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  1. No platinum, However me and some friends did manage to get a super hard trophy on christmas. Was in payday 2 so we felt like we were in reindeer games when we pulled it off lol
  2. I really hate the respect Point trophies in the Mortal Kombat games. Because nobody wants to give respect :/

  3. I agree with you here. I really enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda. However it got so much hate that what could have been a new trilogy just got canned because "the facial animations arn't what I wanted"
  4. All I know right now is if you preorder, you get access to the Last Jedi Heros Now that would be cool, but i played and enjoyed games without extra characters before
  5. So I finally got around to looking at Star Wars Battlefront II and I have to say, the trailers look damn good. I was always a fan of the originals. Me and my friend Brandon would spend hours just playing them. I never got the the Battlefront EA since the reviews warned me ahead of time and another friend confirmed how bad it was. I missed being able to play the beta but from what I have heard, Its like playing the originals again with a fresh coat of paint and added characters and features. Hearing that alone makes me wanna slap down a pre-order but...theres still a part of me holding me back by my shirt and saying "wait you idiot, just wait". So I would like to know from anyone who played the beta or whatever, whether I should be paying Gamestop a visit this weekend for a pre-order or not.
  6.  is it me, or am I the only one thats tired of this "supply not meeting demand" thing?

    Target did it with quantum
    Nintendo is doing it again for the SNES
    and now mcdonalds with the mulan sauce

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kuuhaku


      It's artificial scarcity.

      It helps drive up profits.

    3. Blissey


      Nintendo is going to reintroduce the NES mini next summer. Bet they will again.

    4. Stargazer2600


      @kuuhaku Its also a great way to piss your customers off. Thats like if God of War 4 came out but each country only got 100 copies

  7. Super Castelvania will always hold the most memories in my heart, but I will always be able to quote the intro to SOTN word by word lol "Die monster!!!! You don't belong in this world"
  8. save yourself the money and get the GOTY version
  9. I think there should be some sort of sorting system in the boosting sessions. Like some way to remove the games you no longer own or play so you don't see multiple sessions for them anymore.

    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Yeah I agree like some sort of "exclude these games for me list"

    2. KingGuy420


      I do agree that it would be cool... But at the same time, that seems like a lot of work for something that would only save us a few seconds when scrolling down the list. 


      Not to mention, even on our end, it would probably take more time to tag the games that we don't want than it would probably ever save us.

  10. Sweet than there is still hope :). Like you I accidentally leveled up in the app lol. Luckily I had a lvl 19 already standing by.
  11. Did it pop or what did you have to do
  12. Mass Effect Trilogy
  13. I made a topic on my thoughts. I personally think it got way more hate than it should cause so many people wouldn't let go of ME3's ending. They wouldn't let the wound heal. To them, Andromeda was already a failure before it was released
  14. So I didn't know this, and since I didn't I felt like I should share. I had to go without my internet for a few days but I had online commitments to do. So I figured if i could turn my phone into a hotspot, I could play using my unlimited data. Now I did not know how well this would work (if at all) so I us tethered my phone into my PS4 (so it can also remain charged) and turned on the hotspot. I then connected my PS4 to the hotspot and it actually worked well. I was able to go into parties, play games online fairly well and enjoy it. The data did drop sometimes so it wasn't perfect, but if you don't have internet and you got your phone, know that you can play online fairly well using data
  15. Really shouldn't have teased the cat 🐈