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  1. @SuperSmexy500 thank you very much for easing my concerns. yeah the new 2DS's are starting to become hard to come by. they are sold out in stores, and people are price jacking them like they have been doing with everything else. they are still coming in on the walmart online store, but sell out quick. i think nintendo has the most difficulty manufacturing consoles it seems like, it was pretty difficult to get a hold of a switch. got one a few weeks ago. i didn't know the switch itself how durability issues, i thought it was the joycon's that did. damn, before starting to get into it i bought a cheap 3rd party controller to use instead of the joycon's, so i can save them for when necessary. only been playing in handheld mode as well, haven't tried docked yet. kinda a pain using a controller in handheld with the switch, i kinda have it leaning against a pillow on top of me while holding the controller behind me lol. its pretty neat though, only have one game for it so far. 1st party games are quite pricey and there's quite a good amount of them i want. probably going to get 3rd party games in the mean time when they go on sale and 1st party ones here and there, while waiting for others to become nintendo selects lol. there are lots of stories like that, i think there was one about a gameboy surviving a bombing or explosion or something like that lol. concerning the 3DS's/2DS's, how often does drift occur on those? i always get nervous with hand helds because i am not even going to try to replace parts on them lol. not sure if any of yours got it at some point. i have also been taking the wii back out as well, i actually do have a concern about it because i have been wanting to replay some more games on it and GCN as well. been actually mostly replaying games as of late. well, whenever i start it the disc drive is very noisy. not sure if its always been like that or if its because my OCD has worsened over the years but, like once turned on or entering and then exiting something on the menu it makes a lot of ruckus, however when actually playing games it quiets down. i recently did a 100% super mario galaxy run on it and there weren't issues, wanted to 100% that one since i did for 2 years ago. just not sure if its capable of destroying discs, my younger siblings sound quieter compared to what i described.
  2. i should just @ you whenever i have a device concern lol. also considering how we both get anxiety about our devices. did you see the video i posted on reddit btw? i got some comments about the type of sound could be from a loose film, i guess that there is two inside the circle pad. the one you see where the circle pad rotates on, and another one under that somewhere. one person said it shouldn't be a problem, unless it gets stuck. that person said they have the issue as well. i'm probably going to consider a replacement in the future, i'm hoping the new 2DS's are available around the holidays so i can request one as a gift. i just hope mine holds out, honestly it also hasn't seen a grand amount of use over the near 8 years that i have had it for. more recently i have been using it more than i have in the past.
  3. provided a video. i'm not use to recording obviously but this should give people an idea. cant find anything on this.
  4. i just hope new ones will be around at least around the holidays. i don't trust used consoles/hand helds really. cant really afford much for games, let alone a replacement console. have had a switch for around a few weeks and as i've mentioned i have yet to even get games for it lol. i kinda been alright atm replaying older games as i have tons of those over the years for many consoles. i do want to delve more into the 3DS however, as i got it in the middle of trophy obsession so didn't have much interest in it. so the main two systems i want to buy more games for is that and the switch. i have gotten a couple of 3DS games since picking it back up, yo-kai watch on clearance for $5, i had such a great time with that game. i wish i could find more for that low. recently picked up tales of the abyss as well, loved that game in the PS2 days and have missed it over the years playing and getting platinum's for tons of other tales of games over the years. really wish the DQ 7 & 8 remakes would have a sale. they were my favorite of the entire series back in the day. but yeah it kind of sounds like a spring or something that kind of rattles, i hope its not a bad thing. i really don't.
  5. i have an original 3DS that i have owned since late 2012, it hasn't gotten a great deal of use over the years but have been using it as of the past couple of months since i've halted trophy hunting. concerning the circle pad, i was wondering how normal this is. when i move it it kind of sounds like a loose plastic, maybe a spring, and kinda sounds like something rolls whenever i move it. this seems more noticeable when i am laying back using it while holding it over head. when i am sitting while eyeing down at it it seems noise free at that point. there are no other noticeable concerns with it, seems to have flexible movement, no drifting, ect. was just wondering how durable these control sticks are, and if this is something i shouldn't be nervous about. as i have been worrying my head over it. i wouldn't want to get another model, hoping this will hold up for years to come as there is a library i haven't even got much into that i would love to. besides the fact i believe new ones are no longer in production, i would kind of hope during the holidays that they are still around just in case but that seems doubtful. i recently got a switch as a late birthday present, and have nothing for that yet as i'm waiting for sales. so really don't see a point in getting a 'new' 2ds/3ds as the switch can play the exclusives and i have a lot of the stuff from over the years on other systems for VC.
  6. its a vicious cycle depending on the person who partakes in it. like me, i have asperger's and have always dealt with bad OCD. another thing is i'm not a very relaxed person either by any means. i panic, stress, get worked up, and depressed very easily. have learned over time i don't think trophies are good for me as those anxious feelings rev up,''did i miss this? am i doing this right?'' all the ects. we all know. wasn't even the last game i was playing, just years of it with a majority of the time not really enjoying it. likely done as i have spent quite the time away from it, and i feel like i'm slowly getting more comfortable with the fact. there are some times where i think about it but don't really care enough to come back. felt a lot of stress of not being able to use the ps4 either that much for awhile cause everyone's been home all the time from the virus and circuit breaker trips easily, so was using my vita a lot, but i've kind of exhausted the library as much as i love the damn thing. i've always felt like the ps4 is a fragile piece of machinery due to all the issues i've read people having with them kinda raised my anxiety about using it too. reading too much in the internet raised my anxiety over it, mine has had complete system crashes since i've had mine early on two and a half years ago. one was from the playstation store, a couple of other times was from wi-fi being slow that day, then turning it off made it crash. heard the system has a shitty system UI or whatever that is, as i've also read other's having the same issue, replaced their HDD's or even got new ps4's and still happened. just feel nervous even using the thing. do have a switch coming in tomorrow or the next day. excited to slowly build up the library, as those 1st party games aren't cheap. probably will only start off with one or a couple, interested in xenoblade 2. i liked the first one years ago. although my memory is far from fresh on it, but might go back and replay it on the wii at some point.
  7. nice! thanks to a lot of people who posted here, another thing is i might have mentioned it in the OP but i honestly never really cared for AAA gaming. i tried a lot of titles early on with ps3 as they were recommended, tried some here and there on the ps4 but didn't really care then either. most of my profile these days is niche anime games, something i hear nintendo has been starting to really excel at. plus i really use to like mario and zelda and that sort of thing before getting ps3. pokemon got old to me years ago however, one of the last ones i played was one of the first DS ones and never really cared to go back to the series. having trouble getting a hold of a switch currently for a couple of reasons, one stock goes lightning quick, and another reason due to circumstances and a particular untrustworthy neighbor, trying to find ways i can obtain one safely.
  8. wonder if anyone has got it here: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/ don't have a phone to use the app so curious if anyone's got any notifications from there for those who did get it lol.
  9. is there anyway to check this besides getting on your ps4?
  10. i have been trophy hunting since 2012, nearing the 300 platinum milestone. in more recent years i have been becoming less of a fan of sony, this year in particular. when i was a kid years ago i grew up on a little of all gaming consoles, have very fond memories of many nintendo 1st party games as well like the mario's and zelda's. however, i first got my ps3 at the tail end of 2011, and a little into 2012 is when i began getting into trophies. there are some early years where i was more meh about it, and during the holidays of 2012 i got the 3DS. in all of that time since owning it i really didn't get many games for it or really got into it much due to the obsession with trophies. as years have gone by, and especially the last couple, trophy hunting is becoming much less of an interest. also the fact i'm really not happy with how things are becoming with sony since becoming western based, between censorship, and also the way sales have been handled this year. i have found sales this year more depressing than any other year, barely to no vita or any kind of legacy console sale besides for junk games that are cross-buy. the same repetitive AAA western games on sale over and over again with a new sales title. don't much care for or ever liked much of sony's 1st party exclusive's since the ps3, like uncharted, god of war 4, horizon, ect. they all bored me. although i will say i liked the older god of war games. i mostly stick around with sony yeah because of trophies, but also because of anime games as well. the one thing that also has turned me off about nintendo is the lack of sales, all their 1st party games remain the same in price for years, if not indefinitely. however been doing some thinking, since the 3DS was my least played system due to timing getting into trophies, been considering starting all over and getting a 'new' 2DS due to the fact it can play the whole library. and with that, also going back to my retro consoles which i still own all of them, they've been sitting in my closet for years. not even sure what works anymore, i remember years ago unfortunately one of my favorite SNES games, the super mario RPG having trouble remembering saves, and same thing on N64 the kirby game on that having issues as well. been really tempted to revisit so many old games and trying my hand at properly experiencing the 3DS on top of it. yes i do want a switch done the line, at this point much more so than the ps5 which i have literally 0 interest in. however i know it would be a lot less affordable for me doing what i kinda have been planning. trophy hunting for me has been years i feel and believe have added onto my already stress, anxiety, and depression related issues. which i have always had bad and struggled with having aspergers and all, but feel like i've had a mental shift the past couple of weeks since i've taken up bike riding, something i haven't done in years but have been really enjoying, so i don't know if this mental hype i have been having is something i really want, due to new expenses, but also for the first time been feeling a genuine interest in a part time job, not the fact that i would like to work, but actually be able to afford things like the switch and games at the prices that they are at. i know i wont be pursuing trophy hunting forever and will be moving on someday and honestly it would be an unnecessary stress to rid myself of, it certainly does a lot of impact on my psyche at times, while other times i enjoy it. i kind of just want to get away from playstation all together for these reasons, and my other disappointments as mentioned above. i apologize as i didn't mean to get into this as much as i have, i would just like to get some thoughts from people. in particular with the 3DS, some recommendations, if i should grab a 'new' 2DS(i feel kind of rushed on this one, seems like all 3DS lines have been discontinued so its now or never. wondering if anything will still be available during the holidays) i'm also concerned with how well sales are and if you can get games for cheap. when i checked out psprices.com i was disappointed to see most 1st party games having one sale, like mario & luigi paper jam, or like dragon quest 7 and 8 only having ever had two sales.
  11. kinda have been because of trophies the last 8 years. although still own all my many older consoles, never owned anything xbox related however. i'm not always going to trophy hunt though, not even really interested in a ps5 either at this time, only had ps4 for a couple of years and a half, most of the sony exclusives do nothing for me, i try one here and there and found myself bored like HZD and god of war 4. not really the hugest fan of AAA gaming anyhow. that's not why i play playstation systems anyhow, its mostly for the anime games. however considering in the future replaying older nintendo system games, maybe revisiting the 3DS as i didn't really give it much of my time due to trophies, and possibly think about getting a switch down the line. hopefully some of their first party games become nintendo selects sooner or later, one of the reasons i avoid nintendo is their games are too expensive and almost never have sales lol. ps5 isn't out of the question per say, but with my interest in trophy hunting becoming less of a thing, actually at times feels like it raises my stress, anxiety, and depression more. also the fact its probably going to be very expensive at that, i might have considered a digital version as i mostly buy games that way, however have not liked many of the sales this year, sure there are a lot of cheap stuff, but its mostly the same and games i'm not interested in. also the fact that sales for vita and other legacy consoles are gone as well really sucks.
  12. i've been struggling and getting depressed for almost near a month of not using my ps4. for the reason that, everyone's been home and electronics are running from everyone so there is the chance the circuit breaker can trip. it has happened once in may, and once in june. however since the 15th last month i have strictly been using my vita, as much as i would love to use my ps4 i get irrational concerns that the power may go off and it might break. even though i have had tons of power outages over the years on ps3 and ps4 without major issues. i still fear the possibility, but as of the past couple of months i have let the fear consume me so much where i have been getting very stressed out over the idea of even turning it on. i've let the fear over run me and stress me so much, when in the past it would stress me but not going over board like i've currently been. that's how i've always operated though, always getting a fixation on a particular OCD for long periods, then i get that way about something different. guess its my asperger's, can be a handful mentally. unfortunately i have obtained a UPS but a light lit up on it saying building wiring faulty, so cant even use that.
  13. weird, maybe U.S, is getting it tomorrow as well, if not wednesday when the mid year and $20 and below sale end. honestly the worst mid year sale i've yet to see, there's like 200 something items in it, most sales have been generally awful this year since the change to wednesday. true sales are coming out the ass every minute, but its mostly the same crap on repeat. the lack of vita sales is one of my biggest disappointments about the sales as well.
  14. looks like the usual fun grind. still have accel world vs. sao in my backlog, and they never put the fatal bullet complete dlc individually on sale. :c