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  1. Anyone good at siege that can help me get to gold? It's literally the last trophy I need

  2. Tales of Graces cause its the only game on your list you haven't plat lol
  3. God the rainbow six siege community I so damn toxic. I honestly wouldn't recommend this game to anyone based solely on the community.

  4. skinny tips for getting a kill while a person is in barbed wire? People don't tend to walk into the barbed wire so I can't get this one really
  5. Does anyone know if there is a way to boost in R6S?


    I wanna get some of these harder or situational trophies done.

  6. No
  7. I got real good at pitching. Let them hit the ball but either catch the ball or tag them at base. I also manually took my favorite team and jacked up all the stats to max and went against the worst team. then go into the sliders and put everything in your favor. theres no way you can lose lol
  8. So I know this is old but, after playing Detroit. You still feel the same way? Lol
  9. About to call it quits on the show 19. I have watched hours worth of guides but the hitting in that game is just stupid. Even when you hit the ball 99% of the time its just caught.

    Online is especially bad when pitchers can throw the ball at such a angle that you literally cant hit it and not swinging is a strike. Not only that but I myself have found that throwing speedballs that are "to early" are almost un-hitable.

    All in all, its just gonna be a never ending fight and After grinding out for blue diamond players and then they make barely any difference in the game. Just makes me throw my hands up when you also take into batting and how broken pitching is.

    1. PermaFox


      I was getting ready to try this but after reading some posts on the problems with the game, I decided to frustrate my time with anothe game.  Thanks for the review!


    2. starcrunch061


      Yeah. As these games get more realistic, they get less fun to play. 

    3. Stargazer2600




      Honestly I was having fun with it until the online came about.


      yes I had trouble with the batting and stuff right from the get-go, but I learned just enough and with the broken pitching I was able to literally stall the game until the batting went in my favor with a little luck.


      I honestly wish that they wouldn't have put ranked trophies in this game. If they wanted something to do with online they could have easily done it with like it was certain amount of innings or something. It didn't have to be ranked matches.


      the batting, the pitching, it's all broken and just doesn't work. I asked they had fun until now.

  10. Yeah, nothing screams at me to buy now. It's not a bad sale, just not for me.
  11. Only 2 more trophies left to get on mlb the show. These are gonna suck :/

    1. Spaz


      I hate to judge a game 100 percent off of the trophies but that one 'Diamond Dynasty' trophy for beating several online opponents to reach the Championship Series Division was a complete dick move, whoever made up the trophy list for this.


      MLB the Show 18 in comparison has a much more relaxed and 'doable' trophy list. Even MLB the Show 17 has a better list.


      Don't know how long it's going to be before I jump into an actual sports game. Madden NFL 11 was a slog because of having to change modifiers for various players so you had a chance to get certain trophies much easier. Sounds very much like the case here.

    2. Conker


      https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/4486-mlb-the-show-16/24-victorious 16 hd tht t

      The one I posted above was as bad too as one in 19, maybe just slightly worse 

    3. Stargazer2600


      @Spaz You deff have to change sliders around in the show. I only decided to do this since the game was free and I hadnt played a baseball game since the Sega genesis lol.  

  12. Had to wipe my ps4 cause something got corrupted. Re-downloading my games like the show 19 and red dead 2. I hope my online stuff is saved to a server (my data saves are all gone for all games). I really don't wanna start everything from scratch and earn it all again.

  13. I mean when you can make wrestlers wrestle each other that normally would never do it. Or put certain people on teams that have never been on teams before in a football or baseball game. That's the stuff I like. See growing up in the states. I always assumed baseball was a thing everywhere. Hell even Canadians come across the border to partake. I was just really shocked when I seen a bunch of Europeans complaining that they had baseball instead. It's like everywhere I looked everyone was complaining about the baseball game and it just had me really confused LOL
  14. Well I know one thing. It's gonna be a long while before I own one. My PS4 is only a few years old so it's gonna be a long minute before I'm ready to move on to PS5
  15. I mean I don't really like baseball and even I barely understand the rules. However to answer your 2nd question. Everyone knows how the states feel they have to be different. It's the reason we do a lot of things (90% of them dumb). I'll admit I dont like sports but I do like sports games since I have more creative control. on a side note, you havent lived until you been to a ball game and had a soda and hotdog though