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  1. I wonder how long it’ll take to get to level 100... It’s not an extremely difficult list but it’ll take some time to complete.
  2. Yeah I was really consistent today and managed to win pretty much every final round (had to disconnect a bunch due to team games where my team was cleary not going to win). Now I just need to wait for tomorrow’s store update and I’ll finally have the platinum.
  3. I just got the trophy, the method still works. I’ll run down what I was able to gather from my games: - Tokens never increased on any of the times that I abandoned a match; - I accidentaly opened the audio menu on my 4th consecutive win as a guy was about to grab the crown, I exited the game and the eliminated message showed for a fraction of a second. At that point the token total was the same but I closed the game and opened it again just to guarantee that it didn’t increase (if it did then I’d be sure that the streak had been broken); - After that I won the next game and the trophy popped; I’m really happy that I finally managed to get this done as I wasn’t enjoying the game anymore because of how obsessed I was with obtaining it.
  4. I need to chime in on the whole ‘worst trophy list’ conversation, I’m sorry but there are several (some even mentioned by people in this thread) much more demanding and/or challenging. Is this one frustrating? Sure, between server errors, dumb mistakes and sudden eliminations you’re bound to lose your temper but with the exploit it seems perfectly doable. I hope to get it asap as the player base is getting better at it every single day.
  5. Lost two three-win streaks today, that’s a day down the gutter.
  6. WTS: - Angry Bird 2 Under Pressure VR 8€ PM or send me a message on PSN.
  7. Looking to sell A Winter's Daydream and Music Racer PS4 EU keys, 3€ each, 5 for both.
  8. Replied through PSN PM's, already got the game. EDIT: In the meantime I got for sale: STELLATUM + 7th Sector 10€ Paypal F&F.
  9. I am selling a voucher for Disaster Report 4 redeemable on EU PSN, looking for 25€ through Paypal F&F. EDIT: I have Link-a-Pix Deluxe and Word Maze by POWGI, 2€ each.
  10. Digital keys (EU unless specified) PS Vita:STAY 2€/3$ -EASY PLATINUM-PS4: 2064: Read Only Memories 4€/5$ Alvastia Chronicles (US) 7€/8$ -EASY PLATINUM- Cross-Buy (PS4+Vita):Scintillatron 4096 6€/7$Nintendo Switch (20€/25$ for all 11 Switch Games):Bombfest (US) 12€/13$New Star Soccer 12€/13$Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition 6€/7$ Riddled Corpses EX 6€/7$Asdivine Hearts II 6€/7$Swords & Soldiers 4€/5$Heroes Trials 3€/4$ Rotating Brave 3€/4$Access Denied 2€/3$Monkey Wall 1€/2$Swap This! 1€/2$ Paypal only.
  11. I've got some more keys for sale, send PM if you're interested in any of them.PS4:2064: Read Only Memories (EU) 4€ PS Vita:STAY (EU) 2€ Cross-Buy (PS4+Vita):Scintillatron 4096 (EU) 7€
  12. Gone.
  13. Is selling keys allowed here? I'm trying to sell Energy Cycle Edge, SkyTime, Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan and Save the Ninja Clan for PS4, all easy plats, all EU. PM me. EDIT: All gone.
  14. I don't fully understand how reeling fished in works, I just got to Hunter Rank 2 and the line keeps constantly breaking despite the fact that I tilt the controller in the same direction as indicated by the arrows.
  15. I did enjoy the game despite it being glitchy on PS4 at the time that I played (version 1.01) but it's hard for me to recommend a +10€ game that has zero replay value outside of getting all of the trophies. Wait for a sale and get it then, it's worth playing but 15 is a bit too steep.