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  1. The struggle continues, but I am not to be stopped. 0 - Tomb Raider: Anniversary (830) 1 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider (8161) 2 - 3 - Tomb Raider: Underworld (73) 4 - Invisible, Inc. (4544) 5 - What Remains of Edith Finch (6075) 6 - 7 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (9227) 8 - The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince (8748) 9 - Spec Ops: The Line (1499)
  2. Yeah, Lewis' story was probably the most depressing. I'm glad I didn't have to play through it twice. (Barbara's was my favorite, for obvious reasons.) I'm waiting for a price drop on the Inside/Limbo physical disc pack. I figure if I can snag them both for around $10, I'll make up for how much I've wasted on Lara's DLC. I like open world games too. I just don't like what they've become. (You know, too linear and staged.) It's actually making me long for something like Skyrim again, which is a game I've routinely criticized for being deceptively shallow. At least in that, I felt like I was on a unique and wonderful adventure. I don't get that from Lara. But if people enjoy the story, who am I to argue? At any rate, I finished both of Robin's trophies tonight and I'm actually covered in sweat. I am NOT looking forward to doing the rest of those on Batman, Catwoman, or Nightwing.
  3. Well, you all name-dropped Edith Finch (despite none of you having played it 😒), so I decided to investigate her remains tonight. It turns out her remains are pretty fucked up. I'd put it ahead of Gone Home and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, not only because of the story and the presentation, but because I think it's the right length for a game like this. (Gone Home was too short and EGttR is a slog if you're going for all the the trophies.) Speaking of trophies... I didn't earn a single one until the end credits. Clean-up looks easy, but I'm a little too bothered by the events of the game to get them right now. It's Blackwood Crossing all over again. I do have a few issues with the characters and the pacing, but this is one of those games where I'd be doing you a disservice by explaining my grievances, so I'll just say check it out sometime if you want to feel wonderfully miserable. Kinda glad Edith won the first round, because a ~2 hour game was just what I needed to get back on track. We'll wait for a couple more votes to come in before deciding on entry 2 and 6. In the meantime, I'm done with five of the seven DLCs in Twat Raider. I still haven't beaten the game. Unfortunately, I gotta play through that garbage a second time on the hardest difficulty. But after this, I think I'm done with these open-world, AAA collectathons. I started feeling the fatigue when I was playing the new God of War, but now it's really hitting me. They're just not fun. The stories are bland, the combat is repetitive, and the whole environment is comprised of set pieces. I feel like I'm playing them just for something to do, and that's not what gaming should be about. Playing a 2 hour game that is more engaging than a 20+ hour AAA title puts it all into perspective. So, thank you, Edith Finch, for that. You're the real tomb raider.
  4. I think it', I'm not sure anybody really knows without looking it up first. Calendar Man should just go into hibernation in August. Well, if I'm going to have any chance of finishing ten games for GBN2, I'll have to start tackling some shorter titles. I still need a 2, 5, and 6, and that's IF I finish Lara in time (unlikely, since I can only stand to play the game for about an hour at a time). We do have some options here, so I'll open the door for a vote. For 2, our choices are Hue, Beholder, Nine Parchments, and Nom Nom Galaxy. For 5, our choices are Bastion, forma.8, Goat Simulator (why did I buy this?), and What Remains of Edith Finch. For 6, our choices are Dragon Sinker, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, The Disney Afternoon Collection, and Wizard of Legend. There are obviously other options too, but those are all games I already own, and they look...relatively short. We'll probably knock one of them out, play a little Lara, play a little Bats, and repeat for the next month. Hopefully by then we'll see another community event spring up, or I guess we're on our own for the best season of the year.
  5. Well, I'd have to play KH2 and the eight hundred spin-offs first. But soon. KH2 won't escape my clutches forever. Speaking of games that had no chance... Platinum #180 - Invisible, Inc. Fun game, but utterly broken. I didn't even bother using Cloaking Rig III in Expert Plus OR zero rewinds. (Hell, I couldn't even find a Cloaking Rig I.) In fact, my ego was SO big by this point in the game that I didn't even recruit more agents. It was Internationale/Derek/Nika on Expert Plus (eh, Nika was on my way to the exit) and Internationale/Prism on zero rewinds. Why Prism? I wanted a challenge. I got no such thing. I'd certainly recommend this game to anybody who enjoys tactical RPGs, but you're likely going to get sick of it by the time the platinum rolls around. Nine playthroughs is a lot. I think you could do it in as little as five, but you really need to master the mechanics before you're ready to play with daddy's toys. There are so many ways you can abuse the AI. Sprint, Flash Grenade, Ping, opening/closing doors, dragging a KO'd guard on top of another KO'd guard to pin them both at once, Derek's ridiculously OP Transport Beacon... Oh, and my personal favorite: getting two guards to face each other at a choke point, allowing the guard on the right to notice something to the left while simultaneously allowing the guard on the left to notice something to the right, and then laughing at how the AI is too stupid to get out of its own way, forcing them into a Mexican standoff. 😂 Anyway, this game just utterly dominates my Rarest Trophies cabinet now, with thirteen trophies that are rarer than getting to the center of the universe in No Man's Sky (on Permadeath). That's crazy.
  6. Platinum #179 - The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince If you've been here a while, you probably expected me to get to this one eventually. So, yeah. Really good game. A few of the mechanics are kinda clunky (e.g. randomly dying when falling a short distance or not being able to tell the prince how far to move in one direction), but the story, music, and art style more than make up for it. I think this is one of the best-looking games I've played this year. You're probably looking at a 6-8 hour platinum, but I took over 10 because I put myself through the torture of trying to solve that number puzzle on my own. (As usual, I was overthinking things WAY too much.) If you can find this on sale in the $10-12 range, I'd say it's worth a buy, and it's certainly worth showing off some artwork. I found this particular image on Pinterest, so I don't really know who to credit, but I will award Pinterest the top prize for Most Horribly Designed Website Ever. Congratulations. Also, Nintendo Life can shove it for giving this game a 5/10.
  7. Not normally, but I chose to here because Endless Mode is extremely boring once you get to Day 10 or so. I now have two copies of Cloaking Rig III on every agent, which basically means I can sprint through every map and stay invisible the entire time. I'm not even bothering to loot items anymore because I have no need for money or loot (but unfortunately you still have to find the Exit Card in each map). I should be able to platinum this game by the end of the month. If I'm going to finish a full list for GBN2, though, I gotta make some headway on some other games. At work the other day, I made a spreadsheet of all the games in my backlog (i.e. games I own but haven't played), along with their difficulty, time to platinum, and the last digit in their ID. That should help with my decisions... Still a great scene. 😂 I'll need to watch Casino sometime. I'm sure I've seen it at some point, but I just looked it up and it doesn't sound familiar. All of these movies are beginning to run together for me... Anyway, yeah. Hilarious stuff about Antonio Brown. And I thought OBJ was bad... 🙄 I couldn't watch any games last night. My cable provider decided not to show the Bills (I guess they figured I've suffered enough), and the Snoopy Bowl was delayed for like an hour because of weather. I'm not sure if the Vikings will be on tonight, but I'll at least be able to watch the Steelers. I'll typically just tune in for a quarter or two to see how the new players look. My fantasy draft is in nine days, so I gotta be prepared. Hopefully nobody's caught onto my ultra secret strategy of grabbing Matt Ryan in the fifth. Best value QB out there. We'll also need a funny name for my team...
  8. I'm with BB. The current milestone system is jank, nobody asked for the changes that were made three years ago, and everybody who asked for them to be changed back was ignored. And, yes, this has been brought up before, including my topic last year: On this list, though? I dunno. I find it kinda ironic that the one being discussed most heavily is the one with the least amount of votes. And for all the time and effort that goes into monitoring other people's profiles, it amazes me that the white list hasn't been implemented yet. How many people have gotten screwed over because of that? I'm going to vote for the option to remove completed games from gaming sessions because that should be very easy to implement, but these all look like welcome improvements.
  9. As someone who has finished every Soulsborne game... Amanda's monster at the end of Tomb Raider: Legend. It's like fighting a Souls boss, except you'll just fall over dead for no reason.
  10. Really good game, with one of the most fun challenging trophies out there: Look Ma, No Spats! I'll probably pick it up.
  11. It does seem like a lot of problems would be solved if you were simply awarded a ribbon for each rarity (e.g. Ribbon on Commonality, Ribbon of Uncommonality, Ribbon of Rarity, and Ribbon of Ultra Rarity). Those names aren't great, but I did like that one idea someone suggested of awarding a bronze ribbon for common platinums, silver for uncommon, gold for rare, and platinum for ultra rare. That accomplishes the same thing as the proposed system, without intentionally excluding games for arbitrary reasons. The side bar module makes more sense than the already cluttered top bar. And, really, all those side bars should be customizable, since this topic clearly shows that not everybody values trophies the same. Let the users use that area to show off what they want people to see on their profiles "at a glance."
  12. Yeah, I've seen it before. I just wanted to watch it again. There are some movies I watch regularly, like Rocky, Forrest Gump (still my favorite movie of all-time), and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (which I watched twice this week). 😂 What else have I watch lately? I Am Mother. That was a...weird one. I'm not usually into sci-fi, but it was decent, even if the "twist" was predictable. I saw Flash of Genius last night. Never thought I'd watch a courtroom drama about the invention of windshield wipers, but here we are. Can't wait for Hollywood's next blockbuster: the real life story of Joseph Gayetty. (Joking aside, it was good. Reminded me of Joy, which is definitely, definitely worth a watch.) As for gaming... Yeah, I had a little discussion with Jens last night about this, but I'm really hating Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It's a very, very dull game. I'm not even sure why. I love Camilla Luddington. The graphics are nice. Lara has a nice pair of...guns. (OK, she's still not dual-wielding.) But the plot is awful, Lara is annoying, and the combat is non-existent most of the time and cookie-cutter when it is there. Like, seriously. Every battle scene plays out the same way. The bad guys and items you can use are arranged in such a way that you're just basically going through the motions. Stealth kill the first guy, grab a bottle from the crate next to you, toss a Molotov cocktail at the group of enemies standing conveniently close together, cover yourself in mud, and wait for everybody else to come to you. I had an entire conversation with Jens while SEVEN bad guys walked over to me, one at a time, and I stealth killed them all. There was an ENTIRE PILE OF DEAD BODIES, but they just kept wandering over. Normally, I love to exploit the AI in games like this, but it just feels wrong when the combat is so infrequent (and honestly the only thing that keeps me from sleeping asleep). The platforming is bad. It's visually impressive, sure, but I'm calling bullshit on half of the stunts Lara is able to pull off. Is she a human or Spider-Man? Well, she's certainly not human, because her personality jumps between neurotic twat and deranged killer constantly. There's one scene where Lara goes on a psychotic killing spree, blows up a helicopter with an assault rifle (yeah, I don't know), and then breaks down into tears while the corpses of her enemies burn around her. "I just make everything worse," she says, and she's not wrong. It doesn't help that the ENTIRE PLOT is her fault. I enjoy her death scenes more than any sane person should, because she's an aggravating protagonist. At least there was some growth in her character in the 2013 reboot. What happened to that? I loved that game. It was my first game on this account. Yeah, she went from, "OMG, I killed a guy," to "I'M COMING FOR YOU ALL!" a little too quickly, but at least the progression made sense. The Lara in this game will walk into your ancient temple and immediately start whacking the walls with a pickaxe. Oh, and a word of advice: don't get into a plane with Lara. You know that shit's going down, because of something she does or orders someone to do. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Invisible, Inc. is fine. I've now beat the game five times. Daemon Code may be the weirdest ultra rare trophy out there. It took me 32 minutes to get that trophy. 32 minutes, guys, from the beginning of the game to the end. It wasn't even hard because you can customize your settings, so you can make the game as easy and short as you want. Just a very weird trophy... The others are tough. I'm up to Day 3 (out of 7) in Expert Plus, Day 5 (out of 6) in Endless Plus, and Day 12 (out of 21) in Endless. Haven't started my zero rewind playthrough yet, but I'm getting kinda bored with the game. It might be time to start something new. Oh, and the NFL preseason begins this week! I haven't heard much news out of Minnesota this offseason, but I just read that Gary Kubiak's offensive has been picking apart Mike Zimmer's defense in practice, which...yeah, I guess that could either be good or bad. If I can find an easy way to watch the game, maybe I'll watch them play the Saints on Friday. (Early NFC Championship match-up? We can hope.)
  13. I almost added that to my list of worst movies too. 😂 Sad to see No Country for Old Men on your list. I haven't seen it, but it looks like something I'd enjoy. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Yeah, you should really give Goodfellas another chance. I can understand not liking Scarface, but Goodfellas is up there with the best in terms of acting, pacing, and cinematography. I'm glad you mentioned The Untouchables too. I borrowed that movie from a friend a while ago and haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Or returning it. Moral of the story: don't let me borrow movies. Speaking of shitty movies... Left Behind with Nick Cage. Wow. Just wow. Double D. 😁 I'll say this: if you can beat the game, you can get the platinum. The only thing really stopping you would be Stygian (NG+), but it's not that much harder. By that point, you'll know what classes you favor, what skills you want, and what trinkets to go after. You could just keep farming The Ruins until you're ready to beat the final dungeon. By your trophy log, I can see you now know how much The Cove/Warrens/Weald suck. 😂
  14. I don't see a problem with this if you're using an official cutoff, like 50%. A player's platinum count will show how many total platinums they have, the Ribbon of Effort shows how many of those are uncommon, and the Ribbon of Rarity shows how many are ultra rare. If you go with 75%, I feel like you are purposely targeting a certain group of games (at which point, you might as well just add a Ribbon of Rubbish, because at least your intentions would be clear). As usual, @Shadiochao has the best ideas. I'm not sure what else could be incorporated, but the Ribbons of Completion and Totality are a good start. On a side note, I'm using Dark Reader and I notice there's a thin green line near the bottom left corner of the ribbon images. Probably should be erased before these go into effect.
  15. I've only seen #4 and #5, so I can only comment on those. The Bond movies (especially the older ones) are corny as hell. That's why I never understood the obsession over Sean Connery. Don't get me wrong -- I love the guy, and I have a ton of respect for what he did for the character, but all of the Connery Bond films are mediocre at best. Moore was entertaining, Brosnan looked the part (wow, he's really gone downhill since, huh?), Dalton starred in one of my favorite Bond films, and Lazenby was better than people give him credit for, but Craig is still my man. I only really liked Casino Royale and Skyfall, though. As for Star Wars... Yeesh, yeah. I struggle to think which prequel I hated the most, but Episode II is a good choice. I do think it comes down to bad writing and bad acting (on Christensen's part). The other characters all seemed fine. Daaamn... Shots fired. It's been a while since I've seen #1 and #2, and I never saw #3 or #4 (never wanted to), but...really? I wouldn't say they're in my top 10, but Scarface and Goodfellas are some of the few movies I'll watch every time I see them on when I'm flipping through the channels. I know they're both about assholes, but Al Pacino and Joe Pesci are so much fun to watch. I guess it's the same reason I like Breaking Bad. I'd argue that any movie or show that can successfully pull off having a villain as the main protagonist must be doing something right. Do you like Donnie Brasco at least? I've heard it's the most "realistic" portrayal of the mob (according to actual mobsters, I guess). I have some controversial picks too, though. I didn't like Napoleon Dynamite. I tried to watch it twice and fell asleep both times. I thought Sin City was crap, and Her was extremely boring. But, you know, I can look at those movies and say, "Yeah, I didn't like them, but I can understand why some people do." ND is supposedly really funny if you like that kind of humor (it reminds me of TBBT, which I also can't stand), Sin City has a neat art style, and Her is...deep and complex, I guess. And obviously you have B-rated movies with B-rated actors like Space Mutiny and Birdemic, but they're cult classics. It's hard to fault a movie for being bad when it had no potential in the first place. That's why I have to give my Worst Movie Ever award to Noah. That's an actual movie that was released in theaters, with a cast that includes Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Watson, and a $125,000,000 budget. It made a profit, but who the hell was that movie intended for? It's miserable, horribly depressing, inaccurate, and an insult to both Christians and atheists. It's the ONLY movie I have EVER watched that I honestly feel nobody could enjoy. If you've watched it and you liked it, you're most likely an alien. Other terrible movies include: The Brothers Grimm, Annie Hall (why do people like this!?), The Great Gatsby (I'll take the book any day), The Core, Brick Mansions, Renegades, anything Uwe Boll has touched, Mortdecai, and Sahara. Oh, and my controversial pick? Mad Max: Fury Road. Hated it. Oh, wow. I saw that in the theater on release day. I thought it was good, but I like stuff about WW2. Anyway, I watched Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston last night. It was...a movie, I think... Sandler looks terrible with a mustache. Aniston looks better every year. I think she's a vampire. Not really a movie I'd recommend, but it's got Terence Stamp...for one scene... (Oh, and the movie did at least one clever thing that made me laugh, so bonus points for that.) Endless Mode on Invisible, Inc. is underway. I got Decker as my third agent. I would've preferred somebody less crap, but you gotta take what's given to you. Also, we made it to August! Football season is almost here. 😁