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  1. Well, adding this to the list of games oll never plat
  2. This is true but some more than others. One of the reasons I don't interact with Star wars fans. With Brownies it got to the point where if you didn't like the show a certain way or whatever, you basically got ousted. I liked the creepypasta and darker side of the fandom. Needless to say, I wasn't popular
  3. The in fighting. Things got toxic and when things get toxic I dip out
  4. Hey guys, I'll be answering questions soon if anyone wants to shoot me a question or three for the player interview



  5. Platinum #79:Mass Effect 3 remastered. Just need to do it on insanity and the legendary edition is done.

  6. Platinum #78:Mass Effect 2 remastered. Didn't enjoy insanity like I did the first time I did it on ps4 but still :)

  7. Plat #77: Mass Effect 1 remastered. Was fun playing it all over again and was way less daunting since the list was easier.

  8. I fully get it. I'm old enough to remember when SNES systems were sold in stores and when gameboy got color. I played the Psone and the 2 and OG xbox, etc. I just go where the games go. I had a 360, paid for hold but ps3 was free online and had more exclusive games. When it came to the 4, I just wanted to continue with what I had. But being a huge fallout, skyrim and overwatch fan. I need to go where the games are. I'm not following sheep or anything. Just Sony isn't giving ne anything here
  9. No offense but that just sounds like brand loyalty
  10. Bethesda and now Activision. Getting harder and harder to consider a PS5 when Microsoft is getting all the exclusives and Sony is letting them do it. You cant survive on God of war and last of us alone
  11. Girlfriend said if I platinum a game of her choosing then she will pre order 3 games of my choice this year. 


    What did she pick? A game called House Flipper. I looked at the trophy list and those games are mine lol

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    2. HuntingFever


      @DaisyVilla102 I got the Plat and 100% just before Christmas with no real issues but one of the 3 patches released a week later, messed up the stat tracking for the Jobs trophy so now it's extremely buggy. All I can suggest you do is start a new game offline without the patch installed and try again :(.

    3. DaisyVilla102


      Just popping back here to report that I submitted a support ticket to the devs yesterday and they responded today letting me know that they are already working on a fix for the issue.

    4. HuntingFever
  12. It popped but I didn't get a notification for it. Ah well, least I got it. Plat incoming!!!