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  1. I wasn't familiar with steelbook cases until I got the Prestige Edition for Black Ops, which came with a pretty cool one. More recently, I've obtained Persona 5 and Borderlands 3. P5's is very sharp and stylish, but BL3's is especially gorgeous in person. The look and feel of a steelbook is just really nice, I like them a lot.
  2. Shank 2 Ultimate Survivalist Defeat all the waves in any Survival Mode map. Solo, Junior with throwing knives and sledgehammer, "Down on the Farm" stage. Stockpiling missile barrages, turret+fireball facing each other, and sheer relentlessness with heavy attacks were key to the later waves. After a while trying it on and off, this mode began to give me genuinely overwhelming adrenaline. Had to put relaxing music on just to keep my cool enough to play effectively.
  3. For all the amusing numerical patterns I've spotted in my trophy timestamps (most of which were unintentional 😄), I don't seem to have any 00:00s so far. However, the closest I saw was Swimming Instructor in Heavy Rain, unlocked at 4:00:03 PM on April 3rd 2010, so I still got a nice chuckle out of this search.
  4. I try to complete everything I can until I'm not having fun with it anymore. The challenge is part of the fun, until it's not. By "try," I mean I don't always do the best job of putting the controller down when a task has become tedious, but the more I bash my head into various virtual walls, the weaker my tolerance for it becomes, so I've been getting better about that at least.
  5. Because I have an unhealthy addiction to virtual collectibles, and platinums are particularly shiny. Plus, they're good for showing that I liked a game enough to want to accomplish everything in it.
  6. LittleBigPlanet at 1 year, 3 weeks. LBP2 not far behind at 1 year, 2 months. Not so spectacular times for some very spectacular games 😄
  7. Edit: finished New Vegas for my 30th plat, and that's about the most I can hope to accomplish, so that's fine.
  8. - Should've played more ModNation Racers while the servers were online. - Put 200 hours into my Assassin on Borderlands 2 without ever making a backup, now he's just a corrupted file and some fond memories.
  9. Lack of disposable income has been grinding me close to a halt, but I'm not dead yet.
  10. LittleBigPlanet for sure.
  11. Wait, what the hell, seriously? I guess I should stop trying to make points with things I've only seen transiently on the internet, because I never would've guessed that. Pretty weird to have all those character designs that could easily be passed off as college age but then say they're teenagers. So, this leaves us with something that's really only appropriate for teenagers (and would be much less harmful to their heads than jumping straight to what the internet has to offer), but that's a pretty narrow audience before it becomes gross. So ultimately, censorship becomes the lesser evil here. Overall, fair choice of something to not want on your console, so I guess at this point I've posted pretty much nothing but manufactured outrage in this topic. Now I'm just confused as to why only that part of the game was removed when clothing damage is a core aspect of the series. Regardless, thank you for the very in depth and informative posts.
  12. After rereading the articles in the initial post, I realize I was partly mistaken on the topic, giving myself the impression that NetherRealm's decision was related to Sony. As far as Sony goes, I still stand by the points of my earlier posts. Censoring videogame content that doesn't even reach particularly far into R-rated territory is infantilizing to both the medium and the audience. Something like that Senran Kagura example? EDIT: haha nevermind, that shit's gross, but something like that with women of legal age, I'd disagree with the standard that it's any creepier than the tremendous plethora of games where inflicting violence is a regular gameplay mechanic. Very strange standard imo to say a massive library of simulated violence is fine, but even a small catalog of (rather tame) simulated sexuality isn't. As for NetherRealm and Mortal Kombat, after a second look over, this is totally cool. My main nitpick is the word choice of "mature and respectable" clothing making it sound like they find the previous outfits to be some kind of shame on their part, which, in context of the rest of the series' camp ridiculousness, feels to me like a rather juvenile and arbitrary line to draw in the sand. That said, the rest of the quotes sound like they just genuinely got tired of the bikini fighters and it was a natural artistic evolution, which there's absolutely nothing wrong with. Artistic freedom is the creators' right to be as tasteless or tasteful as they want, so I rescind my previous implications that NetherRealm was pandering to prudes with this decision.
  13. A fair point overall, but when it comes to Mortal Kombat specifically, I think we should take into account how strongly these elements are present. Going by MKX: On the violence side, X-ray moves and fatalities revel in showing off how much effort was put into the gore system. Fighters regularly bounce back from having bones broken, vital organs impaled, and other over the top traumatic injuries, which are not only rendered in incredible detail, but zoomed in on in slow motion for good measure. On the sex side, we have... cleavage. Maybe some innuendos in dialogue; I don't recall any off the top of my head but I can't confidently say there are none. However, there are no depictions of characters outright getting it on, and the closest we come to seeing anybody's junk is the ball busting X-ray, which is a thousand times more violent than it is sexual. So we have some pretty extreme violence vs mild sexuality. Way I see it, if someone's not mature enough to handle seeing half naked polygons, they sure as hell aren't mature enough to play a game like Mortal Kombat. I don't care for the over-saturation of sex in media, but if movies and TV shows can depict sex scenes acted out by real flesh and blood human beings, then videogames can have as many bikini ninja girls as they want. It's not the developer's fault when people buy M rated games for their kids then complain about it having M rated content.
  14. Good job moral guardians. When Mortal Kombat's violence was crude and limited to a dozen pixels or so, it spawned the ESRB, but now that the series has slow motion X-ray depictions of dismemberment and other forms of brutal violence in high definition, they've come to their senses that the children won't be mentally damaged as long as the women it's being inflicted on are properly dressed.
  15. 100% on October 31st, 2018 (7 years, 10 months, 1 week) One hell of a game.