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  1. Was listening to this guy on the radio while going to work. He said the new virus has the potential to really eliminate the numbers of the human race, if not wipe us out completely. Now I don't think it could get that bad but it was a interesting listen.


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    2. Rally-Vincent---


      He's just the radio version of the weird old guy holding the "The end is nigh" sign.,

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      People have already recovered from it so saying that it's going to wipe us all out is ridiculous.


      The only thing that we should be concerned about is not slowing down the spread fast enough and overwhelming the health care system.  That's when things are going to get real bad. That's what happened in Italy, and New York is already getting to that point too.


      Sad part is that this could have easily been avoided if we were proactive about making more medical supplies, ventilators, etc. before it hit the states. GM and Ford are now making ventilators, but imagine if this was done in November before hand...

    4. Bliss


      I don't think so and will wait for the experts to announce something like that if its true. I'm more worried about the richest countries on the planet that are currently lacking basic medical supplies. 

  2. got it made a load of a difference since I didn't have to worry about a technical lol
  3. is killing the technical required?
  4. So I can still get the trophy if I don't talk to the hostages?
  5. So I have to kill all enemies in 3 locations without getting spotted. The problem I am having is knowing if I got all the enemies. I spent 3 hours last night just hunting and avoiding the technical and I still didn't get the trophy (I assume I didn't get all the enemies). So does anyone know any cues or anything that can help me know when I got all the enemies?
  6. To be fair people believe stuff on Reddit too
  7. anyone part of any overwatch psn groups that does boosting? I wanna boost the last trophy

  8. a person recently on the board's got banned for it. So that's why I'm weary LOL. I quite like it here
  9. there are two trophies in this game that require you to play the game on certain holidays. That being Halloween and Christmas. I really don't want to have to wait an entire year just to play on Halloween and Christmas. So I want to jump my clock ahead of time. However this would be causing me to "time travel" Which is a bannable offense here. I was just wondering if anybody knows any tips or tricks on how I can not have to wait an entire year to get these trophies or waiting is really the only thing I can do. I know in some games people can trick to clock. So that's why I figured I'd ask
  10. all orcs must die
  11. I think I'm starting to get too old for gaming. It's been too long since I've had a game that was so damn good that I had a hard time putting it down.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Im starting to realize something. I wouldn't say it's getting old but I'd say in the timespan of getting old, you would've experienced playing a lot of games. Eventually those games might start to feel similar to one another or perhaps there has been little innovation which doesn't excite people that much. It becomes like, "been there, seen that, done that already" kind of thing. 


      Then you get the off chance that a game is totally unique which brings you back to appreciating video games again. That was mirror's edge for me when first and third person shooters were very common. Same for the Yakuza series. Nothing quite like it. Same for the witcher series, etc. 


      It's not really getting old such that the way you think changes but I'd say you just need to try new things to keep you excited :). 

    3. mecharobot


      That is an unfortunate side-effect of aging. There's no guarantee you'll find your game, but I do know that sometimes its just easy to be stuck in your ways. Doing the same thing over and over again. I do still find those games, I was pretty addicted to Xenoblade 2 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild last year for example (not saying these are the games that will work for everyone), but then there are these "lesser" times that I think are better used for just trying whatever and trying not to stress about unnecessary things. I'm having quite a bit of fun just trying many PS2 titles lately, even if my goal isn't necessarly to "beat" them. Might as well try them out if I'm not going to do anything anyway.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Been playing around 30 years. Still enjoy it. Hopefully you find something to revive that spark.

  12. Homecoming was actually good. there was a lot of deoth to that game and I dont think konami did that one. wasnt that done by I think double helix?