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  1. See I like that this game has combos but not really. I have ADHD so my brain can't process what I need to press to my fingers fast enough if it's a long combo. So what this game has is perfect. That being said, it does need some balance changes. A combo breaking system or a way to get out the corner.
  2. Green ranger players love getting you into the wall and spam juggle you to death
  3. parenting win lol
  4. Some people have messaged me asking if im ok or where I gone cause I havent been on in a long while. Well heres a update. 

    After me and my fiance broke up, I lost interest in a lot of things as of late. I havent wanted to play games, watch youtube, play friday night magic. I just been kinda existing. After a month my ex replaced me which didnt help matters. However I am tired of just sitting about.

    While I am still not exactly in a gaming mood, I will try to attempt in playing old games I like. just anything to clear my mind I guess.

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    2. Stargazer2600


      @Spaz that's what I'm trying to do. We were together 2 years and its one long story but I wanna move on too, tired of not being able to enjoy things I once did.

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      Hope you're on the way up soon.

    4. Stargazer2600
  5. Bioshock infinite. I really disliked it
  6. The UHD pack better not have more trophies. Just traded in my HJC and I really dont wanna pick it up again
  7. Look out, ladies and gents! Here comes the queen of quiffies, The mistress of BDSM, your dominatrix dream come true, it's Spontaneous Bootay!

    1. lordguwa


      i want to play that game someday, only thing stopping me is completing the first game.

    2. Stargazer2600


      @kingdrake2 both are amazing lol

  8. So I was out with some friends the other day and the subject of video games was brought up. I can't exactly remember how this idea came about in the conversation but one of us came up with this idea called loyalty content. Loyalty content is content meant exclusively for players who would support a game through its bad time. Let's take No Man's sky or Mass Effect Andromeda as just an example. Neither game received favorable review upon launch but what would happen if some content was made and I am talking damn good content, maybe even exclusive DLC but to get it you had to bank so many hours before a certain date? No player would obviously know this until it's too late, that way people can't just suddenly pop in and try for it. What if Fallout 76 finally gave NPC characters? Made a few shop keeps humans and such and you see a few walking about but this was only available to people that supported and played the game a great length prior to a certain date? Let's say this kind of content would be exclusive, so it's only available to a limited pool of players. How do you think this would go over? Now I know on paper this sounds horrible and anyone who pitched this idea should be tossed out a window. However, why shouldn't the loyal players be rewarded? If I made a game and I had some players still play it after it got review bombed, I would wanna thank those players in the best way possible. If my game was getting better and more people are coming back, why not give that pool of players that were around in the worst of times, something to show my appreciation? My friend said if something like this ever came to pass, it would straight up cause war against the game, and I don't doubt this. There would definitely be some rage from people that would forever be locked out of that content but If my game was bad but then got really good, why should those that only popped in when it got good get to experience all the good things when there's those that had it bad? If games like Friday the 13th can have Kickstarter exclusive rewards then why not something for the loyal players? again, just an idea and I thought it be a fun conversation piece to have here.
  9. I'm farming the ability events. I'm only missing 18 abilities, cat call will probably be given last sadly If your good with Catwoman, you can get cat call 100% from her legendary multiverse thing, but I'm already to close ability wise
  10. Plat #57: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

  11. Don't get your hopes up
  12. Was browsing the psn sales and see that this game is heavily on sale right now at 75% off. Normally its $70 but on sale for a mere $17.50 I already own the 4th game and was wondering if this collection is worth picking up? never played the first 2 storm games (I was into ultimate ninja at the time) But the 4th game has just about every character you could possibly want in it so part of me is skeptical. thoughts?
  13. I enjoyed every minute until I ran out of things to do, just waiting for free DLC now
  14. Well guess this will forever stay at 10% on my profile. Never did like the game, only played it cause a former friend begged me to play it with them and once I did they never played it again...