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  1. think i'll skip on 100%, sounds too much of a pain with what sounds like needing a uber team for the boss hunts, and also the thing i really hate about this game is having to wait for everything for certain dates. some months not having events that nab you trophies, also would have had the platinum quite awhile ago if it wasn't for these ridiculous epic quests that can go long stretches without having one. i think i have 8 completed, i jump in every new update hoping there's an epic quest and today was really disappointed. my plan in my head was to get todays, and saturdays whilst grinding the rest of the kills and laying this game to rest. definitely didn't have as much fun with this one as i did the first one, and oddly, the first one had a load more of multi-player based trophies which i'm far from a fan of in games, but it was simple fun. this one, just want to put the nail in the coffin and be over with it lol.
  2. people sometimes say this, but i personally find it captivating from beginning to end. although the big plot twist happens right in the middle, its got enough to get you going practically all throughout. even in the beginning. plus fun characters. i'm actually almost done watching the anime version even though i read it on vita and ps3. i wanted to see it in anime format, which its awesome, but lacking a number of memorable scenes. was disappointed it basically went right over near the beginning when kurisu was disproving time travel, in the anime it just flashes forward with okabe being frustrated of the aftermath.
  3. damn, i've been using zero to get all the upgrade chips on for the trophy. i think there will be 4 extra ones left so i'll put those in X's powers, i'll try to get the rest of the heart/reploids with X for those upgrades too. yeah i didn't have many issues with X5 and X6. X5 the enigma trophy worked after beating the first four bosses, so the hour system was no longer a concern. i didn't have problems with the laser trophy either, although after you fight black devil which was the hardest thing in the game for me, but overall X5 and X6 had the easier sigma battles in the series. X6, i had issues with certain stages, mainly the Gate ones, but everything is doable with ultimate armor, ESPECIALLY since you're ALLOWED to play X6 on easy, unlike X5.(in X5 you needed normal for the 8 upgrades.) so most bosses i spammed supernova or whatever its called lol. X7 only has normal and hard difficulty, and i noticed the one for clearing X8 is the only one that says you need to clear on normal, with rookie hunter turned off. so i imagine it has an easy difficulty, but its not allowed for that game.
  4. yeah, thankfully out of the other stages i've played the reploids are easier to get. although there's 3 other stages to get them in for me. also, since you get X late, who i have now, is it alright if hes gotten none of the health upgrades since i went on a reploid and heart tank collectathon with zero and axl? makes me concerned with X literally having none of the upgrades the other characters have since you get most of them, with them. :c damn, in that case they should have given X a buff of sort since you cant get him until after you get half the reploids, or in the least have shared the health between all 3 characters.
  5. i have stein;s gate on ps3 and vita, both platinum'd. too bad the rest of the games hold no interest for me at all.
  6. yeah, just started recently. X5, and X6 didn't go 'too' bad. first time playing X7 and its absolutely frustrating. a lot of the points you guys brought up, i spent like 3 hours on the fire level mostly on saving the reploids, cannot beat the BURN BURN BURN asshole for the life of me. gotta come back to this stage because i'm just going to try to save reploids and get upgrades for now. maybe unlocking X will make a difference lol. i have no idea how you can beat him with axl and zero, you jump on top of the moving dude, then him and his clones constantly rape you to oblivion on its back. then if you try to get in position where he stays close to the head and you start shooting with axl, bullets barely do any damage.(as i think the way boss HP works in this game is that the green bar fills up?) however, if the missiles hit you slightly out of position, and axl falls on his back, the game has a huge knock back ratio, well if you fall back to the things back, him and his clones keep rape jumping you and there's no escaping that predicament it seems.
  7. ah shucks, didn't know that.
  8. they still haven't fixed the point earnings? still says passes will carry over, ect. its been quite some time since they relaunched the site and i check every so often and its not updated yet. :.
  9. was wondering if anyone was willing to part with their code via PM. most likely not but its worth to ask. would like to definitely get DQ XI with it, and maybe another game or few. i know some people are anti-digital, so thought i'd ask just in case anyone reads this. thank you for your time,
  10. i heard that the spiderman ps4 bundle for black friday comes with a discount code for the playstation store. was wondering if anyone was willing to part with their code. most likely not but its worth to ask. would like to definitely get DQ XI with it, and maybe another game or few. i know some people are anti-digital, so thought i'd ask just in case anyone reads this. thank you for your time, 

  11. so far its alright, just a little hard to get use to, also not having played a game like this in a long while, and the hub definitely makes things very different and confusing compared to the first being just chosen off the menu. unless i'm mistaken there is no mini-map, or any kind of map. :/ i cant find most things well enough, not even sure how to progress story at all. my little brother helped me with some of the trophies, he brought his controller from his room and we played for a few hours and had some fun with what we could figure out lol. we normally don't play games together as i 99% of the time play single player, but i have enjoyed games like this and definitely borderlands series in the past. plan on getting the handsome jack collection someday. also not sure how the event system works for getting the DLC trophies or how you even get the tougher ones. found the mystery portal a few times which i get lost finding it every time lol. one more thing, are the modes you have to do on higher difficulties can you do solo in this game? if so any strategies for them? also any main preferred characters in this game? doesn't look like you need to spend a great deal with every character like the first game. although you need to get at least one to 50 or something, and get kills with others.
  12. thanks guys, is a second controller required for any of the trophies. briefly went over a guide and it was mentioned in a number of trophies. might get a second controller on christmas, but don't have a second as of now.
  13. i just subbed for a year of PS+ for the first time, thinking about getting into the occasional multi-player game here and there. are all trophies 100% obtainable? there's two editions on sale the base for $4, and the deluxe for $5. does the deluxe have the DLC trophies or something? i liked the first one about 3 years ago on PS3. not sure if this one is as good as i hear EA has messed up certain games. i like shooters, but more so kinds like this without the military attachment some of the more popular ones have. although i'm a bit rusty on them and online gaming in general since i mostly play single player JRPGs these days lol.
  14. for real, and STILL no secret of mana sale. swear that game is allergic to discounts. :c one error they made, the FFX collections are $12.50.
  15. DQ XI at $42, $44.93 after tax. would be lovely if they sent out discount codes now so i could get it at $30, like best buy. DQ XI will only be on sale until this friday unlike the majority of other square games on sale. :c