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  1. since we are on the topic about account stuff. is there a way to disable viewing of certain info. for yourself and others, like profile completion percent, and world/and country rank? may sound a little crazy but sometimes my OCD gets a bit overwhelmed by being a bit fixed on those sort of things. sometimes i hide my account from my psn so i don't see those kinds of stats. because i get nervous to start new games when it means my profile percent will go down. or if i'm in the middle of a long game, or having a busy time where i know my ranks will fall. when i look at these kinds of stats. repeatedly it kinda becomes more stress. lol. i do have aspergers so i kind of get over fixated on silly things.
  2. ah, i was eagerly awaiting for your response myself after saionji's shout out. cause i know you platted. the vita and ps4 versions. its good to know that its not going to wind up on the extreme side of difficulty. i don't plan on ever giving up with the game completely, even if i take breaks. cause this year for me has been about getting dream plats. like P4G, the tales of xillia games, digimon cyber sleuth, attack on titan. which i've gotten my planned plats. thus far, and SAO HF is one of them, and good thing i'm loving the game. even if i screw up on something like the missables... :'c i'll get through to the end eventually hopefully. c:
  3. you as well when you decide to return and thank you. i probably will be taking my time with this myself, want to at least complete the hollow area and enjoy my time doing so, between completing some hollow missions, implements, weapon proficiency's and explore a long the way. yeah that's what i mean, sometimes the game can get a bit tough and intimidating. i've had quite a few points where i lost a fair amount of progress that was aggravating. what helped me in the beginning was exploring some of the games update area in discard, the volcano area. i started getting a few better equips and started getting some levels off of level 140-160 enemies. which the game in general can be a bit weird with, some higher level enemies and miniboss type enemies/NM's, can be easier to fight then some much lower leveled enemies and NM's lol.
  4. just recently started it myself. i can see why people were disappointed with lost song as a follow up. although i still really liked it. but its really fun learning HF's battle system, which implements seem to help you learn new useful things about it. plus the bit tough to pull off OSS chains. only 45 hours in myself and only completed the 3rd area. haven't touched the floors yet lol. i feel like this will take me around the 200 hour mark possibly, since i get distracted so often with exploring and many of the games grinds rather than to progress the story. still, i am nervous about the rarity of the platinum, if the rarity is mostly because of grind well i can handle that with time. i love grinding in anime games especially. i like how at the moment for now i'm playing that things seem a bit relaxed. just fun grind everywhere, but nervous when i start to reach the missable stuff. :'c also the game can be a little tough at times, i was nervous that the guide here rated it a 7/10 difficulty, and the ps3trophies.org guide rated it a 9.5/10.
  5. that's how i felt with P4G. it was a lot of work, keeping to a strict schedule for books/social links, having many guides open, keeping a notepad for every hardcore rise line and being absolutely strict with it that i even got it before getting naoto in my party. overall i was over prepared for the game and honestly i could have relaxed a ton as it wasn't as much work as i made it. lol. but damn it was certainly a wonderful feel, fully exploring the game.
  6. i find i need notepad for about every RPG i've played this year. but yeah symphonia does sound very worrying with it though. at least with the other tales, i mean you got to or i did follow a guide through them. but they weren't so bad with constant strings of misables. a lot of fun grinding without extreme worries i guess. to bad they didn't make symphonia's trophy list more like them.
  7. thanks guys although i'm definitely discouraged now lol. graces was definitely my longest plat. took 224 hours for me, but when i got it a little after release i was trying to do mostly everything in a single play, that ended around 200 hours. then i ran a 2nd playthrough getting the beating bosses under 60 second trophies that i was unable to do my first run. could've probably been shortened lol. so 150 seems sort of a blessing, but maybe it would take me over 200 hours lol. i was thinking the remainder of the year work on this, SAO HF, and Persona 5.(still need to get it.) but maybe i should forget about this then. :c i wonder even though SAO HF is a rarer plat. if its a lot more tame in comparison. i just would have liked to get a few nice ultra rares from ps3 and vita before hopefully getting a ps4 by the end of the year. lol. attack on titan was my rarest plat. which is rarer than symphonia, but of course owner account takes into effect. far less owners than symphonia. was definitely a pure grind though, 100 hours though.
  8. is it terribly hard and stressful? or a lot of fun to be had? this was one of my favorite games a long with abyss back in the GCN and PS2 era. i started it sometime last year but stopped cause it seemed hectic. but i have platted the xillia games, graces, and hearts. idk if i'll plat zestiria, even though i finished the story, i didn't enjoy it much. maybe the grind of the game will be decent fun someday since story is done. >.< i just don't think i understood the affection stuff and it seemed like so much could be missed easily. but as many times as i've played symphonia back on the GCN i never fully explored, i wasn't a completionist till trophies. although full exploration of Tales games has been a joy from my time getting platinum for those ones. how would you recommend a first, and future playthroughs?
  9. i think i'm going to try to do better when i get a ps4. so many games, on ps3 and vita, i've bought a bunch of uninteresting games cause they got a little bit of praise. where i'm like, well $6 is cheap. buying impulse is tough, especially when every game no matter how cheap does add up, for someone who has to manage spending. also, even though i'm mostly home, i still don't find it always easy to put in the necessary time for each game. like i was having huge temptation to buy everything that interested me on golden week, but i settled with what i wanted most somehow, even though the urge to get more was very high, it was a tough week. at least the flash sales are only 3 days so i was able to tough it through for the one game that sort of interested me lol. i'm definitely going to want to somehow have that mind set when i get a ps4. only grabbing what i know i'll like so i don't end up with little money and having the kinds of games that are worth buying.
  10. yeah outside of multiplayer trophies i barely engage in online gaming, like one i played that didn't need boosting, although sort of fun modes was the last of us. but i felt quite intimidated playing through it, first time i dealt with negativity online with people on their mics. within my first play i was getting messages from players to please leave, then on the next map some guy with awful name calling. i stuck through it by muting my TV and playing some music lol. there's only one person i play games with online and even that's pretty rare. i'm mostly signed off psn when i play games lol. i don't feel comfortable getting on mics and being awful like a lot of people do these days, i'm to nervous to do that, let alone start bashing people online. lol.
  11. yeah but i have had ps3 since the end of 2011. on one hand, it took me 5 years to get one after launch. on the other hand if i got a ps4 this year that would be 4 years after launch, so maybeee i could wait a whole nother year after all. lol. also for some reason which seems to a helping factor is that it feels like this year is going by extra fast. and i still got a lot to potentially play. i've finished some games i've really wanted to, but not at the preferred speed. if i just wait another year i could take my time more lol. very true. especially the vita, its like the most surprisingly addicting system i've ever known and i've played a lot to offer for most systems, except xbox and computer.
  12. i avoid online play usually unless trophies are attached. and i'm in the least bit interested in the ps+ service and honestly it'd be a bit out of my price range, i have aspergers with really bad anxiety so i'm mostly home, never had a job, so i mostly rely on sales to get games. games like tales of berseria and the eventual ni no kuni 2 interest me. unfortunately xenoverse 2 interests me, but i might have to pass either completely, or for awhile at the start of getting the system. likely not getting the system till around christmas time anyways. no AAA games really interest me that have or are releasing. but i'd like to play anime games that aren't on the vita/or ps3. the vita might still be able to keep my interest for a long time yet however with what it has, or is coming out. but PS3 is kinda running a bit thinner, as in nothing much more interesting to get for it besides Persona 5 obviously lol. although i still have a lot on deck for ps3 that could potentially interest me to try/return to. so concern is if possibly the ps3 and vita can keep me going for yet another year, or if i should get a ps4 just in case ps3/and vita interest doesn't hold till christmas next year.
  13. i know the forever besties trophy requires you to max all affection levels as well as complete all character episodes. but if you complete all character episodes in your first play but not have fully maxed out characters and intend to do a 2nd play for GRADE purposes, do you need to do all the character episodes again? or would it be best to max them in first play? also do you need to get the true ending a 2nd time which i suppose requires getting elle's, bisley's, and julius's affinities up again? not sure if true ending was needed for the illusionary darkness dungeon and coliseum ending lol. i'm about to enter chapter 14 and over 70 hours in so far lol. spent a lot of time grinding character usage skills and have 10 more battle god titles left which make me nervous. i can see this taking around 120-150 hours for me for some reason lol, compared to the 96 xillia 1 took. but a fun time. not nothing like the 224 hours graces took me. i also want to know how hectic the symphonia plat. is? i felt intimidated early on so dropped it, but honestly it was one of my favorite games when it first released back on GCN, and then Abyss was amazing too which i wish they'd do a HD trophy support for lol.
  14. higurashi which i'm watching now. on the second season and still enjoying it. like ab4h4r4k1 said too, monster was a fun ride too although my memory is foggy on it since its been like 3 years since i've seen it. haven't seen the others.
  15. how is gal gun? i think the plat. is ultra rare, is it because of lack of owners? or something annoying? this to me is the best sale of the year, already picked up stein;s gate ps3, and hakuoki for ps3. also getting trails of cold steel and fate extella within the week. but i'm thinking if i get gal gun that'll be a lot of money spent. plus some other games could spark my interest cause really there are a wide variety of choices for me its so hard to choose. lol.