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  1. what are people's thoughts on accel world vs. SAO? its been a few years since i've watched accel world, i enjoyed it just wish it continued. on the other hand this is the only SAO game i don't have that i haven't platinum'd. lost song was my first one which i had fun with as i hear it has similar game play.
  2. yeah just read the email and was expecting november as it was said on the other sony rewards topic that this would happen then. :/ well, i'll likely be able to reach the 10 platinum pass once more at 234 platinums. doubtful i'll reach it a final time at 244 by that time. but who knows. definitely sad to see it go, sure the points came in slow even if you reached the milestone some months before, but it was nice when all the points did come in. what could have ruined it is people creating alts. to get quick platinums to redeem for it endlessly. the email said something about new and exciting passes on the way, but the ones they've have had really haven't been lol. i miss when sales had those double or X3, X5 points, before trophy passes those helped toward earning points.
  3. VC 4 the lowest its been, $24, going to wait until it reaches $20 at the least have plenty of backlog atm and likely wouldn't play it right away. waiting for FoTN to hit $20-$25, am currently watching the anime and got awhile yet before i finish as i have been watching it slowly. its likely we will have a flash sale friday, the day before my birthday, but not expecting much of a birthday shock of a sale. as i cant remember the last time i bought something from a flash sale since the new formula for them seems to be slight price cuts on recent games with a small amount of a selection.
  4. been a longggg time since i've played and platinum'd the pirate warrior games and watched one piece.(stopped back in 2016 i think after the doflamingo arc.) anyways yeah, leveling is probably your best bet i think. if i remember i spent a lot of time in between story missions going into that island mode to grind for awhile and get coins which i think boosted stats. and unlocked abilities. PW's 2 and 3 were some of my favorite games back when i played them.
  5. maybe Xenoverse 1 PS4 version a couple of months ago, think it said it took me a week and 1 or 2 days. the PS3 version took me like 6 months years ago not that i was playing it all that time lol. surprised how quickly it went by the second time, even though it took that quick i spent a lot of time waiting in lobbies for the online trophies, that was a nightmare as the game is older now. but love these games a lot.
  6. what do people here think of i am setsuna? i made a topic asking this question on gamefaqs and every poster had something negative to say related to the game. not one poster would recommend it, thought i would ask a different crowd before reaching the verdict. yeah i know the site can be pretty negative in general, but thought i would get some opinions from the other game forum i use.(here)
  7. ah i figured there'd be a missable. what do you got to do to make it not missable?
  8. anyone get all the trophies yet? was wondering if any of them are missable. downloaded it earlier, not sure when i'll start but thankfully looks like you can just complete these on normal with a higher level character. from the looks of it lol.
  9. excited for more borderlands, one of my favorite western series. however, hope there isn't a level 80 trophy. i enjoy these games solo and mostly ever played them solo outside of trophies where you need other people. its just that... leveling in UVHM is a massive pain and that mode is unfortunately more geared toward having partners. the highest level i reached was 59 solo, and its a bit on the brutal side lol. sometimes it gets more manageable, other times UVHM gets like fuck it lol.
  10. been waiting for it to hit at least $30. this seems like a good price, maybe. question, how much a pain are the DLCs? i notice in the latest one there are 3 ultra rares. is it a real difficult time, or just a grind. seems to be a lack of guides for the recent batches of DLC. also wondering if its known if all the DLC is released at this point where the deluxe can be considered the complete version. as i seen a poster say that more DLC is coming in July. that's the only source i heard about that though. which if there is more DLC coming i imagine they would make a second season pass as it seems the DLC released thus far is covered by the current season pass.
  11. ni no kuni 2 deluxe for $27. i have been waiting for it to reach $30 so believe i'm getting this. i see some of the DLC trophies have 'hard mode' mentioned. do you need to play the whole game on hard mode, or can you change difficulty for them? also not sure if they are planning more DLC, i seen a poster around here say in july there will be more. i hope not as the idea of buying this is hoping i am getting all the DLC without having to buy more down the road. because if they add more DLC i'm sure they will make a 2nd season pass since this season pass has everything released that's been mentioned in the pass. :c
  12. that's a good idea as well. i had fun with killzone mercenaries on the vita, botzone was pretty fun.
  13. i rather online trophies be scrapped all together since there will be a time when there will no longer be an availability for them. especially for ones like these games sound where you've got to put an absurd amount of effort into them and also not being the biggest fan of multi-player in general. i have these games on my profile platinum'd from years ago, and thankfully that is fine enough for me. not going to suffer for a horrendous amount of time on games from years ago when i have enough waiting for me in my backlog.
  14. yeah, i just gave up and deleted it after platinum and i don't usually do that, the majority of the time i stick it out with platinum's and DLC i have access to. but this was one game i didn't have fun with its trophy list compared to the first game, especially waiting for the 10 quest related trophy, when i went through it there were a number of days i expected those quests to be given and they weren't. absolute BS, never mind keeping track of a calendar for months on in for the DLC trophies to wait for specific dates that are nowhere near. hate those kinds of trophies, sort of like the rayman legends one where you have to play everyday for months or whatever it was, fighting for silvers and golds since diamonds are near impossible to get the more the games population disperses. i was glad to have that over lol.
  15. thanks a bunch, hearing feed back such as this makes me more motivated and optimistic about it, i honestly wasn't sure what to expect out of it lol. i also wanted to ask you what you thought of the disgaea games difficulty wise, i have never played a game in the series and haven't delved to much into SRPG's as i have with other genre's of JRPG's. i'm thinking of 3 and 4 on the vita in particular, last i checked on the statistics from this site they have somewhere around over 10,000 recorded owners with a little over 200 or under 200 platinum achievers. i am not sure if that is based out of difficulty or the time spent grinding. like SAO hollow fragment is around the same rarity as these games, but there wasn't anything particularly difficult about it besides time spent and missables. well also i know disgaea 4 on vita has a different trophy list from the PS3 version and no trophy guide for the vita version so wasn't sure if the PS3 guides can mostly be used. but anyways thank you very much.