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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpjbfHu3UuA I kinda agree with what is said here.
  2. I hear you. If i payed full price i might deal your sentiment. Is a easy platinum so that also helps redeem it a bit
  3. Why it was fun for the price i payed for it. Big believer in value for money
  4. How do you edit the topic header? I seem to be unable to do this. I can edit the first post but nothing else
  5. Try It Follows. Have you seen the digital animated Resident Evil Movies?
  6. There are guys/gals that are just plain better than most of us. This is the trophies that you have major respect for. Mostly because of the dedication or it is just toooo hard. Megaman 10 100%. Complete game without being damaged(Mr Perfect). Max payne 3 platinum. And the shadows rushed me. Ninja Gaiden Sigma platinum. Whoever got these trophies legit. Well done. Standing ovation.
  7. This has happened a lot to me in Killzone hd and other games. When you get a game you read the trophy guide and see all the trophies you can earn. Then while doing a hard playthrough your mind comes up with ohhh you can earn a trophy for killing 2 guys with 1 shotgun blast. You go for it and die horribly. I had to reign myself in and say no first lets play safe and finish the game and worry about the trophies later but then the trophy temptation strikes again.
  8. I think lots of us have experienced this. You get a game, maybe it is on special and you think, easy platinum/100% and you start playing and you find yourself really enjoying yourself. Trophies are there, but are a second to the experience. The sega megadrive ultimate collection is one for me. Shining force's and Phantasy star games are AWESOME. Sorcery was a fun game and a cool story. I enjoyed deep black's cover based gameplay. Could have been better, but lots of fun. Killzone hd is also really fun.
  9. Killzone 2 : Heroic Survivor (Beat the game on elite difficulty. I died 212 times on veteran. Almost gave up, but i will not even chance elite difficulty. Another one is under siege. The game is super difficult on casual. Can't imagine me finishing it on hard. Which platinum/100% did you go for before saying stuff it and moving on to something else.
  10. I was thinking if you would challenge anyone with a combination of trophies that they must do at the same time.. what will it be? For me it will be combining untouchable and Heroic Survivor of Killzone 2 in one run. I died 212 times in my veteran completion of the game.
  11. For me there is a couple: Value for money. I am big believer in value for money. Or some would say cheapskate. I am on 32 hours in Dead space, and i still have to do the impossible run Used to finish a game on normal and that was it. Completionist. It made me more aware of my environment and made me aware that there are secrets and items hidden. It is super cool to find all these things for yourself. Trophy boosting. It is nice to help other people with online trophies. You make some nice friends with some selfless people. That is all that i can think about now. What is yours?
  12. I was playing through tales from borderlands and game of thrones first episodes that was free to download on the psn store. Lots of people complain and throw hissy fits about games like terminator salvation or magus, but really these are much much worse. u do the minimum and get a gold/platinum trophy. I agree they are not bad games, but most people are playing them for the very easy trophies and not the story.