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  1. Always good to see premium giveaways! Thank you for this and happy holidays!
  2. So 2017 is coming to an end and I am wondering - again - how everyone did this year? How much love did you show to your consoles? Go to your Stats and check your Trophy Progression from January 1st until the date of your reply. Also, tell us what was the best game and the worst game you played in 2017 (it doesnt need to have been released in 2017). In my case: Bronze Trophies: from 2113 to 2468 Silver Trophies: from 472 to 566 Gold Trophies: from 156 to 182 Platinum Trophies: from 35 to 41 (Thanks to Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn, I barely have new trophies to show) Best game I played: Persona 5 is as epic as I expected it to be. The soundtrack, the characters, the story... It is incredible how the wait for a new Persona game was worth the time. Worst game I played: Hmmm... Nothing was really bad this year, but Trine 3 - The Artifacts of Power was the weakest game I played, mostly because the story is not complete. Best trophy of the year: thanks for the idea @i-kicked-a-brit. For me, of course, it is this one:
  3. No idea and they didnt give me any info about that. Gotta be triple careful from now on. No, they are not. But they have to review the use of some terms. "Banned" and "Suspended" have different weights on the mind of a gamer.
  4. Final Status Update: It is with great pleasure that I tell all of you that my problem was solved - and faster than I imagined! I must confess that I was not optimistic at all with this situation. Now that it is over, that I can access my account again (2 step verification already on BTW), I cant find words to say how I feel. My sincere thanks for everyone who, in one way or another, supported me throught this ordeal. If anything, getting back my account was the greatest Platinum Trophy I could ever get this year.
  5. Status Update: this time, I used the online chat service since I did not get any email and over the phone was not getting me through to any attendant. My request will take 1-2 days to be finalized. Maybe tomorrow, but most probably on Monday. I hope tomorrow. 😐 And yes, it was banned. But more like a "kind of suspension" for security reasons (which I have no idea what they are) according to the attendant.
  6. I cant access it since I am still "banned". Gotta wait and see. And yeah, in the event I get my account back, 2 step verification will be the first thing I will do.
  7. Nothing after my talk with Costumer Service at 12pm. I even thought of trying to log in, but it could lead to another problem or the delay of solving the current problem; so I did not attempt it. One small detail got my hopes up: my psn profile is still here, with the trophies and PS+ status after it autosynced. So maybe my account is still in the system after all. Going for my 4th movie today. Gotta keep me busy somehow.
  8. Call it a trust issue. If I am severily punished anywhere for something I have no idea what I did wrong, I will not go back to said place. Ever. In these 20 years, I have enjoyed everything Sony had to offer. But if they will discard me without a second thought, why should I go back to them? Besides, resorting to PC right now is mainly because of FF14: ARR. My main goal is to have fun; trophies are secondary, even when they are a good reason to go back to a game or grind for countless days. Still waiting on the email while watching some movies and animes.
  9. Never used it. Gonna have to rethink on that. The PS4 message stated I was banned. Same thing when trying to log in from a computer. Still not solved, as I did not get the email to access my account yet. But it is a in-24-hour solution, so there is still time.
  10. Status update: after talking to Sony's Support Center, it seems my account was banned for security reasons. Guy said that in 24 hours I will receive an e-mail to redefine my password and all will be normal again. Now I have to wait and see if I will stay Sony - which I have been since the PS1 in 1997 - or if I will join the PC side of gaming. Thanks for the attention, support, doubts and jokes. I will let you know the end of this, hopefully soon and for the best.
  11. Here is the thing: since I bought FF14: ARR, I barely bought anything new. And my only physical games on the PS4 are Uncharted 4, Tales of Berseria and Persona 5. 1 and 2: Fate Extella, on the Vita PS Store. 3: Excluding the PS+ games, it was Fate Extella on October 13 and Ys Origins on August 3, both for Vita. And before that, Stormblood on June 23. I have all the emails from everythng I bought. 4- I buy them at stores, then input them using the PS4 PS store. 5- No. I always feared this kind of thing would leave me with a very expensive brick. And since I can just buy the games I want, there is really no need to do this. I began PvP very recently and I am bad at it. I have more losses than victories. And I keep my thoughts to myself, even in the most absurd situations. You are right. If it is indeed a perma ban, there will be no coming back for me. I will sell my PS4 and get a PC gamer (already looking into it). Good thing my PS+ subscription would expire in January and that I did not spend too much since June. Anyway, I have to wait until 12pm to call Costumer Service here. And I dont know if this account will still be here by the time I call them - when it auto synch with the PSN server, while this ban is in effect, I may be "banned" here as well.
  12. Nope. No paypal, no credit card. I always use the psn cards. Last game I bought for PS4 was Stormblood, and for the Vita Fate Extella.
  13. I only talk to people in FF14 and even there I pay attention to what I write. No "idiots" or something similiar. I worked hard to make my character good, so I will not risk a ban there. And no messages, no chat group in PS4. I like to focus on what I'm playing.
  14. Like I said, working. So unless one of my students is Sony's CEO son and he did not like today's test review, I have no idea. Nope. Today was one of the days that I did not even talk to my friends in FF14:ARR. I just logged in, did my daily quests, daily crafts and logged off to work. EDIT: And yes, it is my 1st ban.
  15. My PS4 says its perma ban. My PS VITA says it is suspended or banned. Dont know which one to believe, but right now I'm pretty down by this. Their costumer service here is only until 10pm, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Still, I am not with high hopes. Yeah. And since I was working, I have no idea what could have been the problem.