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  1. Francofone - Toaster in the Tub
  2. I found this link helpful to those who didn't want to have to sit there and scroll the PS3 lineup. He breaks it up by gaming system.
  3. WIth my cart full I'm sitting around $80 with the intention of buying more once I do buy the games & dlc on my list.
  4. All solid tips. I would also suggest waiting on doing recipes til after you are able to craft the Fish Pie so that your seafood recipes unlock. If you want to craft recipes I suggest doing those that tend to not be light on resources and are usually the first few listed. Powdered Potatoes & flour really really frustrated me as I gave up on a play through because I couldn't find the potatoes after searching for quite some time. I had one recipe left and that was Peach Cobbler (flour) and I nearly ran out of days on that til I got lucky and found some by the lighthouse section. I did find Powdered Potatoes in one of the store rooms of one of the gas stations so always search those thoroughly. Also suggest writing down the recipes as you do them so that you don't accidentally do them twice and waste resources. I'm glad I went back and finished this game.
  5. I'm experiencing the same thing. I hope it updates relatively soon so I can tell which trophies I still need to finish.
  6. Far Cry 2 - 0.56% Army of 2: 40th day - 0.75% Scene It - 1.22% Warhammer 40K Space Marine - 1.27% Ghostbusters (PS3) - 1.43%
  7. I'll go with Uncharted 3. Any game where you achieve over 100 trophies is impressive. Especially those with Multiplayer.
  8. Nevermind. I found it in the store through a different method.
  9. No, you'd have to buy the DLC from their PSN store. Unfortunately there's no complete editions for the Operation Flashpoint franchise.
  10. lol. The things we do for that 100%. It's hard to imagine that a little over 10 years ago DLC wasn't really a thing. Now it's everywhere.
  11. That's what I discovered. Yeah, I tried several sites to see if I could get lucky, but nothing yet. Now that I know that's an option I'll keep an eye out for it.
  12. I found this when I was doing a bit of digging. Any thoughts on if this would work as I did a google translate and it said English version but I know things are region locked and I don't see an Asian/Korean version for sale anywhere?
  13. It does. I'm currently playing it on the PSTV.