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  1. Oh God, you evoked the spirit of BW right before a Seahawks game. We're doomed. But yeah, I don't understand why Gronk was out there either. By playing him, you ruled out any chance of a 70 yard Hail Mary (which I doubt Tannehill could throw anyway), and made that ridiculous play possible. Way too many coaches overthinking themselves at the end of games this year, in my opinion. They definitely set the stage for sequels. Everything seems to be a trilogy these days, so I guess that was to be expected. What I will say, though, is I really like how they were able to soft reboot this series. I don't think any series doomed itself more to the possibility of future installments than God of War. I mean, who was left for Kratos to kill? You can only go so far up the chain of gods and mythological creatures. But what they did here was really good, and I enjoy this version of Kratos far more than what the original GoW and GoW2 gave us. So, anyway, I started Valiant Hearts: The Great War. It's pretty great so far. I may even have to change my pick for best character of the year to the dog from VH. If only VC4 had made the in-game dog this useful...
  2. I'm still trying to figure out how you managed you type go!ment instead of comment... I could've done without the collectibles. I'm OK with the combat challenges and...some of the side quests. The one where you get attacked/betrayed at the end was hilarious because I killed the enemy in about two seconds, and it was one of the kill cam shots where Kratos just ripped her jaw straight off. I had a good laugh. I don't see how anybody could call this a bad game, though. Clearly they've never heard of Phil. Bye Felicia sounds like a great 7k milestone. I'm hoping next year is the year we finally get a chance to do something better with our milestones. Otherwise, I wish they'd just give us the option to hide them completely. I'm tired of seeing that stupid Dust platinum on my profile. Plat #40 as a milestone, que loco... That last play was insane. I wish they wouldn't call it the Miami Miracle, though. It should be the Double Lateral Dash or the Immoveable Gronk, because watching him try to make that tackle was...sad. And I say that as someone who loves him as a player. Either way, chin up! The Steelers lost, and KC was lucky to get out of there with a win. Your team should be fine going forward. As for the Vikings... They had every potential NFC wild card team lose (at least the Browns are good for something), and now they need to beat Seattle to keep pace with the Bears. If this isn't a blowout, I fully expect a Cook fumble in the last two minutes to seal the win for the 'hawks. Kirk Cousins: 0-6 on MFN, and Minnesota: 0-4 in their last four games against Seattle. Here's to a c-c-c-combo breaker.
  3. As someone who almost always loves blind playthroughs and grew up in the era of point-and-clicks, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME WITHOUT A GUIDE. The puzzles are stupid and ruin an otherwise great game. This is the only game on the PS4 that I know of where you're actually doing yourself a disservice by going in blind.
  4. I like it the way it is. Divisional games should always matter the most. That's why they're usually saved for the end of the year, and it makes the Chargers/Chiefs game all the more important. If the Chargers want that home game, then beat KC. The only thing I don't like about the current method of playoff seeding is games in common taking precedence over strength of schedule. To me, if you win just as many games as your opponent but played much better teams, you shouldn't be punished for losing one arbitrary game along the way. Head-to-head makes sense, but that's about it.
  5. Yeah... I guess, when playing through the main campaign, I didn't even expect a full story. This was clearly designed to be a soft reboot of the GoW series, and that means sequels are inevitable. Now, if this is the last game they ever make, then MAYBE I'd have a problem with the way things turned out, but there's no reason to think this doesn't at least become a trilogy. It's really no different than all the TV shows and movies nowadays that do the same thing. While I've voiced my concerns about that before -- ultimately, if it leads to better storytelling, I'm all for it. Unfortunately, the only local channel I can watch is NBC, which means I'm restricted to Sunday night games only. The rest, I either have to go somewhere...or listen to the radio. That's actually how I spent last Sunday, cussing out both the Bears and Eli Manning for the better part of three hours. I'm going to try moving the antenna to see if that helps, but at best I'll get a Browns game, which is like not having a TV at all.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't really planning on rushing the story. I wanted to do side quests/collectibles as I progressed, but I felt like I should wait until I had all the necessary upgrades. By that point, the kid was in full brat mode, so I decided to keep pushing so that I wouldn't have to deal with his lip all the time. And once I got there, I was so close to the end that I just had to see it through. Honestly, without going into any spoilers, I thought the ending was perfect. Not sure what people have to complain about, as I've avoided all reviews for this game. Was it the cliffhanger? I'm thinking one AAA title for this month is enough for me. But I'd say VC4 is still my favorite title released this year. It's got some stiff competition, but mostly from colorful, solid platformers that I really can't consider masterpieces, just because of their length. I will say, after playing through Dad of War (I'm just grinding out shit now, while watching YouTube), I wouldn't mind going back and playing through the older GoW games. That might FINALLY be the push I need to give PS Now a try. Can't do it now because of the holiday event (and my internet speed), but combined with XCOM 1, Demon's Souls, and Spec Ops: The Line, there might be just enough games to warrant a 3-month subscription. But I really, really don't want to have to climb that spiked pillar without getting hit again...
  7. Maybe, but I think the Vikings matched up better against the Patriots than the Falcons last year. Belichick's ability to take away a team's best player doesn't necessarily work when you have two really good receivers, and they struggled to beat Jacksonville, a team with a similar defense to the Vikings. Heck, even the regular season game in New England was close, until Rhodes got hurt. Don't get me wrong: I doubt the Vikings would've beaten the Patriots, but I doubt even stronger that they would've kept from choking for another week. They were already doing it THIRTY MINUTES into the Saints game, and needed a miracle to delay the conversation of "What the hell happened?" to the following Sunday. Then again, the Falcons do a great job of disappointing their fans too, so who knows? Maybe the stadium roof would have collapsed on both teams. The Vikings were doomed the moment they were picked to win. I think they're better off sneaking into the playoffs as a wild card team, which is probably what they're going to have to do this year, because I don't see them beating Seattle. That said... SKOL VIKES. 😅
  8. I saw that. Could be fun. But it better have local co-op... You have me on the fence about that Swan game. Don't really need myself puking because of sensory deprivation. I've already played several games this year that gave me motion sickness. And then there's Darkest D, which just grosses me out. I think I'm just going to do Valiant Hearts, Darkest D, GoW, and then either Bard's Gold or The Unfinished Swan, with the other being replaced by a game with a platinum. There should be a lot of games out there that involve money or water. GoW has both!
  9. Also going to go with Atlanta. They underachieved last year, while the Jaguars overachieved. They actually reminded me a lot of the 2000 Ravens, or that one playoff run where Flacco actually looked like a good QB. On the other hand, had Julio caught that ball, it likely would've been another Pats/Falcons SB. (I have zero faith in the Vikings not choking, even at home.) On paper, the Falcons should be a 9-7 or better team every year.
  10. Yeah, those videos would've saved me a lot of time. Still not really sure how it works, but that basically makes Sora's post-game grind trivial (still tedious, though). Arbys were cool. Kinda necessary for some of the bosses, too. And even though they're bland, I like having a Crusader in the first spot. They're really great for tackling the Ruins because of their holy attacks, and that's where I spent about 80% of the game. I give the Vikings a ZERO percent chance of winning. It doesn't matter if Fran Tarkenton in his prime, Ragnar the Red, and Thor himself were playing -- the Vikings are cursed when it comes to the Seahawks. They haven't beaten them since 2009. This is just going to have to be another week where I pray for a Bears loss, because they're likely taking the division with a win. And Kirk's record in MNF games? A big fat zero. WELL, I HAD PLANNED TO GO BACK AND WORK ON COLLECTIBLES BEFORE PROGRESSING FURTHER IN THE STORY (since I think I've gotten all the necessary upgrades), BUT THE KID IS KINDA BEING A BRAT RIGHT NOW, AND I DON'T NEED HIM BRINGING THAT ATTITUDE ON OUR SIDE QUESTS. ONE OF THE THINGS I LIKE THE MOST ABOUT THE GAME IS THAT IT HUMANIZES KRATOS' CHARACTER. AND I DON'T JUST MEAN, "OH, HE HAS A SON AND FEELINGS OF REGRET, SO WE CAN RELATE TO HIM MORE NOW" -- ALTHOUGH THAT IS IMPORTANT. WHAT I MEAN IS THAT WITH CHARACTERS LIKE BOY, HEAD, AND THE DWARVES (who are hilarious, by the way), KRATOS SEEMS LESS LIKE AN ASSHOLE, BECAUSE THEY PLAY OFF HIS PERSONALITY SO MUCH. THIS WASN'T REALLY EVIDENT IN THE ORIGINAL GOD OF WAR GAMES (well, I only played GoW 1 and 2), SO IT'S GOOD TO SEE HERE. Yeah, I really want something below $10, if I have to break out my wallet. GoW is a GameFly game, so I can't really rely on a rental, since I likely won't have this finished until Christmas. I didn't buy Fe when it was on sale, but I do have Forma.8, which Jens suggested... I may end up doing Valiant Hearts. It's free, I'm pretty sure it's set in Europe during WW1, and it's supposed to be really good. No platinum, though, which means I won't be able to do Bard's Gold for Gold Rings. (I bought that game for like $0.89 during a sale.) Geese A-Laying will obviously be GoW, I'm apparently going to be the only person doing The Unfinished Swan for Swans A-Swimming (anybody want to vouch for this one?), No, no. I've spoiled enough already. I think I'm okay with that. I wasted enough money on those damn Pokemon cards. Someday, though, when I find my holographic Blastoise from the original set, I'm going to be rich... In other news, the Jags and Titans appear to be playing baseball, with a score like that.
  11. Little Dragon's Cafe? ...or is that just me? ... Okay...
  12. MY GOD, IT WORKED. I have no idea how or why, but I did what the guy in the video did and got it on my first try. I...really wish I had known about this sooner. I wouldn't have missed a whole season of House. Thanks again! Well, with that GARBAGE out of our way... Shall we see what French game awaits us next? Oui, oui.
  13. Dang, that's brutal. Thanks for saving me the time. I did like the one Mundi game I played. Don't really want to pay full price for another, though... Hm. These events would be a lot easier if I didn't have to start twelve or thirteen games from scratch every time. Don't have the time or money for that! Well, if you were part of the 99 club, congratulations! I somehow maxed out Sora's level and STILL don't have the Air Soldier card. According to the internet, this isn't a particularly rare find, so I think the game is just giving me the middle finger. That said, thanks for the videos, Tech P. Let's see what they have to say about this little bastard...
  14. Another one in the books. As you can see, I saved the best two for last. (Well, honestly, VC4 was pretty amazing.) 0: (4490) Gryphon Knight Epic 1: (6011) Blackwood Crossing (NA) 2: (5912) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS4) 3: (6053) Full Throttle Remastered 4: (5414) Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS4) 5: (8205) Spyro the Dragon 6: (8366) Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood 7: (4397) Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus (NA) 8: (4368) SwapQuest 9: (7399) Valkyria Chronicles 4 (NA)
  15. Hm... What's nice is they all have their uses. I didn't like the Leper on my first playthrough, but he was awesome on NG+. Vestal and Plague Doctor are probably the most useful, though. You NEED a healer (the Occultist is too risky), and the PD's crowd control is amazing. The Jester is good for stress heals too. My ideal team would include all three, but they're all best in either the third or fourth position, so you're kinda forced to choose between them or put in a few shuffle moves (which I what I did). Houndmaster was great before the patch. I'm tempted to get the DLC trophies for Colly Birds, but I have plenty of other horror titles to choose from. SOMA, anyone? Happy (almost?) birthday! Can't believe Maple Story is still around. That's a really old game now... As for me, if you were taking bets on whether I'd reach level 99 with Sora or get all the enemy cards first...well, the race is down to the wire. I have all but ONE enemy card (Air Soldier), and I'm level 96. I'm just farming Air Soldiers in Twilight Town, which gives pretty decent XP, and we'll see what happens first. After that, I guess we're on to French Hens! It horrifies me to think that somebody might actually choose Phil for that category... Can anybody vouch for Wheels of Aurelia? I think it's set in Italy, and that's pretty close to France.