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  1. just started earlier today, pretty neat so far, but have had some troubles with some of the duels. when using the story decks it seems like it depends on luck on what you and your opponent has sometimes, without access to the appropriate cards to start building decks this early on. like the joey duels can definitely be frustrating. i keep on using my funds to hopefully get all the exodia pieces from the grandpa deck, i've got duplicates of some of the cards. are there recommended stages and cards to grind these? for example in some of the yugi decks there's a card called burning land which inflicts 500 LP on each persons turn if they have layed out magic/trap cards, not certain if that counts as effect damage? i have had opponents attack my face down defense cards to receive LP damage, not sure if that's what defense damage is referring to? chains are a bit more complicated for me to get, so far they've been happening at random and even though i've been reading the tutorial for it i'm still not exactly sure how i get the chains still. when i eventually make an exodia deck i'm going to have to grind these as well using certain stages/decks i suppose, but not exactly sure how to go about it. thanks for the help guys.
  2. i see you don't have the platinum so far, what do you think of the overall difficulty and time estimate for platinum would be? i also see you don't have the online trophies unless you haven't updated them yet. i've been thinking about starting this within the next couple of days, been rewatching duel monsters. thinking i might jump in the game once i reach a certain point, or finish it before beginning. but i was going to say maybe we could help each other with the 3 online trophies, although i'm uncertain if you can hop into online right off the bat.
  3. wow, sounds like yours has been through hell and back. i think part of the console fear started during the ps3 generation into ps4 due to a lot i've read over the years with people having issues with fans, HDD's, disc drives, ect. that its made me extra paranoid about them that i feel like they're as fragile as glass, but reading something like this gives me some temporary hope before i start worrying all again lol. i've had my slim for 2 and a half years by the end of june, just like the ps3 its had countless power outages, summers can be near daily. i have heard about UPS's that keep your system running for a short while during an outage, but in some of the reviews i read about them catching fire, and really unsure if they're good in an old apartment like this. price isn't really the cheapest for those either. before the pandemic, the thing that sort of gave me comfort was on amazon ps4's were going for $250 for awhile, in case of the system failing, there was a little ray of hope there. now the prices sky-rocketed and most store outlets don't even have any in stock. i have heard numerous times that the slim is a quiet system, not sure if people mean in comparison to the OG, but mine i believe has been noisy since i've had it lol. i notice one thing that makes me not hear the fan as much is if i aim a fan at it, which i always do once i turn it on because the thing gets hot quick and gets noisier. still going to hear all the other mentioned sounds, which i know a lot of it is the plastic but sometimes get a little more worried if any of the sounds sound different from what i usually hear lol. another thing i'm absolutely afraid to do and not even sure if its necessary is cleaning out the system, i've heard of people still having working systems and never cleaned it out once. sometimes i damp a towel and drain the water out and wipe around the vents. sometimes vacuum the vents.(although mine is one of the smaller ones and has very poor suction.) earlier this year i took the top lid off very nervously and sprayed dust remover on the fan, it had a thin layer that wouldn't come off so i gave up and was like not doing anymore than that. i never had these worries with older consoles but everything i've read over the past couple of gens has had me worked up lol. as a kid most of my OCD was with the discs which i have less of a concern of these days due to buying mostly digital. i have also had that playstation store crash you mentioned, that happened pretty early on actually where the light kept blinking so i had to unplug it was worried shitless.
  4. that is exactly how i am, december of last year i thought and was also told by others that my HDD was likely failing due to one game making ticking sounds during loading screens. so even now whenever it makes any kind of sounds like its usual clicks, snaps, and pops i get panicked and my mind starts racing with the worst possible thoughts non-stop. nothings happened besides a crash a couple of months ago where when i came off rest mode and entered the dashboard then turned it off it crashed with the power light constantly blinking so i had to unplug it. that's why i have auto-upload off and upload manually now because maybe when i came off rest mode then immediately turned it off perhaps it crashed for that reason. took me awhile to get over that one, i have asperger's so anxiety, OCD, and over working thoughts are natural for me. another thing that's been on my mind and concerning me about this summer is that we live in a house where having a microwave and vacuum going at once blows the fuse. already had it happen a little over a week ago during a ps4 session so of course i was panicked for days. but what's got me concerned is that others will have their AC's going so if someone turns on the microwave or uses the vacuum when an AC is running there's going to be frequent outages, happens every summer. keep on hoping sony has a huge vita sale soon so i can use my ps4 less to avoid the inevitable from the above paragraph, but game sales for it are getting less and less. glad to know i'm not the only one who gets over worked up easily.
  5. true, platinum percentages for some reason seem more common in the ps4 generation. i'm fine with 100+ hour games personally, actually more concerned with difficulty. heard it has a pretty high learning curve due to many new mechanics introduced to the series over the years however and my familiarity only goes as far as the original, the GBC, GBA, PS1, PS2, and gamecube games, and still that was early 2000's so my memory is far gone from that point. still bought the game however, although it'll be in my backlog until i at least rewatch the OG.
  6. thanks. also i say try not to worry too much, i know i was getting paranoid with the info. thing as i do with most things, i get stressed and worked up very easily personally.
  7. i didn't even know you could access your cloud to see your saves? how do you do that? i manually upload my saves rather than letting them upload on their own, for the game i'm playing now when i upload it from the game after closing the app. it shows the regular save image but the one in the cloud has what you describe. likely a server issue, which there has been PSN issues since Covid started. like for awhile when pressing down on a game app to see the information such as other friends who played and what not it would be stuck on an infinite load that i couldn't get out of without pressing the PS button. that seems ok now but that was an issue for a few weeks, also heard people couldn't access communities.
  8. yu-gi-oh i am thinking on. however it would likely sit in my backlog for a long time as there isn't a trophy guide.(not sure if it needs one?) also would like to get reacquainted with the series as well. which will be time consuming. haven't watched the OG show since early middle school days years ago but loved it. heard 5D's is also worth it. by time it goes on sale again it may be cheaper, but still tempted to grab it now definitely waiting for pirate warriors 4 to go cheaper as it sounds like the shortest of PW games to platinum sadly.
  9. how's the platinum for it in difficulty and length? don't appear to be any guides. only yu-gi-oh i watched was duel monsters years ago, watched season 0 a couple of months ago but was thinking about rewatching duel monsters maybe subbed or reading the manga. not sure if its a good idea to check out any of the yu-gi-oh series that came after i am years behind. would be a hell of a time commitment, that's why i'm thinking on waiting until this is cheaper or maybe just buying it now and putting it in my backlog until i get reacquainted with the series.
  10. i have had the games in my backlog for ps4 since the holiday sale of 2017 through early 2018. lately i have been regretting not getting them for the vita instead, as my vita backlog is dwindling due to having used it for years and also the fact that vita sales are becoming much less frequent. might end up still playing them on the ps4, or might just wait until they're on sale for vita again. although might be a waste of money doing that as i payed $20 something when i did get them, and there's no stacks in U.S. copies anyways lol. like Masamune said, also watched the first season but its been quite awhile for me as well, but it was enjoyable.
  11. will check out the full sale when it launches, but it already does nothing for me from what i see.
  12. nothing interests me, besides a bunch of $1.99 ratailka(sp?) games in this sale. kinda tempted to buy $6-$10 worth of those, but the big in japan sale has some games i still plan to get which are more quality and more money lol. does anyone know if a winter's daydream is cross buy? not even sure if it has separate trophy lists.
  13. good to know. was wondering myself as its been a bit rougher for me to game lately. everyone's home and has requests of me more often than usual. didn't have a huge interest for dancing spin-off games personally, but considering they aren't highly time committing might help in keeping me somewhat satisfied that i would be completing something lol.
  14. wow, sale was already meh, long running and not adding much as it is lol. here's hoping the golden week sale doesn't skip out this year. :c think last year it was the 24th or 25th it launched, and the 24th is friday.
  15. would be nice if discount codes saw the day of light again. not to complain but this really doesn't benefit anyone who has the selected games already. gotta think more on a broader scale. something more like maybe a one time code for a game of choice for x price maybe, or discount codes, or those one off ps store credits they use to do. at least in the U.S, we haven't seen discount codes for about 2 years, while others got them like 2-3 times in the past year or something like that. enjoy for those that are getting offered games for the first time though.