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  1. There does seem to be more remasters than new IP's and games like Borderlands 3, RDR2 and last of us 2 are taking way to long to release. Then on the other hand I see why they're taking so long. Because if they get released too quickly and people end up boycotting them kind of like fallout 76 and Mass effect Andromeda. it's not that I dislike this generation of games, I dislike was generation is turn gamers into. We expect perfection and expect it quickly. We then get mad when we don't get it.
  2. At this point I assume all servers are glitched when it comes to the original RDR
  3. all the online trophies I care about I pretty much did. Any trophies for PS3 I have left can be done offline
  4. Just did The walking dead final Season. Now I'm gonna do Pheonix Write
  5. I wish it was about the board game
  6. So if you have the disc versions of a game like borderlands or BTTF you still cant play them?
  7. PS+ is $60 for a full year which isn't bad. However, I got mine for $40 for a full year by catching it on sale. Point is, PS+ is worth it especially if you get it on sale
  8. So if I am Gold 1 and I lose all my medals, I wont go back down silver?
  9. Wondering if I should buy the Phoenix Write Trilogy for $30 or wait for it to go on sale.

    1. Temmie


      I jumped on it when I first saw it.  The artwork is... well... let's just say I preferred the pixelated version much more.

    2. NERVergoproxy


      $30 is pretty decent for a Trilogy.

  10. Doom 3 I personally liked it
  11. Soul Calibur VI one day lol
  12. Lego the Hobbit
  13. really dont wanna buy a whole new copy :/ but, might have to
  14. The Godfather II