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  1. i read the topic title as, ''Am I still LBGT?'' Haven't played that game in years, sounds like a real shit show now.
  2. sometimes i want to see how much i've climbed if i get a lot of trophies at once. i know once i start playing long games i'll only be getting a handful of trophies so my rank will be falling, that's when i start not looking at it lol. i've noticed in other countries that people with a lower trophy level tend to be higher ranked in their country, seems like here in the U.S, you need higher levels compared to other countries to rank higher.
  3. Yeah I do that half the time, take a few days off before starting the next especially if I ran out of shorter games and the next in mind is a long one. I have that same issue of enjoying a game from the start, until I learn what it is I am exactly doing for required trophies. Actually sometimes when starting a game though I get a wave of excitement, I think because its all new and fresh for me, then It wears off pretty quick and doesn't usually pick up until I get a grasp of things, or in some cases with games it does rarely or even never. I think some of it is i dont take proper breaks from games, i kinda start getting ready during days i take off anticipating to start something already. I cant really put down gaming for a long period is part of the issue. Well on top of having depression a majority of my life, last year and a lot of this year so far has been really tough reaching those excitement levels that I want, that help me stay motivated. So games even take me quite awhile longer to finish. Sometimes i'm not even sure if those days that I feel like i am in an excited/euphoric state are from games or what it is. I wish I had them more often because the rare days I feel like that I feel more motivated. Most days I feel down as soon as I wake up and everything feels like hell to accomplish.(I do have Asperger's hence a reason why I have practically always had depression,) Also another thing i have always had an issue with is memory, maybe its because I go through constant games and shows, but shortly after completion my memory begins to fade of it. So sometimes it feels pointless experiencing new media because I dont keep a long term memory of most things I play and watch. Even for ones I enjoyed my time with. I asked a doctor about it and he said its pretty normal as our minds try to remember more of what keeps us surviving as most important. So I try to not let it bother me, but I hate when people ask oh whats that game or show about. Those kinds of questions make me nervous because Idk if my memory is there to explain it, especially if its been a certain length of time before i played or watched it.
  4. i imagine the vita version has more glitches or are they about the same between both?
  5. picked up the hakuoki games, cosmic star heroine, and also: meiq labrynth of death and trillion. i am not certain if i will play these two, since i have seen nothing but negativity for them, but 99 cents for trillion and $1.50 for meiq were hard to pass on. i love DRPG's so maybe meiq `might' be to my liking. i also wasn't a fan of hakuoki on the ps3, but sometimes i like games if i try them again down the road. if not, then i will just skip text for two platinums. only otome that i liked was code realize, i love VN's though, not sure why hakuoki wasn't to my liking on ps3 since its got a pretty good reception. so overrall most of my interest is in cosmic star heroine. thinking of maybe grabbing a couple of more games but i might just call it a day lol. had psychonauts in mind for 99 cents and both saints row games for $7.50.
  6. god i forgot about that game, its been so long. i mean there's been a lot of games i slogged through to get the platinum, with games i enjoyed but other parts of the games i didn't but had to spend a lot of time doing, but man, that game had nothing memorable for me and was pretty painful playing. people on the gamefaqs vita boards praised it up and down. there has been a ton of games that got a lot of praise over there and i liked/loved a lot of them, but that game was painful for me.
  7. what a damn mess LOL. thankfully it finally popped! i bet your eyes widened and your heart beat increased when it finally popped. i like the game and all, but i would feel in entire misery attempting all the 100% conditions even once more when there are tons of other games to get to. congratulations and bless that the hell is now over.
  8. pretty much everything i said in this topic is what i did. unfortunately as i also stated there really aren't any specific work arounds besides some people saying to make multiple saves, or just use one. it might just be a minority who encounter this glitch, since unlike in other games people found ways to get past nasty glitchy trophies with a layout on how to avoid them. i really don't see anything specific to avoid it in this game. however in terms of order i kinda mixed things up, so i cant recall a complete step by step on how i did everything. i started the game on proud, while going through the game i grinded a lot by killing enemies and playing the spirit mini-games to get some extra affection and LP, to try and max affection for a spirit early on so i can focus on other spirits, grabbing any chests i came across, if portals were available in the forecast i'd try to complete them, and do each reality shift when i came to a new world. then after completing the game i would go back and mix up the rest of the grind, while getting the rest of the chests and some portals i would use spirit links for new spirits, then when i got the team of mega-flare spirit's i completed the flick rush content, then i went back to finish up the rest of the spirit abilities/commands, and portals. something like that is how i progressed. i used a mix of the trophy guide here, and the one on playstationtrophies.org. everything i said will make more sense when you start playing, i was a bit intimidated when i seen the trophy list, but its not as bad as it looks. as long as the worst case scenario doesn't unfortunately occur with record keeper glitching.
  9. i have heard UNS1 did, but no specifics, thankfully the platinum went fine for me. however i wasn't so lucky with UNS2, i got the story assembler glitch which i thought i did everything fine. my 2nd play through with a new save was definitely a nervous time for those 7-8 hours worrying i'f i'd have to repeat once again.
  10. i gotta admit hes got some really boss platinums. i'm not really a DmC fan so i'm not sure what the complaint entitles but, it must be really hard for this topic to be made.
  11. give us a megaman legends collection with updated controls and redo development on megaman legends 3 as well.
  12. yeah i did that as well, once i got the links ready for the spirits i activated them and deactivated them straight away. so there's nothing wrong with that either. sounds like we used a number of similar tactics. the other thing i thought of is maybe the glitch could possibly be region based. i live in the U.S., i believe I've seen games on your profile being EU based. i doubt region has anything to do with it either. i don't think people say what region they are on when they have this trophy glitched, but once again i doubt that has anything to do with it either. i am pretty sure you have already, but i'll make mention just in case, removing the disc and deleting the install of the game, then put the disc back in and letting it install again.
  13. yeah i'm sorry that you're getting it the worst. and it doesn't seem like there are any strong solutions either. like at least when i had a glitch that would prevent the platinum in the ps4 version of the naruto UNS2 game earlier this year there were some recommendations on how to get around it when deleting your save and going through the game again and doing things in a very specific way. although that was only a 6-8 hour run, not for a game like this where you have to have everything complete practically and the only recommendations i'm seeing to avoid the glitch is to make separate saves, or use one save. so unfortunately the only solutions that i see for this game is to do yet another play through, and send a report to Square. which the latter will probably get you no where, and another play through is taking a chance again for glitching once more. :c
  14. nope, using the exploit of creating other dream eaters with Meow Wow's recipe didn't cause a glitch, since i used that for some of the dream eaters that would share the same column as him. i didn't get any materials by letting dream eaters die for any of the materials, i grinded the specific portals that reward the necessary mats. i can say i did the spirit links as soon as i was able to obtain the necessary spirit's that can pull them off, i believe in one of your posts you had mentioned that for one of your playthrough's it was your last thing for the reports. my last things for the reports was getting the special portals done for The Grid and The Country of Musketeer's. i highly doubt doing anything in any specific order would cause the glitch however. i'm not certain but i believe games on the PS4 auto download the last update when a game installs, so i didn't check to see if the game was under the latest update, because there are some games that i've played that make mention in trophy guides and such to make sure the game is under the latest update, and every time i check said games they always say they're up to date, so i'm pretty sure that would have also been the case for this game as well. yeah, in game trophies are of no concern, but gold mickey stars for everything else should validate enough for the trophy to pop. what i was going to do but took my chances not to do was make a back-up of my save to the PS+ save storage before i was going to finish off the last thing, and if the trophy didn't pop, delete the save and then upload the one i backed up before getting full completion. luckily i didn't have to do that, but i thought about that, not sure if you tried that method. i'm pretty sure that wouldn't make a difference either, of the number of cases i have read about the glitch for this trophy, i haven't seen one as bad as yours. most people i see that have this glitch get it sorted on their second play through. :c
  15. that's a really good price for WoFF. not sure why the vita version is $20 though in the sale. wasn't my favorite game, but that is a damn good price for the ps4 version. still waiting on i am setsuna to hit the $10-$15 range.
  16. well with it only having single player trophies and it being an estimated 20 hours to platinum, what do people think on the difficulty of it? i've only played about an hour of black ops on ps3. i decided to download this since it can be a short side platinum, and no multi-player or DLC trophies to stress over. have very little experience with the series in general. holy damn though it ended up being a 75 GB download for a remaster, plus i think even more after installing. i don't think i've ever downloaded a game that high in GB count, most i download are around 30 and under since i play a lot of niche anime games. i think most i've downloaded is 50 GB. lol.
  17. that is very odd. i wonder what's causing the glitch? i know you're on top of games being a guide creator and all, so i doubt its a case of missing anything. i can confirm that you don't need all the keyblades, i cant confirm whether you need the secret ending or not since i triggered it. some people say you don't need it. you don't need to face the post game boss in twilight town. this is probably stuff you know, so your issue is likely a bad glitch. i wonder if its a region issue? its really screwy that there would be glitches like this in one of Square's bigger franchises. when i was getting closer to doing my last of 100% which i was down to completing portals i was getting pretty nervous so i just tried to finish up as quickly as i could in fear of facing this glitch. i let out a sigh relief when the rest of the trophies popped. EDIT: when i read some things about some of the trophies being glitchy, at first i thought that maybe it was an issue for when the game came out. its actually a bit surprising that they haven't patched it, considering this isn't a really niche game or series.
  18. i got the platinum with one save. thankfully. i would have hated to do everything all over. had fun with the game though, definitely the easiest and shortest KH's to platinum. EDIT: not sure if disc or digital versions may effect this or any of the glitched trophies, but i played on disc.
  19. the process of switching dispositions and a number of things in the game are a bit confusing, but i've been trying to change them via petting and poking. some of them don't seem to react to certain positives or negatives too well. so unsure of also the right spots to get the positive or negative that i am looking for. i am actually enjoying the game, but after about 3 days i'm still trying to learn how certain things work right in this game lol. i'm still pretty early in the game and probably shouldn't concern myself with this too much yet, but i've been grinding as i go, that's how i usually play JRPG's when i could probably save time by waiting until later for better grind methods so i'm certainly slower than others with estimated completion times lol.
  20. hm, i see. it seems risky to not make a back up due to what the trophy guide states, but i can see the case in point that they're making. i will take the chance and not create any additional save files and see if it'll unlock for me this way. although its still certainly something to be nervous of not being close to that point and having it in the back of my mind while progressing, that it could possibly glitch. :c
  21. thanks a bunch! i've been attempting to switch dispositions for every new spirit through all of their changes. which i think i got the poke and pet/rub thing figured out. pet can either change a spirit's disposition to green or yellow. and poke can change them from blue or purple. i saw in a disposition explanation that negative and positive plays a part but that doesn't seem to be the case. i would just pet them to turn them green or yellow, for some spirits its quick, for others it takes a bit more involvement. once i would get both of those colors i would turn over to poking until i got blue, or purple/pink. but its good to have it narrowed down for which ones i will need.
  22. yeah i had a set of 2200 something points the other day, got a $20 ps store card with it. my concern is if they are going to keep trophy passes, one user said that you have until november to finish your current trophy passes because he read that in a statement on the site.
  23. sorry for your losses, i know the feeling of having to redo the requirements through another play through for a trophy last month, Naruto UNS2 on ps4 has a nasty glitch, although that's only a 6-8 hour do over for the trophy, not everything for countless hours like it will require for this game. :c any known preventative measures that may help in me not having to face this issue?
  24. wow, thanks a lot. this post kinda boosted my morale toward the game. actually half the time i think of games that are in my backlog, this game is the one i think of least. its been awhile, like back in late 2017 while, but i think the users problem with getting the platinum was regarding a school girl uniform, or a swim suit maybe? i think that was what his main complaint was toward the guide. another reason i've hesitated on the game is i wasn't certain how difficult getting the platinum would be, on top of there possibly being some valuable missing information that would prevent me from getting the platinum if the game had a lack of sources due to being quite niche. i will refer to your post for this game, and also think of you to contact if i'm in need of help. =D
  25. not sure how familiar you are with how the games are, but they're all self-contained stories, minus the two 2 games. most people will say the series started at 3 lol. its fine to play the games in any desired order, but i would recommend 3 as its a bit more outdated compared to 4 and 5. 4 is my personal favorite. i hope we get 3 and 4 on ps4 someday.