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  1. I found the later campaign boosters packs to give really theme specific cards like Aroma Decks, Fortune Lady, Gouki etc. and doesn't give versatile cards so unless you like a pure theme kind of deck, I would recommend going through the campaigns in order. You can get great staples from the 1st campaign booster packs like Mirror Force, Raigeki, Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity. Even though these cards are restricted in online play, they are not in the story campaigns, so you can even cheese a Exodia Deck with 3 of each parts along with 3x Pot of Greed and 3x Graceful Charity to just easily win every single story battle.
  2. I got the trophy for 100k Effect damage today and used Magic Cylinder to get it, so I can confirm that does count.
  3. 1. Although not a full game, I absolutely loved the 3 VR missions of Ace Combat 7. 2. Skyrim VR, having never played Skyrim before, experiencing Tamriel in VR is one of the best gaming moment I've had. 3. Monster of the Deep, a relaxing fishing game, you could even put some Nier Automata song to listen to while fishing.
  4. The DLCs are accessible from the main menu and are not a direct part of the main game. You can clear all the DLCs before playing the main game.
  5. Hey, thanks for this giveaway! I remember participating in an similar event 4 years ago. This time only 1 platinum gotten: Have a good day all!
  6. Black Desert, nice.
  7. Haha, did you mistake this thread with the "Post the last trophy you earned" ?
  8. 2nd update, been a while since I did my first update (bold stuff is my new progress): Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland (Vita - 0%) Bloodborne (PS4 - 92%) Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4 - 100%) Grand Kingdom (Vita - 100%) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS4 - 100%) Finished Vice City, I had never done most of the extra stuff when I first played it on the PS2. Never had all the hidden packages, jumps, rampages etc, and well, they weren't that fun but at least they weren't that bad to get either. Played Dragon's Crown co-op with my brother. Honestly, beat em'up isn't really my type of game but this one was fun. Sorceress's my fav character out of all 6. The grind to level 99 was pretty boring as I had everything else done by the time I was level 80. Currently playing Bloodborne for the first time, it is also my very first souls type of game. It took a while to get into it but oh wow am I loving the game. Am currently Blood level 130 with a skill-based build. I'm surprised I wasn't doing that badly in PVP, managed to win more often than losing against those sinister bell ringers. I'm very open to helping other hunters, been helping hunters out via reddit, so ring me up if you want to co-op any content.
  9. The flags you can obtain offline are from Infiltration quest, each of the Infiltration quests has a gold chest which rewards the player with a specific flag. If you search on youtube: "Grand Kingdom Infiltration" You'll find very nice little videos of each quest and where to obtain them during the quests. They all requires specific field skills to remove obstacles, so look the video up to prepare accordingly. Here are a few example links: Infiltration: Wasteland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycs_fhtSA34 Infiltration: Forest Zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdcRZFSkn1c
  10. Keep in mind NISA is the publisher and not the developper for Grand Kingdom, so it may also be why there is a discrepancy with the server closing a day before the announced time. A lot of it may be out of their control
  11. My first update (will probably do just one every month): Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland (Vita - 0%) Bloodborne (PS4 - 0%) Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4 - 0%) Grand Kingdom (Vita - 100%) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS4 - 34%) I'm really glad I finished Grand Kingdom before the online server closure. When I made this list, I didn't know Grand Kindgom's online was going to shut down, so that did help me push through and honestly, I loved the game. Very fun gameplay, and building your squad was really cool. The story sucked though. Then I started Vice City; a little challengy because of the old controls, I'll probably get used to it.
  12. If I understood correctly, they are talking about ConAir’s situation where they have paid to cancel their contract or just wasn’t contracted when the endless ceasefire started, therefore no leader will reward them for the 500 steps. It’s attached to quests, so long as you do any 1 quest, you’ll be able to re-roll all 3 policy point objectives. So the fastest is just to do a travel quest and leave right away.
  13. Just go in a Travel Quest and leaving right away, you'll be allowed to change the policy objectives.
  14. To add to this, it's okay if your valkyrie doesn't have Combo Boost as not all valkyrie pattern learns that skill, and it's actually not needed if you are only looking to do the 99 combo. (It's only useful if you are trying to do the 20k damage at the same time) as Combo Boost only makes you do more damage. The 3 other skills Obscure_Ale mentionned are crucial. If you are building a Valkyrie specifically for this trophy, I would recommend focusing your stats on VIT and AGI. Alternatively, you can backup your savefile on the cloud, use a Charm Scroll to reallocate your stats, max out VIT and AGI for the purpose of this trophy and redownload your savefile after acquiring the trophy. Your valkyrie doesn't need to be max level so long as you have VIT maxed out at the very least. Note that pyroxene can be used to help you achieve the stats needed so that can substantially lower the time needed to level up the valkyrie for the purpose of the trophy.
  15. Wait, now come you need to level up to 99 for the skills? If you use Peroxyne, you can easily get a skill mastery to level 1 in a short amount of time for class skills. Then you can farm Orbs of Training offline via Hidden Treasure quests. It seems faster to farm orbs rather than grind each skill to level 3, especially in the case of Support Skills which can't be boosted by peroxyne