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  1. like 3 of those games right off the bat have been free on ps+ and many of the others I can pick up second hand for under $20
  2. I got the developer to give me a free digital copy. Their Twitter is completely dead so going through the normal channels was pointless. It was hard work and I had to actually do some looking but I managed to get a hold of them. I haven't experienced any crashes. But this game is definitely not as fun as I had hoped it be. I was hoping it would be more like Payday 2. I was under the assumption it would be. I love Payday 2 and this does not hold a candle to it.
  3. Just screwed myself out of the secret of Mana plat :/ 


    I missed 3 exclusive drops. So a second playthrough will be required...great

    1. RedRodriguez87


      Me: Well, it's all for the love of the game, right? :)


      Stargazer2600: Hell no fuck this game

    2. Stargazer2600


      @RedRodriguez87 actually I love Secret of Mana. always have ever since SNES but I have a short attention span and other shit to play lol

  4. Best: 1. Bethesda (fallout, ES VI, DOOM. Its gonna get good real quick) 2. Sony (TLOU 2 is just....yes) 3. square (just for KH3) Worst: 1. Microsoft (have no interest in them at all) 2. Nintendo (oh hey another smash...greaaaaat) 3. EA (cause F**k EA)
  5. So the bloodborne DLC is $10 on sale. I grabbed Bloodborne when it was free on PS+ but I haven't played it yet. Truth is idk if I will even like it. That being said, would it be wise to grab the DLC now just in case or?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fidel


      You've pretty much stated why I passed on it last time, and likely will this time. It looks as though you're a Plus subscriber, though, so it should be $6?

    3. Stargazer2600


      @Fidel yeah its $6 but still. unsure lol

    4. Paleblood




      Stargazer. my dear friend, you should treat yourself. Honestly, this DLC is an absuloute masterpiece. It's the best content of the game. Try Bloodborne, if you like it you have to buy the DLC. And you will be happy you did.

  6. Like you know when you are away, does your dwellers still explore outside and stuff. I found the answer is yes lol
  7. Kinda knew this was coming at some point. I was honestly surprised they got the game as far as they did and boy did it go far.
  8. Do you need the season pass to get the plat?
  9. says full game lol. I normaly Don't play CoD since I detest it but, free is free
  10. yeah I know that. I played it on my phone back when it first came out lol
  11. anyone know if the game still plays while your away?
  12. yep
  13. I just want the power helmet lol
  14. so pretty much gta online
  15. I mean really it just looks like 4 man co-op. I think it be cool to have 3 friends join me in the wasteland. kinda like Borderlands or Payday 2