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But feel free to read it if you desire, it's a work in progress but I don't mind if people can see it.'s been long since I edit this


Hello and welcome to my page! Not sure if I'm doing this right but here we go.


Let's see... My introduction to gaming happened when I was 5 or 6 years old, my father introduced me to a green console with a game called Super Mario 64, that's right my first console was the Nintendo 64. You can imagine my younger self being amazed to this unknown console at the time. My father was a bit of a gamer back then, not anymore due to stress affecting his health (Painful headaches), and I remember seeing him with a grey console. Being the curious child I was I asked him what is that? It was the PlayStation 1 and if I recall correctly, the first game he had brought was Resident Evil Director's Cut.... and this was the first thing I saw...



*Cue a young child hiding behind mom*


Introduction to the world of survival horror, Resident Evil. Thanks Dad. 


Ok let's see..... Yet despite me being scared of my father's game, I stayed and watched him play it. Why? Who knows but I wanted to see him play through it. You could say it may have been my interest in games and I wanted to see how my "Kid friendly" game was different from his. Ever since that day, gaming has become a hobby part of me.