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  1. Yeah I know that's an option and I know a player that has done that (ukpfm who is on PSNP and is a Rank 30) but I'll avoid that for now. If i can borrow the disc off someone locally for a day I'll do it but I am not purchasing it again just for that. Hopefully it gets patched. I tried upgrading the car and customising it, I also tried racing it to try to get the game to recognise that I have the car but no dice unfortunately:(
  2. Do you mean redownload it? I think that it comes with the latest patch which is the one with the bug. If you mean buying the disc again and grinding the most grindy trophy in the game I know that's an option but not sure it's worth it:(
  3. Yeah I realise that is an option but i refuse to buy the game again just to grind the whole game for 1 silver and one platinum trophy:( I may wait for a patch that will never come unless someone has a workaround?
  4. So the last trophy I need is glitched and won't pop. I have purchased every car in the game although according to this video the Gremlin was stock at a 0 price so maybe I didn't buy it but I don't have the option to buy it. Has anyone found a solution? I guess If I redownload it, it wil still be update 1.03 Any potential workarounds appreciated
  5. Thanks HPKNIGHT:)
  6. Thanks everyone. Can anyone tell me how to get my stats card up as my signature?
  7. I want to platinum this as I like the look of it but I've heard about some many bugs and flaws which would not be a problem but combine that with when I click leaderboard the top ranking player has only 9/20 trophies (Greenzsaber). Survival mode, uncover 11,111 tiles in Labyrinth mode and complete story mode come up as 0.1% and the rarest. Guess I'll also wait for a guide also:) I'll platinum Final Fantasy Type-0 HD while I wait.
  8. Okay, fair enough guess I'll draw my own opinion but I guess with most of the reviews the players payed for the game so they may be a little more critical of it.
  9. Thanks Lady Tonberry, Ruliya and Nerdrage04. I should have added x/x2 to the list also just waiting to finish some more games and till it comes down in price. I have 12 platinums so far. how do I get my trophy card to show up as a signature? I assume it is not just a screenshot and that it updates automatically? I generally google roadmaps and follow the general idea if I can but play it as normal. I'm worried that Magika 2 looks very grindy even on co op @Ruliya what's your take on Dragon Fin Soup? It gets some pretty bad reviews but looks like my sort of game (and I downloaded it for free). The trophies seem hard and there is no roadmap yet...
  10. Hi, I'm from Victoria, Australia and am just starting to trophy hunt (rank 12) but only games I enjoy. My rarest platinums are GTA V and Mortal Kombat X. At the moment I am working towards platinuming Metro Last Light, Final Fantasy type 0 HD, Magika 2, Farcry, Driveclub (maybe), Dragon Fin Soup (maybe) If you play any of these games or some upcoming ones I will play feel free to add me Brentont88 I am looking forwad to Soul calibur, Tekken, Gran Turismo, Motogp 2015 wheni buy it, Mafia 3, plants vs zombies when i buy it and maybe some first and third person shooters.