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  1. Thanks. I realize some of my more recent comments and reviews have become increasingly sarcastic, but I'm not licked yet. The journey to 250 platinums must continue! The Witcher 3 has kinda been a meme around these parts. I say I'm going to play it, it never happens, a few months go by, I say it again... But for real, I'll probably get to it soon. I know it's really good. It's cool to look at your stats page. I'm sure a lot of people have a bump in their profile from the pandemic (mine is more like a rapid burnout), but I doubt very many have one as prominent as yours. I've put some thought into this. Theoretically, I think you could avoid popping a single trophy in Marenian Tavern Story until the very end of the game. Every trophy is tracked in your journal and none of them are required to advance further in the game. My first trophy, which I got 15+ hours into the game (and still days before the next one), was for killing 500 birds/beasts. You could avoid that one by farming on the beach instead of in the forest, which is probably what I should have done anyway, since my last trophy before the platinum was for killing 500 crabs. Everything else could be circumvented by just keeping an eye on your stats. I liked DQH, though. 😂 At least the grinding there was somewhat fun, if only because of Bianca. Well, despite knocking off one game, I've added two more: House Flipper and Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. One of them is just a huge waste of time and I don't know what I was thinking. The other is a rice farming simulator. Next weekend is a long one. What do you say we try for another plat?
  2. You can probably platinum it in two weeks (I did it in three). The actual game is fairly short. You just have to beat it several times for the platinum. I'd say maybe 60-80 hours across 6+ playthroughs, with the harder ones just requiring a lot of trial and error. With 99 rewinds, you shouldn't have much of a problem. It does take a couple playthroughs to master the mechanics, though.
  3. I don't think Invisible, Inc. is hard. The game is very broken due to certain agent + augment + gadget combinations. Once you know what you're doing, it's a 5/10 at best. But it is long. If you don't mind long platinums, XCOM, XCOM 2, Terraria, The Long Dark, Darkest Dungeon, The Banner Saga (not too long, but it is a trilogy), and Kingdom Come: Deliverance are all fantastic URs. If you don't like long platinums...yeah, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is all I got. <10 hours for the easiest UR out there.
  4. I have the digital version. I heard there were some stability problems, but I didn't think they were game-breaking. From what it sounds like, most of the crashes are from dying and retrying during Boss Rush, so I guess you could just master every fight to avoid it. I doubt I'll have the patience if it crashes more than once. I don't have it in me anymore for button mashers. My problem with the story is that I hate every character (except the ones you play as). I started with Yunica, who was fine, and Hugo seems to have some good dialogue. My issue is that every other character is useless, and yet they act like they're the real heroes of the game. Like I'm the one killing the monsters, I'm the one defeating the bosses, and then they just show up and are like, "Hey. You can go home now. We got it from here." YET THEY DO NOTHING. I'd have a lot more respect for them if they fought alongside you for part of the game. This really should've been made for co-op. And THIS GAME should never have been made at all... Platinum #232 - Marenian Tavern Story Have you guys seen Groundhog Day? It's one of my favorite movies ever. OK, now imagine that movie, but you're Bill Murray and you're at that point where you're dropping a toaster in the tub just to get the day over faster. That's this game. Every day is the same thing. You wake up, go to one area to kill monsters/gather resources, go back to town, buy all the supplies you can, cook everything you have, and then sell it all so you can do the same thing the next day. Yes, I realize a lot of farming games are like that, but there are other things going on in those games that make those worlds interesting. Here, there's almost no reason to do anything other than every trophy requires doing it x amount of times. But you'll be out of game long before that happens. I didn't get my first trophy until almost 20 hours in and I was already getting sick of the grind. Imagine how I felt after 80 hours. Is there a story here? I...guess. No, let me try to explain the story. I'm going to give it as much attention as it deserves. You play as Patty. Probably the worst name ever for a protagonist. While playing around outside, your kid brother bumps into a statue that falls over and reveals a Pokemon, who turns out to be the God of Poverty. He puts a curse on your brother so that your family's tavern goes under, so now it's up to you to take over the family business and create a five-star restaurant from the ground up. To increase the rank of your tavern once, you have to complete three tasks: killing an area boss, making a certain amount in sales, and feeding the God of Poverty. These tasks become increasingly harder (more time-consuming) each time, and they all require food. You need it to level up, make money, and satisfy the Pokemon. Why they keep him around is beyond me, but apparently the writers thought this game needed a mascot. This might all sound like a tedious waste of time, but that's the end of this sentence. I found every character bland, annoying, and unlikable. I was done with the story by the time muscular bunny girl showed up. I have no clue how you're supposed to legitimately win some of the boss battles, but there's an item that revives your entire party to full health if you die and I never came even close to running out of those. I'm just going to assume they expect you to wipe repeatedly. Making food is a pain. There are over 650 recipes and the game doesn't tell you what you need for most of them. I was so braindead while playing that I actually had to look up how to make a BLT. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how you're supposed to know that some of these recipes even exist. Sometimes you'll get clues, like "Sushi rice wrapped in a deep-fried bean curd," so I'll put in beans and it turns out there aren't even beans in the recipe. Bean curd is tofu. Why don't you just call it tofu then? And for those of you sticking your nose up at me, that dish also requires something called Eastern-style sauce and you have to cook it in a pot. Would you have thought of that? Didn't think so. Shut up. Would I recommend this game? That depends. Is there somebody in your life you really hate that you can gift it to? I mean, you're probably only going to hurt completionists because anybody else would check out after a few hours, but I could see a few people spiraling into madness as the realization of what they need to do for the platinum slowly starts to sink in. How is this even at 20% rarity? You know how? Because anybody who popped a single trophy has already committed themselves to the long haul. If this game ever gets DLC, I'm quitting gaming forever.
  5. It's pretty awesome. I used to come home every day and say, "I don't get paid enough for this." Now I say, "I can't believe I get paid for this." I'm sure it won't all be rainbows and sunshine, but this has been the bright spot in an otherwise miserable year. Any updates? I tried to get it day one, but failed, as did most people. I think I actually had the chance to pre-order it at one point, but I don't see a reason to rush. The only PS5 game I'd want to play right now is Demon's Souls, and...well, I just did that. But we will come up with a fun challenge run when I get to it. Maybe SL1, if they haven't tweaked too much. Is that a common problem? I regret starting it, but mostly because I hate the story and I didn't realize the grind was THAT bad. In fact, I'm going through several games now that are really testing my patience. I think if I could take one of them back, it'd be Ys Origin. I should've just started with YS VIII, but this was cheaper... Nah, I'm a dirt scientist. That's my official title. It's going to suck in the winter, but at least I'm not stuck in an office all day. I guess I'm weird, but I've always liked getting paid to work outside and spending my free time inside. I think most people are the opposite...or would at least prefer to spend both outside. That's my main reason too. I'm just out of electrical sockets, unless I move the Switch to another room. I'll try again on Black Friday and leading up to Christmas, but I don't mind waiting until 2021 if I have to. I have about a dozen titles that I'd still like to get to this year. I need to make progress in something, though. I made the mistake of starting one too many grindy games, and now I'm paying the price. I miss the days when I could come home and be like, "Okay, let's finish this game tonight!" Instead, it's like I'm debating which of five or six games I could make some minor progress in, knowing that there are still 40+ hours waiting in the wings... I don't know how people play more than one game at a time.
  6. I've looked it, but haven't tried it yet. My main reason for not playing multiplayer games is that I like to play at my own pace, and Farm not only co-op, but looks like one of those games that you have to wait in real world time for certain things to happen, like Farmville. That's basically taking the thing I don't like about modern games and doubling it. But it does look fun. I might get to it, but there are other farming games that are higher on my list now. Anyway... I know you all thought I was dead, but that's only on the inside. As you can see, I've been jumping between all sorts of games, giving no shit about my completion percentage. I'm actually amazed I finally popped a trophy in Marenian Tavern Story. I think I was 15 hours into the game when that happened, which might be a new record. We'd have to ask TLOU about that. Other than that, I started a new job, which is why I've been somewhat absent. Definitely like it more than what I was doing before. I get to work outside, I get to get my hands dirty, I get to get to get to get. Anybody getting the PS5 on day 1?
  7. I never said that. 👀 Glad to see someone shares my love-hate relationship with this game. It's amazing to me that Breaking Dead is NOT part of the main game. That's like Happy Days without the Fonz. Why would you do that? I'm really surprised how quickly you burned through that game. I had to go back and check my time to platinum and it's actually even faster. Maybe it just felt like a 100+ hour game. I think you just lose track of time because you're always chasing something, like you said. It really does embody all the good (and bad) things of farming sim games. I hadn't heard about the upcoming DLC. I wouldn't mind revisiting that game if it ends up with more trophies. Stranger Sins might be a bit of a slog once you get to it. I think I did it alongside the main game. Nice job! Always enjoy reading your reviews.
  8. Yeah, I dunno. You'd think I'd remember the game since I just got done playing it, but I'm pretty sure all of the enemies were human. Eh, whatever. You can have the bounty. I was just playing the game for fun anyway.
  9. Oh, uh... I guess Children of Zodiarcs could go somewhere else. Not sure where, though. I was just turning in random games that I've been playing. Has Clan Belmont been saved from their freefall?
  10. Well, I enjoy playing games, but there are reasons I play those games on my PS4 instead of my Switch or PC. Those reasons are starting to become less and less important to me. Anyway, another one bites the dust. Platinum #231 - My Time at Portia So, I've brought up before how much I love farming sims, and this is probably the best one I've played on the console. It's not perfect (there are some performance issues and the loading times can be annoying), but I think it gets the edge over Graveyard Keeper and whatever the hell the Harvest Moon series has turned into. I can't say much for the story because I kinda skipped it (OK, sorry, I've been doing this a lot lately, but I like to make up my own stories when I play games like this), but you get some voice acting and it seems pretty good. The cut scenes are a little weird because they don't have voice acting and they only last for a few seconds, so I'm not even sure why they bothered to put them in the game. You can play as a boy or a girl and you can marry a boy or a girl, so it's got that over HM. (In fact, you kinda have to do both for the platinum.) Lots of customization options too, and the freedom to have your spouse call you any nickname you want. Feel free to abuse that. I didn't plant any crops. Not sure if you need to. There's a dupe glitch that basically breaks the game, but I didn't mind using it. It probably would add 100+ hours to the play time if you don't. From what I hear, the glitch used to be easier to perform, but I didn't find it to be too tricky. Going to try to find another game like this. I usually keep a bookmark folder on my browser for farming sims. I was thinking maybe Marenian Tavern Story or waiting for Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin next month. We'll eventually get to them all, but at least this is a genre I can always go back to when I want to revisit simpler times.
  11. In to save Clan Belmont from the depths of obscurity. Aquatic - Shovel Knight: King Knight DLC (probably works anywhere, but I remember fighting lots of frogs and this whale thing) Giant Insects - Fell Seal (same as above, but big bugs come to mind) Psycho - Children of Zodiarcs (feet-eating cannibals... gross) Vampire - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (maybe? pretty sure I'm right) Human-like - My Time at Portia (eh, sure... some kind of Frankenstein thing) Sorry if somebody was going for one of those in my clan. Too lazy to check. Feel free to overwrite as needed.
  12. It's on my list. Haven't exactly felt like tackling a hard game since all these unwelcome changes began (hence why I put Slay the Spire on pause), so I don't know when I'll get to it. I might start shifting my priorities to something like "complete all games in a series" or "complete all games that belong to a specific genre" so that I have SOMETHING to work towards. Losing levels, milestones, and 100% all at the same time really put a damper into what made me enjoy this hobby in the first place. Anyway... Here's whatever. Platinum #230 - Children of Zodiarcs Like Fell Seal, this is another of those turn-based strategy games, but this one uses cards to determine what skills you have and dice to determine how effective they are. I guess that makes it a bit like Slay the Spire too. And it's not easy. You'll usually only have two or three party members, and you're grossly outnumbered in most battles. You can kinda save scum (okay, really save scum), but I still found myself having to load back to the main menu and reorganize my deck. I'm still not sure what the most effective build would be. A lot of times, it just comes down to pure chance whether you start the battle with the right cards or have the right symbols appear on the dice. I think Nahmi with a lot of Blitz/heal cards and as many lighting bolts as you can get is a good strategy. Now, I skipped the story in Fell Seal not because it was bad, but because it didn't pull me in right away. I didn't really understand the tone of the game. It seemed like it wanted to take itself seriously for the most part, but then a fart joke would come out of nowhere. Actually, I think that was in CoZ. But they're very similar in that regard. That's the point I'm trying to make. The difference is that this game's story had me hooked from the beginning. It's...much darker than you would think. I don't think it tries to hide that fact, but yeah, you're not going to get a happy story here. This is also one of the few RPGs I've played (the others being FFTA and Ni no Kuni) where the fact that the main characters are children makes sense in the context of the world. Way too many RPGs brush that aside, like it's totally normal for a mother to allow her ten-year-old son to go on an extremely dangerous adventure to the other side of the continent. Here, I don't think the story would have been nearly effective if the characters were much older than the way they were presented (even if they never really specified their ages). I'm actually going to recommend this game, but the trophies do kinda suck. Several of them are missable, and I honestly think you're better off just accepting that you're going to need to do two playthroughs. It's possible in one, but you could blitz your way through the game in a few hours once you know what you're doing. I say just do your Hard playthrough first, take your time on each mission, do skirmishes when you get stuck, and worry about everything else in a Normal run. It's not worth the headache of trying to get everything done in Hard. Also, the last arena battle is annoying. I don't really know what they expect you to do, other than funnel the enemies through a chokepoint and have them chase you around the map so you can pick them off one at a time. $10 is a good price tag for this one. That may seem a bit low considering there's a significant amount of playtime here (30+ hours), but there isn't a lot TO the game, if that makes sense. Basically, the number of members you get, the maps, the enemies, the cards, the dice, the strategy... It's almost mobile in its design. It's addictive enough that I don't think you'll get bored in those 30+ hours, but you're probably not going to notice a shift in your playstyle once you have a strategy that works. (Unlike XCOM 2, say, where you're constantly having to change strategies on the fly or have a backup plan if something goes amiss.) But really. That fart joke is so out of place.
  13. @FawltyPowers Wow, that's really impressive. I thought mine was excessive, and all I did was list all my unplayed games, along with their difficulty and length. I'd show a screenshot, but I'd probably offend somebody with my "Notes" column, where I write my initial thoughts of a game based on reviews, word of mouth, etc. (It's mostly me ripping games apart so that I don't feel the need to play them any time soon. Otherwise, I'd go crazy from having such a big backlog.)
  14. Eh, they're OK, but I'd rather have the option to show every level up. Every 10 levels is just as arbitrary as the new system.
  15. They changed again too. Not sure why, but all my level up milestones are completely different from what they were last night. Let's take a look and see if we can find anything interesting, before they change again... ... ... *this is me leaving a dramatic pause in the text to make it look like I'm currently scanning the new milestones* ... ... Well, I like having To Rule Them All as my first (read: 10th) milestone. Got some cool platinums in there too from some of my favorite games, including Bloodborne, Valkyria Chronicles, The Wolf Among Us, and...Phil. They made Phil's Freakin' Adventure a milestone. Well, if that just doesn't take the piss. I like seeing True Commitment from Tomb Raider as a milestone. The TRUE commitment is that I've done that trophy three times now. Using the solo method every time. Saviour of Sylvea...sorta works with my PSN ID. My Friends Call Me Monster from Goosebumps is nice, and much better than the one I got for my poorly planned 1k milestone. Got a Shantae milestone, but the image is a man in a sub outfit. Not what I would've gone with. Got a Star Wars one... That's cute. Dragon's Dogma is trolling us with a "Reached LV 100" trophy as level 400, which is probably better than anything I would've planned out. And...well, the rest are pretty much shit. Thanks, Sony. I'm hoping we can someday see ALL the level up milestones. I'd love to see Bloodborne, Tomb Raider, and Shadow of Mordor take up 90 of the first 100 levels. Oh, and did I mention I started Bloodstained: CotM? Yeah, I don't think 505 Games had anything to do with this one. Just RotN. We'll see if I actually play the sequel...