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  1. I don't even think there is a punishment for receiving so much bad feedback. Like a person can get 50 bad feedbacks or something, but they can still join sessions. I really don't see the point of this. Even though I was a person who wanted this kind of system. But I agree, this system really needs some work. Like a reward and Punishment system as well as a comment thing
  2. I hope it doesn't. I held into my copy for so long and after so many updates without them I finally traded it in almost at the start if this year. I'd be very upset if they gave us new trophies now
  3. Final Fantasy VII
  4. So I own Payday 2 on the PS4 and I absolutely love it. However eventually Ill hit XXV-100 and Overkill will stop updating it. when that happens, there is literally nothing left for me to do. Some people have said to play it on the PS3 cause its almost like a different game with a semi different trophy list and the different skills. Others say not to waste my time since its a inferior version to the PS4 when heist wise its exactly the same game, just made harder by inferior skills. thoughts?
  5. Agreed but how much they spend isn't our problem. Now I'm gonna sound crazy here but, we don't need all the fancy graphics and stuff we currently have. There is nothing wrong with what we had for the 16 bit era or hell even PS1. Not only were the stories legendary that helped pace the way for other games. But the lowered graphics meant that they needed story and such. They would be cheap to produce which would make the game cheaper. I say we go back to our roots
  6. I haven't noticed any on my end. Everything seems fine
  7. Yeah I'm in the states :/
  8. My trophies updated and people are earning them. I booted up my game and nothing has changed, there's nothing new added gameplay-wise. I thought maybe it was DLC that you had to buy so I checked the store and there's nothing there either. I've literally tried forcing an update and there's nothing to update. So I have to ask where is the update?
  9. So because Star Wars is in a lot of crap because of the microtransactions. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 Which will be coming out are also being affected because they also contain microtransactions. In short because of the backlash that EA has received, every other developer is afraid for their own games that also contain microtransactions. Developers like Rockstar aren't sure how we are going to take it. I have linked the video below for you all to watch. How do you guys think this is going to affect the upcoming video games? Link
  10. Castlevania Lord's of Shadow, I know that was a chore lol
  11. God of War whoever does me, dont say Mortal Kombat, I'm in the works on that and its kinda a "do when I have time" thing
  12. Just got the black ops plat :) just wondering, compared to black ops, how hard is veteran on the now CoD?

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    2. ee28max


      Congrats on the plat! :) 

      I should be attempting that one soon. How was the Veteran mode?

    3. Scyther


      Nice work!

    4. Stargazer2600


      @ee28max not to bad, just have loads of patience and learn by trial and error

  13. I don't like the idea of the government telling us whats acceptable and whats not. Maybe the gaming community just made a deal with the devil, yeah we can get rid of loot boxes but now they have a foot in our door
  14. So both Hawaii and Belgium have started to give EA the no go on loot boxes. The reasons are that the concept basically is the same concept as gambling and since its marketed to kids, its not acceptable. Overwatch is also being looked at now for the same thing. Even though Overwatch is cosmetic only, it is not going to be safe. This brings up the qurstion of, did we start something we shouldn't have? Do we really want governments lookinginto whats in our games now and saying whats ok for us? sound off below you can see the video here