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  1. Bloodborne, It's hard if you are not used to from software games but is highly worth it.
  2. This is the European one.
  3. It's European date format, that's 10-11 days, and I asked about the patch coming to consoles just yesterday, and that's when I got to know the 2 week thing. Anyway as it is now trophies are still broken and I don't have any personal interest in the sales of the game. So I don't recommend you to buy it.
  4. A patch was released on PC on 02/06/22, I was told by the devs patches usually take about two weeks to consoles after they are released on PC. We just have to hope the patch brings the trophy fixes.
  5. So all I can say is... Never played the original back in the day, but I was told is a great game. Surely will come with ps premium. So what do people think about the trophy list?
  6. As far as I know the only developer was on a new job since the game was released on PS4 and was unable to work in this version until a few weeks ago. I don't really know how long will it take to get a fix but he seems also to be more focused on the constan crashes than the trophies.
  7. How do I get them? and how do I use them? I have just beaten the game and I seem to be missing something, can someone explain?
  8. They told me to send an email to [email protected]
  9. Have you guys tried using bludgeoning weapons like hammers or summonings who carry them?
  10. Hey guys I'm the guy from the other region who posted about the trophy glitches. Can you guys try to reach the developers about this? I tried myself and I got no response. Maybe I didn't explain myself very well as I am not a native English speaker, or maybe is that they think trophies are not so important, In that case would be nice to get some visibility about the issue.
  11. The following did not trigger: Learned of Pain A Hard-fought End Hell Greed No More Completely Completed Also "Torture No More" triggered when Hell was supposed to, not sure about Worship No More. Can't provide data about Brilliant! I was not lucky enough, but seems it works fine for others
  12. So everything seemed fine(apart from the game crashing form time to time for no reason) until I reached somewhere close to the end, then a story relates trophy didn't pop, neither did the next one, by the time I knew I had already saved and the game allows only one file. Then in the endgame an event triggered the wrong trophy, so I went back to the save to repeat that part with no results. The game got a hotfix just today but this was after that. I hope they fix this soon.
  13. Seems you misunderstood the trophy, you need to retrieve the 5/5 first, and the trophy is this way cause you won't have access to the special bait you get after retrieving the 4/5, thus making it harder. If it was posible to make it within two weeks like you are trying to do, everyone who does the event twice will get it, and I'm sorry to say is not that way.
  14. You have to be the one getting the Azuroc so it evolves on your side, I just switched Azuroc for Azuroc with a clan mate.
  15. It goes by intervals of TMR, I just got some lucky wins in my classificatory matches, so I don't know much about it. I think there is a wiki, and a official discord and many tools you can use to gather info.