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  1. feels like in your level 30s its much tougher to level up. idk if that's really the case or if its just i'm playing very time consuming games lol. i do remember a time up to level 12 or 13 that levels went up really fast, then it got tougher to level. but it feels like the 30s are even tougher.
  2. i was kinda expecting one today, but unfortunately this is pretty awful.
  3. i probably would have had issues with the first one if not for sniper bullet modules, and devour that recovered OP. amongst other little things that benefited to become a spam fest by end game. i don't hear much on this, and thinking of starting it before the year is over. any useful suggestions for set ups, like weapon to use, a bullet type, and amongst all the other things that ease it up? thank you.
  4. i think TC might be confusing akiba's trip, with akiba beat? akiba beat is the one that has persona and tales of comparisons. people vastly prefer akibas trip though. akiba beat has been getting a load of negativity, but i wouldn't know from experience personally. akibas trip does at least have a more positive reception, which i've played on PS3 although its been a long time. it has a battle system where you attempt to strip your enemies of clothing to beat them, and gives you a feel of being in akihabara, with lots of culture to show off in terms of anime and otaku fandom. as much as i love that aspect, getting the platinum was a bit annoying due to mechanics and other stuff. the game has separate trophy lists between ps3, ps4, and vita. i almost got the game again for vita, but not sure if i want to go through again lol. fate extella was loads of fun, although many of the missions were repeated in the same exact nature on the same stages when playing through character stories and story missions many times. still, i highly enjoyed it. not the story so much, felt different to the animes. but it was fun playing as the characters from the shows. and i enjoyed the grind.
  5. i expected someone to do the ps4 guide first, so its definitely a surprise that it seems like the vita one will come first. you've made, or contributed in guides that have really helped me out before. SAO HF implement guide and persona 5. idk who the main guide creator of those ones were since there were a number of names. >.< but yeah, i'll definitely be looking forward to checking out your ys viii guide when its done!
  6. :'D great job! that was definitely fast. maybe i'll have the tales of symphonia plat. by then. just the easiest run is left. its going to feel odd playing a different game, whatever i decide next after already playing through 3 times straight, and then a 4th.
  7. yes and all the games from vita month last month as well. ys 8, mary skelter, drive girls, and of course DRV3.
  8. thankfully turbo waitress still gives you the title when even messing up orders. at least i messed up an order or two and have all of colletes titles. its the uncle mini-game that thankfully you can just press the home button on your controller to pause and use a note pad on the side, make a description of each guy and put a number next to them in order. otherwise you'd need a phone or some kinda recording device, especially for the GCN version. but yes, side devices in general are a big help with gaming, especially for completionists or being stuck on a part in general lol. (tales of symphonia is a perfect example. better be strapped by a bunch of guides every second. even on further playthroughs i need to start at the beginning of a guide, cant keep strong memory of how most dungeons are completed, or where to go and what to do.)
  9. grinding 20,000 kills in dungeon travelers 2 was brutal. i don't think in the long run 10,000 is, as like DT2 its a turned based RPG, with 1-5 enemies per battle. which idr the enemy limit in FF9 in battles, haven't played it in many years lol.
  10. the atelier arland trilogy looks like the best deal, due to these games rarely going down to good prices. but i doubt i'll ever grab them, idk much about them, but i generally don't like time limit systems. persona is the exception, i really love them, but when playing them its a mixture of high enjoyment and stress. but by the end of the games i usually have plenty of leeway. lol. but these games sound like they're on the clock? i'm not really into that lol... i am really thinking on getting psycho pass, loved the anime, but the game isn't really liked by many? and also thinking of getting vita version of akibas trip, to relive the crazy otakuness again. its been a long time, but i feel hesitant cause i feel like there was some part(s) of getting the platinum on ps3 that stressed me out a bit.
  11. DQH's 2 wasn't localized for vita. had to make sure and check the PS Store to see if there was the tiniest slight bit in hell i missed that. lol!
  12. i'm just wondering if the vita version is fine, instead of waiting to get it on PS4 whenever i get one. idk when i'll get one, hoping by holidays lol.
  13. its on sale right now and i'm quite tempted. i was thinking of waiting till i get a PS4 to play the game as it looks better and barely hear positives for vita version if anything at all. :c also is the season pass a necessity really? the base game is on sale for $20, and the deluxe is $32.
  14. this may sound as silly not having a photo ID to some people, but i don't have a cell phone. any way to use this 2 step verification thing? sometimes i get nervous signing in wondering if my account could be stolen. anything can happen when your away. i don't have any credit information on my account to worry about since i've only ever used PS Store cards, but at the same time my account is my life in a way. sorry TC, there can be numerous reasons why you don't have an ID, hell mines been expired for idk how long. and i don't have a cell phone lol.