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  1. Thanks for your review. Just letting you know that your link is broken, but your review still shows up if I search for it.
  2. Started as a Samurai, and have only played about 2-3 hours ... still stuck in the first area. Considering switching to a magic now haha.
  3. Disappointing, but makes sense why they're doing it. Traded in my PS4 for the PS5, so guess I'll never 100% the PS4 version now.
  4. Thanks for this. I did ~10 levels using the 'faster level method' before I got bored. Currently doing 72 to 80 using in Sumeragi Tomb.
  5. First time playing an RPG? You'll find that the difficulty ramps up as you get further into the game. The first 4hrs is really just the intro/tutorial.
  6. I don't it should matter if someone's priority is on earning trophies, notwithstanding that this is a trophy hunting website. Anyway it sounds like the more efficient way of getting both trophy list is to platinum it in the PS4, then import your save. imo the PS5 version is far superior, but at least you'll still get to enjoy the same gameplay and storyline.
  7. Best news! Also thanks for your write up/summary.
  8. Just confirming that winning team games doesn't seem to count for the multiplayer trophy. I won around 10 games (either finishing the race, or in destruction derby). I suspect you also need to come first. Ended up getting this trophy boosting in a private match.
  9. +1 ... takes around 10-15 mins doing it this way. Just make sure you keep moving while keeping your shield up. You lose your shield and all your charges if you get melee'ed.
  10. No PS4 to PS5 save game transfer, so most probably not.
  11. Not on the AU store either, although I believe our store is linked to the UK/EU.
  12. Died about 5 times to the first boss before calling it a night. Some of the 'rooms' are starting to repeatedly come up - which I suppose this is the limitation of the randomly generated environments. Might just be me, but the default button for dashing seems counter-intuitive. Might remap it to a paddle.
  13. Glad to see this game still being updated. Still slowly working my way through the previous DLC's ... might wait for this one to go on sale.
  14. Very nice. The PSN store is terrible to navigate...Sony needs to hire better web developers.
  15. All worked fine for me.