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  1. Platinum #124 - Burly Men at Sea What an odd little game. Reminds me of Stories: The Path of Destinies, with its many branching storylines. Just without the combat, and a little more kid-friendly. Probably worth about $2, if only for the animations and soundtrack. Well, that at least knocks two very short games out of my backlog. Against my better judgement, I've decided to join the Halloween event, because I looked through my library and I have several more short games that are taking up space. What I'm going to do, though, is simply double dip with my Spelling Bee games. That'll get me enough games to enter the Halloween event, and then we can decide later how many more games we want to add to that. I don't know. I have to say, it's been kinda enjoyable playing a plethora of games this summer. Some short, some long, some easy, some hard, and I think I've covered just about every genre out there. It certainly keeps things fresh. But now it's time to get ready for fall. I saved Yomawari last for a reason. I don't know if #125 is still considered a milestone by this site's standards, but it matters now. A year ago, I denied this game the chance to be played, and it's been watching me ever since! Tonight, I answer its call! TO THE BAT CAVE! Also, what is up with all the sea creatures wanting me dead this summer?
  2. Hehe... Burly Men at C... We could do the whole alphabet this way.
  3. I never paid anything, so I'm not sure. But I played long enough to know that you'll be relying on luck, glitches, and exploits if you want to finish each stage on time (especially 8 and 10). I'm still waiting for ND to upload a video showing us how it's possible to do it any other way.
  4. That's unfortunate to hear. I thought that game looked really good... Just been waiting for a price drop, but maybe I'll keep on waiting. Now, I just started playing Burly Men at Sea. I don't want to see no B on my list when I finish it...which should take like two hours. So, no B's, okay? I said no B's!
  5. The game is definitely worth playing, but I wouldn't bother with the DLC. Unless ND patched that crap (doubtful), it's not even fun. You're either going to have to rely on exploits (which is the one thing they probably did patch), spend money on one-time boosters, or find one or two co-op partners who know each stage inside and out. While I normally don't support skipping good games because of potentially hard trophies, this is one instance where it's perfectly fine. Pay-to-win should not be encouraged. EDIT: It occurred to me that I should explain why the trophy is unfair, in light of the "new" patches. This is for anybody who isn't familiar with how Survival Mode in UC4 works... In order to get 3 stars on a stage, you must complete the stage within a certain time limit. This was doable before with a good team and some luck, but ND decided to nerf most of the weapons and make the bosses much more difficult (not so much harder, but longer to kill). Now, you simply aren't able to pump out enough damage to beat the stages in the required time. The boss stages are the worst because they warp all over the map and down your teammates almost instantly. You don't have time to revive them because you need to be hitting the boss constantly, so you're forced to buy boosters that will revive your team instantly. If ND had adjusted the time limits to correspond to the changes that were made, I don't think anybody would have complained. The problem is that the player is now handicapped to the point that skill and upgrades aren't enough. If you want to win, you need to cough up hard cash. Or just get the boss to warp himself off a cliff in Stage 10 like I did...
  6. I tried to resist, but let's be real. You know I'm joining this event. I'll make my list later. You know how lazy I am. Go, Team...whatever I'm in.
  7. Good to know. Can't say it's too high on my list, but maybe someday. I'd probably rank it under Return to Arkham, which we know is going to take up most of 2019 if I really decide to go for that. Well, I got out my fire stick last night. I failed at getting anything to work, but I was able to watch the games using a one week free trial on the NFL website. I know Amazon Prime is streaming some of the Thursday night games this year, but it'd be nice if I could just pick up some of the local channels. Fox is the main problem. I think CBS allows you to stream online for just a few bucks a month, and I remember being able to watch ESPN online before... I don't really NEED NBC. The only game on that is Sunday night football, and I'll be just fine without Cris Collinsworth in my life. Some takeaways from the garbage games I watched last night: My boy Teddy deserves the starting gig in New York. Not sure why my area decided to blackout a Jets game of all things, but he's clearly the best QB on the team. The Patriots sure picked a great time to pressure Foles. Maybe try that six months ago? LOL @ the score in PIT/GB. There were as many points scored in the first five minutes of that game as the entirety of Jets/Redskins. #35 on your team had a really bad night, @Briste. I don't know his name, but he drew a penalty on just about every play. Why the hell is Jimmy Graham on the Packers? Cheese and crackers, that's not fair. Brady is still the best. Looking forward to tonight's lineup. I'll be watching Bills/Browns. It starts at 8:30, so I expect to be asleep by about 9. Well, guess it's time to get back to gaming... Got two more plats to knock out.
  8. Knowing me, I'd probably try to create a second word, and I don't really need that kind of pressure in my life. It might be kinda cool if, for the people who chose their word in advance, you type out the whole word next to their name and then highlight each letter (or something) as they earn the corresponding platinum. This way, we know what word people are going for. Based on what I see now, I'm guessing @Dragon-Archon is doing the whole alphabet and @DragonQuest238 is Old McDonald.
  9. Hey... I won't be taking that L! My spelling doesn't begin until I get to my Y game. The first two letters are just... ...practice. Yes, practice.
  10. Yeah, I might wait on this one. Pic-a-Pix Color was fun as a pick-up-and-play game with the fam, but this sounds like actual work. Once a game requires a walkthrough, I begin to lose interest. The quest for good puzzle games continues! It's pretty entertaining. Nate Burleson is the only one who knows what he's talking about. The other guys are shmucks, and Kay Adams is there for...reasons. Seeing Nate's face after that guy made the EXTREMELY BOLD prediction that the Bears would win the NFC North was priceless. In his defense, though, he was saying that three teams would go from last to first, and the Texans were the only obvious choice. He also picked the 49ers, which is...bold. We'll know a lot more about Jimmy G after Week 1, when he plays the Vikings on the road. (For the record, the other guy predicted Everson Griffen would break the sack record, Nate said OBJ would win the triple crown for receivers, and Kay thinks both the Jets and Giants will make playoffs. You gotta love their optimism.) Check her out. Preferably in a video. She does some pretty amazing things with a violin (which I understand is not an instrument that most people favor). Yeah, probably... I don't feel like drawing Crash, though. This pictures has already taken me hours to color. I just want it done. We can see. I was kinda going to avoid doing fantasy football this year, but it might be fun to talk about. Let me know if you make that topic... It's one of the best games on the system. I'm partial to Ashley -- but then, I'm partial to any girl named Ashley. I'm hoping they come out with a sequel sometime. That's not a sentence I usually say (mostly because it happens anyway), but it was that good. They should probably have different characters, though, and a different setting. Shadow of War is also on my list. I was waiting until July to see what they did about the loot boxes or whatever, so you'll have to let me know. I just caught up in this summer event and forgot all about that game.
  11. If it's anything like the PS3/PS4 Remaster, it's certainly worth a look. Probably my favorite game of last gen. I might actually break my usual rule of, you know, not wasting my money, and buy the Collector's Edition. Has anybody played it yet, on the Japanese version?
  12. That's good to know. One of my favorite games for the 3DS is Etrian Odyssey, which is basically all of those things. I hear the Vita is also good for VNs and puzzle games, and you guys know how I feel about those. Plus, XCOM:EU... (Where's my drool emoji?) The question is: will the price of a Vita go down because they're no longer making games for it, or up because of supply? I'm certainly not paying $250 for one, when I could spend half that for a PS3, or a little more for a Switch. And that is why you'll never see me play Guitar Hero. (Just kidding -- I've played it before. I was terrible.) WELL, I suppose I have a decision to make. Do I really want to play Burly Men at Sea? I could just start playing Yomawari, or even KH:CoM. Heck, I could hop on Crash 3 and get my profile back to 100%, which I never thought I'd see again. I suppose the choice is mine, and mine alone. (Good thing they extended this event until the end of the month...)
  13. Oh, Lindsey Stirling is amazing. Pentatonix too. Probably some of the best modern performers, honestly. I just can't stand that Thunder song from Imagine Dragons. The vocals are like fingers on a chalkboard. And, for some reason, Spotify seems to think I like it, because it constantly plays it, no matter how many times I give it the thumbs down. It wouldn't be so bad if the cringe didn't happen the moment the song starts. At least give me time to change to the next track before you reach maximum annoying levels.
  14. Platinum #123 - Lara Croft GO Not much more to say about this game, so let me ask this: am I the only person in the world who can't stand Imagine Dragons? Their songs make me cringe in a way that no music before ever has. I legitimately believe it could be used as a method of torture.
  15. Yeah, we'd basically need one person to take on the role of commissioner. They'd have to set up the league and then provide an email address that everybody else could contact in order to join to the league. This way, only one email would need to be given out, and it could be done through PM... I know there's a football thread on these forums, but I wasn't sure if there was a fantasy one. Might be a good place to round up some folks. Yeah, I'm thinking the same. If you saw the games I chose for the Spelling Bee event, all of them (except KH:CoM) are extremely short, and four of the five were already on my backlog. Same with Lara Croft GO and Burly Men at Sea. And that might just be how I treat community events going forward, as a way to knock out a bunch of easy/short games that are sitting in my library, while tackling one or two major titles. Also, I've changed my mind a bit on LCGO. The DLC levels (I guess that's what I'm playing now?) are much tougher than the main game. I actually got stumped on one of the puzzles for about an hour. It shouldn't be this difficult, but sometimes you gotta experiment with the mechanics of the game. I went to bed last night on a puzzle that I'm still not sure how to solve... Sometimes it helps to work backwards. Did you watch Good Morning Football? Some guy came to work wasted today, because he picked the Bears to win the NFC North.