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  1. yeah its kinda too late for me, with a 6-7 year old account and started hunting back in 2012. near to perfect completion is very appealing, but that's been out the window. oddly, i only started caring about that when i visited this site. all those numbers on your profile page can really rev up your OCD, i still haven't figured a solution to deal with it. statistics like world/country rank, completion percentage for profile. wish there was a feature to block what you wanted on your page to avoid the stress lol.
  2. is there any discount codes being offered right now? man, wish i didn't miss out on that far cry discount code that would have lasted until the end of this month, there's multiple games i'd pick up but prices are pretty steep compared to past sales on games, also without being a plus member. last year i believe discounts were up to 70% non members and 80% plus members, this year it says 50% and 60%. not sure how i'd go about my idea of purchases.
  3. thanks for doing that for me, i thought i was quoting him! oops. well i gave you a reception boost for your troubles lol!
  4. did you find Catherine difficult overall however? i did a play through years back while on the easiest difficulty and i kinda really sucked at the game also not being good with puzzles myself lol. i do think about revisiting time to time but not sure of my capabilities. as for the topic at hand, i don't really feel exactly proud, as i don't think about the platinum to much after obtaining it to pat myself on the back about lol. but the vita in general was a breakthrough system for me, and pushed me past my limits as i use to be one of those guys thinking about how to get quicker platinums. where now from a lot of the games i played i highly enjoy playing and getting plats. for long anime games, to me they're like watching an anime series itself so its the journey lol. some at the time that felt like big accomplishments were P4G, SAO HF, and tales of symphonia. tales of graces f was definitely my longest though at 224 hours, but back when i got it it was the first one with trophy support, when i played tales of games prior on past systems i focused on story and wasn't to familiar with GRADE and other mechanics. so tales of graces i made the mistake of trying to do everything on the first playthrough which made it take longer.
  5. yeah Tecmo Koei and Gust seem to hold some of the higher prices in comparison to other sales going on. on Tecmo's side you got games like attack on titan or berserk over or near $40 over a year later, Gust and their atelier games rarely have sales to begin with, and are usually small when it happens. don't expect $6 Compile Heart games lol. i'm skeptical on nights of azure, seems like most opinions i've read have been negative. i'd grab it under $20 for sure though.
  6. am thinking on nonary games, but golden week is coming soon. i've played through the whole series a few years back, 999 was my favorite, and although i liked VLR and ZTD, not as much as 999. i highly prefer the danganronpa series in comparing series lol. maybe i'd feel different going through them again, but... i know golden week will beef up my backlog and i have stuff to play till then as it is. if i didn't miss out on that discount code i'd probably grab this and nights of azure.
  7. i'm curious as to what you would use for a trophy guide for the vita version of disgaea 4 as i believe it has some different trophies from the PS3 version. also are the games difficult platinums? 3 and 4 in particular have like a little over 100 achievers with like 10,000-20,000 owners according to the site. like SAO HF wasn't really a difficult platinum, just grindy. i was wondering if disgaea games are pretty much in that category. when it comes between disgaea 5 and 4 though TC, 5 i believe is the easiest(or D2 is.) so i hear, and judging by not being as rare as D4.
  8. i'm actually quite terrible at this game and am using a level 20 Alicia with hidden potential and defense/caution commands. i get nervous before every battle, i take a break before starting the next one. some battles she cant participate in/or be any help in. chapter 16 was an odd one, you basically want just the tanks. well from the video i saw. because the kings tank plows the entire field basically while you gotta advance with just Welkin. actually that brings another question, do you have to use commands every turn for them to remain active? i imagine so, as i've been, but was kinda hoping they'd last for more turns to have more action usages lol.
  9. the trophy where you let no teammates die, does anyone know if allies are allowed to retreat or be knocked out when finishing a battle? there are certain characters that retreat instead of facing perma death. like one chapter i can think of that i just finished, chapter 16, where its best to let your 2nd tank get crushed when the kings tank tank enters the battle field while you use Welkin's tank to complete the mission. the pilot of the 2nd tank simply retreats rather than being killed for good. you basically don't want to use up any valuable turns on that mission. also i noticed when you finish a battle and allies have been KO'd but you didn't get a chance to revive them, and it hasn't been 3 turns for perma death, they're still alive in your roster. i just want to clarify this trophy when i get to my second playthrough, thanks.
  10. i got the code from the MLB thing, but don't think i'm going to get anything from the sale. at least its valid till next weeks sale. if there's nothing i want next week just might use it on wild arms 3. anyways will the code remain in my cart? when i got the code it said it would be stored somewhere, but not sure where. hope to find out where in case i need to enter it again lol.
  11. disgaea 3 and 4 are all i'm interested in based on games i don't have/games of interest. i'm worried about difficulty, or if they aren't difficult but just grindy like SAO HF. as much as RPGs are my favorite genre, i tend to be awful with SRPGs and tend to avoid them lol. i'm playing valkyria chronicles right now and even though its rated a 3/10 difficulty i find it pretty tense and sometimes stressful. lol. but with trophy support its pushing me to play it since i didn't finish it on PS3. i like the the story, visuals, and game play, but the battles are rough lol.
  12. its really BS i'm on that battle too. i've been grinding for days on days for this. nobodies strategies seem to work for me like i hope. :c i wish the difficulty of this mode was as easy as the main game, and leave the difficulty for online match ups.
  13. definitely mary skelter. thinking on witch and the hundred knight. was also thinking on star ocean 3 from the square sale, never played a SO game. eh, i'd consider Nep PP, but not really interested in this one. my favorite nep's are the ones with plutia, and as much as i like VN's. a HDN one doesn't appeal to me much. thoughts?
  14. thanks for being a help, you should write a hero colliseum guide. i've been really stuck on a battle with Vados, just pulled bikini android 18, not sure how much she'd help in this battle, because vados is always a front row competitor, to me shes quite brutal and definitely breaking my spirit lol.
  15. i have two variations of UR piccolo, think i still have that spirit bomb goku as well. is supers the spirit bomb thing your character does? i don't understand how spirit bomb works it just goes to 99% and doesn't go higher. oh or the ultimate charge? yeah i barely get ultimates while enemy gets this consistently. is reaching max level important with all figures? i break a part 20 figures each time and it definitely takes awhile to level figures lol. also not sure what determines who goes first in battles, my opponents usually get all the first turns so having vados tank all that damage is what helps me survive multiple turns. don't have access to many equips sadly and not sure which ones are good, i'm awful at this lol. i had no issues soloing the main game, the game gave me two days of ps plus when i started so was able to get the online trophies, everything else i did alone with not to much difficulty. although the new PQs are quite challenging, thankfully you don't have to z rank them like the first extra pack lol.