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  1. the new patch notes for Fallout 76 say that scorched Earth and breach and clear can now be obtained trophy wise. Can anyone confirm?

    1. Cleggworth


      Consoles don't get it til the 13th but this is positive news. Let's hope it's true

  2. Breach and clear now says no one has earned it. So did the guy glitch it and get removed?
  3. Girlfriend swore she wasn't getting me games for Christmas. We did ours early cause we are gonna be busy between families and she got me red dead 2 and Spyro <3


    Love this woman lol

  4. While I wanna pre order, I'm thinking of waiting for the inevitable ultimate edition with all the DLC characters. Isn't this the song that plays in the first movie when liu-kang fights reptile? Pretty sure I can hear the fighting in my head lol
  5. Has anyone told Bethesda support about the glitched trophies?
  6. turn on the menu music to LA Noir and turn the lights off while rain hits the window. Pour yourself a drink and its honestly one of the most relaxing things ever.
  7. CSI: Fatal Conspiracy is a good mystery/detective skills game. I 100% that back when I was on 360 years ago
  8. I still don't see why they picked Negan to be in this game. He just doesn't fit at all. He feels so out of place. Negan should be in something like Mortal Kombat. I am all for guest characters but I like when they fit the game they are in (Geralt in Soul Calibur for example). Yeah, whenever people do Negan now its pretty much gonna be the JDM version. I mean I like JDM as Negan so I'm cool with it but maybe giving Negan some original lines for the game would have been nice. Literally, everything he says is a quote from the show. Like they just ripped all his dialogue from episodes.
  9. From the reviews I seen, It takes hours to grind gold. One guy said he was playing for 8 hours and only got 2 gold when most things are 12-20 gold. Now how accurate that is, idk
  10. wanna know what's funny? Fallout 76 has microtransactions (all cosmetic or silly) and it's ammo for the ax. RDRO has microtransactions for things needed to progress (guns, mods, horses, etc) and its all good in the hood.
  11. theres a few mods I seen on GTA V on PS4 back when I played. Guys being invisible except for a head and "super jumping". Normally those are rare but its prove that the system can be cracked
  12. Heres hoping R* can control the damn modders this time. Can't even play the normal RDR online without some modder shooting you across the map or somehow cheating the game
  13. They make a game - you buy game - they make profit - we get more of those games They make game - you don't buy game - they don't make profit - they don't make that game anymore - series dead That's how this works. Like I said before, I don't always agree with what's being done but I wanna keep enjoying what I love and to do that, you sometimes need to take a few shots to the face.
  14. God of War