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  1. i got the code from the MLB thing, but don't think i'm going to get anything from the sale. at least its valid till next weeks sale. if there's nothing i want next week just might use it on wild arms 3. anyways will the code remain in my cart? when i got the code it said it would be stored somewhere, but not sure where. hope to find out where in case i need to enter it again lol.
  2. disgaea 3 and 4 are all i'm interested in based on games i don't have/games of interest. i'm worried about difficulty, or if they aren't difficult but just grindy like SAO HF. as much as RPGs are my favorite genre, i tend to be awful with SRPGs and tend to avoid them lol. i'm playing valkyria chronicles right now and even though its rated a 3/10 difficulty i find it pretty tense and sometimes stressful. lol. but with trophy support its pushing me to play it since i didn't finish it on PS3. i like the the story, visuals, and game play, but the battles are rough lol.
  3. its really BS i'm on that battle too. i've been grinding for days on days for this. nobodies strategies seem to work for me like i hope. :c i wish the difficulty of this mode was as easy as the main game, and leave the difficulty for online match ups.
  4. definitely mary skelter. thinking on witch and the hundred knight. was also thinking on star ocean 3 from the square sale, never played a SO game. eh, i'd consider Nep PP, but not really interested in this one. my favorite nep's are the ones with plutia, and as much as i like VN's. a HDN one doesn't appeal to me much. thoughts?
  5. thanks for being a help, you should write a hero colliseum guide. i've been really stuck on a battle with Vados, just pulled bikini android 18, not sure how much she'd help in this battle, because vados is always a front row competitor, to me shes quite brutal and definitely breaking my spirit lol.
  6. i have two variations of UR piccolo, think i still have that spirit bomb goku as well. is supers the spirit bomb thing your character does? i don't understand how spirit bomb works it just goes to 99% and doesn't go higher. oh or the ultimate charge? yeah i barely get ultimates while enemy gets this consistently. is reaching max level important with all figures? i break a part 20 figures each time and it definitely takes awhile to level figures lol. also not sure what determines who goes first in battles, my opponents usually get all the first turns so having vados tank all that damage is what helps me survive multiple turns. don't have access to many equips sadly and not sure which ones are good, i'm awful at this lol. i had no issues soloing the main game, the game gave me two days of ps plus when i started so was able to get the online trophies, everything else i did alone with not to much difficulty. although the new PQs are quite challenging, thankfully you don't have to z rank them like the first extra pack lol.
  7. damn bro! yeah this is my only trophy left, and i really am not a fan of this mode that much. i am 56% through the story but its kinda brutal for me when there aren't really any guides for hero colliseum, on top of that i don't really know what i'm doing in it. :c i spend more time grinding dragon balls for TP and expert mission 16 than actually playing the mode itself, at this point i wish i knew of ways to ease it up a bit. idk if i have a good set of figures, but i use UR quality only. kid buu, big bang attack vegeta, fused zamasu, hit, and vados. i wish i was able to pull some SSB's, whis, beerus, and now this bikini android 18 lol. although vados might be better than whis because her ability lowers damage of all opponents figures by 30%. while i think whis only protects your figures by 30%. if vados lowers opponents, that means the master takes less damage as well. i wonder if max level is neccessary either because acquiring exp is quite a pain, i'm worried i'm wasting exp on my figures since exp is precious.
  8. the dual attack one you learn from all mentors worries me, makes me wonder if you need the season pass. i only bought the extra pack set when it was on sale. :c also clearing all story/free battles in hero colliseum, i only did the first battle to open up the colliseum, but i did collect 70 figures. not a fan of the colliseum game really so hope it don't take long to finish all story and free battles. i might just do the extra pack 2 stuff and what i'm able to of the free DLC pack if you end up needing the season pass for all mentors.
  9. i know close to nothing about .hack, are walkthroughs necessary or are trophy guides sufficient? (i hope its grindy.) can get it for $28 with 20% off discount code someone was nice enough to lend me. i'd like some opinions on this game lol. xenoverse 2 on the other hand i know what to expect, loved the first one on PS3 playing mostly offline. with discount code can get it for $19, and the extra pack bundle for $8. however something i don't want to have to do is waste $10 for a month of PS+ for the online trophies. this is the only game on PS4 atm i would do this for. however its a really stressful decision for me, and think .hack would be the safest choice for me, but at the same time idk what to expect. always been a huge dragon ball fan though, not really interested in fighter of z as its a 2D fighter, i'm honestly not really into fighters in general much anymore, i prefer single player grindy games where i don't have to play with other people lol.
  10. best answer. games with online and online DLC trophies, games with DLCs, games you tried but weren't interested in, server shut downs. to late for 100% profile now lol. yeah it bothers me when i get OCD that my profile isn't what i want it to be, but i cant make the perfect profile at this point, only can do what i'm able lol.
  11. nope, perfectly fine solo. i had recommendations to boost the hard mode of the game, but i never played it online and was fine.
  12. i believe i have the vita game for the first one on my computer after getting platinum. so i wonder if you transfer the whole game back on your memory card if you can use the save. hm. :/ if i have it still, i might have because i thought it was possible that this might happen, but after awhile some games i delete.
  13. hm, you think with the level cap being raised to 99 its now easier solo? for expert missions? are elder kai missions the training ones? what would you recommend for a saiyan build? it doesn't sound like special ki's can be spammed as much in this game compared to the first.
  14. and getting this game. is the whole game do-able in solo after getting the 3 online trophies? i really enjoyed the first one on ps3, and didn't go online much. just for the online trophies lol. i remember some of it being a bit tough, i remember just going SSJ and spamming perfect kamehameha through everything, don't remember much about builds and stuff as its been 3 years. don't know if they're going to add more DLC trophies for extra pack 2 though, hope none of its online based. or was thinking about picking up valkyria chronicles from the sale and not use the free trial yet till i see what extra pack 2 adds/if it adds more trophies.
  15. nope, no 20% percent coupon either. i've gotten the $10 one years ago however, but never again after i've heard of times of people getting them. i think i've gotten the coupon once or twice in the past, i could really use the coupon code as i'm getting a ps4 for christmas and have no games for it yet, where the coupon would help with purchases of starting off games lol.