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  1. You are doing it right, but probably need to adjust your sigils for more power. For those dual Elven Queen and Illecebra bosses, separate them and keep on using the throwing offerings - its best to solo these battles, as the AI really doenst help at all. As for Phoenix and Griffin, multiplayer is the better option since the map is small and you will have a hard time trying to separate them.
  2. Actually, there is something new this week: for those who care, the Vita Golden Week page was removed.
  3. Both are very good. Rune Factory has a lot to do besides battle - exploring, sidequests, crafting, building relationships, in-game events - which adds a lot of fun to the game. Tears to Tiara is, for most part, a visual novel in story mode, but the tactical part is really engaging - and the end game dungeon is 99.9% tactics and 1% story to compensate it. You will not be disappointed whatever you choose.
  4. To everyone with a EU account, get Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2! It will be money well spent and you wont regret a minute of the awesome series that these two titles are.
  5. Why, Trails of Cold Steel 2? Why are you never on sale??

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    2. ab4h4r4k1


      I want the Vita version. I dont have a ps3 right now and I have no idea when the ps4 remaster version will be released (and truth be honest, this game series doesnt need better graphics).



      No. It doesnt but I can only stand personally playing a vita game an hr or so before my eyes get overly sleepy. (jelly of those who can deal with handheld screens) Also ps4 game prices tend to drop fast. (itll probably be cheaper than vita) The last and onnly time the vita ver ever was on sale was...back in march 2017 for 28$. xD

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Buy physical :D


      >Also ps4 game prices tend to drop fast. 


      Do they? :awesome: 


      >(and truth be honest, this game series doesnt need better graphics).





  6. Right now, the game is kinda empty - which means wait times for dungeons or bosses are somewhere between 7-10 minutes depending on the role you are using. Most of the game can be done solo and dungeons are doable with random players; the only content that you really need a fixed group are some Savage raids and, for now, the Ultimate Bahamut raid. If you never played FF14, I recommend that you try the free trial version 1st before purchasing the full game. You will be able to play up to Lv35 (max Lv is 70) with any and all jobs and get a feel if this is what you really wanna play. Different from the monster hunter games, FF14 is a MMORPG so you will invest a lot of time and effort in it. There is a lot to do beyond fighting and grinding better gear.
  7. @viech54 I will spend a long time in Eorzea, you can be sure of that. im on the Behemoth server, Primal Data Server. And I always use the same name in every game, so it wont be a problem to find me. I should jump to MHW in the middle of the year. Since I cant play it on the small breaks at work, its better to play it at vacation.
  8. @viech54 Your astounding feat reached me even in the far land of Eorzea! It is good to see another hunter going up the bloody, gruesome but fulfilling stairs of glory. May all who roam this PP be inspired by your battle prowess (and patience, by the looks of it). As for SS, throwing offerings are the best. You will be able to solo fights with those things - even the Dual Illecebra pact - if you know how to use them.
  9. Looks like a new console is on the horizon. You dont cut 2/3 of PS+ services and think everything will be fine. Sony will probably introduce a new Monthly Games console lineup. My guess is that it will be PS4, PSVR and the new unnamed console. Also... what will happen to any save from PS3 or Vita in the PS+ online storage?
  10. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn A Realm Restored Ultra Rare: 3.41% To think that I almost did not get this trophy with the "account banned" thing at the end of last year... This game is good. Really good. And the more I do, the more I realize that there are things I still havent done. Because of ARR, my trophy hunting almost stopped. And I really dont know when I will give attention to other games....
  11. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn Destiny's Rare - 16.44% Which led to.... A Realm Restored Ultra Rare: 3.41% Truth is, this last gold trophy could be grinded a long time ago. But why bother? And I got it after defeating Ixion's FATE (again), so it was kind of appropriate. 😉
  12. Knack, RIME and, lo and behold, Grand Kingdom (so glad I didnt buy that last year in any sale) will be part of my ever growing backlog.
  13. It will be some time before I get MHW. Kinda broke right now, but I gladly accept the challenge to get to the highest position of this PP once more.
  14. Always good to see premium giveaways! Thank you for this and happy holidays!
  15. So 2017 is coming to an end and I am wondering - again - how everyone did this year? How much love did you show to your consoles? Go to your Stats and check your Trophy Progression from January 1st until the date of your reply. Also, tell us what was the best game and the worst game you played in 2017 (it doesnt need to have been released in 2017). In my case: Bronze Trophies: from 2113 to 2468 Silver Trophies: from 472 to 566 Gold Trophies: from 156 to 182 Platinum Trophies: from 35 to 41 (Thanks to Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn, I barely have new trophies to show) Best game I played: Persona 5 is as epic as I expected it to be. The soundtrack, the characters, the story... It is incredible how the wait for a new Persona game was worth the time. Worst game I played: Hmmm... Nothing was really bad this year, but Trine 3 - The Artifacts of Power was the weakest game I played, mostly because the story is not complete. Best trophy of the year: thanks for the idea @i-kicked-a-brit. For me, of course, it is this one: