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  1. Where did I state that I was only willing to play the game for the trophies? I clearly said that I was excited to play the game “AND” go for the trophies. “And” and “Only” are two completely different words. I also find it pretty ironic that you’re even using a website that’s about trophy hunting, if you have the audacity to judge the kinds of people that only play video games because of the game’s trophies. In what context of this discussion does my hidden trophies matter? And let me get one thing clear, the person who wrote a condescending reply to a question is offended by the fact that he/she is being called a “Mr. Know it all”?! That’s you new...
  2. The english term: “Curious” is always associated with questions, and means that a person is interested in knowing something they hadn’t thought about, which is why they ask questions. Based on your pretentious “Mr. Know it all” attitude, you should know about this. And what an odd context to put this question into. No matter how stupid a question on the internet may sound, if you get this mad over it, instead of ignorring it (and proceed to live your life as that “smart person” you are) - then you need to get out some more.
  3. That’s not my question, ffs. I’m fully aware of that. I’m talking about the fact that a lot of people according to those who already streams it on twitch (whom definitely aren’t critics) and those solely going for trophies have access to the game.
  4. I have 0 patience, I can’t wait to finally play South Park The Fractured but Whole and go for the trophies associated with it. Bit how are some people already able to play/platinum it? It doesn’t come out till Tuesday 10/17?!?