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  1. Very nice. The PSN store is terrible to navigate...Sony needs to hire better web developers.
  2. All worked fine for me.
  3. I did it solo. It's not too bad once you get a hang of the mechanics. Not sure how active the online community is now though ...
  4. The trophy is unattainable now because Sony discontinued 'near'.
  5. The page says Chinese version.
  6. Level 28 to level 408. Still pretty meaningless ... but higher numbers contributes more to the e-peen 😬
  7. After playing so many Japanese games, I forgot that this was one main difference to Western games.
  8. Will probably wait for a sale
  9. Same here ... thankfully there's still a couple of days left on the sale.
  10. I think the developers have given up on this.
  11. Should probably also mention that this is the Amazon US store...
  12. Nope ... don't see the point.
  13. Well, after several decent months, gotta have a dud every once in awhile.
  14. It's not bad if you pick it up cheap, and looking for something mindless to play. Platinum is relatively straightforward, except for an annoying collectible trophy that partially relies on RNG/Luck. With that said, your time could be better spent on other, more interesting games.
  15. Looks fairly straightforward. Once you have your vault set up nicely, everything pretty much runs itself. Just do a little maintenance once a day.