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  1. #25 Battle Princess of Arcadias What's this, a PS3 platinum in 2018!? Yes, Yes I know... shocking . Created by Nippon Ichi Software Inc which kind of surprised me a bit. Found this game back in 2015 but never really paid much interest of it. Later bought in a sale last year i believe, thank you sales, I decided to save this game and play it at a later date. Bought a PS4 around Christmas and completely forgot about this game until I went back to my PS3. After finding out that Nippon created this game, they made the Neptunia series (I may be wrong so pardon for false information), I had a dead smug face and said "Let me guess.... there are going to be some grinding trophies". OH BOY MY FAVORITE , in all honestly I really don't mind grinding trophies. So where does this game take place? It takes place during medieval times since you have your kingdoms and cultural relating during that time.Now I can't really say much about the story in case there are people wanting to play this game... although I'm not sure if people still earn PS3 platinum. Let's just say there was a war between humans and another race that lived along side them. Said race wants complete their objective they failed to do before. As for your characters you have your lovely Main Heroine who is a bit of an airhead. She lovable just like another airhead heroine form Nippon. coughneptunecough, excuse me for coughing. A...goose for a king....? EH?! A newbie squire to help aid your battles and a friend from your heroine. Many more characters will join your party and they make the experience a great one. As for combat, it's a 2d side scroller beat them up. You get combos for each character and I recommend reading the description for each combo because I realized I was playing certain characters wrong because I didn't read their combo description/ input correctly. On top of fighting normal enemies you also fight seige's and skirmishes. Seiges involve you fighting along side with your armies (Each character either shares or has a different army) against giant enemies and Skirmishes involve you fighting in the front-lines against enemies while both of you and your opponents armies are fighting in the background. You can control your armies actions, you'll learn more about it in the tutorial. As for the trophies you have standard beat the whole story, all side quests and grinding trophies. Lvl 99 trophies... heh and getting S ranks in all missions. That's right there is a ranking system and I recommend doing a 2nd playthrough since you get a special item to make things easier. Difficulty: 4/10 (In normal mode) , 5/10 (Hard mode and sometimes 7/10 due to certain bosses in hard mode which is easier to platinum due to a certain trophy) Enjoyment: 8.5/10
  2. Platinum #25 - Battle Princess of Arcadias 


    What's this!? A PS3 platinum in 2018? Huh!!?? But it was fun :awesome:

  3. Waiting for Halloween to play Yakuza Dead Souls, kid brother wants to watch me play it, is going to be a pain but I just realized that I had another game I never played on PS3. Battle Princess of Arcadias. At least I have something to play and platinum in the meantime.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Dead souls is in my wishlist. I'll be grabbing it soon once I clear a few games :)

  4. #24 Call of Duty: WWII After being in a Hiatus, thank you Monster Hunter World , I have come back to trophy hunting! This is the third CoD game I have platinum. Like all the other games in the franchise this is a FPS but it takes place during the darkest time in human history, World War 2. That's right we are fighting the Germany more specially we are fighting Nazis. Since this is taking place in 1944, game starts at that year, we are using weapons during that time. The big change from the other CoD games I played is that your health does not regenerate after being injured. You have an actual health bar for your character and the only way to recover any health is to find a med-kit and heal yourself. Does this make it harder in the fighter difficulties? Believe it or not it does! Unless I'm just horrible at FPS games.... I am . So how was the story for this game? I say it was good maybe because I am genuinely interested in real life events that happened. Trophy wise you have your standard trophies, beat it in the hardest difficulty, find all hidden X items, and do certain things in each level. You all have your online trophies, UGHHH (I'm Sorry but I don't like online trophies), nothing too difficult but requires a lot of grinding.After doing those two things you head off to Zombies for their trophies. I'm not going to like this was my first time playing zombies from Call of Duty. The prologue's first zombie actually made me jump because I didn't expect it. Since it was my first time I was actually tense and nervous playing it but after playing a few rounds I ended up enjoying the mode. So how difficult are their trophies? Well the prologue does have a difficult trophy. Survive 20 waves in that map, that small map with two floors where you could easily get trapped by them.... Have Fun ~ . After beating the prologue you unlock a second map which I guess is technically the 1st map. This is where the real trophy hunts begin. Most or some of them are easy but there are two or maybe three that will stand in your way to get the platinum. The Lurking Around trophy is a bit luck based as it might or might not happen. You might even get lucky and get it by accident. Depending if you got the casual ending you know what sorts of objectives you have to do to "beat" zombies. These two trophies will probably stand in your way, Dark Reunion and Dark Arts which you have to do anyways. There is another ending to the first map, Final Reich, the HardCore Easter Egg Ending. Now if you have friends to help you then it makes it easier to beat or if you're like me you will have to do it solo (😥). It is doable solo it just take longer. All it involves is simple, all you need to do is build the variants of the Tesla guns by finding their hidden batteries by doing certain actions, take them to a place to charge them, use the traps in the area and kill specific enemies with said trap, afterwards take them to where you got your Tesla parts, activate to make parts, defend them and many more things. It took me 2 Hours and 55 Minutes and to wave 22 to get the HH Ending. Would have been less but I messed up on some points. After that you have earned your platinum. It was pretty satisfying beating the HH Ending in Zombies Solo. Difficulty: 6/10 (Hardest Difficulty in campaign and HH Ending in zombies) Enjoyment: 8.5/10 (I like it, might occasionally play this with a friend or form time to time)
  5. Ehhhh, The cat turned to a car(?) . How does one fight a car? Either way can't fight a car.
  6. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back , You're almost done with it! Just one more trophy! To the person below am saving MHW for a milestone.. well trying
  7. 10/10, I just love it
  8. Hmmmm, nope wouldn't fight you.
  9. Platinum #24 - Call of Duty WW2


    I did it.... I finally platinum the game!!! Doing Zombies Hardcore easter egg/ Dark Reunion solo was no joke. Extra steps to do but I'm glad I saw a speed run of it. Gave me tips on how to beat it. I can finally take a break from gaming. For a week, heh.

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    2. SereneSilent


      Thank you everyone!

    3. Temmie


      I have a huge amount of respect for anyone that can stomach getting all the trophies in a CoD game.  5/5

    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  10. Have not been on this site for a while :P


    I'm wondering is Megadimension Neptunia VIIR worth buying? I beat the regular game. I really don't mind playing it again.

  11. Monster Hunter World is so close to release. In 10 minutes but might not get my pre-ordered copy at Gamestop until Friday afternoon or Saturday at most :<

  12. #23 Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Before I forget to post this and never do it. Ahem... That's right, Neptune and her friends are on another adventure! This is no ordinary adventure, this time it takes place in a game they are playing! Wait a minute, so we're playing a video game where the characters are playing a video game...I'm not going to ask and just roll with it. So what type of game are the girls playing you may ask? Well if you couldn't guess from the title of the game it is an MMO they're playing! No it's not actually an MMO, so you won't see multiple people running around, sad I know. Since this is a Neptunia game expect to see references from anime or other video games, you're more likely going to see references to a particular MMO Anime where the main character got stuck in said game. I never watched it so I don't know If I'm actually making sense or saying nonsense. Trust me you'll know what I mean when you come into contact with one of the bosses. Now then onto the review? Before I begin I am pretty sure this game in the franchise is a spin off game and not part of the main games. After completing Megadimension and playing this shortly after I can say there are changes between the two games. When it comes to animations between cutscenes, it is safe to say there are improvements. Usually when the characters are talking after they finish saying what they need to say, depending on what was said, the other characters reactions will follow up when they spoke. However in this game while a character is saying something the other characters that are in the current scene will react while the character is still speaking. It's a nice touch to see this happen. There are some new animations while a scene is happening which was a breathe of fresh air, beats seeing the same old animations being reused. Gameplay wise it is different from the neptunia standards. The game is not turn based and you can move around freely in combat. Those who played Neptunia Action U and MegaTagmension should know what it feels like. Since this is an "MMO" as you level up you unlock skills for the character you're playing. You can't use all skills and can only pick up to 8 in a quick slot, items can be equipped to it's own quick slot which is limited to 5.The only thing I don't like about that is if you accidentally equipped an item you don't want the only way to remove it is to remove all the items you have equipped. Trust me it might not seen bad at first but when you started to get more and better items it can be a hassle at times. Since Neptune and her friends are CPUs that doesn't mean they are able to transform into their Goddesses form because they're playing a game. Don't worry if you wanted to play as their Goddess forms, you'll have a nice treat at mid point of the game. Some of the bosses are reused enemies from past games, except for some and some enemies as well (Never played any of the Vita games so I am not extremely sure since some enemies from Action U and MegaTagmension are in there). There is also online for this game and the quests you take are online exclusive. This is not the first in the franchise to have online, I believe Action U and MegaTagmension have online. I have not tried it so I can't say if it lags or not. I swear that final boss reminds me so much of - Removed to prevent spoilers and possibly the best villain in the franchise... even if this is a spin off - So how hard is this platinum to obtain? All Neptunia games have easy platinums but are time consuming since it's usually grinding trophies. This game is no exception but it is easier to platinum. In fact many are saying that this is the easiest platinum in the franchise. I agree with this statement. You do have some grinding trophies so.... It's Neptunia trophies what did you expect? No grinding trophies? Nonsense . Difficulty: 3/10 (Piece of 🍰) Enjoyment: 9/10
  13. Before I forget and never do it... Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online completed! 5 Neptunia games that have been platinum!
  14. Platinum #23 - Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online


    Now I can take a little break from gaming, until Monster Hunter World is out and if it has trophies. If not I'll play it along with the next game I planned to Platinum.

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    2. Masamune


      I really enjoyed Hyperdevotion Noire for the Vita, Sega Hard Girls was pretty good too. ^_^ The main thing I'm looking for now though is the first Re;Birth game (my local GameStop's Vita collection really sucks).  <_< 

    3. TangrakNor



    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  15. #22: Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour This game was fun and reminded me of games from 1990. When I was little, I played Duke Nukem games on the PS1, Yes that means I was too young for these sorts of games, and remembered play this a lot. I had the PS1 version of this particular game, which was called Duke Nukem Total Meltdown. I never really played Meltdown until a year ago because I wasn't a fan of a Duke Nukem game being first person shooter. That's right this game is first person shooter but It's great. It's up there with other classic games like Doom, Quake and other 1st person shooter games. Now then I really don't like the meltdown (PS1) version because it had slowdowns, enemies and textures would glitch out constantly and enemies were pushed towards you when they got hit by an explosion. The main reason I brought this game was to play all of this without having any of these issues. Not much to say other than It's a 1st person shooter of Duke Nukem, the king of the 90's (Many would argue but to each their own opinion. I don't really care who's king but I've seen people call Duke this). Duke Nukem the embodiment of adult humor, Maybe... many dislike him because of this, has to save the world from aliens invading our planet Earth. Join him on 5 episodes, 3 from the original Duke Nukem 3D, 1 From the megaton edition and the new 1 from this game. The new episode was made by the same team who developed all 4 episodes. The new episode is where the title makes sense since Duke actually travels around the world to defeat the aliens who invaded earth. Difficulty: 4/10 (New system where you die you can rewind back time, so you can change your fate if you think you messed up) Enjoyment: 9/10