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  1. Sharing is caring is done, everything outside online mode is completed, but my conection won't allow me to finish a online match, sometimes not even start it, so for the sake of my patience and the other players I will have to wait.
  2. Hi, I don't know the answer but you clearly do now (you have the plat) so can you enlighten us, please?
  3. Right now I don't have a reliable conection and I don't know for how long im going to be like this, so I wanted to know if Ubisoft said something.
  4. Any sports game from 2016-2017 servers could be closed
  5. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, looks interesting, do you recommend it?
  6. UFC2 great job getting that one
  7. You should go back for that Kingdom Hearts plat, it's a lil hard but it's worth it.
  8. Thanks for the advice, but I already got the platinum.
  9. Kingdom hearts Birth by Sleep, cause is the only one from the saga I don't have, but if they would have had trophys on psp it would be mine.
  10. Update, now i have all except for Birth By Sleep.
  11. Borderlands 2, it was fun for me to get. And for the person Advising me, rigth now I have no access to my ps3.
  12. Today I randomly tried, did the whole dungeon without getting hit, and was not the first time i did this, but whatever, I got the trophy, and this time didn't even reinstaled. I'm puzzled.
  13. I went back to the game for this reason, just platinum it, back in 2017 i was more of a casual, it's been fun playing it with my friend arround friking out, and even more since im infectied with the virus myself. I have to say that at the worst part of the fever I threatened to go to Greenland saying "If I dont get to live im taking those motherfuckers with me".
  14. Greetings, so basicaly I want to go back for this plat, but to tell you the truth i will be pretty lost since I finished the game on proud long ago and then started with another game. So is there a new game+ mecanic? would yo recomend me to start use it? any other advice I can use?.