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  1. DQ11 is the only game in the main series I've played, but it's definitely worth a try if you like JRPGs. DQ Builders is FANTASTIC...but they really, really hurt that game by putting in a time limit for the trophies. DQ Heroes is good...but I can see why some people wouldn't like it. I'm on the fence about playing DQ Heroes 2. I heard it's like a 200+ hour platinum, which isn't beyond me, but that's definitely pushing my limits. I need to check how much of that is a mindless grind. If I can do other stuff while I play, that may be perfect for repeat movie marathons or TV show binge sessions. Kinda like what I'm doing in Ryza right now. She and her buddies are wailing on stegosauruses while I'm typing this. RDR2 looks pretty great. I'm not really into that style of game, but the setting is wonderful. I wish they had more games with that western theme. The only one I've ever played is Lucky Luke on the original PlayStation, which was a decent enough platformer for its time, but not anything memorable. I'm a bit at a loss of what to play next. I need something short obviously, but I don't want to buy anything new. The only sub-10 hour platinums I have (that survived The Great Purge of 2019) are Teslagrad, Beholder, Hitman GO, and Manual Samuel. If I'm willing to go up to 15 hours, we have Oxenfree, Typoman, Bastion, God of War (PS3), Lumo, Xenon Valkyrie+, and Transistor. And the problem is we really have to do two of them this month, to have any chance of reaching 200 plats. The good news is I bailed on the 2020 ABC event, so it's not like I need to save any of these games for letters next year. I'd say Lumo, GoW, and Bastion are probably out, due to difficulty, and I'm not sure what Xenon entails. I want to do Transistor, but after Bastion. Manual Samuel looks like something I'm either going to love or absolutely hate. I also have an emergency game I picked up on a Black Friday sale, but I know nothing about it. It could be a 10 hour plat or a 30. You know what's another game that needs to come out? Shantae 5. What is taking so long on that? It's been out on iOS since September. Ryza needs to level faster. This is taking forever...
  2. The problem with using platinum counts in 2019 is that you could theoretically get 100+ platinums in just a few days by playing easy/stackable games. They're working on some ribbon system on this site to make it easier to see how you "measure up" to others, but I don't see why it needs to be a competition. Based on your profile, I'd say you're on the lower end when it comes to games played, total number of platinums, and trophies per day, but you have several long/hard platinums, a lot of AAA titles, and zero "easy" games, so that would generally be seen as more respectable. And obviously you've been playing a lot of PC games for the past decade, so it's not like that's your entire history of gaming. But I'm with you in preferring difficulty trophies over stuff like multiplayer or collectibles. It feels so much more worthwhile getting a trophy when it's something you've been struggling with -- not because it's long or grindy, but because it's physically challenging. That's why XCOM is one of my favorite series, both on consoles and PC. When you like a game that much, you don't mind playing through it multiple times, even on the hardest difficulties.
  3. Eh, trophies are whatever. The best thing to do is play games you like, complete the ones you really enjoy, and don't get worked up if things don't go your way. Honestly, I'd say when you ignore my advice above. 😂 I don't think it really has to do with the number of trophies you have or the kinds of games you play. I consider myself to be a casual gamer, even though I play a lot of games and try to 100% everything, because I'm not going to go out of way for the sake of trophies. Once you start stacking games, skipping VNs, using walkthroughs for everything (particularly puzzle-based games), or playing stuff you have absolutely no interest in...I guess that makes you a trophy hunter? Because at that point, you care more about the trophies than the games. But I think you could also see it from the perspective that somebody who tries to platinum everything -- or is at least obsessed with big numbers -- is a trophy hunter. Anyway, welcome to the forums!
  4. Well, it certainly won't be winning best soundtrack. 😂 Didn't hate it as much as some people, but that overworld music drove me nuts. There's a good chance I won't be done this month. With the holidays and a number of difficult games on tap, I'd be lucky to even get to 197 plats. Fortunately, the holiday event isn't officially over until January 12, so we have a little buffer if we need it. Shall we do another round? Best Voice Acting of 2019 No new nominations this time around. King's Quest, Forgotton Anne, South Park: The Fractured But Hole, and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age were all spectacular in the VA department. If I spoke Japanese, the Atelier games might have made an appearance, but the English dubs make me cringe. They didn't even bother with those in Lulua and Ryza. Also, Sekiro had that dude shouting his name at you on horseback, which was cool. I always like to know who I'm fighting before they impale me. But the four nominations I listed were good from beginning to end. King's Quest had the legendary Christopher Lloyd, Forgotton Anne both looked and sounded like a Disney movie, South Park had basically the entire cast from the show, and DQ11...okay, some of the English dubs were sketchy (not sure what was going on with Erik's accent), but they grew on me. How do I pick just one from these? Growing up, King's Quest was like the Resident Evil of point-and-clicks: a great series that was marred by hilariously bad voice acting. If you haven't listened to it, do yourself a favor and check out ANY audio clip from KQ5 (preferably one with the owl). Well, they decided to go in the opposite direction with this remake by hiring actual voice actors, like Fred Tatasciore, Michael-Leon Wooley, Tom Kenny, and the aforementioned Christopher Lloyd as old man Graham. They even have that guy who's in everything but I always forget his name. You know, Rex from Toy Story. Yeah, Wallace Shawn. Thanks, iMDb. This one wins because it's the only game I played this year where I didn't even consider putting on some background noise. It's that good. Worst Voice Acting of 2019 It wasn't really that bad, but who else am I going to give this to? It's practically a meme at this point.
  5. Well, guys. You got me. I started Hollow Knight, after dropping clues I was going to do that for #200 all year (you know, like my avatar). The music and graphics are every bit as good as I hoped. Sometimes when I start playing games like this, I think to myself, "Why do I even bother with anything else?" Well, I think it's because you sometimes need to take the good with the bad. Take last night, for example. Rather than watching what ended up being a good Patriots/Texans games (unless you're @Briste), I opted for The Tuxedo, a 2002 action "comedy" with Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Was it a good Jackie Chan movie? Of course not. Was it even a good movie? That's debatable. But it got me to laugh a few times -- like four, to be exact, which is remarkable for Hollywood -- and it made me appreciate the stuff that he's done with Chris Tucker and Owen Wilson all the more. I think what I really liked about this movie is that Jackie's character is not supposed to know martial arts (the tux gives him the powers), so he has to act like he's surprised by the amazing moves he's pulling off. That can't be easy. Let's hope I can fake it just as easily when I sweep all of the bosses in Hollow Knight on my first try! I mean, I did that to the Fat Knight. How much harder can the later ones be? I'll still need two more games to finish off the year. I think we'll do one more shortie sometime this week and then see how much progress I make in Ryza/HK/Mutant. If I'm not wrapped up by Christmas, we'll tackle another shortie. Otherwise, we'll play a game to fill the time before the end of the year. Isn't there a trophy for doing that? That sounds like a pain. I wanted to get to Yooka-Laylee 2 (that's what I'll be calling it) this year, but there's a bit too much on my plate at the moment. I do think next year, though, I'm going to start focusing only on the games I REALLY want to play. I got my backlog down to 69 (hehe...) games, and I think I could take it down further, if I'm willing to pass on mediocre-looking stuff like Lords of the Fallen and The Surge. I mean, after all... Elden Ring will be out next year. Right? ...Right?
  6. OK. In theory, I'm not quite done with these because I have one trophy left in Arkham City, but it's the Calendar Man trophy and I'll have it on Christmas Day. I just don't feel like waiting until then to post my update because I'll probably forget. And even if I miss that trophy, I'm sure I've played some other award-winning game this year. Thus, BINGO! B1 Anthropomorphized Animals: Owlboy I1 That Gives You the Feels: The Banner Saga 3 N1 DLC Pack or Standalone DLC: Minecraft (DLC Pack 8) G1 That You Can Beat in One Sitting: Old Man’s Journey O1 Released the Year You Joined PSNP: King’s Quest (2015) B2 Hype: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice I2 That “Everyone” But You Has Played: Resident Evil 4 N2 Metroidvania or Rogue-like: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night G2 Developed in a Foreign Country: Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 (Belgium) O2 Favorite Genre: The Banner Saga 2 B3 That You Started but Didn’t Finish: The Unfinished Swan I3 Play as an Antihero or Bad Guy: Spec Ops: The Line N3 Player’s Choice: Plague Road G3 Starts with the First Letter in Your PSNID: Cosmic Star Heroine O3 With Minigames In It: Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! B4 Award-Winning: Arkham City I4 You Think You Will Dislike: Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back N4 Peripheral-Based: Hidden Agenda (PlayLink) G4 In a Series New to You: Dragon Quest XI O4 Cooperative Game: Nioh B5 Adventure: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure I5 With Mystery or Detective Themes: Invisible, Inc. N5 Recommended by a PSNP Member: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Jens) G5 That Takes “Forever” to Beat: Cities: Skylines O5 With an Isometric View: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  7. Mm... I'm doing something similar in my checklist thread, so I'll have to avoid spoilers here. Let's see... Piece of Cake Award: Old Man's Journey. I liked the game, but it was extremely easy. Didn't have any trouble with the train trophy. It's Like Dark Souls: The Banner Saga 2. Played a LOT of hard games this year, but this one took the most planning and luck. Bad Ass Award: This one goes to The Flame in the Flood. You have to survive 200 miles on the river for a trophy and the game gave me the proverbial middle finger about halfway through. I was low on supplies, other trophies weren't popping, I nearly got killed, and I had almost no chance of making it the rest of the way. I thought about restarting the game to give myself a better chance of winning (you can transfer some of your items to the next playthrough), but I was so pissed that I went for broke. Spent the next two hours of my life an inch away from death, tearing down that river at full speed and scrounging up whatever food I could on the mainland to sustain one more mile. I probably had similar moments in The Long Dark, but not like that... Grind of the Year: Ever play Cities: Skylines? Want the 100%? Get ready to leave your PS4 on for 300+ hours so you can get a random natural disaster to appear. Yaaay. King of the Internet: Nioh was fun. A lot of players a lot better than me who carried me to the finish line. Worst Online Experience: Nioh was the only online game I played this year, so I guess it wins both...? Congrats, I guess... Sleeper Hit of the Year: Forgotton Anne. It has issues (mostly when it comes to platforming), but I was very surprised by the overall quality of the game. Little Nightmares would be a close second, but I kinda knew that was good going into it... Biggest Bomb of the Year: Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It's not even close. Outside of the visuals, that game was complete garbage. Lara Croft will forever be tainted to me. Best Trophy Image: Oh, hm. I didn't prepare anything for this. Hard to beat these ones from Bloodstained: RotN, Spec Ops: The Line, and Little Nightmares, though. Worst Trophy Image: Unfinished Swan's "Minimalist." (Yes, there's an image there.) Best Female Character: Margot "Harley" Robbie from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I don't care if she's a player-made character. She saved all of our asses from the alien invasion. Best Male Character: King Graham from King's Quest. Still my favorite, after all these years. 😄 Best Plat of the Year: The Long Dark. I owned that shit. Wurst Plat ov teh Yeer: Cities: Skylines. It wasn't just the 100% that sucked. The whole plat was a grind-filled nightmare. Most Anticipated Plat of 2020: Let's just keep the joke going and say The Witcher 3. You know, because that worked so well for 2018 me.
  8. I think they're on to me... I mean, I have no clue what you guys are talking about it. It's just me and my girl Ryza, building our secret hideout. Ain't nothing else to see here. Yes, guys, that's right. I've finally begun Atelier Ryza, keeping my promise of playing five games in this series this year (and making it one of only three 2019 releases for me to buy). So far, it's...what you'd expect from an Atelier game, for better or worse. I just got to the part where I get to build my own atelier (with blackjack and hookers), which is actually a new concept for me with these kinds of games. Reminds me of when I was a kid and we'd build non-regulation structures in the woods to play in. How I never got tetanus is beyond me. Now, where were we...? Best Setting of 2019 I'm not sure what my intention was when I created this category. How is this different than animation? I guess, for the purposes of making this interesting, let's say this refers to which game had the most appealing place to live in. You know, like if you could live in a video game world, which world would you pick? For me, I guess my top picks would be... *after ten minutes of looking over the games* ...shit, this is a terrible category. Most of these places are filled with death and monsters. Just... The Long Dark, Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, and (surprise) Shadow of the Tomb Raider would also make the list, but it's hard to beat the beauty in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. I spent a good chunk of time at the beginning of the game just jumping around in the lush grass. If it wasn't for the creatures that wanted to wear my insides for a hat, I think this is where I'd build my summer home. Worst Setting of 2019 So, on the flip side, this would have to be the ugliest, most hideous place I'd want to live. You would think this would be an easier one to determine, but I don't want you to think I'm just going to pick a game that has bad graphics, nor do I want to pick a game that would be a terrible place to live but has good graphics for what it's supposed to be (like Resident Evil 7 or Little Nightmares). Here is a game that is repulsive, no matter how you look at it... That's Plague Road, and it is one of the most unappealing experiences you can have on the PS4. Everything is a sickening shade of green. I guess it's because the area is supposed to be full of disease, but it's not even nice to look at. Notice how much more vomit-inducing these greens are than the DQ11 picture above.
  9. Ergh, yeah. I didn't even consider DLC. I think I'm just going to withdraw from this event. Realistically, I'd only end up playing "safe" games that would make less of a dent in my backlog than playing whatever I want. Best of luck to those participating! I've seen a lot of really good titles.
  10. Sure, I get that. If you have 400+ games in your backlog, you probably have most of the letters covered. I have maybe 60 games, and they cover about 15 letters (more if you force some of those free PS+ games that look okay to me, but wouldn't be my first choice for this event). That's at least ten games that I have to buy, compared to the 1-2 for most community events. If each of those games is $30, which is typical for a full price indie game or discounted AAA title, I could have to pay up to $300 if the selection I chose for each missing letter doesn't end up on sale next year. That's not a small amount of money for what is supposed to be a casual community event. @iXanon Are we allowed three backups per letter, or three backups in general? I don't think it's clear right now.
  11. Well, the story was complete garbage, but Cosmic Star Heroine is finished -- on Black Friday! I've also started a proper Saint Lucia's Day game. Arkham City is as close to being finished as it could be (just need to talk to Calendar Man on Christmas for the plat/100%). All in all, a fairly successful beginning to Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving - Mark of the Ninja: Remastered - 100% Black Friday - Cosmic Star Heroine - 100% Saint Lucia's Day - Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout - 4% Las Posadas - Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - 22% Winter Solstice - Frost - 100% Hanukkah - Christmas - Kwanzaa - Broken Age - 100% Boxing Day - Batman: Arkham City - 98% New Years Day -
  12. They also have some of the best trophy images out there. 😁 Alright. As promised... Platinum #194 - Cosmic Star Heroine THIS GAME is the reason I banned current games from participating in the 2019 awards. If I did, it would have EASILY won best soundtrack of the year, while simultaneously edging out The Long Dark for worst story by far. Seriously, everything about this "plot" was laughably bad. I had to convince myself that it was satire because I can't believe real adults worked on this. It's the strangest contrast in quality I've seen in a while too, because the music, animations, and combat were all top-notch. This is the kind of game that, had it come out in the 90's, I would've played over and over again with self-imposed challenges. I opted for a Normal difficulty playthrough, but I think this could be a fun one on Super-Spy. Don't play this for the story. Not even ironically. It doesn't get better, the characters aren't worth getting invested in (except Lauren -- she's pretty cool), and the dialogue isn't worth reading. But if you want a retro-style game with a fairly unique turn-based combat system...you could probably do worse. (You could also do better. Play Chrono Trigger instead.) The game is glitchy too. It froze on me a few times and I ended up having to beat several bosses (including the last one) more than once because trophies wouldn't pop. Be liberal with your backup saves.
  13. The intention of the challenge was for players to own every game on their list prior to 2020? I know for me (and I'm assuming others), my "backlog" is an Amazon wish list. Yes, I have a few games in my PS4 downloads folder, but not for every letter of the alphabet. I think that's ultimately what has turned a few people off to this idea. If the intention is for players to specifically focus on a list of games they already own but haven't gotten to yet, then the alphabet challenge isn't really necessary. It could have just been, "Pick ten games from your shelf and complete them by the end of 2020." I don't think anybody would complain about that. But once you start introducing the additional challenge, I think a lot of people aren't going to have enough qualifying games for every letter, so you're asking them to make a commitment to both the game and the purchase (up to 26 times). Three backup games is pretty generous. Hopefully that encourages more people to join. I'll have an updated list soon.
  14. That's what I did too, but only because the current rules seem more supportive of people who want to work on games they already own than games they want to buy. Take T, for example. I put down Transistor because I got it for free from PS+ and it looks interesting enough that I'd play it for this event, but there are several T games I'd rather play that I don't own. Do I pick one of those, forcing myself to buy a game that may or may not be on sale all year, or lock myself into a game that might only be my third or fourth choice for that letter? Similarly, there are games like Empire of Sin and Elden Ring that may come out next year -- and would certainly be better choices right now for E than any other game I can think of -- but what if they bomb? I don't want to feel obligated to buy a game if it turns out to be something I don't want to play. In short, I think my list now is more reflective of games I'd be willing to play than games I'd want to play, as paying full price for 20+ games is asking a lot.
  15. I like this idea because it allows some leeway when it comes to the uncertainty of sales and new releases. I'm not sure how you're defining "unstarted games," but I'm assuming not everybody currently owns every game on their list. For me anyway, I have several games I want to play, but the ultimate deciding factor will be price. If I can't get Persona 5 for a good price (or if the Royal edition keeps getting pushed back), I don't want to feel obligated to break the bank just so I can have a completed list. Also, you have to consider that many of the participants in this event will also be taking part in other community events, so they might want options for double dipping. I don't even know if 3 backup games are necessary. Just having one or two alternatives would alleviate a lot of concerns, I think.