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  1. The flags you can obtain offline are from Infiltration quest, each of the Infiltration quests has a gold chest which rewards the player with a specific flag. If you search on youtube: "Grand Kingdom Infiltration" You'll find very nice little videos of each quest and where to obtain them during the quests. They all requires specific field skills to remove obstacles, so look the video up to prepare accordingly. Here are a few example links: Infiltration: Wasteland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycs_fhtSA34 Infiltration: Forest Zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdcRZFSkn1c
  2. Keep in mind NISA is the publisher and not the developper for Grand Kingdom, so it may also be why there is a discrepancy with the server closing a day before the announced time. A lot of it may be out of their control
  3. My first update (will probably do just one every month): Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland (Vita - 0%) Bloodborne (PS4 - 0%) Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4 - 0%) Grand Kingdom (Vita - 100%) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS4 - 34%) I'm really glad I finished Grand Kingdom before the online server closure. When I made this list, I didn't know Grand Kindgom's online was going to shut down, so that did help me push through and honestly, I loved the game. Very fun gameplay, and building your squad was really cool. The story sucked though. Then I started Vice City; a little challengy because of the old controls, I'll probably get used to it.
  4. If I understood correctly, they are talking about ConAir’s situation where they have paid to cancel their contract or just wasn’t contracted when the endless ceasefire started, therefore no leader will reward them for the 500 steps. It’s attached to quests, so long as you do any 1 quest, you’ll be able to re-roll all 3 policy point objectives. So the fastest is just to do a travel quest and leave right away.
  5. Just go in a Travel Quest and leaving right away, you'll be allowed to change the policy objectives.
  6. To add to this, it's okay if your valkyrie doesn't have Combo Boost as not all valkyrie pattern learns that skill, and it's actually not needed if you are only looking to do the 99 combo. (It's only useful if you are trying to do the 20k damage at the same time) as Combo Boost only makes you do more damage. The 3 other skills Obscure_Ale mentionned are crucial. If you are building a Valkyrie specifically for this trophy, I would recommend focusing your stats on VIT and AGI. Alternatively, you can backup your savefile on the cloud, use a Charm Scroll to reallocate your stats, max out VIT and AGI for the purpose of this trophy and redownload your savefile after acquiring the trophy. Your valkyrie doesn't need to be max level so long as you have VIT maxed out at the very least. Note that pyroxene can be used to help you achieve the stats needed so that can substantially lower the time needed to level up the valkyrie for the purpose of the trophy.
  7. Wait, now come you need to level up to 99 for the skills? If you use Peroxyne, you can easily get a skill mastery to level 1 in a short amount of time for class skills. Then you can farm Orbs of Training offline via Hidden Treasure quests. It seems faster to farm orbs rather than grind each skill to level 3, especially in the case of Support Skills which can't be boosted by peroxyne
  8. Oh, thanks for sharing, I didn't notice that when I was doing all the tests, good to know. By the way, I also tried walking 500 steps in a travel quest. Then saving and uploading my savefile to the cloud before going to claim a reward from the Nation Leader, and reloading my save file to switch the reward if it wasn't something good, but unfortunately the reward stayed the same... so no shortcut for the Short Sight support skill. Huh, could be worth trying, although I think the National Shops are influenced by the resources investment from the players, when the servers shuts down, wouldn't the national shops just carry crappy stuff I wonder? The 10000R item to move around PP should still be available regardless of player investment though, but i'd still recommend you buy it before server closes to be safe, 10000R isn't that hard to get?
  9. You're right about only getting a flag after each End of War while contracted, I was just testing stuff around. There's a few stuff you can savescum though it isn't useful trophy-wise. If you are not contracted, you can save and back-up your save file to the PS+ cloud. You can get contracted to a nation, check their National Shop, if nothing interested you, you can just redownload your save file from the cloud and get yourself in a contract with another nation to check another nation's National Shop, it can be useful if you're looking for unique headgears if you're trying to make a specific look. Some national shop offers level 51 weapons too, so you can find endgame stuff. Before visiting the NPC in the plaza for the free flag, you can save your game, then proceed to chat with the NPC for the flag, if you don't like the flag design, you can just close application, re-open the game and you can rechat the NPC for another flag, can be useful if anyone is looking for a specific flag to their liking. (Although the Danganronpa flag is not available through this method,) edit: wait someone said they got it from the NPC, so you could actually try and get it through this method. You can also upload your savefile to the cloud if you know a mercenary Rank Up is upcoming, if you manage to get a savefile backup just before the rank-up, you can then get yourself in a travel quest, leave right away and get ranked up. During the rank-up, you get a free random Piece. If you don't like your given Piece, you can just redownload your savefile, rank up once more and get another Piece. Before paying to switch up the quests (if you're looking for a particular Hidden Treasure quest either for Scrolls or the Orb of Training) you can save your file (no need to backup to cloud) pay and switch up a couple times, if you don't get lucky finding the quest you are looking for, you can just close application, re-open and your money will be back. It can be useful if you spent 30k-50k+ and RNG won't give you the quest you're looking for. I usually switched it up 15x times, if I didn't get the quest I was looking for, it barely takes a minute to close game and reload back. Saved me so much money, and I managed to get Orbs of Training pretty efficiently. This can cut down a lot of time grinding skills. Anyway, most of this information doesn't make the trophy grind more efficient, but it can make your squad more fun.
  10. I did a lot of save scumming to visit each nation the next day to see if there's a flag available, and I think you never get a flag 1st day of your contract, therefore I find it more advantageous to sign a 5 war contract, from which I got a free flag for each day following the 1st day of the contract in the plaza. As I tried 1 war contract, and then contract again for 1 war, and would only get a flag every 2 days.
  11. Platinum #228: Grand Kingdom, the server closure announcement was really sudden and on such short notice, I had just started this game a few days before the announcement and well, managed to plat the game before the online portion closes! Really glad about this plat and I actually really enjoyed the game.

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      thanks! I just noticed it's also my new rarest Platinum on my profile!

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      Well done! 💯

  12. Platinum #223 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Not sure how to describe this without spoiling the story, anyhow I did enjoy the story a lot but that ending left me unsatisfied. The Monokuma Dungeon test was pretty good, didn't expect a RPG kind of game when I bought this. The Ultimate Talent Development Plan mode was really original imo to build up the characters. Great concept overall. The thing that broke my enjoyment of the game most though is trying to S-Rank the casino games, wasted hours trying to get the Treasure Hunter, tried the excel sheet, the tool, but nothing worked. Eventually I got lucky on a configuration and found the monokubs early to get the points.
  13. Oh grats on the Danganronpa V3 platinum, I'm currently working on it too but I'm stuck on getting S rank for the Treasure Hunter Monolith casino game, do you have any tips for that?

    1. BB-BakkerJ


      That minigame sucks. But what I did is start in the corners and as soon I uncovered a piece of a fish or bear I took a picture of the screen with my phone and just work out the puzzle on my phone. It still took me a few hours before getting an S rank, you also need some luck. Good luck!

  14. It's been a while since I last participated in a Backlog Challenge, I'd love to join this one! It may be the motivation I need to clear some games that have figuratively collected dust for a while now. Here's my 5 list: Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland (Vita - 0%) Bloodborne (PS4 - 0%) Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4 - 0%) Grand Kingdom (Vita - 0%) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS4 - 0%)
  15. Yeah, it's odd, since you managed to redeem the code, it means the code was the proper region to your account. When you get far enough to use skill points, if you see the 4th section of skills: The Traveler section, then your Frozen Wild DLC should be correctly installed as those skills were added in the Frozen Wild dlc.