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  1. Ah P4 Dancing... why did you have to show up on a sale AFTER I just bought Fate/Extella and even used the discount code? Its not today that you will be in my Vita. Truly a shame.
  2. After some thought and opinions, I welcome this title to my list:
  3. I must apologize to everyone who voted. As pointed out by @RJP_X the 2nd game is not Akiba's Trip, but rather Akiba's Beat. I played Akiba's Trip Undressed and Undead in my old PS3 and liked it very much. Thats why I want to give Akiba's Beat, its theoretically successor, a chance.
  4. Both games are on my wishlist. And both games are on sale. But I can only afford to buy one. On one hand, its been a long time since I played a good old musou-like game and FATE/Extella would be a fun game in that aspect. On the other hand, Akiba's Beat kind of remind me of Persona series. And its a RPG. If you played any of these games, give me your opinion! Thanks in advance.
  5. Is Gaming Sessions broken? It keeps showing me all games even when I select "Games I won".

    1. Hemiak


      You won them all. Congrats!!! 

  6. Do I need the full version of TLOU to play Left Behind Stand Alone ver. on PS4?

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    2. ab4h4r4k1


      Thanks for the replies, but it was not what I really asked. I know I can buy them separately, but can I play Left Behind without the main game being installed on my PS4?

    3. Willstown


      there would be no point buying it separately on PS4 as every PS4 version of the base game has Left behind already

    4. cr1s


      You don't need the full version of TLoU to play the standalone version of Left Behind. It's called a "standalone version" for a reason...


      The PlayStation Store's description of that version even includes the following:



      • This is a standalone game and doesn’t require a copy of The Last of Us™ Remastered.

  7. @viech54 Congratulations! Stories of your feats echoes throughout the realms and enemies tremble with the slightest mention of your name. Keep up the good hunt and remember: it is not if you can win, but when you will win.
  8. @viech54 Most missions are like that from what I remember. Again, I did not find it hard cause I could actually tank a Large Oni while the group was taking care of the others. By the time they would come help me, it was already with 2-3 severed limbs. Of course, I had all my gear +12 and my mitama setup was to ensure that I could deliver Destroyers as fast as possible.
  9. @viech54 Soul Sacrifice is doable without internet connection. Even the multiplayer trophies can be done without actual multiplayer. You just have to understand the way each spell works and create your own combos. @fyiByas I will repost the info I gave to viech54 regarding the infamous Aurogrinder
  10. I dont remember. Honestly. But I do remember that there was a Phytodior mission that was kinda glitched and it would take a few minutes for it to spawn even after destroying the poisonous fruits/rocks that mark its position.
  11. The very beginning reminds of Xenogears' Small Two of Pieces.
  12. By the Gaming Gods! And to think that I could never have heard this magnificent music!
  13. Those Red Areas can only be properly accessed after you purify every barrier stone and close the miasma hole (Main Story Quest) in the area. From red it will turn purple. So dont bother getting through them for now. As for the quests, I cant say for sure if there are missable ones since I did every one of them as they showed up.
  14. Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End Charted! Speedrun I was really bummed when I did not get this. I did everything right, with at least 10 minutes to spare but the trophy did not pop up. I did not go back to Uncharted 4 since it happened.
  15. I will go for the Vita version when I buy it, unless it is full of glitches. I cant take my PS4 everywhere with me and I can always play a little during work break or after lunch with Vita. That said, I believe you already have your answer seeing that PS4 version price. If they had the same price maybe you would go for the Vita version, but since that is not the case...