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  1. No mention of the Falken either in the guide...
  2. Thanks a lot for posting this, really useful!
  3. RE: the unlocking of the falken.


    I destroyed the 5 hangars on normal, then started a ng+ for hard in order to get needle's eye, but the falken is no longer avaliable.

    Know what's up? Do you have to get the hangars on each difficulty?


    AC 5 of course.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sanetsuken


      yeah i redid the missions on normal and regained all the S ranks and double triple saved. Got the plat now so it worked out. Still feel it's strange for the guide not to include it as it trivializes most of the game.

    3. minh2t


      Yeah... the guide maker told me he felt the Falken wasn't needed for the Platinum, while true, it makes it so much easier. I find it odd he doesn't just add the information and let the players choose whether they wanna use it or not. Anyway grats on the platinum!

    4. Sanetsuken


      thanks. Yeah i don't get it either. It certainly diminishes the percieved difficulty. And it's not like you're gonna be avoiding the levels with those hangars. oh well.

  4. I actually am taking in consideration new players, the FALKEN breaks the game that much, it simply is point and shoot, it seems to have 3 times the range of normal missiles so you can use it without getting shot at. It shoots for a considerable amount of time, in which you can vaporize multiple target using only L1 and R1 to change your angle with no fancy flying. It literally destroys the SOLG in a few seconds, same with the Scinfaxi in mission 7 and also the Hrimfaxi in mission 13. The point of my thread is not to personally attack your Trophy Guide, sorry if it seemed that way, I am only trying to give information players can use. I know some trophy hunters will shy away from hard or long games, so I felt the need to address that point and give my opinion on that matter. Another tip for new players, you can hold L1 + R1 to set the plane on auto-pilot, if you do this for just a few seconds, you'll level your plane and reset your angle. I don't think this was mentionned in the Tutorial. edit: Credit isn't much of an issue either, you can easily farm credit using mission 19 Final Option or mission 21 Solitaire. Once you get the hang of either mission, you can S rank them and gain tons of credit.
  5. Got the platinum today and is really isn't as bad as the Trophy Guide indicate. I'd say it much closer to 6/10 Difficulty and 60-75 hours. So I'm truly hoping my thread will motivate players to give this game a try as it aged really well and is still very much enjoyable 15 years later. Don't let the 9/10 difficulty from trophy guide scare you off! 1. It is better to start the game with Arcade mode instead of going straight into the story. Arcade mode is set in Normal difficulty, which can easily be cleared for players with some experiences with airplane games. If it proves too hard for beginners, you can fail the first stage of Arcade mode, save your game AND still unlock the F-22 Raptor in Story mode, which is one of the top airplane in the game. By the time you get to Mission 5 in Story Mode which unlocks the hangar, you'll have enough credit to purchase the F-22 right of the bat and give you a huge advantage and thus getting S ranks easier early on. 2. It is not necessary to play in Campaign mode after your first playthrough, it actually is easier to play in Free Mission so you aren't restricted in choosing your best airplanes on some missions that only allows Carrier-based jets or the first few missions where you would normally be locked on the F-5. Some of the 2-part missions has the 1st part easier with Ground Special Weapons and 2nd part with Anti-Air Special Weapons, where in Story Mode you would be stuck with the same airplane for both parts. Clearing all missions with S ranks in Free Missions does award the trophy associated with it's difficulty. You may only need to do New Game SP and get to mission 5 to re-unlock the hangar so you'll be able to spend your credits and purchase new planes, afterward it is better to go to Free Mission entirely. 3. Unlocking the FALKEN, an airplane that shoots one-hit kill lasers, which makes Ace difficulty a breeze and the reason why I believe the platinum should only be 6/10 in terms of difficulty. To unlock the Falken, you need to destroy 5 Hangar hidden in 5 different stages, this can be done in any difficulty. Once those 5 Hangars are destroyed, the FALKEN becomes available for purchase for 826,000 credits. It's a lot but you can gather more than that amount after clearing Normal & Hard difficulty (sell some of your aiplanes if you're missing credit), thus having the FALKEN available for your Expert and Ace playthrough. The Hangars are hidden in stages: 12a Powder Keg 12b Four Horsemen 16a Desert Arrow 16b Desert Lightning 27 Aces Here is a link to screenshots I've took of each Hangar: https://imgur.com/a/CJv4kgK They usually don't appear in your radar until you are close to their location. AWACS Thunderhead will say: "Mechanical parts discovered in destroyed enemy facility. We'll have the ground forces retrieve them later." whenever you destroy one of the hangar. 4. Don't worry about the reply you choose when Chopper asks about the Back of the Coin song, you can play the alternative mission via Free Mission. You don't need to select it to unlock it or anything. I'm hoping this helps players toward the platinum, feel free to post more tips and tricks.
  6. My rarest in 2018 also become my rarest platinum on my list: Street Fighter V - The Never-Ending Path (1.27%) Started the game on day one when it released and only have gotten the platinum a couple weeks ago, still very glad they made Survival mode easier, otherwise this might've stayed incomplete. Praise Capcom for that move.
  7. thanks for offering, seems these codes are EU only? I tried with my NA account and couldn't get them to work
  8. Platinum #167: Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey Having loved Atelier Sophie, I don't know why it took me so much time to start this one. I found Atelier Firis a lot more enjoyable than Atelier Sophie. The music and the characters were charming although the story wasn't as interesting as Atelier Sophie. The game felt much easier this time, there wasn't any bosses that gave me trouble. There was a deadline in this one but it was very lenient and didn't force players to be efficient of their time use. I have to say the Alchemist exam was really the highlight for me of this game, I was surprised by how well the event was made and the whole journey to get there. Also, pleased to say now I understand some of those meme on r/atelier haha
  9. Second update! Finished 2 more games, 2 more to go. Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey [ps4] 100% Drive Girls [vita] 100% Doom VFR [ps4] 100% Far Cry 3: Classic Edition [ps4] 100% Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster [ps4] 10% Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA [vita] 11% Just finished Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey and wow, really charming game with great music and great characters. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA will be my next focus.
  10. Possible for you to PM me the link of where you read it? I would really appreciate it, I bought both Muv-Luv but am totally unfamiliar with the serie.
  11. My first update! I should've updated before since I did quite some progress: Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey [ps4] 0% Drive Girls [vita] 100% Doom VFR [ps4] 28% Far Cry 3: Classic Edition [ps4] 100% Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster [ps4] 10% Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA [vita] 2% Currently been playing Doom VFR but the game is giving so much motion sickness. I can only play 30 minutes at a time haha. Also big thank you to @colinmazzini for your help in Drive Girls, I also did find the game much harder than the 3/10 that guides mentions. It does get somewhat easier once the Drive Girl sticker set is acquired but getting them is quite the challenge. Sorry again for lagging so much and losing connection a couple times.
  12. Platinum #162: Far Cry 3: Classic Edition Got the game for free as part of the Far Cry 5 season pass. Having never played FC3 before, I kinda went in expecting an old game with not as smooth gameplay as FC5, but I was surprised by how fun this game is. The game is short and sweet and the trophies weren't a pain to get, only 60 out of 120 relics are needed and the PS4 version doesn't even the multiplayer part to do. Fun game. Play it if you liked FC5!
  13. Hey! I also got Drive Girls on my list. I just finished the campaign and was about to tackle the multiplayer part of the game, wanna team up? it can make these bosses so much easier to clear with a partner
  14. thanks for sharing!
  15. Platinum #159: Girls und Panzer: Dream Team Match Loved the game, never saw the anime of this beforehand and just started playing. 1/3 through, I put the game on hold and watched the whole anime haha. Anyway, the game plays great, every character and tank featured in the anime is present, the tank customization is a great touch although you can only choose your tank for a few single player mission. The platinum was easy to get, but required some grinding. Fans of the anime that haven't played this, I highly recommend it! it's worth the import imo. Panzer Vor!!