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  1. Speedrunning is pretty great. I have no interest in doing it myself, but it's sometimes fun to watch stuff like AGDQ, just to see what's possible with enough time, skill, and luck. Especially the older retro games, like Super Mario Bros. and Zelda. I see it as a personal challenge for players to impose upon themselves, just like I do with Nuzlocke runs and XCOM Ironman. I like those kinds of things because I can take my time and plan out my moves, but I can understand why somebody else might like the pressure of racing against the clock. Mastering a game you really like is sometimes the best part of this hobby. That's why so many people like replaying games.
  2. The new Minecraft trophies were fairly easy. I wonder how many more they can add, though. Isn't there a cap at 125? Bloodstained looks amazing. I'll get to that one eventually. It's a good game for that. I had fun wearing animals on my head. I do remember it being kinda long, though... (Not Dragon Quest XI long, but I felt the grind.) Welp, I game every day. I'm not in any rush, though, so we can get to it whenever you want. I probably won't be anywhere near 10k until late next year... NOT NOW, DAMMIT! πŸ˜‚ You're flying through the KH series. I was hoping to do one game every three months (maybe as part of a community event), but after Nioh...and Sekiro...and The Long Dark...and Dragon Quest XI...and twenty million rounds of XCOM...well, I guess I got sidetracked. We probably should remedy that. Let's begin by taking care of some unfinished business. [Possible spoilers for DQXI below.] First, we gotta get married... Yup, just like in real life, we gotta find a magical genie, ignore all the sensible wishes, and ask for the power of eternal bangitude. Only once he's lying in bed that night, shackled to the chains of marriage and adult responsibilities, does Terry realize that what he truly should have asked for from an all-powerful genie...was a ring to slightly alter Serena's hairstyle. "You're kinda an idiot, aintcha?" Veronica asks. But Terry has no time to tarry! He races off at dawn to fight Baymex from Big Hero 6. In a truly anti-climatic final battle, our once-confirmed bachelor saves the world from utter destruction for the eleventh time this week. The villain garbles from villainy garble, and then explodes in a million rays of light. Peace is restored at last. Some other stuff happens, but it all results in the moment we've been waiting for... Platinum #173 - Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age With blood on his sword, Terry returns to his poor provincial town, breathes in that fresh country air, and opens the front door of his childhood home. "Honey, I'm home!" His wife spins around in utter shock, dropping the plates she was holding. "I thought you were a mute!" THE END
  3. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, in 1 day and 12 hours. I'm not sure why it's at 3.44%. It was fun, easy, and I'm pretty sure free at one point.
  4. So, from my understanding, you just need five players to get to a boss, have four of them die, and then beat the boss with the last remaining player. I know nothing about the gameplay, but I'm assuming that's doable with three people. I wonder if you could even kill two of the players right at the start of the level... I dunno. It'll need more investigation. Bloody hell... This is the game that just won't die. Fortunately, those sound fairly straightforward. Industry Tycoon could be a problem, depending on the requirements to unlock every factory... Either way, it seems I was mistaken about 7,500 being a milestone. I think it used to be, but it's not now, or maybe I thought it was because it was halfway between 5k and 10k (which seems to matter for platinum 50 and 100, but not this), so who knows? These used to be so much fun to plan out. I'm dangerously close to finishing Dragon Quest XI, which is good, because I wasn't sure I'd have it finished this month. Not sure I'm going to have the drawing finished either. I was halfway through it with my old tablet, but then I installed my new one and now the old one won't work, but I don't want to switch tablets mid-drawing because the linework won't be consistent, so it's the blue pen incident all over again and yeah I'm annoyed. On the good side, the new tablet is really slick and I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it. Alright. What's everybody up to for the next couple of weeks? I'm going to try to finish up the three games I got going, and then I'll work on a list of games for the next community event.
  5. What a sexy looking list. Did you have fun trying to categorize games by genre? πŸ˜‚ If only there was a really good X game out there to finish off your Platinum Alphabet. Hmm, I wonder... πŸ‘½
  6. You know, I was just wondering if we were going to get a new community event... This one was really fun last year because it practically forces you to delve deep into your backlog. I ended up playing a lot of great games because of it. (I also ended up playing Swap Quest, but we don't speak of that.) Sign me up.
  7. I like your list too. There are a ton of good games out there, but I'm trying to focus on the ones that are highly unlikely to ever be remastered. That's why I started with Skylanders (yeah, it's Activision, but the hardware component would make this difficult), XCOM (hell, remaster it if you want -- I'd buy it again), and Spec Ops: The Line (pretty sure the devs said they'd rather eat shards of broken glass than remaster this game). Catherine getting remastered makes me VERY happy, because that was always high on my list. And Alice... Call me crazy, but I'm feeling a remaster is coming. Maybe when the sequel hits in a couple of years. I won't touch KoA. It was OK, but it was so OK that it's not worth playing again. I think it's the only PS3 game I mentioned that has MP trophies. (The Souls games are more difficult without help, but I don't care about that.) The problem is that it requires FIVE players from what I hear. I think we could chip it down to three if a couple of people are willing to buy the game for PS3 and also have a second copy going on PS Now on the PS4. Would you be able to do that? I don't mind subscribing to PS Now for a month to get that out of the way. Don't forget your Arkham trophies today! The thing is, I've platinumed Demon's Souls like three times, so I'm not even worried about the PBS. I don't think I ever duped either. At the time, it was the only game I owned for the PS3, so I didn't mind playing it over and over. It would be kinda fun to do it without cheesing every boss, though... Oh, I loved EG! Yeah, there are a couple of trophies that are annoying, but the game is so laid-back that it almost doesn't matter. You'll get them if you just stick with it. Now, The Long Dark is like the anti-Everybody's Golf. If you're just playing it for fun, I think you'll be OK. It's a good game. You have a lot of options on how you can play, and the game can be as easy or difficult as you make it. If you're going for the platinum, though... Ergh. Yeah. You miiight regret your decision. It really is a long platinum, isn't it? I'm 88 hours in, and I just beat what I figured is the end of the game (but let's be real -- there's always another "final" boss). Still have a bunch of trophies to go, including the true ending, maxing out everybody's level, and collecting every costume. Also, welcome to the...whatever we are now. Guess it's still a pile. We should really be something more chill, like a coffee house. Alright. I know some of you are papis, so happy Father's Day to you all, I hope you're able to spend some time with your kids, the Arkham City AR training exercise where you have to fly through Joker's tunnel is bullshit, and I will see you all tonight for more adventures with Terry and friends.
  8. Alright. We're going to make a little change here. I'm going to drop Plague Road (even though it's finished) and replace it with Skylanders Giants (which is also finished) for Play Together. The only reason I'm doing that is because I'm working on a drawing for this event, and I can't figure out a good way to represent Plague Road. Skylanders works for Play Together because you meet lots of NPCs, and also you can play in local co-op... Finally, Dragon Quest XI is my final game, so let's plop it under Blessing and pray I finish it in time.
  9. Yeah, Contra looks pretty great. I'm old enough to remember it being popular, but I don't think I ever played it. The closest I ever got was something like Golden Axe or Double Dragon, which were fun co-op games at the time. It's nice to see these kinds of things being brought back. It's been a pretty quiet week on my part. I've been chipping away at Dragon Quest XI (should beat it this weekend), and I started Spec Ops: The Line because I really want to knock out as many PS3 games as I can. I don't suppose we ever have to worry about losing the ability to sync trophies on the PS3? Either way, this is my tentative list for the console: Alice: Madness Returns Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (maybe the other ones too) Dark Souls Demon's Souls God of War... all of them Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Re:coded Mass Effect trilogy Rocketbirds Spec Ops: The Line Tomb Raider Legend/Anniversary/Underworld I think that's it. Obviously, there are probably hundreds of games on the PS3 that are worth playing, but these are the ones I'd like to play again or for the first time. It might be worth waiting for a remaster for some of these (Demon's Souls, Mass Effect, Alice), and I suppose Dark Souls isn't really a necessity. I just thought it'd be fun to do a challenge run or something. I want to do Rocketbirds so that I can have both games on my account, and you know I love my girl Lara. I'm hesitant on GoW. There are a lot of games in that series, and I remember my thumbs bleeding from trying to platinum GoW1 all those years ago. As for HoD... I just really want that 10k milestone. We should probably knock out that Boned trophy before the servers drop, all those who will be joining me on that quest... Speaking of milestones... It looks like 7,500 is right around the corner. This is one of those stupid milestones that shouldn't be one, but I have some excellent games going right now, so maybe we'll try to get something good. Platinum #175 isn't far away either. I don't really have anything planned out, and I'm not sure what the next community event will be... Depending how much mercy Cities shows me, it might end up being the Summer of PS3, so that I can still play games while the PS4 is on in the background. OK. The sun is up. Time to get in my workout, and then back to Terry and friends!
  10. Hi. Welcome to the mad house. Always nice to see someone who enjoys long, meaty RPGs...and plays them through to completion.
  11. They all look really good. Have you played the originals? Might be worth waiting on the NnK1 remaster, if not. I bought DQH2 last week, even though I probably won't get to it this year. That game is on sale all the time, if you're worried about missing out on a good price...
  12. I like to play one game at a time, and I mentally prepare for that game. For example, a couple of weeks ago, I knew I wanted to play Dragon Quest XI. I also knew it was a long game. So, I copied the trophy guide into a Word document, scanned it over for missables/things to watch out for, printed out a couple of maps and checklists that looked to be helpful, and gave myself about five weeks to complete it. The point of that isn't to rush myself, but rather get a feel for how long it's going to take me, if I average a comfortable 15-20 hours per week of gaming (with no other games on tap). In this case, I've really enjoyed the game, so I'm probably on pace to platinum it in 3-4 weeks. Because of that, I decided to start another game last night that's only 15 hours to platinum. I should have no problem finishing them both in that five-week time span. But if I was behind on DQ XI (like I was last month with Sekiro), I probably wouldn't have started something new. I generally don't like second playthroughs, but I also don't like spoilers, so I'll usually make a judgement call if I have to decide between following a walkthrough and playing a game twice. If I know a game has chapter select for trophy clean-up, I'll almost always ignore the guide on my first playthrough. The part of Sekiro you're on (maxing out skill trees) -- as well as any other mindless grind or task that is put in to a game to waste your time -- gets filed under the "Things to Do While Watching Youtube" category. I try to have at least one trophy like this at any time, for when I don't really feel like gaming, but I also want to be productive.
  13. It's not the only game like that. Child of Light has more achievements on Xbox than trophies on PS4...which is unfortunate, because it would probably have a platinum if they were all brought over. But more isn't better. More is just more. They can keep adding more Star Wars movies to the end of time, but it's not necessarily going to make the series any better.
  14. Oh, that's not good. Do you have insurance? Lightning damage is covered on any standard policy, but you'll have to read the fine print for electronics... Yeesh. That's ridiculous for Railway Empire. I'm glad they didn't add trophies for every ridiculous add-on to The Sims 4, or I'd be broke right now... (But hey, at least the Minecraft ones are free. And I trashed those today.) Yeah, that's a good price for Detroit: BH. I'd pick it up if my backlog wasn't already big enough. Honestly, I'd probably pick up a few games on that sale, but nothing really jumps out at me and says "NECESSITY!" Well, except Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon, but I need to see more than 20% off. For my personal recommendation... Nioh: Complete Edition for $19.99. I spent more than that on the DLC. So, the idea there is to play it once a month throughout this entire year, around the respective Calendar Man holiday. I figure if I can get two or three trophies each month, I'll have the platinum/100% on Christmas Day. And I believe the next holiday is Father's Day, so I guess I'll be back to it next weekend... I'm doing fine, but it's a bit of a pain having to remind myself how to play each month. I think I need to just pick one holiday and try to get all the combat/predator challenges done at once. Anyway, got my new drafting table put together. It's a bit crowded in here, but I have a lot more room to work. I want to put together a quick drawing for this Songkran event, and then start working on a comic book or something. I'm feeling the need for another big project... As far as gaming goes... Just working my way through Dragon Quest XI. The story is really refreshing. It uses a lot of cliches, but they're darker than you might expect. I just wish the text scrolled automatically, because it is kinda annoying having to click your way through what is essentially a cutscene.
  15. Personally, I think it'd look better on the right of our profile pages -- maybe above the trophy cabinet and the (seriously-in-need-of-an-overhaul) milestones. Most of that ends up as white space if you're scrolling through somebody's profile. You could name the box "PSNP Ribbons" and include some of the other ideas here, such as a ribbon for every non-platinum game completed. That would make it clear the awards are site specific, without adding more clutter to the top of the page. As far as the idea goes... Yeah, it's OK, I guess. To me, the games are what matter, so I'd rather see a full list of UR plats on somebody's profile than a number, but that's a personal preference. Maybe the number could be a hyperlink that would take you to a list of games.