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  1. Grabbed the Europe one, thank you very much man 😎
  2. Yeah, the same worked for me. I'd manage 3 dashes from one bottom corner to the other and then repeat. But it seems that doing it in circles or left to right is down to preference. Other thing I found to be more consistent in timing the dashes is to use my index finger instead of my thumb. Basically I'd put the controller on my leg while sitting and push the dash button with my right index finger while flicking the stick with my left thumb. This made chaining dashes much more consistent for me and I got the trophy in a couple of hours. Really enjoyed the game, will play it again down the line.
  3. The only games I can think of on my list are the first Guacamelee and Rayman Legends. Platinumed both of them on PS3, but bought them again when they were cheap on sale on PS4 and platinumed them again because I really enjoyed them. I don't go for just increasing my trophy count so I usually avoid stacking, but these two games were the exception.
  4. When I can't come up with anything, I just go with Lerxst. That's exactly what I did for this hero.
  5. Yesterday turned my PS3 on for the first time in about 2 years since I bought a couple cheap dlcs so I can bring up a couple games I enjoyed up to 100% completion. It took me a couple minutes to remember how to navigate the interface and to get used to DS3, but after the game booted I didn't really have any problems with playing. Still have around 10 games in my PS3 backlog, so I hope to get back to it some day. tl;dr I don't find it a chore, still very enjoyable
  6. Thank you very much for sharing, this looks right up my alley. Didn't even know this game existed, but then again I don't really follow Switch games.
  7. Interesting topic, never thought about it before. If I counted right, mine are from 23 different games, which are: - SteamWorld Dig - Rayman 3 HD - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - SteamWorld Heist - Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed - Furi - Rise & Shine - Blur - Castle Crashers - Bulletstorm PS3 - Catherine - Call of Juarez Gunslinger - Trine 2 - Vanquish - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Renegade Ops - Super Time Force Ultra - Shadow of the Colossus PS3 - SSX - Mortal Kombat 9 - Shovel Knight Specter of Torment - Super Street Fighter IV - Oddworld: New & Tasty!
  8. Last thing I bought was the Devil May Cry HD Collection on PS4 to replay them all before V comes out
  9. I have no problems with easy platinums since I only play games I enjoy, and never to just increase my trophy count. I love going for ultra rares, but sometimes I like to take a break and play something simpler and not too time consuming to unwind before taking on a new challenge.
  10. No problem It was a challenging platinum, but fun and rewarding. I really liked the game and would love to have it at 100%, but always felt like the dlc's were on the expensive side. I guess I'll just have to take a deep dive and get them sometime in the future
  11. Hey man, I was looking for them a couple months ago, also on the UK store. They are called "ADDITIONAL CHAPTER" + name of the character you play in the dlc. After just searching "jetstream" I found the Sam dlc. You can find the Blade Wolf one the same way. Here are the links for your convenience:
  12. To share my experience with this trophy. I saw this thread and backed up my save before buying my last map (Queens Garden). I found Corny in the Garden and bought the map and did not get the trophy. I copied my save from USB a couple of times, tried again and still didn't get it. I decided to play the Garden out without the map and try to buy the map from the store in Dirtmouth after dreamnailing Herrah (the last dreamer I needed). Afterwards I got to the store in Dirtmouth and bought the last map from Iselda (Corny was there sleeping btw) and finally unlocked the trophy. So it seems that currently you have to buy the last map from store and not in the field from Corny for the trophy to unlock. Sorry for all the people that got deep into their playthroughs only to miss out on this buggy trophy