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  1. Nevermind I got it finally in my 3rd playthrough, weird thing is i did practically the same
  2. I'm pretty sure I got all the AT in that location, but somehow I managed to not trigger the second tutorial AT but is not supposed to count towards the trophy.
  3. So I see you got the trophy in the end, and I failed to get it in my second playthrough, even checking the guide constantly, so what did you did different in order to get it?
  4. Horizon zero Dawn or NiOh, both great games give them a chance.
  5. There's a lot of good and unfinished games on your list so... Soul Calibur VI if tou want something easy. Kingdom Hearts if you are not afraid of a challenge.
  6. Actually mgs3 was not really hard, just some trophies are messy to track. I've got the platinum for MGSV that should be something in between 2 and 3 in terms of dificulty, it was way harder but I knew all the time exactly what I was missing.
  7. Titan Souls, looks impossible to me.
  8. Ok, I just made a speedrun and got peace walker and the platinum. I saw somewhere that someone said that if you kill Ocelot and hit continue he will count as a kill but will not show up in the sorrow scenario. So like most of the things in metal gear the problem was caused by Ocelot.
  9. The thing is that I only used the rpg on the motorbike scenes and now I have replayed from just before the sorrow scene where everything checks out....
  10. Now I'm lost, still just one person killed. I'm confused as fuck. No one showed in the sorrow part except for the cobras wich i killed by stamina depletion. Then I defeated Volgin with my fists then again in the top of the Shagohod with the Mosin nagant and then the boss with fists... Maybe is because i ate the parrot from the end? Is pretty much as clever as a dog...
  11. Great news! So I started new game plus and turns out I was missing just frog number 7. So now I remember not seeing anyone but the cobras during sorrow encounter and I have a save file just in the part where Volgin is torturing me so I'll pick up from there for peace walker.
  12. Thanks for the quick answer, for the ketorans on the motorcycle sequences I was using the rpg7 (maybe I killed someone accidentally with this) and after that the microphone to check the sound, so unless I imagined the ketoran sound must be any other, and I hope it is.
  13. So I just beat the game and aparently I killed someone, and can't recall killing anyone except the boss. I defeated her by stamina depletion but still I had to shoot her with her own patriot gun, is there a way to avoid it? About the Kerotans it seems i didn't shoot every one of them but I didn't see any counter of this in the stadistics, so is there a way to check? Will they carry on new game plus?
  14. I know that you know alredy but someone could have the same question. Normally new characters keep the skill level from the skills that are natural in them, emperors will keep all the skills from the previous one and add the ones of the new one. As for the effects in the storyline dying won't affect mostly unless you are aiming for the trophy other legend, that i dont recomend anyone to try in the first run.