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  1. I'd really have to think about this, but XCOM 2 is the only one that comes to mind. MAYBE more if they were free upgrades, but I just can't see myself paying again for a game I've already platinumed. That includes Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I would need to see significantly more content before I'd consider investing in an "upgrade."
  2. The death of Elementals is upon us, as Atelier Lydie & Suelle falls to Clan Belmont! Here's your haiku. Lydie and Suelle Cannot hold a candle to Our waifu Firis.
  3. Rally out here dropping truth bombs. Honestly, I don't mind paying full price for a good game, but I'm more hard-pressed for money this year than usual. I'll have to see if it's worth $30. That's usually the price I reserve for AAA games. I'm kinda glad I lost my chance to preorder a PS5. I don't think I could afford it right now. You know, you're not the first to suggest that game to me. It's almost always on sale, so I don't see why not. I'll pick it up, but that sneaky DLC has me worried... Are there more to come? Most likely. Platinum #228 - Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Geez, that title... Anyway, what is this? The eighth Atelier game I've finished? I'll forego my usual joke by saying at least there's nothing missable (as long as you max the bar every time you go to rank up). Transferring traits to get the bear gear in the post-game is still annoying, but best girl Firis has your back when it comes to combat. OP much? I was able to one-shot most bosses once I actually spent the time to craft what I needed, so you could probably get away with skimping in a few areas. Had a few snags near the end where I couldn't figure out how to advance the story. I think some questlines require you to either kill some monsters or synthesize before the next event will trigger. And I don't know how you're supposed to know how to get the painting ending without reading a guide. But why would you play an Atelier game without a guide? Are you a madman? I guess we have to follow tradition by looking at some artwork from the game. Coincidentally, this is how the Vikings' season is going.
  4. Yeah, because they all play for the Browns now! 😂 That was actually a really impressive game last night. Sucks having to play against both Chubb and Hunt in fantasy (yeah, somebody has a lot of faith in Cleveland), but I'm happy for them. The Browns. Not my opponent. He can burn. I liked the Seahawks when they were the underdog a few years before that and beat the Saints in the playoffs, despite having a losing record. But I like any team that beats the Saints in the playoffs. The Seahawks fan base from 2013-2016 was pretty obnoxious, though, I agree. It's amazing how many "fans" a team suddenly has when they're performing well. That's why I have a lot of respect for the Browns' organization. No matter how bad they are, their fans continue to support the team (albeit in self-deprecating ways sometimes). Give me that over nobody showing up for games or random people suddenly coming out of the woodwork to cheer for whatever team is halfway decent that season. I don't think this NFL season will last until November. Anyway, I'm in a familiar place right now. I want to begin something new, but I also don't want to lose my place in Lydie & Suelle. That's the problem with Atelier games. You usually want to take a break when you finish the main game, but then you'll forget how synthesis works and how to transfer traits to get the best possible gear. I don't mind jumping back into a game if all I need to do is read dialogue or spam the X button, but I feel like I'm doing calculus when it comes to some of these maneuvers. I'm hoping I can do everything with subpar gear because I really don't feel like investing a lot of time into learning how to arrange Tetris blocks. I played that game once. I wasn't very good. I wish Fell Seal would go on sale. I've been really itching for another turn-based strategy game. Maybe I have something in my backlog...
  5. It helped that I had about five years of practice before beginning this account. I'd say at least 25% of my trophies are from games I had played previously. It's not worth playing by yourself. I imagine it's doable (other than a couple of the trophies), but the bosses would be a pain to do solo. You really want an elite player to carry you through Hard Mode and/or farm a decent weapon. Kinda like Nioh... Yeah, I didn't care much about most of my trophy milestones. I got whatever for 500, 1500, 2500, etc. because those were temporary milestones (at the time, they'd disappear when you reached 5k), but I tried a little harder with the multiples of one thousand. My 1k is dumb because I was trying to line it up with my favorite Goosebumps book as a kid, but it didn't quite work out. 2k is probably my favorite. I love Shantae's pose there. 3k, obviously I like Adventure Time... By 4k, I stopped caring because the milestones were changed. I love my 6k and 9k, though. 😂 What are you doing for platinum #100? That's the most important plat milestone, I think. Congrats on the win on Sunday. Vegas had the Vikings as favorites, but I don't think they accounted for how shitty their defense is now. Did they just pick up some guys off the street? 😂 I don't recognize any of the corners, I saw Everson Griffen playing for the COWBOYS (when the hell did that happen?), Linval Joseph is apparently gone, and I guess Danielle Hunter is out for at least three weeks. Giving up 43 points at home does not bode well for this year... In other news, our entire survival league got wiped out yesterday. Everybody went all in on the Eagles or Colts. How do you lose to a team that doesn't have a name? I also regret drafting Brady, Gronk, and Evans... What a miserable day for fantasy. Minecraft is back to 100%!
  6. I always look forward to Packers/Vikings. 😂 Just wish it wasn't a Week 1 game. Only good thing about that is that we have DirecTV, so I have access to all the games this weekend. But I'll probably start by watching PHI/WAS, just because I want to see how many times someone accidentally says the R word... Well, we did it. This was five years in the making. Trophy #10,000 - Slaughtervania Rack up 10,000 enemy kills. I think we can all agree this is the greatest 10k milestone ever achieved. The name, the artwork, the trophy requirement... When I first came across this trophy, I knew I had to make it something special. Didn't expect the servers of a 10 year old game to still be active, but it's a decent enough game. Got about 4k kills by the time I finished the rest of the trophies, so this was a long grind... Mostly just stood in one spot as Soma and let my flame shield kill a bunch of Medusa heads until they stopped spawning. Sometimes I'd watch them die and think to myself, "Damn. Every one of these kills is a trophy I've gotten over the years. What am I doing with my life?" Then I'd restart the map and do it all over again. I was hoping to get my account to 100% at the same time. Unfortunately, a bunch of games had other ideas instead. Now I'm stuck with 100 unearned trophies. Three of those are probably forever unobtainable (actually, eight, since I won't buy the DLC if they're not fixed), but the rest should come in time. It's going to be weird to play what I want now. I feel like the last five or six months have just been me playing predetermined games, either because of a community event or because I had to do a lot of finagling to get the milestone I wanted. I'm not even sure I remember what it's like to sit down and play some new game randomly. Maybe I'll try that tonight. Or maybe I'll get back to Lydie & Suelle because let's be honest: my life just isn't complete if I'm not playing an Atelier game. You guys got any big milestones coming up? I feel like 10k is THE milestone. It's something everybody should reasonably be able to get at some point in their gaming life, even if it takes five or ten or even twenty years, but a high enough number that you still have to work for it.
  7. I just like platinums because it's really the only thing that separates the Sony trophy system from the Xbox achievement system. You actually get rewarded for completing a game. The ribbon system, if it ever gets implemented, is nice too because it'd finally give recognition to games that probably should have a platinum but don't. Anyway, green block territory is obviously about finishing a bunch of those non-plat games in a row, which is what I did with Iconoclasts, Another World, and now A Boy and His Blob. These were probably the trickiest trilogy of games I've ever played, but only when you consider how much went into the selection process. First, I needed three games that were relatively short and easy, so that I could finish them before the end of GBN3. Second, they had to have the right ID numbers for the event. Third, they had to collectively put me at 9999 trophies. And fourth, they had to be something I already owned or were reasonably priced/on sale. They didn't have to not have a platinum, but it just worked out that way. Another World isn't worth a NAP review, but A Boy and His Blob was much harder than I expected. A couple of the bosses were really aggravating. The challenges are also a pain because you're put back at the beginning when you die. I didn't play the original or the Wii re-release, so I don't have any nostalgia for the title, but it's a decent enough platform/puzzle game. Very chill too, other than the bosses/challenges. I'd say maybe 12-15 hours, 4/10 for difficulty. Just a smidgen higher than what our sister site says. I do want to say one thing about Another World. Fuck the checkpoints in that game. It's so dumb that a checkpoint is only made when you do things in the order the game wants you to do them. I think it's only an issue in the caves. If you flood the caves too soon, you're able to access the next area, but you keep being sent back to the caves when you die. How was I supposed to know that you have to JUMP DOWN A PIT in order to advance the story? It's not like there's anything to suggest that particular pit is any less hazardous than the others. You see a pit and you assume it's bottomless or full of spikes. Especially when all the other ones are. That's video game logic. And even when you go down the pit, it's not like an auto save is made. It just puts you back at the beginning of the caves until you advance far enough. How am I supposed to know that's the right way to go? I'm also pretty sure you can fuck up your playthrough by shooting down the green ball at the wrong time. If you don't kill the alien with it and an auto save is made, how are you supposed to get by that room? Does the game just decide to not give you a checkpoint if you don't fire at the right time? Just like if you run out of ammo in the first elevator, the game just decides you deserve to die and sends a bunch of aliens to murder you. I mean, good on the devs for giving you an easy way to restart the checkpoint, but that's cold. Time for a quick movie/show recap. Watched some pretty good things lately. The Persona 5 anime was...OK. I wouldn't pay $300 for it. I don't know why it's $300. I don't think you'd get much more out of it than simply watching all of the cutscenes from the game in a YouTube video. That's basically all the show is. Joker has a bit more dialogue, but it still feels rushed and flat. They probably would've been better off doing a sequel or a spin-off. Watched some dumb movie with THE ROCK and Jason Statham. It was what you'd expect. The Sonic movie was surprisingly decent. I still think the original trailer was fake to drum up interest, but it was nice to see actual heart put into what amounts to a wholesome kids' movie. The Greatest Showman, though... That may be one of the greatest movie I've seen in a long time. Used to think I wasn't a fan of musicals, but after that and La La Land, I might be changing my mind. Screw Rotten Tomatoes. Tonight, we watch Tom Hanks as Mr. Rodg--wait, no. Tonight, we watch football. It's back, baby! Oh, and we'll work on that milestone...
  8. Clan Belmont! So, um... I finished A Boy and His Blob. Wasn't sure where this would belong, but I guess it counts for Giant Animals? Since most of the bosses are giant mutated animals. I guess. Anyway, have a haiku. In a world of goo Is there anything more quaint than A boy and his blob?
  9. Nice start. Know what I'm most jealous of? Your age. You got 20 years to play all the games you want before you catch up to me. It's interesting to rank games by the order in which you play them. I kinda like that because I usually wait until I platinum a game before giving my full review, which is sometimes unfair to the game, as I'm usually sick of it by that point. I look forward to seeing your AC Odyssey review, as that's a game I've had sitting on the shelf for a while.
  10. Clan Belmont! Got another haiku for you. Used to like retro Then I played Another World Now I have my doubts. Extraterrestrials: dead.
  11. Oh, wow. Have I not posted in here since May? Let's remedy that. FINISHED GAMES The Flame in the Flood (1.93%) Little Nightmares (3.42%) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (1.08%) Arkham City (PS4) (2.60%) Minecraft (PS4) (0.16%) Kingdom Come: Deliverance (2.04%) Cities: Skylines (0.09%) Two Point Hospital (3.88%) Iconoclasts (2.21%) At the risk of hurting its rarity percentage, I'm going to say that Iconoclasts is probably a good candidate for this event. It's a fun game, short, and not nearly as hard as I had expected. Most bosses only took me a few tries on Challenge Mode.
  12. I guess I don't really think of it as trophy hunting all the time. Most platinums require at least two playthroughs anyway, so my first playthrough is almost always blind, and then I'll check to see what else I need to do. That's more or less how I've always played games, even before trophies were a thing.
  13. Not a Platinum #Why - Iconoclasts I've always liked that classic debate of what makes a game worthy of having a platinum. Everybody has their own opinion on this, but I usually subscribe to the 10 hour rule. If a game has at least 10 hours worth of content, it should probably have a platinum. That's why I think Telltale games are a good benchmark for where to draw the line. Five episodes, two hours per episode = one platinum. A game like Flipping Death, where you can finish everything in a single sitting, probably doesn't deserve one. Iconoclasts is probably one of the harder games I've played this year. I don't think it was as hard as I had anticipated (you'll recall me being a bit apprehensive in the previous post), but one-hit deaths in a side-scrolling platformer is a tall order. At least, it WOULD be, but the game shows mercy by letting you equip up to three "tweaks" that allow you to take a extra hit. That and frequent checkpoints. The only real challenge is a few of the bosses (namely, fire lady and Bird Jesus) and any section where you have to play as someone other than Robin, as only Robin can equip tweaks. That means one-hit KOs. A couple of Mina's sections are aggravating because of that. Anyway, I'm going to cautiously recommend this game. I think it's worth $5. You probably got it for free on PS+. For that price, you could definitely do a lot worse. It does enough things well that I think you'll enjoy your time with it, and Challenge Mode is a good way to test your reflexes without it feeling overly unfair. I'm going to agree with the people who gave it a 6/10 for difficulty. In some ways, my first playthrough was actually harder because I was reckless and didn't know what I was doing, but there are plenty of bosses in games like Dark Souls and Hollow Knight that are harder than anything you'll face here. Plus, when you die, it usually only sets you back a couple of minutes. Just remember to save a lot. Well, we're in green block territory now. That phrase will make more sense soon. For the moment, we're steadily approaching 10k!
  14. Clan Belmont! I have brought you a haiku. Robots are buttheads Iconoclasts taught me that Needed a platinum. Yeah, I thought I'd chip away at Challenge Mode throughout the week, but it turns out it wasn't that challenging. Pretty good game too. Just don't know what the story is about.
  15. @Herr Hieb Are you going to create a spreadsheet to keep track of bounties or is each person/team responsible for keeping track of their own? I'm hopefully going to beat Iconoclasts (Robot/Android) this weekend, but the Challenge Mode trophy is going to be tough. I hate one-hit deaths. There are some bosses in this game that have absolutely shredded me so far.