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  1. thanks i may grab it, did you find any of them necessarily difficult? looks like some cheats are a go looking at trophy guides from both trophy hunting sites, not for san andrea's however. not even sure how you would beat these without cheat codes, as i remember years ago refilling health, armor, and weapons constantly in all of them lol. maybe i didn't learn the game play right or something. i am interested in returning to these as the humor was top notch with the radio stations, interactions, and missions. never did 100%ing however, so that would be a new task to these.
  2. i know they're always on sale but anyone have experience in platinuming the GTA trilogy PS2 classics? i've had a recent interest in getting this lately due to enjoying sleeping dogs recently. i wanted to know how tough they were, if its worth bothering. i loved the games years ago, not really a fan of newer GTA's like 4 and 5, but the PS2 and PSP ones were fun, although i'm pretty sure the controls would definitely be infuriating, also when i was a kid i couldn't beat them without cheat codes, i'm not sure if cheats disable trophies like the recent ones. thank you.
  3. ...
  4. for a grand price of $30! :,D
  5. sheesh, what a train wreck. seems like they haven't been doing listings that go into the hundreds in flash sales as of late. maybe they're getting lazy in the quantity regard due to flash sales lasting a few days. even when they have more quantity its mostly trash of this level. seems like the sales that last multiple weeks is when they put a lot more games into them. unfortunately a lot of those sales happen to be littered with trash for high prices. disappointing as i mostly have PS+ for the discounts and occasional online trophies, which in the end both of those reasons for having it are still locking extra discounts and online behind a paywall.
  6. i wouldn't if you have the rest of the games in your backlog. by time you get through them who knows if you may still be in the mood for it for awhile, it`ll get cheaper with time. i normally don't buy games if i have others from the series in my backlog. like tales of vesperia is in the sale, but i have berseria in my backlog, so i will wait until the game reaches $20 at least, which probably will before the years over lol. this sale is shit, not surprised.
  7. yeah it appears they have their site going now? don't think i ever received emails about points i've earned. its under 2000 points atm which i feel like it should be above 2000 somewhere. maybe more points will pour in soon. they have new passes, however it says it needs a mobile number to do them because they want you to download their app. since i lack a cell/mobile phone, is it possible to just use the app on my tablet without providing a number? i wonder if it'll ask for a number if i download it on the tablet.
  8. yikes, another ubisoft sale.
  9. earlier this year i got a lot of points at once, now its not adding up anymore again, just checked like two hours ago and nothing. :c i should have an estimated 2000 something points, was hoping they'd come in in time before golden week ends, in 4 more plats. i should have 3000 points. i know to count by every 4 in my platinum count as to when i should get the 10 plats. for 1000 points, for example: 204, 214, 224.
  10. its on sale in the golden week sale and been thinking of picking it up, wasn't sure how the game turned out. any efficient guides for the game? i noticed gamefaqs has one for the vita version not sure how well it would work for the ps4 version since it has different trophy lists from the looks of it. thanks.
  11. awesome response, i will likely grab them the next chance i can. haven't heard as much info. regarding the VN's as you have provided. i would grab them now but, i have spent as much as i can at this time. well also the fact that the utawarerumono games are actually in my backlog which you gave praise for lol. wish i could have gotten back sooner and highly appreciate your highly informed responses. i will definitely give this series a shot the next time they go on sale. thanks a bunch.
  12. oh awesome! and thank you to everyone else. can i also ask you what you thought of the Muv Luv games? I saw them on your profile. they're on sale for $18 each as well and been thinking on grabbing them, although i don't know much about the series, heard about them years ago. not sure if i can buy all of them right now however, was thinking on waiting for the Muv Luv series to get cheaper and just pick up Death Mark for now, or the other way around lol.
  13. any opinions on death mark? or the muv luv games?
  14. i think about this question from time to time, not sure if others do as well. i do think that maybe a job, schooling, or an active social life would definitely be a major turning point on whether i continue to actively trophy hunt or not, because even without those things sometimes games can take me a great deal of time to reach the platinum for. so i believe that if i had something going that made some extra money i think that would be more game spending. hell, might even give the Switch a try, reason i avoid nintendo systems is because a lot of their 1st party titles remain at full price for an eternity lol. not sure if that trend continued with the Switch. although trophy hunting has done a really nice job of being in my thoughts for 7 years now, not even sure how or if it would end. i do have Asperger's so its easy to get obsessed over hobbies and distance myself further from social interaction, where i get drained, burnt out, and anxious from in seconds. so i would like to hear others opinions to this question.
  15. yeah that's another good point, having kids. personally i don't think i would ever be interested in having any, i'm 26 and have lived with my 9 and 12 year old siblings for as long as they've been alive and its not something i have any interest of having of my own in the future. i highly value personal time too much to do that. that's a question i actually have is that i know some trophy hunters have a lot of things going on in their live and yet manage to continue trophy hunting in general, even long time spent games too on a regular basis. maybe what's on certain trophy hunter's plates are different. maybe some only have just a job to concern themselves with and avoid a socially active life or relationships.
  16. i believe ni no kuni 2 has been consistently going to $20 and lower physical, i'm waiting to get it with all the DLC's for at least $30. it will be $40 in the sale with all the DLC. however i'm not even sure if they plan on adding even more DLC, i seen that from a poster around here, if that's the case i would like to wait further in case they make a 2nd season pass or something. the muv luv games will be on sale, not sure if they are any good, i heard about the series many years ago, but have heard no talk on their recent vita release. the one game that caught my eye for the price was tokyo xanadu ex+ for $12, definitely recommend that since i believe physical copies aren't cheap, i bought it for $24 during the holiday sales. oh well worst comes to worst i have a backlog. also gotta pick up a new PS4 controller as soon as i can only had it for a little over a year and it has so much drifting. not sure if the quality of PS4 controllers are not so good, or i got an unlucky one when i got my ps4. ever since i have had it most games have movement jitters when i press up to walk, and for the past couple of weeks the right stick is going wherever it wants until i blow into it.
  17. agreed. i feel like a lot of what i'm interested in will be much cheaper through some flash sale or regular sales throughout the year. i will have to look at the full sale once its up as there will likely be some more additions not listed. a number of games are priced higher than they were in other sales, and others i was looking for at certain price ranges just aren't hitting it home. i will grab something(s) per usual of golden week sales, but probably not the semi-newer games like i usually do.
  18. i have seen people with under 100 plats. for years who work on quality games when they have the free time, doesn't mean you need to change how you trophy hunt if that's how you like to consistently trophy hunt, don't worry about the many easy plats. out there, no need to quit over it unless you are already looking for a reason to. if leaderboards are a concern, trust me its not a OCD you should let get to you. once you reach a certain point its a major pain in the ass to advance any further, you play something longer you will fall back many ranks, and then it takes a number of shorter games to get back to where you were. unless you consistently play short games, which gets old when you have a backlog full of time consuming quality games. at the end of the day, trophy hunt how you want, as someone with Asperger's i deal with OCD everyday, and everything trophy hunting triggers it lol. i make all these ludicrous goals in my head constantly where its easy to get over exerted.
  19. no trophies, or not updated yet to know? when i heard critical mode was slated for today i checked the front page for new DLC trophies and nothing came up, but been seeing some 10 PM EST. estimated updates in this topic lol. don't have the game, but curious to see if the game gets trophies added in with updates and expansions like FF XV. although that will be quite awhile to know if expansions do since i believe they are slated to release later in the year or something.
  20. meh wanted golden week sale, maybe this friday or next tuesday but would not be in the least bit surprised if they skip it this year with all the anti-japan stuff. have to wait and see.
  21. honestly that's how i feel. everyone should trophy hunt how they want. i don't persistently hunt these games on a day to day basis like some people, someday's i would like to get a platinum, or am reaching close to a milestone, or just worked hard on some longer games. whatever the case is, its a little delight to get the satisfaction of getting a platinum. everyone's different and isn't going to feel the same way about it, and that's fine. mostly everyone has other things in life outside of video games, if they are able to get a 30 minute platinum and that makes their day happy, kudos to them. i know i definitely wont be getting past people who hunt them all the time though lol.
  22. when you reach level 50? on the PS3 version, i got the season pass long after i platinum'd the game, so i played all the DLCs on TVHM, and needed help with the raid bosses, i was level 59 and had trouble going any further through UVHM solo, only made it roughly halfway through lol. well now on ps4 i have to do all the sidequests from the pirate and sir hammerlock DLCs, because i used my level 59 to beat the dragons in normal mode and torgue's campaign you only need to redo bar room brawl to unlock the side quests trophy. still have to play through the story of tina's and torgue's however. so basically everything else i have to start off fresh with my new character who i'm not far enough with to even begin the DLCs with lol. which places my concerns for the raid bosses from the pirates and hammerlock DLCs, once i get that character to 50 are they beatable that way? so far i haven't needed to play with anyone since carrying over characters does a lot of the work for you. disappointing that you cant use multiple characters from the same profile to power level however.
  23. yeah it sure took many attempts. i kept on trying everything, sniping the guys that come down the helicopters, running over to the side of the bumper car area. i think the enemies were pretty much infinite though, i looked up the shed method and that took me many attempts as well to get it right. at the end i remember setting up c4 or claymores? whatever they are called around the shed, when the chopper arrived i tossed out flash bangs, which usually i always get caught in the effect. just that last time i got lucky where it didn't seem like i was getting hit as much, when i picked up the guy on that last time, again didn't seem like i was getting hit and somehow made it. it was definitely very nerve rattling lol. very RNG based that things don't go wrong, and you don't move to sloppy. a lot of times i kept running past the guy you have to pick up too, or when heading to the helicopter thinking some parts of the area were short cuts, but actually dead ends lol.
  24. long since got the platinum thankfully and gladly. wasn't my favorite game, but at least it was quick. the final check point on one shot one kill mission was literally one of the toughest bouts as even with the veteran glitch that last check point was quite dreadful. lots of RNG to survive that part using hiding in the shed method, and also how many enemies will be there to kill you when you pick up the army dude covered in bushes. if you can make it to him even without being killed. the mission name one shot one kill is pretty appropriate since you can get killed in one shot a lot. thankfully the rest of the chapters are exploitable with the veteran glitch.
  25. i am uncertain, but it sounds like it can effect a number of things like saves, trophies, i think purchased content, a good number of things. me personally i am not risking anything. maybe its something that should be waited out for a possible ironing out of the issues, but i believe back when this was announced some of these issues were already stated to be a problem if you take the chance. a user name change for me, no matter how bad the name isn't worth the possible damage.