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  1. No, whatever it is, it's kinda too cute to fight :c
  2. If they took away trophies, I would be disappointed at first, but get used to playing without them. So it'd be enjoyable either way :3
  3. I could try, just a quick spar..
  4. 9/10, looks pretty cool
  5. 10/10 :3
  6. Welcome, enjoy your trophy hunting :3
  7. Banned just cause
  8. "Is that senpai?.. I must look kawaii! Senpai !"
  9. "I look damn good right now"
  10. Maybe.. just maybe..
  11. Welcome! And I love your profile picture, I was thinking of buying a Lion King shirt since we're going to Disneyland this week
  12. No.. her cuteness is overwhelming.. damn apron.
  13. Sure I wouldn't mind. ..No never mind I wouldn't fight her..
  14. Mainly Dubstep, hip hop, kpop, modern rock & some instrumental.. my taste changes along with my mood..