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  1. do opened chests carry over into the next play through or do you have to open them again if you don't get the trophy for opening x amount of chests? same thing i will ask regarding skits viewed, if you need to view them all on NG+? i am following a guide on gamefaqs and for my first play through my main thing is to finish the story first off, but i'm opening chests and watching skits as i go. and doing some of the side stuff, however i want to save some of the side stuff for NG+ like i stopped opening katz chests long ago and plan on dealing with that on NG+ so i don't have to keep farming katz souls in every area. however i can see my first play through being near or at 100 hours itself before i finish it, i feel the 110 trophy guide estimate is definitely an understatement. at least for me lol. as i'm 60 hours in and only returning to the area where Velvet came from in terms of story. and haven't touched much of the grind besides grinding enemies for equipment drops and grade. looking for an idea as to what's recommended that i should definitely complete in my first play through, like one thing i'm worried about is one of the characters titles that resets called elemental hunter, as i have 157 entries out of the 240 needed. it sucks that if i don't get that title in my first play that i'll have to start that over completely according to the guide. also uncertain if its been not a good idea to go for chests and skits cause unsure if i don't complete those in one play through that i have to go through all of those again.
  2. anyone have thoughts on nights of azure?
  3. the standard edition bundle for watch dogs games is $18. question, what does the gold editions offer? i actually liked the first game on ps3 years ago and i hear 2 is better, been wanting to play it. if the gold edition stuff is mostly online stuff as the DLC trophies seem to be i'd rather settle for the base games as the gold bundle is like $27 or something.
  4. wtf does this mean i signed on to see if i had any points added, instead in the points section it says 500- Correction-Newbie Movie Buff Pass. I am concerned right now, if this was some pass I signed for in the past and didn't fill the criteria for. If I did why would I lose 500 points for not completing a pass? EDIT: never mind, just received a message back from them. they said they mistakenly added 500 points for movie pass and then removed it. so that 770 worth of points i've been seeing for the past month was a mistake. i honestly like everybody else don't know how many points i truly have left, thought i might have nearly or have 2000 by time they add the points.
  5. garbage af. nights of azure for $24 as usual, tecmo koei and xseed have an issue of putting on killer sale prices unlike other anime game publisher's like bandai, and sometimes NISA. honestly though in regards to the rest of the sale, feels very lackluster with games more expensive than other times they were on sale. on the other hand steins; gate elite randomly went on sale as the only game to go on sale yesterday for $18, so will probably be grabbing that. thinking on nights of azure but i've heard some negative about it where i'd prefer to grab it in the $15 range. EDIT: never mind, although steins;gate elite was on sale for $18, they raised the sale price to $24 lol.
  6. i voted $30 PSN, i'm likely not going to win but that would be a great help toward the upcoming end of the year sales coming up if i somehow did. doesn't hurt to enter in the least. nice of you to do this again so soon!
  7. jump stars at $24 is the only thing that stands out for me. although would prefer it at $20 or less. i really like j stars vs. some years back when it came out, really enjoyed it. so i am still interested in jump force even though they both have a bad reception, think force has it worst though. there has yet to be a trophy guide, any thoughts on the difficulty? i noticed its an ultra rare and some of the ultra rares have to do with difficulty based trophies.
  8. agreed, i was only focused on the game i was playing however, was only able to get one trophy out of it. then yesterday i got like 10 of them in it, and today was able to get the last trophy for platinum. i could have went for POWGI type games as well, but was really intent on putting as much time in this game as i was able as i have been playing it from early in the month.
  9. i do have a question @Beyondthegrave07. when i earned the trophy that i earned yesterday on PSN it said it was at 6:50 PM yet on this site it said 5:50 PM. i believe that on psnprofiles my trophies are considered earned an hour earlier for some reason even though my timezone is eastern as you mentioned. i do live on the east coast and my PSN and chromebook are set in that timezone as well so cant figure why its not on the site. i think its been that way but it hasn't bothered me until this event and the post you mentioned. although @garciafever did confirm that i did earn a trophy yesterday so was wondering if everything will be all set. lol. thank you.
  10. very nice job and congratulations to everyone else for what they were able to achieve during the event.
  11. before the sale comes to an end does anyone have any thoughts on god wars future past? i asked on the vita boards on gamefaqs and the general idea is that the game is pretty mediocre. i just wanted to know how people here that played it felt about it, if its worth investing 100 hours in according to the trophy guide here, and 60+ hours is what's believed on the other trophy site. if its actually a good game, or meh like i've heard.
  12. well its an hour and 32 minutes from being midnight where i live, i did manage to earn one trophy today. highly doubt i'll be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat for another trophy but at least i somewhat participated in the event, as i wasn't even sure if i would be able to get a trophy out of the game today. the time within a day is so unbelievably short lol.
  13. platinum'd it on ps3, will nab the ps4 version but not really sure if i want to go through it again, thankfully online doesn't need to be boosted but still takes some time. however i did have some fun on the ps3 online, but in the beginning it was hell due to people getting on the mic or/and sending hate messages, right in my very first match never having played it before and generally don't play much online either. i did like the game, thought it was more entertaining than uncharted which never really clicked with me.
  14. god wars future past for $9, anyone like this?
  15. thankfully the big in japan sale lasts until the 24th. i sort of like the theme of the longer running sales sony has been having as of late, so it gives me some time to work on what i'm playing and space out purchases.