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  1. Well, I did that with the1st Darks Souls just to enjoy the game again without framerate issue. I can understand that there is people whith enough money to not make a big deal out ofbuying the same game 5 times. Time however, you never know how many you have. Im a trophy hunter and a completitionist myself (just not a very good one) but for me gaming is a thing to enjoy so im not going to spend hundreds of hours of my time getting multiple times the plat for the same game. I know there are hundreds of games that take just a few minutes to plat but im not interested in that kind of plats. Im sorry if something of what i said is not very understandable, english is not my mother language.
  2. Rayman Legends
  3. I dont think you need any advice, very imprsive profile!
  4. For me it would be awesome, i have some unobtainables in my list, and also some games that i dont really like but i thougth i will.
  5. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
  6. 2015: 9 Most common: Infamous First Light (21.73%) Rarest: Dragon Ball Xenoverse (3.61%) 2016: 12 Most common: The Wolf Among Us (57.18%) Rarest: Tricky Towers (1.04%) 2017: 4 (A very busy year) Most common: Dark Souls (16.79%) Rarest: Minecraft (9.91%) 2018: 26 Most common: Batman the Telltale (63.84%) Rarest: Dragon Ball Fighter Z (0.92%) 2019: 20 (so far) Most common: Pixark (38.32%) Rarest: Jump Force (4.05%)
  7. The South Park games
  8. This post is just what i needed. I was thinking that my profile is very messy, cause i started games that are imposible to plat, some games that im not skillfull enough to plat, some that got bored in the process or even some i ended not liking even i thought i will. But when i check a profile with so many plats, the 100% and everything i realise i dont feel any envy. Maybe cause ( i hope is not the case but) i feel like this kind of person avoids hard games and i dont want to miss the fun of a challenge for something so vain, or maybe cause the 100% completition by itself is meaningless. So thanks to this post i have realised that i dont need this. Sorry if i made some mistakes or im hard to understand, im not a native English speaker.
  9. Rayman Legends, cause has been in my backlog for too long
  10. Street fighter V, one day i will try that one again