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  1. I have to get back to it. Not because of the platinum, but because it is awesome.
  2. Would it kill someone to put the (INSERT GAME NAME HERE) on sale for both PS4 and Vita? In my case, I simply want Grand Kingdom on Vita. To play while I am not at home. That aside, this is a good sale. But with the shadow of a Flash Sale looming over this week, I will wait.
  3. About FF14 - ARR: In the land of DPS, Tanks and Healers are the rare treasure of a party.

    1. Hemiak


      Tanks and healers are always in short supply, good ones are. Even rarer. See: any MMO ever. 

  4. 1- That one I agree. 2- Kratos was going wage war against Olimpus with or without the Titan's help; 3- We can barely say that Athena manipulated him. He did what he want and in the end she even felt betrayed. She was afraid that he would slay her again after all; 4- Orkos did not use him. In fact, he was helping someone who he sympatized with for being in a similar situation; 5- Since that story is before GoW1, I agree with that too.
  5. Yeah, I have to agree that the trailer did not look good. But I have to give it a chance. After all, it is the game that, according to a huge fanbase, was the cornerstone of the others from the same genre. Hmmm... What is that? Why are MH fans with torches and pitchforks going in your direction....?
  6. Cmon Sony and SquareEnix! We all know you want to put a discount tag on the FFXIV: ARR. You even changed its the logo at the PS Store!

  7. What...? Man, I seriously hope that is not the case. One of the things that made Kratos so likeable was the fact that he was a mortal (and a demigod as we learned later) who challenged the gods. This would make him a tool for whatever force there is, something that is way opposite to Kratos' beliefs.
  8. A new battlefield, one that I did not walk upon yet... How I waited for these news! Come, my fellow Hunters! Rise to the challenge and slay your current enemies. In the next year, let us meet in this land of myth!
  9. A good trailer. And it finally answered some questions that I had: - the story is on the realm of the Norse Gods; - it seems Kratos has become a world legend and the Norse Gods sees him as a threat. That is why he is attacked; - again, it looks like he will have the help from the enemies of the gods (as seen in the last scene) But it left other questions: 1- Who is the boy's mother? If related to Norse mythology, could it be Brunhilde? 2- I dont think Kratos is the boy's father. In the last scene, with the Serpent of the World, Kratos cant understand what the monster is saying, but the boy can. So why would Kratos be protecting him?
  10. This is the easy Toukiden (altough Toukiden 2 managed to be even easier IMO). Age of Demons is one helluva challenge. Anyway, there are some Oni that you will only find in the Phases. If you are finding it difficult or boring, finish the story mode and then go to the Phases without rush.
  11. They are not shared, even tough some of them are extremely similar. If you want the platinum, you will have to do the Phases sooner or later.
  12. Ok Sony, now is the perfect time to give me that big discount on FF14: ARR so I can stop using the trial (having SERIOUS problems with inventory and armory spaces)...
  13. Dont they give exactly the amount of experience for 1 level up, no matter what level you are? I remember saving those when I was in the last dungeon, barely being able to level up by fighting the enemies there.
  14. Something different for a change...
  15. As I watched this... ...my reaction was like this: