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  1. I was debating between RE2, RE7, and The Evil Within. I went with RE7 because it was on sale. If anybody is looking for a more obscure game for the holiday, I'd recommend Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. I really liked that game. Might get around to Little Nightmares too, if I can find a copy somewhere...
  2. I wouldn't start a new account for milestones. I did...and then they changed what constitutes a milestone. Wish they'd just give us the option to pick our own. Anyway, you're about where I was with my old account, so you probably have a good idea what kind of games you want to play and your goals. I'm not quite sure how you plan to get 3700 trophies in two months, without playing "trophy whore" games. If I could make a suggestion, don't be so worried about your trophy count. I think you'll be more proud of where you are at the end of December, regardless of the number of trophies, if you're playing games you really like.
  3. I wish I had thought of that. I don't normally approve of pay-to-win scenarios, but a.) that expansion sounds awesome, and b.) that trophy SUCKED. I definitely fell in the longer-than-average category when it comes to how many hours I spent popping out babies for Triple Play. Sims 4 is fun, but...yeah, it's a buggy pile of mess. These kinds of games are almost always better played on PC.
  4. Maybe I'll check it out. I typically don't watch speedruns of games I've never played, as I usually can't appreciate them, but I do like seeing how players can abuse a game's mechanics. It makes me giggle like a madman. So far, the Vikings have done exactly what I expected this season: W, L, W, L, W. I have that pattern continuing for two more weeks. I'd be okay with a loss to Philly if the rest of my predictions hold up (I have the Vikings going 10-6 and making the playoffs as a wild card), but I didn't expect the NFC North to be this competitive. 3-2 and yet in last place? That's a bit disheartening, but somebody's gotta lose in Lions/Packers. 😁 Think your Pats will be fine tonight. Anyway, rant time. The Flame in the Flood and I are going to have a little throwdown. I think I messed up. Some trophy descriptions have lines that read something like, "Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without picking your nose," but I took that to mean 40 days in a row, not necessarily the first 40 days. So, naturally, I spent the first 20-30 days of the game preparing myself to go a full 40 days without picking my nose, but I'm pretty sure that negated the trophy. Which sucks because -- in all seriousness, the actual trophy I'm referring to requires not eating plants for 40 days -- doing that ALSO hurt my chances of surviving 200 miles (which is probably the most time-consuming trophy in the game), as I depleted my entire jerky stock. I didn't realize how much harder food was going to be to find after 100 miles. So, now, I'm probably going to have to kill myself and start from scratch for both trophies. The good news is that you can give a few items to your dog, which carry over to your next playthrough. I think I'll save the 200 miles trophy for last, once I have an EPIC stock of jerky and supplies. This will give me time to work on other stupid trophies, such as "Die in every way possible" and "Contract every affliction." Yes, this game really wants you to rub yourself in poison ivy and get syphilis for a trophy. Also, I don't know what it is about the Resident Evil series, but these are by and large the most...unsettling games I've ever played. I'm not even sure that's the right word. They're not scary, and they're not particularly hard, but they make me very uncomfortable or anxious. Some of that comes from knowing that if I die, I'll have to do that same section over again, but that can't be the only reason. That's standard with every game. Is it that I don't WANT to do that section over again? It made me rage sometimes in Dark Souls and gave me a little jump scare in Alien: Isolation, but I didn't dread failure the way I do in Resident Evil. There's also this physical exhaustion I get when I finally complete something. Like, last night, I managed to beat the Nightmare DLC. I don't think it was hard. I failed maybe five or six times before I unlocked the Circular Saw, which made everything except the Jack fight fairly easy (and even that wasn't hard, because I had access to plenty of ammo and traps). But this is the exact same feeling I got while playing Raid Mode in Resident Evil Revelations. It's a mixture of anxiety and physical exhaustion. Am I broken? Why does this put me on the edge, when other games do not? What is wrong with you, Capcom?
  5. Yeah, a lot of DLC doesn't seem worth it. I'd just rather pay half price for more content, if developers are going to keep holding games back at release. I might feel differently if I knew what additional content we might expect for every AAA game that comes out. For TLOU2, I expect about 18 DLCs, with at least one story campaign, a harder difficulty, and several unnecessary multiplayer trophies. I don't know what the pricing will be, but that tells me I'm better off waiting. I think it's worth it. I finished my first run in just under 4 in-game hours (for the speedrun trophy), but it was probably closer to 12 in real time, since I was following a collectibles guide and reloading earlier saves once I had a better idea of what I was doing. I expect Madhouse difficulty to take just as long, so I'll get at least 20 hours worth a play, even before the DLC is considered. (And, from the looks of it, that might be where the majority of my time is spent.) I'm going to start calling him Kirk "1 PM on Sundays" Cousins. 😂 Kidding aside, Rams/Seahawks was the best game this season, and that Lockett TD may be the best catch I've seen all year. I have no idea how he kept his feet in bounds. Unfortunately, I made the wrong choice of which other prime time game to watch, as I opted for the Mayfield meltdown over Colts/Chiefs. At least the Twitter comments on Booger McFarland are entertaining. Platinum #187 - The Adventure Pals You've never heard of this game. Don't lie. I only picked this up because the giraffe on the cover looked so ridiculously stupid, but it ended up being a surprisingly good platformer/hack-and-slash. The graphics, combat, and pun-based humor reminded me a lot of Cat Quest -- even though the developers were clearly using Adventure Time for inspiration. And why not? This game does a better job at capturing the magic of that show than either Jake & Finn Investigations or Pirates of the Enchiridion. No, it's not on the level of Guacamelee or Shantae, but it's a decent enough time-waster for the 6-8 hours it takes to platinum. The trophies are also what trophies should be: fun, easy to do without a guide, and only somewhat more challenging than the game itself. You'll probably only be missing a few cupcakes or stickers when you beat the final boss, and the only real grind I had to worry about was killing myself nine times. Yes, it's that hard to die. If I had a complaint, the game becomes a bit tedious towards the end. There are four or five islands, each island has four or five stages, and each stage has five levels, which honestly don't feel very different. You're mostly doing the same thing every time: follow the coins, whack a few baddies, and flip the switches until you find the path to the exit. Later stages throw in a few new obstacles (like spiked blocks and ziplines), but they feel more like novelties than added challenges. I think I would have preferred longer levels, with a greater variety of gameplay elements, as the overall presentation was a bit too cookie-cutter for my liking. Still, how can you not love this giraffe?
  6. I also subscribe to the one "main" game belief. For example, RE7 is my primary focus right now, but I also have three or four games that I'm chipping away at for the platinum/100%. However, once I complete a full playthrough of RE7, it might lose its status as my "main" game, as I'd probably get too burned out going for all the trophies without another game to break things up. If I end up with too many unfinished games in my backlog, I focus on those before starting something new.
  7. I don't think I'd start with an Atelier game as your first JRPG. (I'm not even sure it technically qualifies as a JRPG, except for the fact that it was developed by a Japanese company and has some light RPG elements.) If you are going to do that, I've only played the four Arland games. You should probably start with Rorona if you want to get the most out of the story, but it's the most difficult to platinum (unless you're doing the Plus/DX versions, which makes Meruru the hardest). Lulua would be the most confusing to start with in terms of the plot, but it has the best gameplay, and you wouldn't have to worry about the time factor that makes the other games in the series so stressful. If you want a really good JRPG, I'd go with Dragon Quest XI. It's the best of a crowded genre. Ni no Kuni and Digimon Story are also worth a play, if you like pretty graphics and Pokemon-esque gameplay, but the trophies kinda suck and I haven't played the sequels. I'd have to defer to someone else for Tales/Persona/Final Fantasy. My experience with them is limited to a few hours of Tales of Vesperia on Xbox, that Persona 3 dancing game, and World of FF (which I liked, but may or may not count as a main game in the series). I'm not sure what qualifies something as a JRPG, but it seems to be an ungodly amount of grinding at the end game. If that doesn't turn you on, you might consider I Am Setsuna, which has all of the elements that make a JRPG good...but packaged into a compact, 30-40 hour experience. A lot of times, I double up by playing one game while watching someone else play (or review) another. It makes the grind more bearable, but it's also the only way I'm going to experience some games, because my backlog is simply too long at this point. I have major titles like The Evil Within and NieR: Automata that have been sitting on my shelf for years. I have over 120 games in my PS4 library. Realistically, I'm not going to get to them all, as every game I play comes with the added consequence of putting off all the others. So, if the best thing I can gain from TLOU2 is the story, and I can get that story from an LP, then it makes a lot more sense for me to do that next year than to shell out $60 for a game that's going to collect dust until 2022. On the other hand, it might work out great, as I was finally able to get Resident Evil 7 (WITH all the DLCs) for $20. That's the deal I've been waiting for. I started playing it a couple of nights ago. I'm doing a bit of a weird first playthrough, where I'm trying to get all of the collectibles, but I'm also trying to get the speedrun trophy, so I'm doing some sections multiple times to shave off a few minutes. Unfortunately, I was so busy focusing on that and trying to keep my pants dry that I forgot some of the missable trophies along the way. Hopefully I can grab them in my Madhouse playthrough, because I'd like to platinum this game in two runs. But yeah, that's kinda how I want to handle AAA games from now on: wait a couple years for a price drop and pick up the complete edition. In sports news, a team from Minnesota actually beat a team from New York. No, it wasn't the Twins -- it was your friendly neighborhood Vikings, laying waste to only the second-worst looking team in the NFC East. (The first just jettisoned their coach.) For a brief week, we can tune out the drama, and I can wear my Case Keenum jersey with pride. Well... Maybe not that.
  8. That could work. Let's try to find Jenny Chicken. He seems to have disappeared from this world. In the meantime... Platinum #186 - Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland You guys probably thought I was joking about finishing every Arland game in the Atelier series before Ryza drops on Halloween. (If you weren't, you have more faith than me in my persistence.) I figured I'd try to take on the original trilogy and only attempt this one if I had at least a month to spare, but I didn't expect to clear all four games...or to be done in the first week of October. That speaks volumes to how addictive these games are. Or how big of a time sink they can be. My earlier impressions of the game held until up until the end, which means I don't really need to praise the game anymore. If anything, I think this is the best entry into the series, even if some of the dialogue and references won't make much sense to newcomers. I'm not usually one to like stereotypical anime girls, but I've found the female leads in each of these games to be increasingly more likable, with Lulua being damn near adorable. Her perky attitude and "It'll all work out...probably!" catch phrase made me almost want to do something meaningful with my life. One really nice feature this game has is a difficulty slider, which is a life saver if you hate the post-game min/max obsession of most JRPGs. In the first three games (and ESPECIALLY Meruru, if you're playing the Plus/DX version), it was almost critical to spend hours at the end of the game crafting the best possible gear and items, which is not as easy as you might think. Remember: these games are all about crafting. Transferring traits across multiple items can give you a headache, as you have to keep in mind what can be synthesized with what, how you're going to combine some traits with other traits to make better traits, and how many points (TP, in this game) are needed to put all the traits you want on that item. Here, I was able to beat up to the final chapter on Normal, with very little focus on upgrading my armor or maxing out my abilities. Once I got to the ridiculously OP post-game bosses, I dropped the difficulty down to Easy, but I still kept my basic armor. That led to some good, balanced boss fights that tend to only exist in the beginning stages of most JRPGs I've played. I think every team is feasible in this game, but I don't know you'd want anybody but Lulua and Rorona in the front and Piana behind them. I just switched out the others to build up their friendship. I did make one major fuck-up by saving over my game file after the credits. Be careful with that, because you need an earlier save to watch all of the endings. (Fortunately, I had a backup that only sent me back about an hour.) All in all, another fun Atelier game that isn't nearly as girly as the title might suggest.
  9. Personally, I think they should leave the spelling the way it is. That's hilarious.
  10. I already platinumed it once. Not doing three playthroughs + two multiplayer campaigns again. But I'll watch somebody play through TLoU2 for the story, if I decide not to pick it up. Depends how much you play. If you play two PS Now games a month, at the annual subscription rate, you're looking at $2.50 per game. That's basically the cost of a one-night rental, but you get to keep the game for a year (or longer, if you renew). The shortest games I play are about 5-6 hours to platinum/100%, which is why I said that playing at least ten PS Now games over the course of a year would justify the cost (using my $1/1 hour of gameplay formula). Not being able to keep the game or having it on physical disc is a bit of a bummer, but I'd primarily be playing it for shorter games that don't have a physical release anyway. Ooooooh. That's good to know! I think I even said something sarcastic to myself like, "If I could drink this rain, I'd never be thirsty again." By the way, it rains a lot in Lulua too. 🙄 I've always been partial to the name Ruby, but you make a good case for Jade. Not sure where she ranks among my favorite Dragon Quest girls, though. Bianca was pretty damn awesome in DQ Heroes. Hm... Depends if you can download PS3 games onto a PS3 console. I don't trust my internet to be able to stream it on my PS4. We'd need five players too. My idea was to hook my PS3 and PS4 up to separate TVs so we'd only need two other people (one, if you did the same), but I need to make sure I can get a stable connection. Did we have somebody else who wants to get Boned too? (Hehehe...) By the way... Fall scented candles > all other candles.
  11. I want to defend Cities, because I really do think it's the best city-building sim out there, but this business practice is making it very difficult to do so. I think I'd be okay with it if one of the following things was true: (a) there's a substantial amount of new content available to players (such as XCOM 2's War of the Chosen DLC, which honestly could have been marketed as XCOM 3 -- and more than made up for XCOM 1's lackluster expansions), or (b) the new content is free (such as in Minecraft, which is a much older game than Cities: Skylines). I'm OK with it in Shovel Knight, because the Plague Knight/Specter Knight campaigns were practically brand new games, with different abilities, movement sets, and level layouts. Cities just adds a few new buildings from time to time, but the core gameplay remains the same. What irks me is that I bought the game on a sale last year, with the season pass included. I assumed at the time that this meant I got the base content, the three existing expansions, and any DLC that would later be released. Of course, a few months later, they release a fourth DLC, followed by another, and another, before finally offering the "season pass 2" (AFTER I had already purchased the new expansions individually). No doubt this Campus DLC will be included in season pass 3. And if these were reasonably priced expansions, it probably wouldn't' be a big deal, but you're looking at $13-15 per DLC. If we assume there end up being 9 DLCs, and you buy each of them individually (let's say at the minimum price I've seen), along with the base game at the original $60 asking price, you can expect to pay (13*9 + 60) $177 for the "complete" game. That's BEFORE taxes, people. Not as bad as Sims 4, sure, but completely inexcusable for a finished product that more or less plays the same as the base model. I got my eye on you, Paradox Interactive. I haven't heard of the latter two (although, while we're on the subject of XCOM-like games, next year's Empire of Sin looks promising), but I've seen a lot of hype for TLoU2 and Cyberpunk 2077. You'll have to let me know how those are. I might just watch a Let's Play of TLoU2 and call that "my playthrough". I can't overstate how much of a chill game Atelier Lulua is. The Restock feature and Interrupt system took me a while to understand, but they basically allow you to go bananas with consumable items in the field. Upgraded armor and weapons seem less important this time around. Maybe it's because I'm mainly relying on the three alchemists in battle, but you can just obliterate trash mobs with the right items. The alchemy system is a massive improvement over the previous games too. It just takes a little time to understand the whole elemental thing. Dunno how far I am in the game. I just reached Chapter 9 out of I believe 11, but post-game is always big in any JRPG. If it's anything like Meruru DX, it'll be almost as long as a second playthrough. I bought RE7 (since it finally fell to a price I deem fair), and I'm going to try out PS Now for at least a week...and then maybe subscribe for one year at the discounted rate, if I feel my internet can handle it. I don't really see a ton of games on there that I want to play and don't already own, so maybe you guys have some suggestions. I think if we can get maybe...I dunno, ten games, then I'll feel like I got my money's worth. Part of the problem, I think, is that a lot of the PS4 games you can download directly onto your console were free PS+ titles not too long ago. New marketing system...maybe? Yeah, I'm not buying it either. Literally. 😂
  12. I would have preferred the option to download PS3 games directly to your PS4, but this could be great for people who have a decent internet connection. I'm going to have to take a look at the PS Now library these days. Could be worth it just for a few PS4 games...
  13. A worthy suggestion. I love the look of that game. It's from my favorite period in American history, and it probably won't disappoint me as much as LotF. With a lot of the games on that list, I just picked titles I already own because I didn't want to commit myself to new purchases (even if there are plenty of games I plan to buy/play over the next year), but I could probably make an exception for L. Lumo is also a possibility, but I haven't done much research into that game yet. It looks like a tricky but fun -- and super ultra rare -- platinum. We certainly won't be touching Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. That's an easy milestone to set up. The last snout is near the end of the game, so you don't have to worry about triggering it early. Alternatively, you could just skip one on purpose and grab it in chapter select...but be aware that all collectibles "respawn", so you'll have to remember which one you missed. It's stupid that you have to redo all the side missions in NG+. Yeah, it's nice you don't have to collect the riddles again (actually, VERY nice), but I don't see why I need to rescue all the political prisoners or track down Deadshot a second time. My plan see how motivated I am around Halloween to play that game. I've done a good job all year only playing it on the holidays (plus or minus a couple of days). My goal will probably be Nightwing DLC + complete NG+ in October. I'm actually pretty close to finishing both. I'll save the side missions and Catwoman DLC for Thanksgiving. That's a long weekend, so I'll probably be able to knock it all out. For Christmas, I just want to log in the game shortly after midnight, say hi to C-Man, and grab my platinum/100%. I don't want to feel rushed to finish anything up at the end of the year. Of course, I'd still like to stick to my goal of 200 platinums by 2020, but I think I can manage five per month. I started Atelier Lulua last night, and it's actually a really gorgeous game. They did a lot of work to improve the UI and graphics. I don't know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to alchemy, but the game seems to have gotten rid of the time limits that made the other Arland games so stressful. I never liked time limits in video games. Even in the original Super Mario Bros, I thought it was stupid, because why should I have to rush through a game that I paid good money for, you know? It's like when you're a kid and you go play laser tag with your friends, but the round only lasts 20 minutes. What kind of horseshit is that? Or when you're on a roller coaster and they expect you to get back in line when the ride is over. Um, hello? I'm not done. Start it back up, Steve. I'll let you know when I've had my fill. But in all seriousness, if you purchase a product and take it home to enjoy, a time limit has always seemed an unnecessary restriction, like you're telling someone that their satisfaction has an expiration date. And yeah, I get it, that some games have challenges that center around being able to accomplish some feat quickly, but why would I ever want to feel rushed? It works in an arcade and in public places because you're trying to squeeze as much money as you can from people in the shortest amount of time, but I never understood it in console games. Especially Mario, where the points don't matter. That just completely ruined games like Quest 64 to me. But I'm getting off-topic. Lulua is cool. Having only played for a few hours, I'm going to say it's probably the best game in the series to begin with. (I know I said that about Totori and probably Meruru, but I'm serious here.) The fact that time still passes but you don't have to worry about getting a game over if you take too long with a task is such a load off my chest, because it means I don't need a hundred pages of notes in front of me at all times, with little scribbles in the margins about events I'm still waiting to trigger or items I still haven't found. More importantly, that means I can just relax and enjoy the game, which is what gaming should be about. We'll see if my opinion changes as I near the 10 hour mark. Anyone excited for any upcoming games? I try to make it a habit to look at new releases at least once a month (even though I rarely buy games until they've been out for at least a year). I'm excited for Civ IV on console. It's a series I've loved for years on PC, but it'll be great to see one with an official trophy list. I'm hoping for one that emphasizes difficulty over grind, but that doesn't seem to be the standard for RTS games. MediEvil looks fun. I figured it'd be released around Halloween, so maybe we'll grab that one as a pre-order. How about major AAA titles? I don't know what Death Stranding is, or what the gameplay in Star Wars Jedi is like, or why people still buy games that have "Madden" or "NBA" in the title, but are there any you got your eyes on? All I know is while all the cool kids are shooting their friends in Call of Doots 18, I'll be playing Mountain Rescue Simulator. That's just how I roll.
  14. Mm... Hard to say. Aesthetically and gameplay-wise, I really like Don't Starve, The Long Dark, Terraria, Minecraft, and TFitF, but they all have terrible trophy lists if you're a completionist. This War of Mine has the most reasonable trophy list, but it's such a depressing game that I can't recommend it. There are others I haven't tried yet, like Oxygen Not Included and Subnautica, that look good. Multiplayer survival games don't interest me. If I was going to recommend one of those, I guess I'd pick Terraria, even though it's probably the least like a traditional survival game. I think the graphics are much better than Minecraft, the music is relaxing, and it's fun to build a castle or a fort or whatever you want to stop the zombie invasions. You're looking at a 100+ hour platinum, but I never got bored. Yeah, I've looked at that before. It's somehow evaded me for the last couple of years (like The Evil Within), but maybe this is the Halloween we finally get around to it. It'd have to be a rental, though, because I can't really see myself paying $30+ for a 6 hour game. Eagles/Packers tonight. (We really need that vomit emoji.)
  15. And tacked on multiplayer modes. Yuck. As long as there's no stupid 300+ hour RNG trophy, I don't mind going back to Cities. I wish these were free updates, though. Minecraft set a nice precedent that I wish others would follow. You'll be fine with Alice, since it's your first experience. It's just not a game that lends itself well to multiple playthroughs. Definitely use a guide for the collectibles, though... And if you do happen to miss one (sometimes you're blocked from going back, due to a door shutting or something), just make a note and go back at the end using chapter select. I missed about three or four collectibles, even using a guide and being fairly knowledgeable about the game. The trophies are good ones for milestones. I got Snicker-snack! because I actually own Alice's vorpal blade. It's one of the few video game collectibles I just had to have. 😅 Anyway, I completely ignored Cities and tried out The Flame in the Flood, which I bought during my most recent splurge. It's actually a pretty decent game, but I'm not sure there's enough gameplay variety to warrant the time it takes to get the platinum. It's a bit like The Long Dark, with a lot less to do. Basically, the game is split into two parts: sailing down river on a raft, which is fun, and collecting supplies while avoiding predators, which is less fun. Like TLD, you have to monitor your food, thirst, warmth, and fatigue, and I have the same issue I have with every survival game. *sigh* Your meters drop too fast. Usually it's the food meter that bothers me, because the average person can go longer than a couple days without food, but it's the water meter that's hardest to manage in this game. I guess that's more realistic at least. The problem with water is that you generally have to filter it, which means making a filter, which eats up precious supplies, which means you spend most of the game in your inventory screen. Unlike most survival games, you actually have three inventory screens (yours, your dog's, and your raft's), so there's a lot of shifting items around. Fortunately, it's very user-friendly. Water is also an issue because it rains ALL THE TIME. This is a problem I've had in games since, oh I dunno, the original Everquest on PC. Do developers think we're impressed with rain graphics? I mean, sure, it looks nice and sounds great, but it's killing me, man. (Literally, rain kills you in this.) I'd just like to play a game where it's not dark and gloomy all the time. Just because you're one of the last survivors in a desolate world filled with creatures that want you dead doesn't make you can't enjoy yourself. I always wonder if I should save my reviews until I have the platinum, but I like to give my early impressions from time to time. I finished my first campaign and...well, I wish the guide had pointed out that I need to die BEFORE I reach the last region, if I want to transfer items over to the next playthrough. (Yeah, see, when you die, you restart from the beginning of the game, but you keep all the inventory on your dog.) The problem is that the game creates a checkpoint each time you enter a new region, and you can't die in the last region, so I don't get all the cool stuff I saved up to make my second playthrough easier. Granted, the game does seem to give you the option to reload an earlier checkpoint after the credits, but it kept sending me back to the end of the game. Wonder if it's a bug or something... I might start Atelier Lulua soon. I haven't really found a guide for it, but it looks like it's a one playthrough/no missable trophy kind of thing, which is how I like my platinums. And then we'll start thinking about what spooky games we'll play for Halloween this year.