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  1. i see, that's unfortunate that it ends on a cliff hanger when a sequel is unlikely, especially after the reception it got that its more unlikely. that's actually a reason why i haven't started Rogue Galaxy yet, is because from my understanding it ends on a cliff hanger of sorts. and that's another game that a sequel is pretty unlikely for at this point. then again you never know, unlikely things sometimes happen in the video game world. i would be going for plat. if i picked it up, i'm no stranger to grindy games lol. however i'll give it some thought, thanks for the input everyone.
  2. yeah i like first person dungeon crawlers. i doubt that would be the reason the game is slammed, its got a 57 metacritic and a low rating on gamefaqs as well. kinda odd it would be in a critics choice sale lol. but yeah, other first person dungeon crawlers have better scoring so i know its not the genre that gives it low ratings, gotta be something else with the game. then again i think the criminal girls games had ratings that low and i enjoyed them, especially the first one. i enjoy more lower rated games compared to higher rated ones, being a vita fan and all lol.
  3. is mind 0/zero really bad? also is a rose in the twilight any good? picked up the stuff i mentioned in an earlier post.
  4. do you know if hes working on the temporary IP ban from too much updating problem? a good number of people have been dealing with this from a recent topic of mine and another persons topic. some people say they've had the problem for months so it makes me nervous.
  5. wow something i'll actually buy. collar x malice for $12. might get the south park games as well even though they're always at that price.
  6. same, sometimes i use both a guide from here and their site for a game because of different strategies, one having better info on certain trophies, ect. i first started with ps3trophies.org when i started trophy hunting. although i wasn't active posting there as i am here, this site has better features, i think i remember on their site you had to manually add the trophies you earned. not sure if that's changed or if anythings changed as i only go to the site for trophy guides. plus gamefaqs and youtube like you said as well lol. been on gamefaqs for many years.
  7. that's odd, never heard of this issue only being this way. usually its a ban from updating yours and others.
  8. that's odd, i cant on computer, tablet, PS4, nor my brothers cell phone. i'll try my vita but i doubt it since everything is connected to the same wi-fi. EDIT: nope, vita didn't work either. :c
  9. well if it lasts that long without a fix, me personally i think i would request to be removed as there would be no point of even having your account even be able to viewed if you're unable to update. i would just use this site for guides. i thought about this personally last night. if it goes without a fix for an allotted amount of time that will likely be my next step.
  10. yeah its still not fixed for me and others when i made my topic. been over a week for me, i've read other topics from other years with people having this issue and some people said there's was going on for over a month. i tried with many devices but i guess they are all connected to the same router. i don't have a cell phone of my own but i've read of that as a solution, however i used my brothers and it gave the message on that as well, i guess because wi-fi only works on that phone from the router.
  11. it said temporary IP ban from too much updating. i made a topic about it awhile ago and others said in the topic they haven't been able to update their profiles for a week or couple of weeks, i was told by a moderator to talk to Sly, and he said he'd reset it later, that was about 4-5 days ago maybe? been having the issue myself for manually updating for a week now. that's the issue i was referring to lol. others in the topic said they weren't updating too frequently when they got that message, so maybe there's something going on with the servers? hopefully the maintenance corrects somethings.
  12. updating is under maintenance thankfully. i and many others haven't even been able to update our profiles for a week and more due to another issue. hopefully it fixes it. yeah, i get recaptcha on and off as well. sometimes i'm lucky and i just click the check box and i'm good to go, other times i'm not as fortunate and have to click the pictures for many pictures because i might have missed a hard to see car or mail box.
  13. i find it hard to use the ps3 these days. i've had my ps4 for a bit over a year and the last time i really used it was when i got the ps4 and went back to platinum the game i was playing on ps3. its ps4 and vita for me, rest mode is a huge convenience. picking up right where i left off. especially with more and more releasing on ps4, makes it even more pretty much a guarantee i wont be touching the ps3 for a longer time. then again, i got my fun out of it over the years.
  14. oh you can face AI online in this game? that was my concern when looking at the online trophies was when eventually the servers die down, if finding opponents would be rough. if i remember, in the other J Stars game i don't think you even had to fight opponents for the online trophies, or you could fight AI, its been since around 2015 since i platinum'd that one, cant remember. i enjoyed the game a lot, even though most people i've seen post had negatives to say about it.
  15. how do you update like this exactly? i tried updating on my tablet but i guess that don't work either because my IP's are linked between both computer and tablet i guess. on PS4 i tried updating but it was just stuck in an infinite loop of validating.