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  1. Hey all, I’ve been having fun with INK recently but I think the game has some glitched trophies and I wanted to see if anyone else can confirm this. For me so far, INKarnation (kill 300 enemies) and INKredible (100% the game) aren’t unlocking and I’m not too sure why.
  2. Digital keys (EU unless specified) PS Vita:STAY 2€/3$ -EASY PLATINUM-PS4: 2064: Read Only Memories 4€/5$ Alvastia Chronicles (US) 7€/8$ -EASY PLATINUM- Cross-Buy (PS4+Vita):Scintillatron 4096 6€/7$Nintendo Switch (20€/25$ for all 11 Switch Games):Bombfest (US) 12€/13$New Star Soccer 12€/13$Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition 6€/7$ Riddled Corpses EX 6€/7$Asdivine Hearts II 6€/7$Swords & Soldiers 4€/5$Heroes Trials 3€/4$ Rotating Brave 3€/4$Access Denied 2€/3$Monkey Wall 1€/2$Swap This! 1€/2$ Paypal only.
  3. I've got some more keys for sale, send PM if you're interested in any of them.PS4:2064: Read Only Memories (EU) 4€ PS Vita:STAY (EU) 2€ Cross-Buy (PS4+Vita):Scintillatron 4096 (EU) 7€
  4. Gone.
  5. Is selling keys allowed here? I'm trying to sell Energy Cycle Edge, SkyTime, Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan and Save the Ninja Clan for PS4, all easy plats, all EU. PM me. EDIT: All gone.
  6. I don't fully understand how reeling fished in works, I just got to Hunter Rank 2 and the line keeps constantly breaking despite the fact that I tilt the controller in the same direction as indicated by the arrows.
  7. I did enjoy the game despite it being glitchy on PS4 at the time that I played (version 1.01) but it's hard for me to recommend a +10€ game that has zero replay value outside of getting all of the trophies. Wait for a sale and get it then, it's worth playing but 15 is a bit too steep.
  8. Another easy platinum, did it in one sitting. A few tips: - Be sure to pay attention to the in-game tips if you don’t plan to play with a guide by your side, you might end up missing a trophy or two otherwise; - Save often. You may only have a few coins once you get started but IIRC you only require 13 to get every single item needed for trophies. Another reason for you to save often is the fact that the game is extremely glitchy on PS4 with the game crashing on me on multiple occasions meaning I had to re-do certain rooms of the castle. - If you need health, eat anything BUT the apples, you’ll understand why shortly after starting to play the game; - The game is fairly new on PS4 but it’s been out on Steam for a while now so there’s an achievement guide that you can follow somewhere on the Steam forums (lookup on google). I guess that’s all I can say without going into spoiler territory.
  9. Stage 24 on the Vita is making me want to drop the game, the framerate is shite and the controls extremely slippery. The game has a checkpoint system but it’s barely used ffs.
  10. Glad to hear it did the trick for you, enjoy your platinum!
  11. I got mine on the very first SPEED event, the one in the ice zone. Just drive consistently fast without bumping into too many walls and you should be able to get it.
  12. I think I'm going to settle with 2 playthroughs just because above all I'd like to have a good time with the game and finish it in a timely manner. I'll leave nightmare for later.
  13. So, this seems like a minimum of two playthroughs from the look of it, not sure if I should leave the completionist stuff for the Nightmare run or not since you have to do most of the sidequests for the true ending. Any thoughts?
  14. Can you boost the single online trophy? I tried doing it legit but no one seems to be online. Game's a ton of fun though, looks great too even on a regular PS4. EDIT: Do you need to get Gold medals in every event? The trophy description isn't really that clear.
  15. So I've beaten the game after the patch came out and it only unlocked YAMI, is there any requirement for Whiteout or am I sol?
  16. It's currently on sale in the EU PSN and despite this being a really REALLY easy platinum I'd like to know if the games many glitches have been patched over time. I'm a trophy hunter but I don't like to spend my money on straight broken games simply because they have simple trophy sets. Thanks.
  17. The game has a really nice vibe to it and took me completly off guard, it has some issues but the music is great and since it's so fast paced it is also highly addictive.
  18. Seriously, how come it's so close to 10% when I've seen so many people complaining about how hard it is to achieve. I haven't been able to find a single guide nor many helpful tips regarding how to obtain certain trophies. I've bought this last night and haven't touched it yet but I plan to do so tonight.
  19. I'm kind of sorry for starting such a discussion but I tried to relate both the difficulty and popularity of the game in question in the OP, like I said most of the posts of people who own the game were about how hard the game is and how some ended up simply giving up. I'm aware it's not the most accurate way to analyze this but it ends up being somewhat indicative of what you'll getting yourself into.
  20. I got a King's Tale last night and beat it in one go, it was pretty decent for a pre-order bonus. The trophies are pretty straightforward other than Combo King and Light Sleeper (which I could use some tips on).
  21. Thanks a lot for your help, I'll try to give them a go tonight and I'll be looking forward for your guide ShadowStefan.
  22. I guess it's a side story. As the name of the game implies, it's a tale told by king Regis to a young Noctis that has grown bored of the same old fairy tales and asks his father to tell him a story about himself. It adds little to nothing to the FF15 lore so it's ok if you can't get your hands on the game.
  23. I've read people say this is related to when you die right after you 100% scavenge a spot but then I've also seen people who claim they never died in the game once which ended up getting the 190/191 glitch as well.
  24. I just got this glitch, started playing the game about three weeks ago on version 1.04 and I just got this BS glitch. I'm really upset about this because I usually don't try to platinum more lenghty games and the one time I decide to do it I get a glitch that doesn't let me get the damn trophy.
  25. 1000 kills is going to take a fair while if you're not that into the game (which is my case). Got to 400 this weekend and I'm only missing a couple of other trophies, it's easy but even if you're good at the game you're probably going to have to play 100 matches (with an average of 10 kills per game).