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  1. did you need or have the DLC? i'm trying my best to just get the regular game instead of paying more for the complete. also what guide(s) did you use, if you recall. assuming you needed any. i believe i would, i heard the game does good at explaining, but obviously with games like this i imagine you would need something to reference to know how to put it all into work.
  2. thank you very much for your detailed post, i have had it planned to get the 3 & 4 bundle on vita on sale someday so yes they're definitely an open option. c: the 1 complete edition is relatively new so i'm waiting for a good sale on it as i'd rather start there than to go backwards on the games. lol. i like grindy games however i like to be able to get a grasp easily on them as well. reading on how complex these games are and the many mechanics definitely raised some anxiety for me like if i should dive in, if i would be able to understand without getting overwhelmed and stressed. that's kinda why i would rather opt for the base version of the game since it wouldn't feel as big of a loss if i bought the complete edition. as i don't know what i am really getting into. i'm also uncertain of what sort of guides i should be looking into, there's a trophy guide on the other trophy site but not sure if its sufficient enough. i want to make absolute certain all the info. i need is right there, some guides i have to look through another guide or few to understand things more clearly. nice seeing you again, haven't seen you in awhile and thanks again.
  3. i read how it can be very intimidating and complex once you start touching the many mechanics. i was wondering if it can be easily understood when taking it slowly. i play a lot of JRPG's even platinum'd games like tales of symphonia and SAO hollow fragment which have a lot to take in, but granted i haven't delved very deep into the SRPG side of things, and never played a disgaea game. reading things they seem a bit off putting and such, but maybe it'll make sense when and if i play. i can feel overwhelmed if i'm not understanding things easily, i'd like to get into the rest of the series someday and with this entry on sale for $12 i find it hard to pass up. thoughts? also wondering if getting the base game is fine enough. the complete edition is on sale for $20, but i have been waiting for this to reach $15 which even better it hit $12. i hear there are useful things in the season pass but rather get the base game as it costs less and i'm not sure if i'll like it. i also am thinking about getting ys viii as well in the sale so would feel better about it if i got the cheaper version of the game.
  4. thanks a bunch for giving me a general idea. yeah i had you in mind when asking this as i believe i read a post of yours awhile back how you were interested in the platinum. plus i've been friends with you on PSN for a long time and talked with you the most. i wouldn't want to really jump into something that takes this amount of time with people i don't really know. i definitely avoid games that require long term boosting, especially setting up with random people. i remember in my early ps3 days i joined a group of people for assassins creed brotherhood and they all knew each other and had started working on it, i was asking how i should go about it and nobody answered, instead invited and i guess i was doing the boosting wrong and no matter the game it takes me time to get use to things. lol. that's part of why i highly prefer single player games as it gives me time to get use to how stuff works and also on my time. so after awhile i was like, forget it not worth it. so i tend to avoid crap like that with randoms. i don't mind games with randoms that take a nights worth as its not as much as a worry, but sometimes you start to work with someone, make progress, they have to go for the night and next thing you know they ended up finishing up the rest with their friend that could finally get on so you're stuck trying to find another person. hate shit like that, online boosting definitely has left a bad taste for me over the years for certain.
  5. how many people do you generally need if we are strictly talking about the online from the base trophy list? if its possible to knock out trophies with one other person how much time would you need with that person to boost things? i play single player 99% of the time but have been sort of tempted to grab this since its on sale for $15 all the time lately, but i'd want to know how worth it it is when it comes to the online portion. my play time in games isn't set in stone for certain times and such, usually why i avoid games that require a ton of devotion to online that requires boosting. i've done red dead redemption in my early ps3 days and i recall most of the online i remember not really boosting much. i'm trying to get an idea if you can spend a lot of time grinding alone in private sessions, or if you need a group of people for practically every step of the way lol. if its the latter i'll probably just forget about it, i have this on the ps3 from years back but the platinum is impossible now and i don't use my ps3 much nowadays.
  6. nope not exactly. the last time the U.S. got any was from watching game trailers on some playstation side site, which i believe the last time that happened was the end of march or april last year. it does sound like its been longer for you on your end if that's the case. the only other instance people received a discount code in the U.S. was for people that bought that black friday spider man ps4 bundle.
  7. hopefully ours is right around the corner. i think the last time they were given out in the U.S. was at the end of march or april last year from watching a video. still haven't bought anything in the sale but still plan on likely getting disgaea 5 and ys 8. currently working on backlog for a couple of games since the sale began, since its lasting so late, and who knows if there will be a flash sale before its over as well.
  8. so none for U.S. right? if so i likely wont receive one due to not getting newsletters in a long time. so if by chance there is a U.S. one going around and if someone's not going to use it can i have it? thanks. been a long while since we even got these.
  9. i have four of the insects recommended from the trophy guide on the other site, and i'm slowly making my way through ghost ship extreme to get the dark beetle one for the whole team. i just want to know how tough this mini-game is and how prepared of a team you should have? i have no clue what to expect, i started feeding my insects stuff while grinding, but then i read that there's a limit to how much you can feed them and they will no longer gain stats. so was wondering if i should ignore feeding them and just grind them through battles in insectron instead if needed. because i'm not sure at this point how i should go about it, if i should rush through ghost ship extreme to get the beetle and then come back to level grind while feeding a whole team, or just take my time going through like i have been stopping to level here and there, ignoring my insects while going through. just not sure how to approach this portion of the game lol. thank you.
  10. i remember in my early ps3 days some kid asked me if i could share my account with him so he can play my games, and kept pestering me about it. deleted him after. never been offered money to get trophies for people though lol. and i know i most certainly would not let anyone use my account to get me trophies for any reason. or even use my account at all, however that works. either suck it up for the grind that the game is, or forget about it. i got plenty of time consuming games enough of my own to work on than $50 for someone's 300 hour game lol.
  11. thanks Sly. i had the topic title as something like,''first week of four weeks of summer sale.'' so whomever edited it made it improved, i don't mind. i just wanted to know if it was a moderator who did so. i just get nervous in these times with account hacks and such, if i feel like something is slightly off on an account i start to change passwords. have a good rest of your day or night, i feel relieved now.
  12. i created the topic for the summer sale in the sales and deals section last tuesday, and i went in it today since this was week 2 of the sale and noticed the topic title was different. it was definitely an improvement to what i had it as, but my concern is on how the topic title changed. i'm not sure if a moderator edited it, i just want to put the fear out of my mind that my account was hacked or something as i wasn't aware that mods/admins could edit other's posts. i just wanted to clarify, thank you.
  13. this pretty much, there are new sales but not sure if they were added to the summer sale. nothing to get excited over, but seen new games were added on the PSPrices site. also i have a question to anybody that reads this, the topic title has been changed from how i originally had it. not sure if its a mods doing or my likely irrational fear of being hacked. its definitely an improvement from how i originally had it but just concerned on how it was changed.
  14. thanks a bunch, i was just hoping to buy the base game only because it seems like a really good price, i was personally waiting for $15, but $12 is even better. i had no intention of buying the complete version until i read that a number of people were opting for that version. which did make me start to think if the complete version would be any help on the road to platinum. or if everything is fine enough with the regular version to get by through with. like dragon ball xenoverse 1 for example i hear has a DLC that can make the RNG a bit easier, i platinum'd the game on both ps3 and ps4 and never bought the DLC. and both times i was pretty close anyways with maxing out mentor relations and getting all the skills anyways so the platinum was already in reach without needing that DLC that a number of people would recommend. so i was curious if this game had anything similar to what i just described lol.
  15. i want to get disgaea 5, the base game for $12. does anybody who platinum'd the game know if the complete edition for $20 is a giant help in getting the platinum? or would one be fine with the cheaper priced version of the game? thank you for any response for this.