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  1. thing thats confusing is like everyone says things like you need auto phoenis, first hit and all this stuff but then people are like no you need limit break and triple AP and all this and im sitting here like dude, i only have so many slots and i cant switch s**t out last thing i wanna do is put the wrong stuff in and have to start over. hell for all i know i did that already
  2. jesus christ...
  3. when you say back to back do you mean without a break or can you save and such in between but not leave the area
  4. So i completed the story, Unlocked all aeons, defeated a few of the dark aeons and did things like the celestial weapons and getting all primers. Now it seems like the only thing left is grinding the full grids of all the characters (....yay) and defeating the rest of the aeons. Thing is the grinding is super boring since the fastest and most efficiant way is to do the tonberry thing and even after that i am told that dark yojimbo is damn near impossible as he is overly difficult. Is there any tips or tricks that I am not aware of? more people have gotten the plat for the game than i expected from a game with this kind of grind and hidden difficulty so i must be missing something. any help would be appreciated.
  5. So is it still glitched for us? I don't even see a kill counter anywhere so I don't even know what they're talking about
  6. well yeah, your not supposed play the game, glitching is for losers
  7. If you guys want you both can add me I need a new group to play with cause my old friends kicked me out cause they hated how i played my Jason lol. Games not as fun when you cant joke around and have fun with people
  8. New Outfits Double XP Free CP and a special present that retro gamers will love since we are getting the NES JASON complete with the NES jason track!!!!!
  9. So i'm pretty sure everyone either knew or was pretty sure that the boat kill which is also the torpedo badge is glitched. This kill is needed for the "A PHD in murder" trophy. Since its glitched the trophy is unobtainable which makes the plat unobtainable. Gun Media is aware and are fixing this but as to when, we don't know. It is nice to know though that we can 100% confirm glitch and also know that they are aware. Just thought i would share
  10. I got it a while ago but all i did was unlock everyone and then start at chad and move left until i played as everyone. Trophy popped as soon as the last match ended easy peasy
  11. Isn't game sharing that thing where you can watch another friend play a game? I'm not talking about streaming but I know it's called share something. I think I done it once or twice to decide if I wanted to buy a game or not.
  12. well not true, You could, it just be super hard. You would need to delete everything but the save. Not be connected to the net and do it solo
  13. They got rid of pro jobs?
  14. Mortal Kombat, That is dedication right there
  15. I need a new group that plays Friday the 13th quite a lot :/ ever since my last group kicked me out cause of how i play my Jason, I haven't been enjoying it as much cause i cant joke or have fun with anyone..

    1. IntenseFATE98


      Try finding people on reddit, lots of good and fun players on there.