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  1. may i add you? i need all rings/ convenant stuff aswell all rings would be nice. after you helped me, i will help other people to get this trophy
  2. Quantum Break or Quantic Dream Game? Quantic Dream Games have no laggs, no issues. i played them both, it has to do something with your playstation or the disc is broken
  3. I did it twice with two accounts of me. 4-4-2 muller-sturridge Reus-Thiago-Rakitic-Ibarbo Alaba-Benatia-Elustrado-DeMarcos Navas 1. Round 0-4 for opponent and than i did in 2nd half 5 goals. 5-4 win. 2.Round 2-1 Win against a good one, with Messi, Neymar IF, Suarez IF 3. Round 4-0 after 20 min, then he put down his controller and me too. 4. Round Final-- i had 5 big chances and missed them, he had nothing, i made 2-0 after a little bit of concentration. 17.000 in my packs, nothing special. well its pretty nice trophy, skill based, i liked it a lot. 15 draft matches played and 3 wins so far.
  4. thanks, i will retry it when i have farmed some coins. really i am not bad ( div 1-2) player in fifa 15 with bad teams. i need to Strengthening my defence because every shot is in the goal and the opponent has de gea or whatever and i need 10 shots for a goal. really draft makes a lot of fun to try and to win it. the only problem is the price and the shitty packs.. i dont get why those people play only draft. the packs are awful. 15k coins man... its really annoying to get those. i think christmas we get 1-2 free tokens and free packs
  5. ye thanks i will try it. i tried 4-4-2 first draft game 17-2 shots 0-2 lose 4-2-2-2 16-9 shots 0-5 lose 4-1-2-1-2 i made it only in the second round 1. game 5-1 win, 2. game at 2 o clock now! im stupid because i think at night there are only good gamers am i right? i had bad chemie but good players with auba ronaldo front kagawa inform and so on. it was 2-0 for me and then 80. min he only defended, i tried and tried and that was my mistake. after a corner he played then with auba and martins front rest ultra defensive. after a corner he counterattacked me and 2-1. then a lucky 2-2 with martins another counter and then the 2-3 from martins, what a joke. i had 16-8 shots and he won 2-3. i was to offensive a mate watched and said it. i should do timeplay like everyone does, but it isnt my style. so i will try your tactics. i should only play in the morning or afternoon and i need 200.000 coins or whatever. i have now 150.000 coins by myself only playing and trading but i want to buy a good team in january. and i t hink when i have 500.000 coins i try only draft. do you think that later a lot of guys will leave this trophy and it will be easier? (( WHAT A BUNCH OF... i watched my 2 opponents in the first and second game, i watched their trophys and they already had the trophys and are still playing fut draft? WHY?? ))
  6. you need to play online ultimate team. you start in division 10 with a bronce team and when you reach division 9, you get 2000 coins for example and div 8 5000 div 9 6000 and so on... you can also play offline but there are less coins to earn. you can earn coins from trading players and more i dont know. you need to play the game and earn coins to play the fifa draft mode.
  7. Winston how did you do it? there are only ba***ard opponents in fut draft. 17-2 shots 0-2 loss, turkish 40 chemie only defense then only run straight to the corner to cross. really really annoying this game. New tactic, i farm coins on ultimate team and than i try when nobody il playing anymore, i try to do draft again. they will realize that there is nothing but crap in the packs and they stop playing draft and then its my turn. this game has nothing to do with skill, its only about luck and how good and automatic your defenders defend. the keepers are annoying sometimes, i run with 2 or 3 players to the keeper and try a sweaty goal and even thats a parade and no goal
  8. how to boost this trophy? i said it, its a hard trophy. they should next time make a trophy like - "reach division 3" trophy in 1 mode of your choice (Season, Ultimate Team or whatever) - achieve 50% of achievments of your pro club player - score 500 goals in ultimate team ( with any player) thats it. win 4 games online is so dumb, but i think i could make it over the year. they should lower the price of 15.000 to 1000 maybe or 1500. they should give you 1 token every two weeks or 1 week. really or they should make it free like an online cup. and whatelse I HOPE you cant win always prices in FUTDRAFt, because pro gamer will camp there and you will never win the final game, because they always can farm packs. i hope you can only win it 1 time and then you cant win packs anymore.
  9. The Invincibles Win all 4 matches in an Online FUT Draft session in FIFA Ultimate Team This is the hardest Trophy, really its hard to achieve. have fun.