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  1. So guess I should share these ones 😏 It was 2+ years ago since I've done that, but I still remember pretty good 😅 Finish the Game on Brutal Without Changing the Difficulty UNCHARTED: DRAKE'S FORTUNE REMASTERED Charted! - Brutal UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES REMASTERED Charted! -Brutal UNCHARTED 3: DRAKE'S DECEPTION REMASTERED Charted! - Brutal So here is all 3 Uncharted Remastered Games on PS4 done on Brutal Difficulty fair (no in game cheat's, no glitches, or gun switch glitch) I did almost everything with my strategy, except few momen'ts that was looking really bad. It was Brutal indeed haha cause dying for nearly 500 times in such a short games is very annoying. To say how good I was at aiming... it was 80%+ accuracy, if we look on in game stats. The funny thing, that overal it goes pretty smooth, but damn those few big moment's in each game. It's very unbalanced game mode, because there are some momen'ts, where damage enemies gives you should been nerfed, but it wasn't. The main problem was AMO. In such intense game, I was many times with few bullet's... like really??? I still remember those moment's when, I was sitting in the cover in the middle of battle... so they was spaming me with bullets (I wasn't even able to shoot them back, cause no window yet for that) So one smart AI throwed right in me granade... and it was like: or I stay here and die by granade, or I'm running from it and die from their bullet's 😂 There a lot more to say, but it wasn't worth it honestly.
  2. Those trophies on Brutal difficulty would be Ultra Rare with 0.01%, but except few players who have done this legit... all used in game cheats, glitches ect, so thats why they aren't so rare. Guess I should post these trophies and share my experience hehe. let me guess... You used a skip in the first game on water area? 😅 but overal You also know the pain haha. S ranks on missions aren't a problem if you learn a bit how Ranking System works. Trish is very basic and simple... she have few OP moves that destroys everything, but even with that people have a very hard time with her 😂 I'm even not gonna talk about doing Bloody Palace as default Dante. All I can say is... for those who cheesed game so hard... they never played a real DMC4. p.s. I'm up to help players learn the game in true way 😉
  3. The hardes't I got for now is Untouchable Devil May Cry 4 Soecial EditionDefeat Dante in the Bloody Palace without taking any damage. I did it as default Nero. Why it was the hardes't one? Well imagine playing for 2 hours Bloody Palace and reach the last floor (101) where you will have 1 try to beat Dante without taking any damage. Fail = start new Bloody Palace run and go try it again haha. I was practicing about 4 hours this fight on DMD M10, then failed 3 times in BP and on my 4th try got it, but it was so tricky at the end where I was close to beat him (I had a video, but I don't have my youtube anymore), so even if you think that you learned the boss... he will find so many ways to surprise you 😅 So yeah after this run, I got better at this game, and it wasn't a big problem to do it no damage... later on, I was able to do this fight within 1min, but at first, I was so worry to not getting a hit... cause I would need to play 2 hours again to reach the last floor for another try. So yeah, I had 3 attemt's in 1 day and got it 😎 p.s. then we have people complain about "how hard was to do BP as Trish" 😂
  4. Well done man! Those trials was a pain to do with controller and 30fps... very lazy port on PS4. On PC those trials won't be even close so hard 😅 For me the hardest was "Headhunter" and here is a funny story. So the goal is to pass the trial with 100% accuracy... so I did with 110% by doing double headshot's... and you know what? it didn't acepted that 😂 then I did a second run and when I finished it... door didn't unlocked for me to pass it 😑 so, I glitched to finally get my reward, I deserved twice. btw... can you check leaderboards if I'm still holding N1 in Back Alley Brawl (Expert Mode) trial. In 2015 I did 1 million pts.
  5. Dead Space games are on my list to get a completion. Just played them before on PC. WipeOut also looks fun.
  6. it took me about 6-8 hours to catch the luck to get this one done. I can say that it was hot! haha After this trial... next one with the Bright Lord was nothing LOL
  7. Also how about "The Hunt is my Mistress" trophy in Shadow of Mordor? This was forcing me to be the craziest on the Middle Earth 😂
  8. Here we go! 😀 Thank's for feedback man! and Well done 😎
  9. Hi people 😃 So let's talk about the hardest trophies You got in the fair way. Means no using in game cheats / bugs / glitches / thing's that can break the game ect. Would be interesting to discuss this. Feel free to post those games with hard trophies and share Your experience 😉 This topic also can be used for advices to help people become a better player in the game. Let's ROCK!
  10. Completion Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Mark of the Ninja is simple perfect 2D stealth platformer Ninja videogame! It's one of those games with perfect level design and very fun for speedruning 😀 At first it may looks simple... many wont see a lot of variations player can do, but trust me, there are a lot of moments and oportunities to be like a real Ninja and make enemies stupid haha For those who never played it... I very recomend to try it out. I very hope for a second game! Pure platinum Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Pure is a videogame I very wanted to play for a very long time... so I got a PS3 1 year ago and finally ordered it this summer. Was very surprised that I got brand new copy of Special Edition hehe So right here is one of the most underrated game. This game is perfect arcade Rancing with Super Fun Gameplay! For 2008 game... Everything looks Amazing even in 2018 Badass Style, Characters, Insane Tricks, Tons of customization and Great maps to ride. Takes minimum time to get used and have a lot of fun! Don't belive me? Try it out 😜
  11. Hello and Thanks^^ and nope I never tryed to play with auto mode... all is practice and patience Bloody Palace isnt so hard like many think if you know the game a bit... the real problems can give you Untouchable trophy aka 101 floor no damage if you do as Nero, Dante or Vergil without Supers... otherwise just takes some time to get used to it and wish to learn a bit the game^^ If someone have any questions about how to get good for 100% without Supers ect... then feel free to ask The Palace can give a problems to beginers only with few floors. If player spend a bit of time learning the characters and enemies... then it wont give so much problems just to beat it.
  12. Master of the Secret Arts Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 8/10 So here we go a legendary Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2! an Amazing game and one of the best hack n slash of all time, but sadly with most laggy online I ever saw in videogames... sadly! Very enjoyed base game 😋did it without cheesing with DS,BOTA,Tonfa,Claws most of the time. Sadly can't say the same about Team Missions eheh. Every team mission was done with 2x Ryu in fair way... except UN2... was trying to fight Fiend Genshin, but game is way 2 laggy for that sadly... so only here we used a glitch to beat it. Not proud of using that way, but blame devs for such a bad connection and optimization. The only mission without laggs was UN3 did it in 3rd try with 2x BOTA Special Thanks to Legendary Player and my very good friend SoundDreamer! 😃 even with that hella laggy online he managed to help me... easy for him haha Back then no doubt game was hella hard and doing it fair with 2x the same skill players was 10of10 but using Rachel and twirling can't be 10of10 lmao 😂 or waiting till pro will destroy everyone... but anyways.
  13. You Are Nioh Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 6/10 I bought Deluxe Edition of this Amazing game when 3rd DLC was released. This game have some ideas from other games, but it's not copy of Souls games or anything else... it's original game with I think one of the best and deep combat system. Art design / characters / locations / enemies are Awesome. Now time to get a better Kingo armor and complete this game on all difficulties 👹 Play in Nioh and Praise Kodamas!
  14. I bought few days ago Deluxe Edition. With this edition you will get... Game, Season Pass, Two avatars and in game items... armor/weapons. Today I finished main game... and it was Amazing^^ can't wait to start DLC's.
  15. Welcome to the 6-4 As player who played 300+ hours in first Titanfall... I can say that Titanfall 2 is better than first game almost in everything. Amazing multiplayer with very good and creative single player campaign. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 5/10 inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy inFamous 2 still looks and plays very good even in 2017. This is one of the best action games. Cole is very cool dude... also soundtrack at the end was amazing. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 5/10