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  1. Yeah... I can see why you might need a guide in the original version. This is a lot like the Atelier games. If you aren't keenly aware of how to manage your time, you could easily miss something. I'd still like to max most of my confidants, just for the extra bit of story, but I'm glad I'm not obligated to 100% everything. About halfway through the second Palace now. I think it's safe to say that I like this game enough to make the platinum a milestone (like everybody else), so I guess I need to finish seven more games before I finish this. I'm thinking of starting A Plague Tale this weekend and then wrapping up Plague Inc. Then I guess TLOU... I dunno. Hard to plan that far ahead. If there's one thing I don't really like about P5R (and this applies to most JRPGs I've played), it's that it spends too much time explaining stuff. This goes for both in-game mechanics and the story. I'm OK with weirdness. It's Japan, I get it. But when the story has to stop every few seconds for the characters to clarify what's going on, I start to get annoyed. I also get annoyed when the cat won't let me explore the town at night. 😂 That bad, huh? I think online trophies are my least favorite. They're usually the most grindy, the least fun, and they have a built-in expiration date. Difficult trophies are OK, I think, as long as the difficulty is in the spirit of the game. Yeah... If it wasn't for the fact that I like to watch movies while I play games, I probably wouldn't bother with trophies like that either. The only thing I'll say in their defense is sometimes it's nice to have a game or two that you can just pick up and start grinding. I call them fidget spinner games because they keep me occupied while I'm focusing on something else. I don't really call them that.
  2. Alright. Time for a second swap. We're going to move P5R to #COOK, since apparently it counts as a UC (based on what others have done), and replace #HANGOUT with The Last of Us, since it also counts as a UC. That will get me the seven UCs I want. #COOKWITHME - Persona 5 Royal (6/53) ⭐ #DANCESINGWITHME - Guacamelee! 2 #CRAFTWITHME - Subnautica ⭐ #HANGOUTWITHME - The Last of Us (4/24) ⭐ #READWITHME - Zero Time Dilemma ⭐ #LEARNWITHME - #GETREADYWITHME - Marvel's Spider-Man ⭐ #SOLVEWITHME - #WATCHWITHME - The Walking Dead: A New Frontier #BONDWITHME - A Plague Tale: Innocence ⭐ #WORKOUTWITHME - #FIGHTWITHME - Demon's Souls #TRAVELWITHME - Plague Inc: Evolved (43 --> 46/52) #GAMEWITHME - Two Point Hospital ⭐ Not sure what to do with other three categories yet. I'll probably end up sticking RE2 back in there.
  3. I think the bigger problem with hiding games is that it essentially makes the rest of your stats meaningless. Your trophies per day, average completion, milestones, games completed, world and country rank... All of them would be off. Is that really worth it, just to see a false 100%? But you're not the only person who does this.
  4. As much as I would love 20 seasons of A:TLA, I don't think the show could have kept its quality up for that long. Most shows seem to peak around season 4. Others don't seem to get good until then. A:TLA is unique in that it was really good from beginning to end (even if the first season is generally considered weaker than the others). Spongebob...I dunno. I liked the earlier episodes. But I also like anything related to the ocean. I think it's probably significantly easier to produce a Spongebob episode than an A:TLA episode. That said, I would've really liked a fourth season. I think a story arc revolving around Azula would've been nice. It's just a shame the writers were more focused on the movie than making that happen... Which, by the way, I watched last night. It was about as bad as I expected. At first, I was like, "Why didn't they just make this a trilogy? There's too much material to shove in a 90-minute movie." It wasn't until about halfway through that I realized it was intended to be a trilogy. Man, the Ember Island play episode did a better job of summarizing the plot of the show, and that was only 20 minutes long (with SEVERAL intermissions). Forget a trilogy. The movie should've either been a prequel or a sequel to the show. I don't know whether to blame the writers, the actors, or the directing, but everything was off. It had none of the charm or the vision of the show. Their casting for Sokka and Iroh was particularly bad. So was how they mispronounced everybody's name. Here's hoping the live action Netflix series is a step in the right direction. I used to think PS Now was good for PS3 games, but after trying it out, I think it's better served for downloading PS4 games to play. When I was boosting Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, I had two TVs side by side to see how they compared between the store-bought PS3 version and the streaming PS Now version. It was very obvious which was which. I think I would need a much better internet connection to use PS Now regularly. Just join the boosting group that has over 120 members right now. You'll need a Discord account, but the people there are great and will explain everything to you. The key is to alternate wins, prioritize the people who have 100% risk missions, and always keep moving so you don't get booted from the server. If you want, you could even do the first few weeks without a boosting group, as your first 100% risk mission doesn't come until Week 6. Doesn't really matter if you win or lose matches. Just try to craft items and collect parts. But if you're going to do it, now is the time. A lot of people are playing TLOU while they're waiting for the sequel to drop. That's why I think if Nintendo ever came around to doing trophies, they'd be the one company to do them right. Sony has no standards. I'd be fine if every trophy in a Mario game was simply, "Beat World 1-1," "Beat World 1-2," "Beat World 1-3," etc. I'd rather do stuff like that than collect 100 piles of shit or pick my nose 20 times. But then you have games like Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild where the entire objective IS to collect shit (literally in the case of Zelda), so it's not like Nintendo isn't already trying to appeal to completionists. But it's whatever. Nintendo is the only company that I've stuck with every generation, and the main reason for that is because the gap between them and the competition is much bigger than the gap between, say, Sony and Microsoft. Anyway, got a little further in Persona 5 last night. I'm just going to call it Persona 5. You guys know I'm playing the Royal version. I'm...still not sure what's going on. I met a cat who isn't a cat and I'm going to a school that isn't a school. I was told I should use a spoiler-free guide so I can get the best ending on my first playthrough, but I don't really want to follow a walkthrough. I don't even know how I'd unlock different endings. The only choices in the game so far seem to be dialogue options, and I feel like most of the answers would lead to the same conclusion. You know, stuff like "I will stop you!" or "That's enough!" Tonight, we continue!
  5. OK, guys. Let's play nicely. We're here to bash on games and bad business practices, not each other. Anyway, it was a very productive weekend. I managed to finish ALL of the TLOU multiplayer trophies, thanks to some awesome people and two very long boosting sessions. I also managed to watch the entirety of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I don't think I've ever said this about a show before, but it was better than I remember. In fact, I may go so far as to say it's the best animated show I've ever seen, which includes the legendary King of the Hill. I'd have to think about that one. KotH is something I could watch any day, any episode, for any amount of time. A:TLA almost requires watching it from beginning to end. I think my favorite character is Iroh, but Zuko may be a close second. His story arc was wonderfully done. I'm actually going to pick up the comic books so that I can continue the story. And...maybe I'll give Korra another chance. I remember liking what little I saw. And despite what you all probably think, I DID start Persona 5 Royal. I only played for an hour, but I should be able to play more tonight. I'm just a little confused on the trophy guide. It lists a lot of missable trophies, but supposedly they're easy to get? Maybe it'll make more sense once I understand the mechanics of the game. What else...? Well, you guys were talking about games as a service. I don't know how I feel about that. On one hand, I think the convenience is great. This whole global situation is only going to push digital goods and services in the future. And while I like being able to own the things I buy and display them on my shelf, there's something to be said about moving away from physical media. I love NOT having stacks of DVDs and CDs strewn throughout my bedroom. When I get in my car, I can just connect to Spotify and listen to whatever I want. That's worth a few dollars a month. Nintendo's always done their own thing, so that doesn't surprise me. At least games like Smash Bros have their own in-game achievements. I wish there was a way to share your progress with your friends, but it's nice to have something to work towards other than just, you know, finishing the game.
  6. Shantae games do dominate my milestones. 😂 I'm actually a little sad there are none of Rottytops. I'll probably just go for the platinum. I'm still mad at myself for not doing that with Pirate's Curse.
  7. I've always appreciated the quality of trophy images in the Shantae games. This list is no exception. Based on what you guys are saying, this is harder than HGH but easier than Pirate's Curse? I might wait for all the DLC to be released before buying. We'll see.
  8. I keep wanting to pick up Breath of the Wild, and then it's like, "Do I REALLY want an open world exploration game without trophy support?" I wouldn't know what to do. Having those little goals in the back of my mind gives me something to work towards, even if all I'm doing is collecting literal shit. I get that Nintendo wants to be innovative, but they're missing a good opportunity here. If I were them, I'd design an achievement system that uses stickers, and each game you play would add a sticker book to your virtual bookshelf. It does feel empty without a Don't Starve game there... Yeah, maybe I'll check it out. I was worried about the internet connection thing too (one of the reasons I've avoided Farm Together), but I haven't had any major problems with playing Castlevania or TLOU online. I'm wearing the suit of Spidey in his boxers because it's about how seriously I take this game. 😂 I can think of a few reasons why some people might be upset. Without going into spoilers, there is some political stuff that might ruffle a few feathers, but the actual story is so horribly written that I honestly have a hard time believing it's not fan fiction. I don't know if you've seen the last season of Dexter or Game of Thrones, but it's that level of bad, where it actively spits in the face of everything that came before it. For the sake of all the fans of TLOU, I hope the leaks aren't true or ND found a brilliant way to make their "concept" work.
  9. Backwards compatibility is all I care about. When I move into a new house, I want all my existing furniture to fit too. That said, probably a Day 1 buy for me. I don't want to fall behind on newer games like I did with the PS4.
  10. You can get them for under $10 online. I just wish the ones I had bought were a little brighter. Another option is to get colored bulbs and put them in a lamp or spotlight behind the TV. That's what I had in my dorm in college and it was awesome (especially with a black wall behind it). The problem I have now is that there is very little wall space behind my TV, so I can barely notice the lights. Surround sound is really nice too. I used to use that all the time until the front left speaker broke.
  11. From what I remember, the main reason you need microtransactions is because of the item used to revive party members. You only get a finite amount through the normal campaign, so if you run out, the only way to get more is to spend actual money. Although...if you're doing it solo, I guess you wouldn't need that item. Hm. I got lucky and did most of the maps right before (literally like the day before) they patched everything. As you've probably seen, the main problem is the time limit. The devs intentionally made the bosses stronger and player weapons weaker to the point that beating it without resorting to microtransactions (or glitches) is near impossible for most players. Had they increased the time limit to compensate for these changes, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but they made their agenda very clear. Those are precisely the kinds of things I used to do in video games as a kid. I remember one of the most epic achievements of my life was getting all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy in a single weekend. But they were just self-imposed challenges and nobody really believed you, you know? You'd get on the school bus and tell your friends, but these were the same assholes who said they found a way to ride Yoshi in Super Mario 64. They believed you as much as you believed them. That's why I was so excited when I found out about trophies. The idea of having actual proof that you accomplished something in a game was mind-blowing for me at the time. And the fact that it tied all your games together on one account... I would've loved something like that 25 years ago. Coincidentally, it's also why I hate microtransactions and (to a lesser degree) paid DLC. I want games that ask you to EARN content, not pay for it. It's just unfortunate that it goes against the business model most companies use today... HZD is basically Spider-Man with boobs. That's another game I thought was a 7/10 at best, even though the individual parts were all fantastic. But yeah, NG+ in those games is nothing like NG+ in something like Dark Souls, where some care and thought had gone into the design of how a second playthrough might work. In fact, I'd even argue that NG+ in Dark Souls is the TRUE Dark Souls, because now your character is equipped with all the gear and insight that you gathered from your first playthrough. NG+ in Spider-Man, HZD, and probably Days Gone is just a pointless victory lap. Alright, goals for this weekend. First, I'd like to finish my first journey on TLOU MP. If I do that, I can spend some time knocking out the remaining DLC trophies on my second journey, as the campaign doesn't start becoming problematic until 6+ weeks in. I'd also maybe like to begin Persona 5 Royal. I know I said that last weekend, but that was really dependent on whether or not I got invited to a boosting group for TLOU. My Time at Portia... Mm, I dunno. Got a lot done in it yesterday, but it's not an event game. No reason to rush it. I could finish Plague Inc, but some of the trophies left are really annoying. I think what we need to do is find some games for the remaining categories. I can stick TLOU under #WORKOUT, I guess, but that still leaves #COOK, #LEARN, and #SOLVE. It's hard to find games that fit both the category theme and my mini theme, which is games that have to do with diseases or masks. (I mean, technically there are lots of masks in Portia, and I just got done with a quest where somebody was poisoning the water supply, but still...) One game I really enjoyed on PC was Cook, Serve, Delicious!, and the sequel is on the PS4, but that game can't possibly play well with a controller. If you haven't played it before, you're basically tasked with creating a lot of foods at once. For example, if you're asked to make a BLT for someone, you'd press B for bacon, L for lettuce, and T for tomato. It becomes more complicated if you have multiple foods that begin with the same letter. Of course, on a controller, the only letter you have is...X. I feel like I might as well be playing a fighting game if I'm going to have to memorize combos like square square circle. Don't Starve (or DS Together) is tempting, but the devs pulled a Toby Fox by making it clear that they don't want trophies in their game. I dunno. Food games and diseases don't really mix.
  12. I think you can do it solo without resorting to microtransactions. Not easily (obviously), but I remember there being glitches that you can abuse. I beat Stage 10 because the boss teleported himself off the map. There are others where you can stand in certain spots to either kill enemies as they spawn or force enemies to spawn in favorable areas. I'd check out some videos on YouTube to see how feasible it is in 2020. I actually meant I wasn't going to play either of them, but getting TLOU for free convinced me. If the rumors are true about the sequel, though, I probably won't touch it (and I certainly won't be paying for it). Still, I look forward to trying out Grounded mode. I wish lots of Nintendo games had trophy support. Playing games on other consoles these days feels so empty. It's like, if I accomplish something, nobody is going to know it but me. That really disincentives me from completing games. Of course, it's less stressful that way...but I think I prefer having an account where you can proudly display your games and achievements. Speaking of achievements... Unbeknownst to the world, I was on my longest trophy streak before I broke it yesterday due to sheer laziness. 54 straight days of earning at least one trophy. I could've made it longer, but I was starting to get to the point where I felt I HAD to get a trophy before midnight every day, and that's not how I want to game. Plus, I just really want to be done with Spider-Man. Playing through it again from a speedrunning perspective REALLY makes those cracks I talked about before show. I see Shantae 5 FINALLY got released on console. Unfortunately, I don't see her wearing a mask or suffering from any disease, so she's just going to have to wait with Shovel Knight and Ajna in the indie game corner. We still have ten games to go!
  13. Generally, these: I have a triple screen setup. On my left, there is a computer monitor that I use for guides, walkthroughs, or checklists. (I also do the Word document thing, for almost everything.) On my right, my big screen TV for gaming. In between, I have a second computer monitor that I use for Netflix, YouTube, or sports. My TV has a backlight with various color options. I don't do this all the time because I forget, but I like to change it to an appropriate color for the game I'm playing (e.g. blue for an underwater game, green if I'm in a forest, red for horror, etc.). I like to play with the rest of my lights off, but I can't do that for long periods of time, so I have a lamp on either side of me that I'll adjust from time to time. I keep the games I'm currently playing separate from the other games I own. That means only keeping games I'm actively playing on my PS4 HDD and having a separate shelf for those game cases. I have a notebook next to me in case I need to write things down and a corkboard on the wall that I'll pin things to if I need a reminder or plan to refer back to something often. For example, when I was playing The Long Dark, I had the whole thing covered in maps that I had printed out. The only problem is I have to reach across my desk to take them off the wall, so that can be a pain. I generally play games with the volume on the lowest possible setting (not mute), unless I'm not watching anything else.
  14. I haven't played it on PS4, but I know a lot of people gave up on the plat because of Fector's Challenge. To be fair, that's a really stupid trophy. You're required to beat what is essentially a mini-game without dying once. That's not even in the spirit of a farming sim. The other trophies are just time-consuming, but that's to be expected. I bought it for the PS4, but I'm hesitant to start. I feel I could do that trophy with enough practice, but it's like, "Do I really want to spend 100+ hours on a game I've already put a lot of time into on PC, knowing that I'll have to deal with an SMB-level trophy if I want the platinum?" That kinda goes against the very reason I play games like that. You can do it without a boosting session. It would just take longer, and you'd want to be very careful when you get the 100% risk missions. If you know what you're doing, though, you can skip a lot of the required 168 matches. I think you really only need to play one out of every three. (If you quit out of too many, you risk losing your entire population and having to start over.) You might be mixing up two games. I assume you're referring to The Sexy Brutale, but you don't play as a female assassin and the world isn't randomly generated. It's more like a puzzle game, but definitely worth playing.
  15. I've been hoping for a sale on this game. Now I guess I'll be hoping for a complete edition. 😂