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  1. By the Gaming Gods! And to think that I could never have heard this magnificent music!
  2. Those Red Areas can only be properly accessed after you purify every barrier stone and close the miasma hole (Main Story Quest) in the area. From red it will turn purple. So dont bother getting through them for now. As for the quests, I cant say for sure if there are missable ones since I did every one of them as they showed up.
  3. Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End Charted! Speedrun I was really bummed when I did not get this. I did everything right, with at least 10 minutes to spare but the trophy did not pop up. I did not go back to Uncharted 4 since it happened.
  4. I will go for the Vita version when I buy it, unless it is full of glitches. I cant take my PS4 everywhere with me and I can always play a little during work break or after lunch with Vita. That said, I believe you already have your answer seeing that PS4 version price. If they had the same price maybe you would go for the Vita version, but since that is not the case...
  5. 1- I believe you are talking about the Bruteclaw, especially because it regenerates every limb when entering rage mode. I remember that I had to go solo and use Dual Knives to break all of its parts, otherwise it would die too fast. All the other Oni will probably have 1 part to be broken before you kill it. 2- No United Destroyer. The game is already easy without it. 3- Use them I finished the game with a lot of Multipurpose Rocks because I was saving them for a "better moment" that never happened.
  6. Really conflicted if I should or not buy Yomawari for my Vita. I know I will not play it anytime soon, but the price...

  7. Bought the PS4 version, but I will be playing it on my good old Vita.
  8. Ys Origin is also available for PS Vita, no? I just saw it on the store and it is on sale as well with 40% discount for PS+. Really? I was planning to buy this for my Vita, but if I can have 2 for the price of 1, why not?
  9. When you have no money for games and a sale comes out... but there is nothing you want. So all is good! 😎
  10. FF14 - ARR: Makes no sense how people want to get better and beat Extreme duties by Rage Quitting all the time... 😟

  11. And here is my LV54 Paladin! Thanks the Gaming Gods that I am on vacation right now, 'cause this game is having all my time. And since I have not yet began the Heavensward storyline, I believe it will have my attention for a long time... 😎
  12. Yup! Guess it was too easy after all. 😅 Your turn again.
  13. I got it right?! Ok... So here is the hint: - It is the sequel of a game of dreams - but this was a nightmare to finish - from the PS1 era. A_ _ _ _ _ _ 2
  14. It should be Attack on Titan, but there are two more spaces in the last word... 🤔
  15. @viech54 That is it my fellow hunter! Show these beasts that your resolve is as sharp as your blades! Congratulations on this well-earned victory. May your future enemies tremble with stories of your feats!