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  1. Good to know! I think I've just been waiting for an all-inclusive DLC version to come out. Is that what the "Gold" edition is? Might be worth investing my next paycheck in... Actually, yeah. Mummy looks pretty good. 3/10 difficulty and 5 hours to platinum is kinda weak for a $12 game, but I'll consider it. Hey, that's more money in my pocket and less games in my backlog. I'm not going to complain. @DragonQuest238 Nice job on Phil's Lame Biscuit Breakfast. We're now all in an elite group of people who have suffered through the worst game on PSN. Mayo got nothin' on Philly. Well, back to football! Right now, @Briste's team is trying to help my team out with a win, and my boys are trying to do the same.
  2. I think it's a rhythm game. You're supposed to match your moves/attacks to the beat. In other words, I wouldn't get past the first level. I'm even less impressed with it after looking up some reviews. There are a few games I'd recommend, such as A Hat in Time, Alien: Isolation, Until Dawn, and all the Shantaes, but none of those should come as a surprise. Maybe check out Iron Crypticle or Heroes of the Monkey Tavern, if you like old school stuff? Forgotten Anne is just...come on, that game can't be worth $15, even if the animation looks great. Not touching any of those games with "Dead" in the title. Deep Ones sounded cool until I looked at the graphics. I know CJ is all over those Artifex Mundi games, but I dunno about Abyss or Grim Legends. Coffin Dodgers could be good for a laugh... Not sure what RE game I would go with, if I decide to go with any. I might just jump to RE7. Haven't heard good things about RE5 or RE6. I already got The Witcher 3. The rest of the games are pretty obscure. I like the look of The Park and The Coma, but I know nothing about them. Any suggestions, from those of you who have tackled some of those more bizarre titles? And don't suggest the stupid fish head game. I hate the cover of DYING: Reborn more than Phil's Pain-in-the-Ass Adventure. I think I'm just going to buy the Guac for now. In VC4 news... I'm probably the first person in the world to encounter this, but I have found out that if enough of your teammates die in battle, the game feels sorry for you and rewards you with some generic soldiers to replace them. Thus, it doesn't seem possible to have less than 24 soldiers on your squad. Kinda annoying, but at least you don't have to have everybody on your active roster.
  3. I think he's just saying that Bradford has made a lot of money in his career by either being a backup or being hurt. I mean, just this year alone -- $20 million ($15 million guaranteed) to essentially play three games with the Cardinals. As a backup to Rosen, he'd be making over $300k per game, from the bench. Regardless of his talent, that's an absurd amount of money to be made by doing essentially nothing. That said, when he HAS played (at least with the Vikings), he's looked good. I'll always wonder what might have been if he had replaced Keenum last year. Probably the same result, at best -- Keenum was playing out of his mind in some of those games -- but I certainly think Bradford is good enough to be a starter. Honestly, I thought Rosen looked terrible last night. He turned over the ball five times, and it probably should have been double that when you consider how many fumbles and interceptions were called back. But it amazes me that you got players like Nathan Peterman taking snaps while Bradford and Bridgewater are on the sidelines. (Yes, I know Peterman is a backup, but the Bills are clearly a team that needs a QB1 more than the Saints.) But then, I like all ex-Vikings QBs. Except Josh Freeman. What ever happened to that guy?
  4. Nice job. I see you even made the top 15 for fastest platinum! That's actually really impressive, since PICO-8 took me like two hours. Oh, wow. A whole 12 days to play spooky games before Halloween is over. Good thing Christmas will make up for it by being THREE MONTHS LONG. I only looked through the list quickly, but I'm not seeing a lot that I'm in love with. I was hoping Bloodstained would make the cut. I'll have to look deeper into some of the games I've never heard of, but the only ones that catch my eye right now are Guacamelee, Forgotten Anne (I'd like to see a bigger sale than that, though), and RE4. But hey, at least Crypt of the Necrodancer is on sale for $2.99. That never happens. </sarcasm> Despite what it looks like, I HAVE been playing VC4. I just haven't made much progress this week. Chapter 15 is actually really tough. I'm not sure how to kill the boss in six turns. The thing just soaks up so much damage. I know there are some tricks you can do with orders (similar to Alicia in VC1), but setting it up won't be easy. I'm probably just going to level up a bit in skirmishes and other missions that I haven't S ranked yet. Anyway... Watching the Broncos/Cardinals. I've seen a lot of bad games in my life, but I don't think I've ever seen so much incompetence from a single team as what I'm witnessing from Arizona tonight. The score should be even more lopsided than it is right now (and it's 45-10).
  5. It's very unlikely that they'd suddenly allow spaces or change the maximum character length. I wouldn't count on being able to "reserve" names either. This is probably going to be very bare bones (i.e. change your name to something that hasn't already been taken, but you retain your existing name and all previous ones) -- at least, until all bugs have been ironed out. Which, knowing Sony, means somewhere around 2028.
  6. I'd just be impressed if you keep this account. Anyway, I finished Teddy. It's actually a pretty fun platformer. It's not in the same realm as Celeste or A Hat in Time, but it might be a decent pickup on an under $5 sale. You'll want a guide for the fireflies (and maybe to figure out what the heck you're doing), but there are no missables. Bosses aren't too hard. The game doesn't get the usual big announcement with the size 26 font and platinum image, because there is no platinum. Boo. That puts me just one game away from 100%. And holy shit, did I actually say I liked Scott before? I know I said Connor was the most annoying character in VC4, but someone who ONLY says "Yes, sir!" and "No, sir!" takes the cake. Don't think that's annoying? Yeah, wait until you get to his Squad Story, where he literally tries to hold entire conversations with just those lines. Thanks, no thanks. You're next on the chopping block. As is the soldier whose "backstory" is that she's an enemy spy and just stole classified documents from me. Oh, and the soldier who is totally okay with that. Yeah, those three are getting run over by my tank. Still no Halloween sale. Think I'll be saving all my money for Christmas. Sorry, Sony, but you done fucked up again.
  7. Another one bites the dust! Well, I guess this is the first one. And it isn't a one. It's a seven. 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: (4397) Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus 8: 9: (7399) Valkyria Chronicles 4
  8. Oh, I probably won't. It's just funny to me because the inability to change our PSN names is the reason I've burned through so many accounts over the years. It would be pretty fitting for us to finally have that option, only for me to turn it down because I've actually grown quite fond of this name. I wouldn't merge accounts either. All my old accounts had PS3 games only, and I eventually plan to replay the ones I really care about (maybe when the PS5 comes out). Plus, I don't even remember the names... The only thing I hate more than the "prevent" defense is when a team shoots itself in the foot the way the Chiefs did. I know it's tempting to score a TD at that point in the game, but it was pretty clear that Brady was going to march right down the field to set them up for the game-winning field goal (evidenced by the fact that they didn't punt a single time last night). Honestly, I'd rather see the player drop at the 1 yard line. That gives you four chances to run it in for a TD. If you can't do that, you probably don't deserve to win the game. But don't put the ball in Brady's hands with two minutes left to go...especially not when you have the worst defense in football. The Vikings gave me a bit of a scare with the box score, but it sounds like they were manhandling the Cardinals all afternoon. Cousins had another solid day, Thielen is ridiculous (besides having six games of 100+ yards in a row, did you see that sideline catch?), and we FINALLY got a ground game going. The NFL tortured me by keeping the Browns on all day...and then proceeded to flip over to the end of Colts/Jets, rather than the OT game in Miami. So, unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the Fins tail slap the Bears, but I imagine it was glorious. Let's hope GB ONLY kicks field goals tonight. If the 49ers pull off this upset, I'll be absolutely giddy going into next week.
  9. I'm just glad the Vikings didn't drop another home game to a far inferior team. That said, I'll always like match-ups with the Cardinals. Cards/Vikes was the first NFL game I saw live, and Larry Fitz is one of my favorite receivers. Been wishing we'd make a trade for him for years... Also, thank you, Dolphins! You picked an excellent week to bounce back.
  10. Sounds good. I don't think the game starts getting difficult until Chapter 3 or 4, but the screens are so short that it never really gets frustrating. As for me, I just kicked the shit out of DLCcraft and every Teddy boss that dared to get in my way. Stayed up a little later than I wanted to, but that fourth boss was giving me fits. Wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of waiting another night. And now, to sleep, and then to watch my Vikes clip the wings of another bird! This time, the Cardinal variety.
  11. OK. Since Sony is failing in the whole Halloween-sale-before-Halloween department (and because I'm too addicted to Valkyria Chronicles 4 to play anything else), I think it's time to play our trump card. That's right -- we're going to make all those DLC-loving developers pay. You want to add DLC to Crash: Warped? Fine. Chronophobia. (Because the bonus level is called Future Tense, and the whole game is basically a time trial.) DLC to Prison Architect? Whatever. Thanatophobia. (Because the DLC is called Escape Mode, where you try to escape from prison -- in any way other than a body bag.) Minecraft DLC for the ten millionth time? Yeah, that's Kinemortophobia. (Because zombies.) You want to play dirty, developers? Well, I can too. Now, take your jank DLC trophies and shove 'em where the sun don't shine, because they're all back to 100%. Wham bam thank you ma'am.
  12. Yeah. If that's the way you wanna play, then do it. The game is worth playing just for the soundtrack anyway. I was unable to earn another Teddy troph tonight. This game is very confusing. It's definitely done in Metroidvania style, which I appreciate, and it plays a lot like Zelda II, but I spend most of the time running back and forth through the same rooms in a desperate attempt to figure out where to go next. There's a room with vines that I can almost get across, but one of the last jumps seems too far. There's also a town with frog people. One of them wants a violin, which I was able to find, but the other wants...I dunno, a loaf of bread? Weird ass frog. Some of the rooms are numbered and others are colored. I think I've figured out that blue areas contain treasure chests, but I dunno what yellow means, and several rooms have the same numbers (1 and 2). Oh, and my teddy bear has been stolen. I don't think that's a spoiler. This game doesn't make enough sense to spoil anything. Oh, and I forgot to mention this, but I've joined YET ANOTHER community event. This one is Gaming By Numbers. I haven't really read the rules, but I think the idea is I play whatever games I feel like, and then there is some number in that game's URL that decide what "category" it fits under. It runs from today until the end of the year, so I figure I'll have time to complete at least 10 games between now and then. In fact, Teddy counts as 7 and VC4 as 9, so I'm well on my way to being a counting machine! A calculator. That's what a counting machine is. Beep boop bop.
  13. I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan. I'm not sure how that got started. My father likes the Packers (and I rarely agree with him on anything), I love Nordic culture and the color purple, and they were the first team I got to see live. Plus, they've almost always been the underdog (until last year, and way back in the 70's), and I like cheering for a team that hasn't won a championship yet. The last thing I want to do is end up like a Cowboys fan, claiming Super Bowl victories that happened before I was even born. They also have a really good fan base, like the Browns (my other favorite team). HZD was fun! Not a bad platinum either. A couple of those trials pissed me off, though... So... from first trophy to last, I got the platinum in 3 days and 8 hours, and I'm barely in the top 100. But I think that's because the trophies don't stop popping until halfway through the game. It's maybe a 35-45 hour platinum? The difficulty is probably a 4 or 5. It WOULD be higher, but you can cheese so much of the post-game with Alicia. It's a good game to chip away at slowly (because of the storybook format), but you can easily put in 6-8 hour sessions without being overwhelmed because of the simple gameplay. One of the things I like the most about the series is that the missions are almost like puzzles. Yes, you're using guns and switching between RTS and turn-based combat, but positioning and class selection are everything. For example, do you try to take a stealthy approach by having your Scouts go on ahead and allowing your Snipers to take out any enemies they find, or do you charge forward with your tank and Shocktroopers? Also, if anybody is wondering, I see no reason why you couldn't play VC4 first. It's only loosely related to the original. I don't think GameFly cares how long you keep a game, as long as you keep paying the monthly subscription fee. But 600 hours is...damn. I'll take a hard pass on that one. Cool stuff seeing an Anomalocaris in the game, though! ANYWAY, I finally got a trophy in Teddy, proving that I am able to pry myself away from VC4. Can I make it two before the night is over? Side note: Wow, the Giants are terrible.
  14. Patriots over Chiefs makes sense to me. How many times have we been fooled by a slow start to the Patriots, or a fast start to the Chiefs? Should be a good game, either way. On a separate note, should the Giants just change their name to the New York Barkleys?
  15. I think there's a topic on here like that. "Choose a platinum for the user above you," or something. I...don't really care for that kind of that, because I'd rather choose the games I play, but it might be fun if you want to broaden your horizons. I wouldn't wish Spy Chameleon on my worst enemy. And that'd be Phil. Phil is my worst enemy. I doubt I'll ever play a Lightwood Games title again. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was like Pic-a-Pix Color, which gradually got more difficult, and was actually, you know, fun to play. But doing the same mindless task over and over again is torture. It was a risky move, but I don't THINK I'm locked out. As long as you complete each character's Squad Story (while getting the S rank and killing any ace enemies in that mission), you should be able to kill off anybody you want. At the very least, you can buy back soldiers in the post-game (I guess?), so I'm told nothing is missable. Another thing I don't really care for is how CP is calculated. CP, if you recall, is how many "moves" you get to make per turn. Leaders, such as Claude and Riley, grant an extra CP, so it'd be stupid NOT to use them in every battle. And since you end up with five or six leaders, you really only get a small handful of "other" units to work with. And since you need to use those other units many times in order to unlock their individual Squad Stories, it's pretty much a revolving door. Just like the Vikings' O-line. Yeah, that sounds kinda dumb. I remember seeing a review of it once and categorizing it in the watch-a-Let's-Play-but-don't-actually-play-it category. I thought it was because the difficulty, but I don't remember being enamored with the characters or storyline either. I would definitely play Persona 5 before I even considered Catherine. Anyway, lots of big news! First of all, we got a classic match-up tonight between the Eagles and Giants. These are actually my favorite kind of Thursday night lineups because they don't directly affect my team (so I'm not going to get too worked up), but they're still important enough to matter (so I at least have some interest in the result). Plus, the loser of this game is in serious trouble, and you know that's going to lead to some juicy drama, either from Poodle Boy Junior or the defending world champs. Second of all, Sony actually seriously finally announced that PSN name changes are a thing that's happening. I think I told you before that I want through this phase where I was making a new account every couple of months because I couldn't find a name I liked, and I hated the fact that I'd be stuck with whatever I took forever. Now, when will it be implemented, how will it work, are older/unused names going to be purged, and are there any risks involved? Those are questions I need answered before I even considering changing my name to something else. Third, I am still addicted to VC. It's very doubtful I'll even get to play another game this month. I went back and got an S rank (it's actually an A rank) on every mission that I hadn't already, so, in theory, I may be able to pop the plat when I beat the game. There's no NG+ on extra grinding to do, I don't think. Unfortunately, in order to truly complete the Halloween event, I'll need to knock out four more games. I could probably use Crash and P-Arch, since I technically completed the DLC during the event, but what else? Hmm... Fourth, where's that damn Halloween sale!?