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  1. i liked the anime, i heard the 2nd season and over on gamefaqs that the VN aren't that great. the first season was really entertaining though for me. but i'd definitely be waiting for a budget price in a flash sale or something for the game.
  2. thank you! i watched a bit of the beginning, i just want to know, is there a lot of puzzles in this? or is it more combat focused. not sure if i'd need a regular FAQ walkthrough, or if a regular trophy guide would suffice for the collectibles/upgrades. since i see the guide has a listening of fruits and such. just not sure if the game has a lot of trouble on navigation/puzzles or if its pretty relaxed where you can play through simply. i don't mind multiple playthroughs, that's what musics for lol.
  3. then again, i was always that weird kid that liked digimon more than pokemon. really one of the hugest hypes for PS4 with me is DQ XI. the musou spin-offs look like fun too, i started really getting into musou's from the PS3 and vita. i'm not quite sure on DQ builders though since i'm not really into minecraft, but i've honestly enjoyed all the DQ spin-offs i played like the monster games and rocket slime, so it might still be worth looking into. i really hope DQ becomes a huge deal on Playstation systems again. i think you might have confused 9 with 8? 8 was the one on PS2, 9 was on DS lol. that's why he said 9 might have something to do with nintendo lol. but i a million percent agree on 8 getting the HD treatment. from my understanding of the recent upgrade of 8 on 3DS, is that a lot of it has been rehauled and made improved, except for the presentation not being the best due to 3DS screens. but i'd honestly take a non-enhanced version on PS4 as a PS2 classic or HD upscaled if i could lol.
  4. 3 through 8 would be a dream on PS4(or even vita, yeah right unfortunately. :c). DQ is a series that i felt much more enjoyment to than the FF series ever has throughout my kid and teen years. i played through all the mainline FF games and DQ games and only finished all the FF's out of hype. loved many of the spin-off games as well. lol i remember in 3rd grade my time with the wonderful DW/DQ 3 on GBC, going through the game eventually over leveled with just the main character cause it was expensive to revive allies. also without access to guides at the time it was a very long time spent on it. i wouldn't be surprised if i put well over 200 hours into that one alone. but if there's any i'd seriously want to replay it would definitely be 8. even as a PS2 classic with trophy support. next would be 7, even as the PS1 version. i just love the grind of these games, the classic turned based, the worlds, the journey, the characters, and the akira toriyama anime art. i'm in love with it all.
  5. is it on the insane side, or doable? i've managed the muramasa rebirth platinum which i didn't find that hard, outside of the beginning of fury mode without whetstones. although its hard to compare two different genres lol. i'm looking for a new vita game after finishing SAO HF and this is on sale currently, only Ys game i've played was memories of celceta which i remember enjoying a lot.
  6. idk why its getting a rerelease either. its not a super quality one piece game, i had fun with it, but OP PW 2 and 3 are the absolute best of the games. i agree with BHK3.
  7. and @Dragon-Archon i know this applies to the u.s. version, i am however not sure of other countries. :c in the u.s. sale when you check out both versions the vita version itself makes no mention of cross buy, but both versions are on sale for the same prices currently, and on the PS4 version it does say cross buy. i hope its the same for you guys as well. c: i'm quite tempted as i ran out of vita games i'm interested in playing after getting the SAO HF platinum a few days ago. and ys memories of celceta was one of my first vita games and a highly enjoyable one.
  8. if you buy the ps4 version of ys origin, you'll get the vita one as well, and they have separate trophy lists. i'll be thinking on this myself in case i want to play the ps4 version someday when i get one.
  9. i'm thinking of coming back to this although its been almost 2 years since i played. do you need 4 or 8 players to boost? :/ also it sucks both the vita and ps3 versions are incompatible and i only have the vita version. i'd be down with the multiplayer grind, just not sure if its worth going back to if getting the players is impossible nearly.
  10. just got the plat. not that bad really, if you can stand the grind. but it was very enjoyable anyways so the grind was worth putting in. idk why i thought it would take me somewhere in the 200 hours, took me 151 hours, and i didn't use any OSS's for HNM's. i started beating most of the HNM's within 3 dual sword esoteric skills from dual blades with the proper buffs. i was so worried from all the horror stories that this plat. would be so bad, but it really wasn't. i'd agree myself on 4 out of 10. as beginning the game through the hollow area can be a bit intimidating in the beginning. i found it best to get to the discard area asap in the beginning for better loot and leveling to breeze the story a bit. i probably wont go rarer than this in plats. i highly doubt. lol. so its definitely a very proud one and it was damn well worth it. my 2nd longest plat. next to tales of graces f which took me 224 hours lol.
  11. hm, so is it DW or katana that is recommended for OSS's against HNM's? and would you say its needed against the base game HNMs? i've been able to pull off 4 chains with the katana with some luck in the past for implements. if i got the katana esoteric skill is it useable in a chain? after i finish the floors i plan to go back to discard for level 150 at some point. i started the floors at level 140. if i have to i guess i could level past 150 since the max level i think with update is 250. not that i'd level that far as that would probably pretty much need NG+ at some point. but there's a level spot i like to use in discard in the volcano area by a teleport area with all these high level lizard and fire bug enemies. yeah that's the weird thing sometimes i don't even need to zoom to get the crash. :c i opened up the hollow map and the game crashed within seconds of scrolling on a fully opened map as well. its whenever hollow missions are shown in general. i just hope this doesn't mess me up when returning to the hollow area. i got like 10 crashes right after another so i tried rebuilding database and that didn't do nothing, although i know its an issue with the game. i just didn't expect it to happen on a fully open map too.
  12. used a notepad to jot every unique line like i did with HRF for P4G. its a bit stressful to do it that way, but it didn't end up being as much work as HRF thankfully. lol its definitely good for memory after awhile cause you start remembering most of the lines said to not even check the notepad.
  13. congratulations on your platinum. i took a break for my first amazing run with P5. been back at this the past few days running through the floors and thankfully really enjoying my time once again. sounds like you played kinda how i did that took up the most time in the start, fighting monsters, looting, exploring, leveling weapon proficiencies lol. in the hollow area i only completed 76 implements and beat the kobold HNM twice only though. the thing i'm nervous about is how doable are HNM's in general without crazy mastery of OSS's? i'll be honest, i'm terrible at them. i'm honestly not sure how i'd pull them off with dual blades since that's the weapon type i got the esoteric skill for lol. honestly, if levels and equips can make a difference, i might not mind defeating HNM's without OSS's if possible. i managed the kobold lord one pretty alright. i think the OSS's are my most worrying thing. it takes me awhile to even get it right with the katana which i used for a few implements. it just sounds crazy with DW when you got some sword skills that do 16-22 combos or something like that lol. i picked up the crimson gauntlets today, that and the esoteric skill for DW has been destroying the floor bosses. although i had my first scare when even though my combo was still running past the health bar someone else got the last hit. was a shock, exited quick. D': so just got through backing up my save just now, cause i imagine floor 99-100 will be full of scares when i get there. plus i'm having concerns of any fatal glitches occuring in general like saves cause my game constantly crashes on the hollow map. whether i scroll zoomed or not zoomed.
  14. ha ha, yeah i pushed over 100 hours between all 3 characters last year when i got both collections. only managed to complete ventus's report. doing the same things almost exactly between all 3 is a very tedious process. and 3 of the extra bosses are no push overs, even on normal difficulty. so definitely nervous about them with terra and aqua, especially terra since its been said that the developers couldn't beat the hooded boss on critical. but i kinda burnt myself out last year with KH's, doing a normal and proud run of 1, and a critical of 2 as well. although they were pretty easy and manageable. with BBS i still have to run through critical mode as well besides finishing up the other characters reports. BBS had really solid combat gameplay though and was a real well done adaption to consoles from portable. yeah i feel JRPG's should be a single player experience, unless we're talking hunter genre or something. i've been playing the tales of series for many years but i think that in-battle multiplayer has been a thing since possibly symphonia, or maybe started on more of the recent ones. sounds like an unneeded addition since the 2nd player only gets to play in battle which series like this are very story, event, and gameplay suited for single player. i'm not sure if arena mode was ad-hoc oriented back in the day on PSP as i never used the mode back then. but if it was, KH 3 could potentially implement some kinda online multiplayer or something in some kinda hub/mission mode. :c if they did use a mode like that again hope they allow all completion to be done alone like BBS on the HD collection lol.
  15. really exciting news and video as well. just hope it don't get delayed. i say its due time to get a ps4 i incredibly hope by the holidays. games are starting to really excite me, tales of berseria, ni no kuni 2, KH 2.8 collection, DQ XII. i was feeling kinda dead on the KH series, but nostalgia waves hit me hard with this. and i was thinking 3 would either only be on the PS5 in the future, or in the least a farewell release on PS4 and be on PS5 as well. but i was kinda thinking with all the KH's this year, it may get a release announcement soon maybe. KH 1 and 2 are some of my most replayed games ever back on PS2. i'm hoping i can get back to the collections on PS3 by time this years over. BBS(repeating with 3 characters was a bit killer on me lol. all those terrible mini-games. :'c) but i hope to finish that, as well as 1 and 2. definitely not CoM though cant get into that one at all. don't know how i beat it on the GBA years ago lol. i just hope it doesn't have multiplayer, at least not trophies for it.(as i'm likely not getting PS+ ever.) it said on wikipidea they're considering it. :c i was worried with NNK2 being said it would have multiplayer, but luckily that was a misinterpretation. phew.