in and decided that some cloth would look amazing on my entertainment system under my PS4. With the PS4 off, I lifted it and she placed it and I gently placed it back where it was. A few seconds later my PS4 starts beeping like crazy as if it was telling her how horrible her cloth was and then it spit my game out that was in it. I put it back in only for it to be ejected. I unplugged the system and turned it back on only this time the system wouldn't take the disc. So I held the power button until it was off and unplugged the system for 3 minutes ( IGN said this would work). When I plugged it back in the system took the game and it seems ok but wtf happen? I hadn't played my system today so it's not like it was overheated or anything I can't figure out the cause and I am wondering if this is some sign that my system is gonna brick soon or what. Does anyone have a clue?
  11. I mean yeah I have to get a second controller now but this isnt the first game that I need to get one for so lol
  12. I hate buying new controllers...

    I need a new one to get some trophies but its either I pay $40+ for a used one at the store. 

    Or take a risk of getting a bogus worthless counterfeit online for cheap...

  13. I am currently working on this and its great. you will love it. Yeah the 2 controller thing sucks but. it is what it is
  14. Idk, I mean microsoft originally tried but people were not to keen on the idea. Now that we have had time to warm up to digital games, they could try again
  15. This better not have more trophies. The doomsday crap already ruined my 100% completion and I'm content where it's at