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  1. Hmm... Dana's style change and extra dungeons are tempting... Really bad that there is no DLC or patch for the Vita version to add that extra content.
  2. Title. I really enjoy the Ys series, but I would rather avoid playing it on the console simply because I have to spend more time outside home because of work. And it is a title that, on a handheld, I could play little by little on my free time without ruining the experience. So, any bugs, glitches or crashing situations? I dont mind long load times (looking at you, Ys Origins). Thanks in advance!
  3. I hear the call. Its the hunter's call. So long have I stayed in a single world that I almost forgot what it was. My work is far from done in Eorzea - in fact, I feel a new threat looming in the horizon. But the hunter's call is loud and insistent. Not that I needed to be persuaded! So I embark on a new journey, a new land, to pit myself against beasts I have never seen before. Between them and me, let's see who is the real hunter. ~ Van Ryker ~ Took long enough, but I am back to the hunting business. A free trial was all I needed to finally get this one going!
  4. I got this from last week sale And this from this week sale I already know Trails of Cold Steel 2 is gonna be the best game I played this year... and Im only in the intro!
  5. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory for PS Vita. Yea or Nay?

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    2. ab4h4r4k1


      Thanks for your opinion. The idea of getting this for Vita is to play when I have small breaks from work, so I can live with bad loading times.

    3. JaM


      probably off topic: Digital? If not, make sure to check if both game is in same region if you want easier life with regards to medals :|

    4. ab4h4r4k1


      Yeah, digital. Getting it from the PSN store, so i dont think I will have problems with region locked medals )at least I hope so).

  6. Anyone else with log in problems on the PS4? I can log in my Vita, but am not receiving the 2-step code message.

  7. But Abyssal Bead is pretty much useless in Alice's Maze - if you plan a long run, of course. Anyway, in Delta you have the Grim Faction build that you can work as well. Melee offerings are your best option for Alice Maze run if you plan to go as far as possible. And, of course, there are the support offerings. They add a lot of possibilities to the game, so you will probably have fun figuring out different setups.
  8. I dont mind delays. Its way better than getting a game that had its released rushed only to find it full of bugs or full of yet-to-release DLCs that will give a little more of content.
  9. Hmm... people are catching up to the gold rank. Guess I have to stop being such a penny pincher I get MHW already. Congratulations for everyone who got promoted. It was well deserved, Im sure of it.
  10. You are doing it right, but probably need to adjust your sigils for more power. For those dual Elven Queen and Illecebra bosses, separate them and keep on using the throwing offerings - its best to solo these battles, as the AI really doenst help at all. As for Phoenix and Griffin, multiplayer is the better option since the map is small and you will have a hard time trying to separate them.
  11. Actually, there is something new this week: for those who care, the Vita Golden Week page was removed.
  12. Both are very good. Rune Factory has a lot to do besides battle - exploring, sidequests, crafting, building relationships, in-game events - which adds a lot of fun to the game. Tears to Tiara is, for most part, a visual novel in story mode, but the tactical part is really engaging - and the end game dungeon is 99.9% tactics and 1% story to compensate it. You will not be disappointed whatever you choose.
  13. To everyone with a EU account, get Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2! It will be money well spent and you wont regret a minute of the awesome series that these two titles are.