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  1. honestly that's how i feel. everyone should trophy hunt how they want. i don't persistently hunt these games on a day to day basis like some people, someday's i would like to get a platinum, or am reaching close to a milestone, or just worked hard on some longer games. whatever the case is, its a little delight to get the satisfaction of getting a platinum. everyone's different and isn't going to feel the same way about it, and that's fine. mostly everyone has other things in life outside of video games, if they are able to get a 30 minute platinum and that makes their day happy, kudos to them. i know i definitely wont be getting past people who hunt them all the time though lol.
  2. yeah it sure took many attempts. i kept on trying everything, sniping the guys that come down the helicopters, running over to the side of the bumper car area. i think the enemies were pretty much infinite though, i looked up the shed method and that took me many attempts as well to get it right. at the end i remember setting up c4 or claymores? whatever they are called around the shed, when the chopper arrived i tossed out flash bangs, which usually i always get caught in the effect. just that last time i got lucky where it didn't seem like i was getting hit as much, when i picked up the guy on that last time, again didn't seem like i was getting hit and somehow made it. it was definitely very nerve rattling lol. very RNG based that things don't go wrong, and you don't move to sloppy. a lot of times i kept running past the guy you have to pick up too, or when heading to the helicopter thinking some parts of the area were short cuts, but actually dead ends lol.
  3. long since got the platinum thankfully and gladly. wasn't my favorite game, but at least it was quick. the final check point on one shot one kill mission was literally one of the toughest bouts as even with the veteran glitch that last check point was quite dreadful. lots of RNG to survive that part using hiding in the shed method, and also how many enemies will be there to kill you when you pick up the army dude covered in bushes. if you can make it to him even without being killed. the mission name one shot one kill is pretty appropriate since you can get killed in one shot a lot. thankfully the rest of the chapters are exploitable with the veteran glitch.
  4. i am uncertain, but it sounds like it can effect a number of things like saves, trophies, i think purchased content, a good number of things. me personally i am not risking anything. maybe its something that should be waited out for a possible ironing out of the issues, but i believe back when this was announced some of these issues were already stated to be a problem if you take the chance. a user name change for me, no matter how bad the name isn't worth the possible damage.
  5. thanks a lot for getting back with this post lots of helpful stuff. yeah, you likely do need that much mastery. i know nothing about the free/nor the paid DLC either. i think in HF there were additional ways to get skill points, maybe from implements? or maybe i am thinking of an entirely different game, but i thought i recall there being a way to get some more skill points besides mastery in that game. the same person also gave up on getting 1000 mastery for each weapon type in fatal bullet, which isn't nearly as bad as the hollow games. guess the person doesn't like mastery grinds lol.
  6. damn, your dad must hate you lol! i did something similar on the naruto UNS2 on ps3 years ago, where i asked my little sister if she could grind some character uses in the game while i did some stuff around the house. you needed to use every character 30 times. i think that was the only time i did something like that with a game. i recently did the game again on the ps4 version a couple of months ago, i said to my sister that i am going to play the ps4 version of that game you grinded some of the characters on when you were little. i said this time i'm doing them all myself, no worries. she was like, i wouldn't again anyways lol.
  7. agreed. or in the least make online trophies as DLC trophies only, so you can still get the platinum via single player.(although this idea wouldn't work well with completionists.) your idea is just as good, also the progress idea would be neat too. i'm not too sure if the way you earn trophies needs an over haul, never really thought about it. everyone receives satisfaction in different ways, sometimes its nice to get some quick platinums if you've been working hard toward some bigger ones. i do like to see level increases time to time and also someday's would like to get a platinum lol. but yeah, other things concerning trophies could use a work over like mentioned by the above user, and like others said deleting games you've earned trophies on would be neat, at the expense of lowering your level/level percentage of course.
  8. its strange i cant figure out, there is a person on my friends list who platinum'd hollow fragment, but hasn't touched HR for a couple of years with the only trophy the person has left is the 10,000 master between weapons and ex skills, i was thinking that if you bought 200 skills you would be well on your way there, but as you stated in needing 12,000 mastery practically to get 200 skills. :c that's unfortunate that skills you unlock within the ex skill trees don't count, guess i'll mostly leave them alone except for ones you need like for 10 OSS chains and such. so from your experience thus far, would you say the game is less skilled compared to HF concerning the platinum strictly? like you don't need have set ups and best of equips like HF? just basically grind after grind practically? i remember in HF going after a bunch of specifics, like certain implements, doing some DLC for sword skills, going after equips to be a glass cannon, and that time challenge for the sword. yeah if you haven't already you aren't going to like the affection grinding if you haven't worked on a lot of people already. been working on those for the past 3 days, by time i finish it for the characters i have access to i will have to do them with 2 others when they become available. one other thing, for the healing implement for one of the ex skills, do you know if healing counts even if you aren't damaged?
  9. oddly there hasn't been any weekly sales this week or last week. was expecting a flash sale or some kind of start to a long running sale last friday. so i guess one or the other will be this friday. its all good though, wouldn't mind not spending until golden week, if we even get it this year with all the anti-japan business since things took a turn for the worst some months or so after last years golden week, wouldn't be surprised if they don't promote it.
  10. its quite a bit like it, from a game play stand point. obviously not mission/hunter structure based kind of game as its like other SAO games with semi-open world maps. it also has the whip/leash thing from freedom wars.(god i forgot what it was called in freedom wars, even forgot what they call it in this game lol.) so you can zoom through the maps, one thing i didn't like is the game likes to have auto-target on so you gotta keep turning it off. but you'll definitely want it on later in the game for grinding weapon proficiency and such.
  11. lost song was my first one and really enjoyed my time with it. i was nervous to do HF first, the rarity and difficulty estimate made me nervous back then, but the difficulty trophy guides have it at should be like a 3 at most not 7's. i don't equate difficulty with time spent. i've done the vita version of HF, hear the ps4 version has some extra grinding like reaching level 200 and maxing affection with two more characters, also some kind of boss trophy. not sure if i would do the ps4 version and go through that again with extra layers lol. yeah i haven't really proceeded to far with the combat in HR, the presentation to me doesn't look too far off from the vita version of HF in some areas, like in the main hub/town. while some areas like in combat seems a bit more flashier. combat seems a bit quicker. like sephiroth4424 said, auto attack is gone. you now press square for that. i liked how in HF you could haste your attack and auto attack to level proficiency's, its annoying with square because when doing that kirito uses a sword skill at the end of his attack which makes it hard to grind proficiency. that is kinda why i am focusing on maxing affection with some characters early, because they like to kill everything too, and unlike HF you have 3 companions rather than one. you cant make them wait either like you could in HF like when you did that they would stop killing things for a little bit. cant wait for golden week, favorite sale of the year for sure. sometimes some newer stuff goes on sale for decent prices, plus some cheaper older stuff. hopefully Sony doesn't do away with it with all the anti-japan stuff going on.
  12. i like the combat system, of all of them lol. i wish the loot was more varied though, more unique enemies would be nice as well. i honestly don't find that i get stronger in some of these though, especially the hollow games with leveling. seems like what makes you stronger is buffs and better sword skills. i could not for the life of me master OSS's in HF, i could only get a small combo with them. i ended up just grinding the easier HNM's like the kobold dude until i got my 100 solo multi-player kills. i might eventually get back into fatal bullet though due to them adding DLC trophies, or just might keep that one settled with just having the platinum in it. i doubt the expansion that added DLC trophies will go on sale individually, but i have it on my wish list just in case lol. also a little note, its not mentioned in the guide but i don't believe Yui has a bed CG. i did a few perfect bed scenes and no CG scene ever came up, i looked around google to see if she had one or not, couldn't turn up anything besides a youtube video of the pillow talk with Yui that didn't end it with a CG. caused a slight amount of frustration last night. i don't think this can be questioned to the guide creator Satoshi as i don't think he comes here anymore.
  13. believe me, you are in for a nightmare with affection grinding, and with 14 characters. its kinda why i'm kinda getting some progress done with them first to get one of the most mind numbing parts out of the way, the sad thing is i cant even really watch a show while doing it as you have to be alert to move closer to press square without getting too close and some of the things you say that you will read a kajillion times you have to know which question to press x or o for. i have started working on SS usage and combos, instead of walking through the maps i just spam them, and then charge up my SP and on and on. i think i was at only like 3500 SS usages however. haven't really progressed the story too much, haven't even gotten first story trophy yet lol. yeah i have been holding off on this, i got the game a year ago, then i got fatal bullet later in the year and did that one first, been putting this one off for awhile. i basically do one SAO game a year. i think fatal bullet's platinum rate should be quite a bit higher, it was the second quickest next to lost song.
  14. even with both the ps4 and vita lists combined i'm a bit surprised that its not at least in the 3 or 4 UR range. i'm only about 20 hours in but its definitely got that HF feel of grind. i think somethings that are different is lack of missables, and also no 100 implements. however it appears to have an implement system still in regarding unlocking skills for trophies. double the characters to raise affection with, i've been going for some characters since yesterday and its definitely taking what feels the same amount of time as HF to max affection. maybe as i get further it wont be as bad as i imagine considering its near the 6% range of platinum achievers, but i definitely feel the HF feels creeping in lol.
  15. yeah i live in a town with a bunch of old places, very run down town. i am not sure what the room temp. is but R.I. gets very high humidity levels. i never look forward to summers its very depressing from how hot it gets, plus without an option to keep cool. i much prefer the winter and definitely never look forward to the summer. at least in the winter you can dress to combat how cold it gets, plus we didn't have too bad of a winter this year compared to other years, i think there was only around 5 times where the snow piled high, and other times it snowed it was very light. weird winter for sure, had some warm days mixed in too where bugs were flying around.