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  1. not as many as last year, but some of my biggest efforted grindy games were done this year: attack on titan goat simulator far cry 4 tales of xillia demon gaze naruto shippuden UNS:R digimon cyber sleuth super dimension neptune vs. sega hard girls persona 4 golden god eater resurrection stein;s gate tales of xillia 2 fate extella stein;s gate 0 uncharted golden abyss sword art online hollow fragment(vita) persona 5 hakuoki(ps3) kingdom hearts 1 kingdom hearts birth by sleep tales of symphonia psycho pass mandatory happiness kingdom hearts 2 criminal girls 2 gundam reborn ys viii lacrimosa of dana(vita) phew. only 26 but a lot of proud weeb plats. i cant say if i'll be getting anymore this year. i kinda want to be careful what game i start from now till christmas, as i'm likely getting a ps4 for christmas. i don't want to be in the middle of a big game while being overwhelmed by a new console. i probably will get the my name is mayo plat. for ps4 while i wait for a good game to download if i don't end up with any physical games lol.
  2. i'm not clever enough to create a new name lol. my username is my full name by each beginning letter, minus the X part of it lol. i'm not a big fan of my middle name, the J as its my fathers name and i've never really known him. but RJP has stuck with me for years and i cant think of anything better. another feature i'd like to see is deleting games on your trophy list. i know you can hide games but its tempting to keep them there as you earned at least one trophy or a few in them. i wouldn't want to change my username either if i had yours lol.
  3. i agree full heartedly. when i opened this topic i was surprised to see it was him in this boat. i've seen him around this site and we wrote messages on the forums a time or few and hes nice and respectable. i would be devastated in this situation, i do everything legit, i barely play online games or even talk to people, like an earlier post someone said people getting their psn banned from a game they played online, makes me actually paranoid to play online again. i prefer single player 100%, and might want to always keep it that way. even though i was considering xenoverse 2 when i get a ps4, at least there's plenty of single player to make me reconsider that lol. i hope all goes well with getting your account back @ab4h4r4k1, in the least, i've heard of cases where they let you transfer your purchases to a brand new account. but hopefully you get your account back all together, you don't deserve this. :c
  4. amazing system, and you will love it if you're into anime and japanese stuff. it has much to offer in that department, my favorite handheld of all time, such an addicting library of games. it has some good AAA as well, i saw you listed killzone i actually really enjoyed that game, best experience for a FPS on handheld.
  5. @Satoshi Ookami c: probably going to begin after finishing the gundam game as my last big game of the year.
  6. firefox just did a new update which happened automatically. now videos freeze and audio just plays with the new update for it. i'm not sure how to counteract that, i had the latest flash adobe thing updated like a week ago. it sounds like people prefer chrome and it seems alright. i'm just concerned about all the privacy stuff behind google. for all i know firefox was already doing it anyways. i always have ad blocker plus on. i just feel a bit panicky using chrome now when entering passwords amongst everything else.
  7. i appreciate it, i've seen you here and gamefaqs time to time you seem real nice. (that was corny sorry, i'm kinda quirky at most times. lol!) i was thinking the unicorn gundam was weak, but i didn't have good plans/upgrades on it. so its probably a beast with max stats. that's pretty much why i went in watching it myself. for the mech battles, i've enjoyed both shows that i've seen. sometimes things drag on and get a bit boring but they're worth watching for their many other qualities. i just played as Domon for one of the medals, burning gundam's a fun mobile suit. silly but powerful. yeah got a character prepped for when i get to that fight that was mentioned in the trophy guide from this site. i'm not looking forward to it but i'll make it somehow. the gundam breaker series seems more praised than the dynasty warrior gundams. especially the 3rd. i guess they play like musou's and, you build gundam's as well. i could do without the building lol. they can only be imported, but i never seen the 3rd one for a really affordable price, seen vita over $60, and ps4 over $89. they do have english translation options which is nice.
  8. i love musou's in general, but yeah its amazing fun. it'll definitely be my longest musou plat. when i get there, attack on titan and PW3 took me a little under 100 hours, i'm already 90 hours in this and don't even have 60% of the cards yet. supposedly 00 is like a retelling of wing, in the same vein how its said seed is a retelling of the original gundam. 00 is a pretty fun ride, although heavy on the politic/war theme as expected. i'm not really into those kinds of topics, and all the military type dialog in huge doses. lol! but otherwise its a fun watch, i like the main cast of characters, they're quite memorable and it does have pretty good story and decent twists. seed is pretty good, the animation is a bit awful on the characters though, looking at clips of g gundam it has a way better look for being much older, i think seed was done by computers or something i read. i'd probably need g gundam next for a more easier watch like you thought of for a next watch. after watching two similar gundam's back to back lol. question is, will i finish the game or another series first.
  9. i've been playing gundam reborn and i love it, i play a game to get into a series or watch the show(s) to get into a game sometimes. well, i watched 00 last month and almost done with seed. i'm trying to think of another series to get into. i liked 00 better, seed feels quite a bit outdated but enjoyable as well. i don't want to get into the UC timeline atm as that would be a huge time sink, and i hear its best not to watch any of them if you don't watch it chronologically. so i was thinking seed destiny, wing, or g gundam. seems like destiny is hated mostly but loved in japan, so it makes me wonder if i'd likely like it. i was leaning on g gundam as well since i hear it goes without the war and political themes. just looking for a suggestion. c:
  10. an extra $60 a year for PS+. if not cant play online on ps4 systems. people try to sell the benefits, but it doesn't appeal to me. still, i may end up needing it somewhere a long the line for online trophies when getting the system. thankfully i barely play online, so i'll be fine for awhile when starting off. seems like most people got over that one and just accepted it. maybe this will be the case too. :c
  11. i think its a wiser strategy and more affordable in the end. these past two years i've gotten one full priced game a piece, odin sphere last year for vita, and persona 5 for PS3 this year. with a backlog from sales its enough to build your patience over newer titles, especially as a trophy hunter where most quality games will last you. a neighbor finds it unbelievable that i don't have a ps4 yet. i'm enjoying my gaming in the moment though. i'm pretty likely getting a ps4 during the holidays, but i'm employing the same strategy, there will be more than enough less priced games and games on sale to keep me busy where i'd rarely go full priced. some peoples mentality think you need to jump into the next thing right away. like said neighbor speaks of the switch over mario and zelda, idrc about nintendo anymore though. and there hasn't been a need to jump into ps4 yet either, although i think now is the time to start getting into some of the ps4 games as i've been putting loads of effort into completing games of interest between ps3 and vita. lol. idk what microtransactions or even loot boxes are. i've heard them as negatives, but not sure what they really are, especially the loot box thing. my guess on microtransactions would be like the HDN games selling you fast exp, higher levels and stuff? i think compile heart is the only company i played thus far that has those in games. which i did that for those games cause the games cost less than $10, some of these were free i think, and the ones with a price cost $1. haven't done it since though. i don't really play AAA games often or multiplayer so not sure if these terms apply to them mostly. cause i heard of loot boxes with a topic for that new destiny game around here lol.
  12. damn, i wonder if this expires? not sure when i'll be getting 10 plats. i see myself 1-3 for the remainder of the year. hopefully it doesn't expire soon.
  13. i seen arslan on sale a little over a month ago. i'm not familiar with that series however lol. i was surprised to see a ps3 and ps4 version of that game, as i've only seen the ps4 version in listings in the past. but yeah, the musou genre was a big surprise of enjoyment for me. i love its relaxing gameplay. kill things everywhere and grind for hours while listening to music lol. the one piece pirate warriors games got much better with each game. i liked the first one as it was my first, but the 2nd and 3rd blow the first one completely out of the water, getting rid of that platforming QTE crap, and being just strictly like a musou should be lol. fate extella was really good too, although not made by tecmo koei. the team that made fate extella made the senran kagura games, which i kinda liked, but wasn't the biggest fan because they're considered musou's but don't feel like the tecmo games. fate extella feels more like the tecmo games as it has fields with hordes of enemies and capturing the fields so i really enjoyed that one. getting into the PS4 will definitely be a phenomenal thing as far as dragon quest is concerned. one of my favorite JRPG series in my kid/teen years, i use to be able to easily get into any of them, although its been years since i played them. all the final fantasy games on the other hand took me lots of attempts to finish them. i guess i've always been a preference of traditional RPGs over all the experiments the FF series has had. i have been thinking when i get time to try some of the FF's out again though since PS4 has a wide selection on them lol. i've seen some footage of the 9th installment it does indeed look really good. i was going to pick up berserk myself for vita, but it was still kinda high and price and heard some negative things about the vita port. i'm also not familiar with the series. i'm really not sure when i'll check out the series either because i prefer not getting into to many series that are far from ending. sometimes i'll binge a series like in the case of naruto or one piece. then when i caught up or stopped after finishing a certain arc i'll put it off for awhile, and end up forgetting things from the series as its been so long. like one piece i haven't watched since this time last year after the dressrosa arc. naruto, omg just binged the rest of the series this year since it finally ended, but the last time i actually watched it had been a number of years. i pretty much forgotten a lot of the series so i read up summaries before finishing the show this year. so yeah, prefer complete series nowadays. i know there's manga too, but oddly whenever i tried that route reading on a computer i can never tell what's going on in terms of action parts. its tough for me to follow manga for some reason. if you feel like reviving this, i'd definitely be grateful for it. if you can get activity for it, this is exactly what i was looking for.
  14. musou's are awesome. as much as i enjoy them, i've only played ones based off anime series that i like. i sometimes wonder how the main series is, but there's so many lol. attack on titan was one i heard is recommended to play online in true attack mode cause of difficulty and acquiring materials, but i never had to bother. really looking forward to the dragon quest ones, or at least one of them, whichever is better or if they're both worth it lol.