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  1. My girlfriend wants to get me a game for my birthday. The problem is all the games I wanted got pushed till 2018. But she wants me to give her list of games and I have no idea what to put LOL. Suggestions of games that I may like?

    1. AlchemistWer


      Why no try with Persona 5 and Nier Automata, I saw you played FF so maybe FF XII? 😄

    2. Stargazer2600


      @AlchemistWer I kind of don't like the Final Fantasy franchise anymore. I really don't like how they went with it especially after 13. I'm an old-school Final Fantasy fan LOL my favorite ones are the ones for the Super Nintendo

    3. The__High_Ground


      Yo if you like old school ff then I think youd really like persona 5, turned based and everything

  2. I will believe it when I start seeing people earn the trophy.
  3. Honestly dont think I can plat Overwatch. Theres like 5 trophies i honestly feel I need to boost and go figure, its practically impossible to boost Overwatch and then you risk being banned from it.

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    2. SlimSanta94


      @midgetstrawdog if it's the same as PC then temporary at first and then permanent if done again

    3. Stargazer2600


      @midgetstrawdog perm from what I understand, Blizzard isnt messing around with all the boosting, which means this is more than likely my last Blizzard title if thats how they wanna be. Honestly wish i knew about this before i bought it. One of the things no one tells you.

    4. Nitroman65


      @BlueDragonRR you mean smurffing players man there the worse. @Stargazer2600 like soul said if your boosting act like a normal player until you get all booster players in the match. 

  4. So I'm told that if your caught boosting trophies in overwatch, you will get banned cause it effects stats which effects your rank. This is apparently why no one really does boost sessions.


    This true?

    1. DamagingRob


      It would explain things.. Starhawk was like that for awhile, before the devs gave up or moved on. But I usually see sessions for it, so I don't know. 

  5. this is what i think of, they fought mentally and thus it was over before it began
  6. In gaming sessions, is there a way to filter out games you platted and don't own anymore that way they don't pop up for you?

  7. So apparently the hate for Mass Effect Andromeda was so great, that it's caused the death of BioWare. This is from at least what I've been understanding. A while ago they came out and said that they were killing the Andromeda series because of the low sales, so it's kind of sad I'll never get a Trilogy out of that. But for a entire Studio to be sucked up by another just because of a series that people complained about just because of facial animations is kinda sad. Maybe I'm understanding this wrong? What's your guys's thoughts? A friend of mine secretly thinks this Anthem game will become another Mass Effect game but I don't know, games have killed studios in the past. Link
  8. Idk what gen mine is. I got it from a rent a center and it was used before I got it.
  9. Advice? Cause I really can't afford another ps4 lol
  10. Since it was brought to my attention, I really only notice that it's loud when downloading things. Or when I'm playing a game and a lot of things are happening at the exact same time. But if I'm just playing something small like until dawn for example, it's not really loud enough for me to notice. I don't trust myself enough to open up my system for anything lol. My luck I'd kill my system accidentally doing something wrong lol
  11. So me and a friend were playing on my PS4 the other day. And he mentioned how loud my PS4 sounds. He said that his PS4 never gets that loud and that it should almost be completely silent. He mentioned to me that allowed PS4 is a sign that it's about to go out. My PS4 isn't always loud though, it has its moments but it's about a 50/50. Just wondering if he is right or what. To be honest I never gave much thought to it. My PS4 is laid down and has plenty of room to breath with no obstruction.
  12. I remember the PS2 collection It also had the animated movie which i actually quite liked.
  13. Going to try for the Bioshock Infinite Platinum. I'm told it's hell so wish me luck

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    2. KingGuy420


      Yeah, the charge vigor tears her apart. Just spam it. The more you level it up the easier it is too, since both upgrades are damn near tailored for the fight. And of course having as much mana as possible helps so you don't have to worry about running out.


      If you can find the gear that makes melee attacks ignite the enemy, that helps too since charge is technically a melee, but it's far from needed.


      Hell, she's so weak against charge that you could probably destroy her without the upgrades... But better safe then sorry lol.

    3. Stargazer2600


      @KingGuy420 I assume the same tactic works just as good on 1999 mode?

    4. KingGuy420


      Yeah, I actually didn't even discover it until 1999 mode. I had such a hard time with her on normal that I knew I had to find some new tactics lol.

  14. Been a long time since I played a Sims game. Honestly, I hope we get it. Be nice to play one after so long
  15. thats if you go for the deals. Normally i dont go for deals cause my local store will match or beat them with physical copies and normally i dont care about the free games they pitch. Now recently they been doing good but we will see if it continues