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  1. official response and full story So console in the end gets screwed. Lovely.Look, I can do without crime spree, without a safe house but just give us all the same heists. In the end, that's all I ask but that's not gonna happen cause PC takes priority. Theres so many heists we wont be getting Resevoir dogs Shackelthorn Henery's rock Whitehouse Like I get it, PC takes priority but if they cared so much for console then why not, idk develop for the console instead of making a new heist for PC >:( yeah im mad. For years I vouched for this game saying one day we would be all caught up. now im left looking like a idiot
  2. @RedSkyKing looks like i'm back to 0
  3. So when does the outer worlds start getting good. I just left the ground breaker and I'm still pretty bored with it :/

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    2. Stargazer2600



      Some would say that's almost impossible. I loved all the fallout games. I love New Vegas, 3 and 4 hell even 76.


      That's however, just not hitting it...

    3. MidnightDragon


      Anything specific or just not feeling it?

    4. Stargazer2600


      @MidnightDragon idk. Maybe the story is boring? I find myself skipping almost all dialogue cause it's just boring.


      But it could be I'm just missing the dark humor of fallout too. this game being developed by the same people that did the original fallout games I guess maybe I was expecting a bunch of it?


      Idk it's just seeming more like a chore than a game.

  4. So I have played about 6 or 7 matches and each time I have ended the game with over 200 supplies. This trophy is really vague. It just says collect 200 supplies during a single game. throughout the course of a game I know for an absolute fact that I've collected over 200. There's been a few times where backpacks I picked up from fallen enemies have alone been 70 or 80 supplies each. however the trophy still doesn't pop. I see people are earning it so maybe it's glitched? I was just wondering if anybody could give me some insight into what this trophy actually wants me to do.
  5. I thought this said "fapmaster" and now I'm both laughing and ashamed at myself
  6. Play #63 Soul Calibur VI


    There's no guide for this game here. Maybe I'll write one. Idk

  7. Was browsing the psn sales and see that this game is heavily on sale right now at 75% off. Normally its $70 but on sale for a mere $17.50 I already own the 4th game and was wondering if this collection is worth picking up? never played the first 2 storm games (I was into ultimate ninja at the time) But the 4th game has just about every character you could possibly want in it so part of me is skeptical. thoughts?
  8. meanwhile PC just got another free christmas update..
  9. I haven't started the tower yet. But this already looks really confusing
  10. Works as far as I know
  11. X-2 is different than your normal FF games and that alone makes people hate it. I remember playing this on PS2 after getting it at Gamestop back in like 05 or something. Anyways, Is it as good as X? ehhhh in some ways. Do I hate it? not at all
  12. Just started Hitman. Got it for free on PS+ and im board so. why not

  13. I honestly wasnt a fan of the last Bioshock game come at me
  14. nope, done with it. They aren't getting another penny from me
  15. Anyone good at siege that can help me get to gold? It's literally the last trophy I need

  16. EDIT: The dropping fools trick still works as of today. Don't pay attention to the statistics, they will show your losses, but you will still be able to get the trophy if you use this trick. Thank you Ric for the help Simply save your data to the cloud or USB, if you win, copy over the cloud or USB. If you lose, delete your save of the system andcopy from the cloud or USB. YOUR LOSSES WILL STILL BE THERE!!!! But if you get 10 wins doing this, the trophy will pop
  17. Tales of Graces cause its the only game on your list you haven't plat lol
  18. God the rainbow six siege community I so damn toxic. I honestly wouldn't recommend this game to anyone based solely on the community.

  19. skinny tips for getting a kill while a person is in barbed wire? People don't tend to walk into the barbed wire so I can't get this one really
  20. Does anyone know if there is a way to boost in R6S?


    I wanna get some of these harder or situational trophies done.

  21. Now i know I may be late to saying this, for all i know someone else has said it but if not. I wanna say that the more i dug into this, the more it made me love Andromeda more. I hope you enjoy this and please discuss your thoughts below 5 years ago we got Mass Effect 3. It was without a doubt one of the most anticipated games ever. Sadly Mass Effect 3 suffered from a really bad ending and the endings lacked what fans expected.Reviewers tore into the game very badly and on that day Mass Effect lost fans. The ending was (to them, not me) so bad that some refuse to ever play the trilogy again just cause of the last 10 minutes. Mass Effect 3 had petitions for BioWare to redo the ending and it sparked the debate between art and consumer with some articles defending BioWare on the ending but others saying that if someone drops money on a product, they have a say on it, especially when it makes them unhappy. BioWare eventually did release free extended cut endings, but for many it simply wasn't good enough. 5 years later and the Mass Effect fandom still hasn't really healed. Upon the release of Andromeda the game seemed doomed from the start with almost the hate of the game being louder than the praise. People have ripped Andromeda a new one for the Bad facial animations boring side quests lack of character customization glitches Microtransactions in multiplayer You name it, Andromeda is supposed to have sinned in it Now the thing is, they arn't wrong. Andromeda does suffer from all of these. Some people call it the "no mans sky of 2017". However I have never seen a AAA game ripped apart so badly and in reality, Andromeda isn't that bad. Andromeda actually does what the last 3 games did, and more. ME 3 had microtransactions in multiplayer and just like in 3 you don't need to actually pay, you can use in game points. BioWare is working on the glitches and even the original trilogy had boring side quests and yes, none of us can deny that the original trilogy also had bad facial animation.Taking all this into account I wanted to find the real reason Andromeda was getting hate and after some time. I think I found it and it all stems back to Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 really left a bad taste in peoples mouths, never mind that the other 99% of the game was pure epicness. It's those last 10 minutes that doomed Andromeda. You cant make a Mass Effect game now and people not feel angry over ME3. The old saying of "time heals all" does not apply here. Some fans will not let that wound heal, they simply will not let it go and sadly its ruining Andromeda for themselves and others. Andromeda is also made by a new Mass Effect team. Now i personally never cared who made the games I played. If i liked it, i liked it. However this is one of the things I found that make some people stick up their nose at Andromeda. I seen great teams like Team Silent rise and disband and no one care about what they set in play and just do there own thing. At least this new team tries to do something fresh, while keeping whats been settled, in there own sort of way. The third and final thing I found on all the underlying hate is cause it doesn't have Sheppard. This REALLY seems to be a deal breaker with people. Most people won't even give the new guy a chance. I literally heard someone say "if its not Sheppard, i'm not buying it. I literally don't care". However this isn't a new practice. Games like star wars and Silent Hill and many others have done this exact thing. It's really just another thing people use to try to justify hating on Andromeda. In the end, I spent a good few hours watching videos and talking with people. Is Andromeda the no mans sky of 2017? no. Does it deserve all the hate its getting? no. If anything Mass Effect is guilty of, is its Mass Effect 1 all over again. Its a slow build up and you know the other games will be more action packed. Andromeda however is plagued from all the hate from 3 that people just wont let go and it's really sad when you think about it. Since low sales and all the hate could prevent future Andromeda titles from being made, all because people wont let it go and give it a chance. I hope that doesn't happen but with as big of a voice as people have on the internet and with names like Gameranx, AngryJoe and others really tearing into this and treating every little sin like they just killed a family member. You never really know. I was able to get friends who never played the original trilogy, to play Andromeda and its literally become one of their favorite games and that shows that the goodness in the game is there, you just have to give it a chance. Don't look at Mass Effect Andromeda as Mass Effect 4 cause its not. It's like the Rouge One of the Mass Effect universe. If you can put all your bias aside and give it a chance. you can easily find the good and the enjoyment out of it, how much you find is up to you. If you wanna find hate, you can find it, but If you wanna find the good. You can find that too.
  22. No
  23. I got real good at pitching. Let them hit the ball but either catch the ball or tag them at base. I also manually took my favorite team and jacked up all the stats to max and went against the worst team. then go into the sliders and put everything in your favor. theres no way you can lose lol
  24. So I know this is old but, after playing Detroit. You still feel the same way? Lol