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  1. #32 Yakuza Kiwami 2 Out of the whole Yakuza games I played (Dead Souls, 0 and Kiwami) I think I like this one the most. Yakuza Kiwami 2, a remake to the original Yakuza 2 on the PS2. Just like Kiwami, I never played the original Yakuza 2 but from what I played, I think this is a good remake. I may be wrong but that's because I played the original on the PS2. Like I mentioned in my other Yakuza platinum trophies... Yakuza is an Action/ Adventure/ Drama story about the criminal underworld. The game in a sense is a beat em up game. As for the story I can't say much without spoiling the story... the game takes place one year after the incident of Yakuza Kiwami. Our protagonist, Kiryu Kazuma is once again called into action as soon as the prologue begins. The main focus of this game is that Kiryu must do something before an all out war between two clans occurs. If you follow the Yakuza series then you know why Kiryu is called The Dragon of Dojima. Let's just say that Kiryu isn't the only dragon that exists within the criminal underworld. I would love to say more about the story but I think it's best for you to try it out. As you complete more of the main storyline, you will unlock small chapters. These small chapters, which are only three, act as a prequel before the incidents of Yakuza Kiwami 2 occurs. You play as a different character but I won't say more.... after all... He is a bit crazy and does like to swing around a knife while laughing as a maniac... Now for the gameplay. Yakuza Kiwami 2 has a different combat system. Yes it's the same as Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami but the main difference is that they removed the ability to use 4 different combat styles. The game went with the direction of using only one style like the original Yakuza series, The Dragon Style. Throughout the game you can upgrade yourself to have new moves, improved moves and even some bonuses. Remember to eat constantly in restaurants because the main source of improving yourself is gaining 5 different types of EXP. You can earn in fights but it's not recommended... even if you upgrade a skill to earn more EXP in combat. The best way to earn EXP would be to eat from restaurants and not all restaurants give you the same amount of EXP. One may earn you more EXP to a certain type of EXP while another place will earn you EXP for a different type. There are sub-stories that give you new techniques for Kiryu. They're very good to have and make the game easier to do. Trust me... you'll need every single move to complete something called Bouncer Missions and.... the final ones, especially the very last one, are not easy and very difficult. Good Luck Now for the trophies... What do you have to do to get the coveted Platinum? You got your usual Story Chapter trophies, upgrade all your skills, play all the minigames, do all your sub-stories, so on and so on. There is a trophy for the completion list~ Which means that you have to 100% all the challenges that the game has to offer you. They are... basically doing everything the game has to offer such as all the minigames, all the sub-stories, defeat enemies with weapons and all that. This game also wants you to complete all of Haruka's requests... if you played Yakuza Kiwami then you know what she'll ask you to do and for those who do not know... Heh. She only asks that you get a certain amount of points in minigames, take her to specific places to eat certain things or buy her something specific. To be honest I had an easier time in this game compared to Yakuza Kiwami.... then again... I didn't have to do Pool. Difficulty: 5/10 (Based on Normal Mode) , 9/10 (Based on the hardest difficulty because losing means you have to reload your save file and I gave myself a handicap by not upgrading strength for more damage) Enjoyment: 10/10 (I have fallen in love with the series)
  2. Platinum #32 - Yakuza Kiwami 2


    What a fun game and the bouncer missions... What a challenge! I'll play this game again in a couple of years. The completion list trophy... heh... the poker challenge for both the list and Haruka... please no.

  3. #31 Minecraft A game where you Mine and Craft. There isn't much to say about this game other than you Mine and Craft. Well in case some people don't know what this game is about.... This game is best described as a sandbox game. You enter the world of Minecraft, a world where everything is a block/cube and you honestly have no real goal for this game, apart from getting the platinum that is and only if you want. You can do anything in this in terms of building, hunting mobs, exploring and destroying if you wish. Everytime you make a world for you to play in the game will always generate a random world and you will spawn in to a new place each and everytime. Every world has a seed (A code) so if you want to make platinum hunting a bit easier you can look up specific seeds online to help you. In the world of Minecraft you can find different biomes such as Jungles, forests, deserts, mountains, plains and more. You can even make a portal to go to the Nether which is the equivalent of Hell. In the nether you find new mobs, new danger and new materials to use for... well whatever you want. There are, if I'm correct, two bosses to fight. Both require work and preparation to fight them but one is the "Final Boss" of the game and the other is a secret boss that is not mandatory to fight. Totally option if you want. Like I said there's not much to say about this game other than try it for yourself. I've seen many people on YouTube do many different things on Minecraft. I've seen people build beautiful buildings/ structures from scratch, many adventuring deep in the world of Minecraft and overall playing with others online. Especially with the new Nether Update, people are exploring the Nether to find the new biomes, mobs and materials. I have not done that yet but I will, one day. Let's say you beat the game, now what? Well you can start a new world to get a new seed and get a new experience or you can continue from your original world you started in because the game keeps getting updates to keep it fresh. You can even put the game aside and come back to it later because the controls are simple and easy to learn or remember. Please Mojang... Please give us PlayStation players the ability to make realms and join servers. That's the only thing I'll beg for... please. Difficulty: 5/10 (I played on Hard and enjoyed the experience) Enjoyment: 10/10 ( It's a relaxing game to play when I have no other games to play or stressed out playing other games)
  4. Platinum #31 - Minecraft


    Fun fact, I never played Minecraft before so this was my first time playing it. It's a really relaxing game.. for the most part.


    Beat it without getting any of the new Netherite tools because I wanted to see how difficult it was fighting the boss with OG Diamond Armor.


    10/10, I would play this game again.

  5. #30 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Iceborne, the expansion for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. It took me about 9 months to platinum Iceborne compared to World which took me a year and 1 day.I could have platinum the game much soon but I was lazy to do two certain trophies . If you read my my Monster Hunter World mini review(?) a year ago then you know what this game is about but for those new or interested in the game let me quickly recap. Monster Hunter World is a game where you take on the role of a Hunter who decided to join the fifth fleet on an expedition to a new location that has never been explored. After a few cut-scenes you are allowed to customize your hunter however you want to and after some events that happen you reach to your base/ home called Astera which is home to many hunters and leaders. Shortly after that you will be allowed to choose a weapon from the 14 different weapon types and you can change to another weapon type at any point of the game if you don't like your initial choice. There is no such thing as a bad weapon type because it all depends on you and your skill with the weapon. Afterwards you are then allowed to freely play through the game of World and all it has to offer. You will fight large monsters both new and old in this new world. This is a game where you can either choose to play solo like I did for the entire story or play with others if you feel more comfortable playing that way. You will begin with the "Low Rank" difficulty and after a certain point in the game you will be allowed to take on "High Rank" difficulty. This game is mostly a grinding game and if that doesn't peak your interest and you choose to avoid it, I completely understand and respect your choice but if this sounds like something you want to give a try then I say go for it. That is the recap of Monster Hunter World and now I will talk about Iceborne, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an expansion of Vanilla World/ Pre-Iceborne and it will continue from where Monster Hunter World ended. Without spoiling much of the story let's just say your Partner/ Handler from the beginning of World decided to accompany you on a little expedition and they spotted a weird monster among the monsters native to the new world and gave this information to the leaders of Astera. The commander of Astera decided to send you along with some other people to go and investigate this mysterious monster that your partner spotted. Soon after you are introduced to another map and after some introductions to a new item you begin to explore the map. Within this exploration you will encounter a new monster and it begins. Welcome to Iceborne, to the Hoarfrost Reach and finally welcome to the new tier of difficulty called "Master Rank". I still call it G-Rank because that was it's name in the other monster hunter games. I won't say more than this other than, you have begun a new journey in Iceborne, the monsters will become much stronger than before and you will go through the new journey and solve the mystery of the mysterious monster and the new mystery of what is occurring. Don't think the game is over once you beat the main story of Iceborne because you will unlock a new map afterwards. Many people call it something different than the actual name so... Welcome to the Grinding Lands! With the introduction of Iceborne there were many changes made to the game. These changes include weapons, skills, armor, items and new mechanics. When it comes to weapons they have either been buffed or nerfed but all of them have new attacks. For Skills there are skills that have been buffed, some that have been nerfed and of course new skills. Armors and Items are of course new and the new mechanic which is either hated or loved by players is the Clutch Claw. The Clutch Claw is a new mechanic added to Iceborne which allows you to shoot a claw from your arm and any part of the monster. This allows you to do two things, either Weaken/Soften a monster's body part or to wall bang/ force a monster to run straight into a wall. Weakening or softening a part of the monster allows you to inflict more damage to a monster and create a viable hitzone to attack. Before, there were some parts of the monster that were very difficult to break or reach and you had to attack another body part that sometimes wasn't the best place to do lots of damage but with the introduction of the clutch claw you are now able to weaken a body part and make that part a good place to attack (It wears off after sometime so you have to re-weaken the part again). The other mechanic is to wall bang a monster to well a wall or to another large monster. Doing this forces the monster to run forward and if it collides with a wall or another large monster then said monster(s) will fall to the ground and allow you time to attack it. Now then the most important question, how hard was it to get the trophies.... Heh ~ To be honest it's not bad... for the most part. I would say half of the trophies are mostly from just playing through the story and from the other half... 1/4 of the trophies will require you to grind a bit. The last 1/4.... OH BOY! The trophies that will take you the longest and I guarantee it is the Gold Crown trophies which requires you to hunt the smallest and largest size monsters for MOST large monsters. I can't say which ones but you'll know when you check your hunter notes. The rare pets trophies will also be hard to get because of the rng and you need to eat for a certain food skill to get a higher chance to get it. A tip from someone who just discovered this but you will have to get some treasure hunting trophies.... when you begin treasure hunting in the Hoarfrost Reach and you begin Pawswaping (You'll know when you get to that point) I recommend trading with the 3rd uhmm let's just say cat. Trust me you can and I have received the rare pets from it in just 1 hour of trading with it and I spent days..... trying for many hours and hours of trying to find the rare pets the normal way. I made a better "review" than this one but my laptop died on me and I apologize if this is terrible. Difficulty: 5/10 (I play a lot of Monster Hunter World... Like probably 2,000 hours with both my Male and Female Huntress combined) Enjoyment: 10/10 (I love this game to death and even though I platinum it I will come back to it when there are new updates, monsters or festivals going on)
  6. I say Crash Bandicoot if you still have it.
  7. Platinum #30 - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

    Took me about 9 months but that's because I was lazy to get the trophies for the gold crowns. Just Like Vanilla World/ Pre-Iceborne my last trophies were the gold crowns and the last monster was Nergigante for World and Ruiner Nergigante for Iceborne.

    I will still play it when it gets new updates because I love the game. :yay:

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      Congratulations! :D It's great to have a game that has replayability outside of trophies.

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      Congratz! 🎂

  8. #29 Yakuza Kiwami Never played the original on the PS2 but I think this is a good remake. Yakuza Kiwami, a Remake to the original Yakuza on the PS2. I never played the PS2 version but I think I can safely say that this game is a good remake. If you played the prequel, Yakuza 0, you will have an understand on some of the characters in this game. If this is your first Yakuza game I recommend playing Yakuza 0 first if you can but if not then this game is another great place to start. So what is this game about? If you read my Yakuza 0 mini review(?) on this topic then it's the same, An Action/ Adventure/ Drama story about the criminal underworld. In this game it takes place in the year 2005 after an incident happened in the game. Can't say much without spoiling but let's just say the main plot happens. That's all I can say for now . Now for the gameplay, The best way to describe this is a beat em up game! If you played Yakuza 0 you're familiar with how the combat system works but for those who are new and trying this for the first time... the combat revolves around having four different type of combat styles. They are different from one another but a word of advice... one of the combat style's is usable but not recommended since it is weak until you upgrade it in later chapters. Not only can you use your fists to fight enemies but you can also use weapons such as bats, knifes, and much more. You can use heat actions which are powerful attacks you use when you have enough heat gauge. Now then.... the combat is the same to Yakuza 0 but there are some changes made to some of the attacks as in whether they're nerfed or made a bit stronger. An example I can tell is you can change battle styles while doing certain actions which was not possible in 0. Since that's I can say without ruining/ spoiling the story and the gameplay is similar to Yakuza 0. There are substories in this game and they're either funny, serious, sad etc, etc.On top of that there are plenty of mini-games to play in case you get tired of fighting enemies and want to relax a bit. Now for the trophies, they are slightly easier this time around. Some of them include doing special sub-stories, fully upgrading all your combat's styles to the max, completing a certain amount of substories, beating the main story's chapters, beat the game in certain difficulties and a new system which I can't say because it will reveal something to one of the combat styles. I just hope you like being stalked... I mean what? One of the biggest walls would probably the Perfectionist trophy as It will require you to do all the challenges the game has to offer. They can be as simple as speaking to speak x time, to grinding like beat x people with x style, and difficult ones (for me) such as get x points in x mini games. It is slightly easier due to you being able to get cheat items to make things easier but be careful when using them because you only have a limited amount of them and you cannot buy them.Oh and I guess another difficult trophy is the Mister Master trophy as it will require you to fulfill requests from a character in Premium Adventure which is a mode you can play after you beat the game. Word of advise if you plan to aim for the platinum, in the hardest difficulty always carry health items because you will need them. Trust me, if you are running with no health items and you are forced in those encounters.... you pray you can beat it without dying or be forced to reload to save file because it's the hardest difficulty. Yes game overs in the hardest difficulty means you have to reload you last save not retry the section you failed. Good Luck in Chapter 9! Kiryu Chan~! Difficulty: 5/10 (Normal Mode) , 8/10 (Hardest Playthough because i gave myself a handicap by not upgrading certain skills to increase my attack and damage) Enjoyment: 10/10
  9. I say Resident Evil 2 or Devil May Cry if you still have it
  10. Platinum #29 - Yakuza Kiwami

    Just in time to take a break and prepare for Iceborne

  11. #28 Yakuza 0 I can safely say that I'm in love with this series. I never heard of this series until I watched these YouTubers play it. Thank you Pat for introducing me this game and thank you for everything Thesw1tcher! The Yakuza series, A series that has spawned in multiple games. Starting with the original Yakuza 1 - 5, remakes of the 1st and 2nd game and spin offs in which some are Japan exclusive. That's a lot of games if you ask me and I bet you're wondering, "Should I play this game or should I get into the series?" I suggest giving it a try since what better way to know if you will love it is if you try it. Alright so what should you expect from this game? Well allow me to explain it to you without spoiling anything. Since this is Yakuza 0 this means that this game is a prequel and takes place during 1988. A prequel to Yakuza 1 (If you have it since it's a ps2 game or if you have the ps3 trilogy which is a japan exclusive I believe) / Yakuza Kiwami. People would recommend playing this first since it will give you more background about the characters and story for Kiwami. I believe you should do this as it will enhance your experience with Kiwami but it is your choice. So what's the story about? Well Yakuza is an action/ adventure/ drama (It can get pretty intense) game, about the criminal underworld... that's as much as I can say without spoiling much. You play as two different protagonists in this game, one who is the protagonist for the future games and the other... well I can't say much but i'm sure you'll like him. . Game play wise... how is it? I say it's pretty fun and enjoyable. The best way I can describe it is a beat em up game since you beat up people . You start with a basic battle style and as you progress through the game you will be able to upgrade your basic style and unlock more styles. Depending what you do you may unlock somethings, like maybe a secret style, wink wink, more moves for your styles? I know what you're asking, "Can I only beat up people with my fists?" Nope! You can also use weapons such as knifes, bats, pistols and much more! A big mechanic Yakuza is your Heat Actions. What are heat actions? Basically they are your most powerful attacks and how they trigger or what type of attacks you can do all depend on your style you are using and heat level. There are 3 heat levels and the higher it is the faster you attack and the more heat actions you have available. There are lots of mini games for you to play in case you want to take time off fighting people, what kind? Lots that range from card games, mahjong, arcade games and more. Yakuza games are not Yakuza games without their substories and there are plentiful (They are extremely fun and can make you laugh or have feels) and of course their difficulty ranging from easy - hard at first then beating the game once unlocks the hardest difficulty (A tip from me, please save in your hardest difficulty play through because failing via death or whatever will force you to reload you last save instead of putting you back in the section you failed) . There's more I would say but for spoilers sake I'll let you experience it first hand, if you want to try it of course. As for trophies... how difficult are they to get the platinum? Now before you saying anything about the time it took me to platinum it.... I was distracted by another game. . The road for the platinum is a long grindy road! Oh no... OH YES. Such trophies are completing the main story chapters, completing and basically doing everything the game has to offer. Your biggest wall for the platinum will be the "Perfectionist" trophy as it requires you to 100% all the challenges the game has to offer. They can be simple as talking to people x amount of times, use healing items x amount of time, eating at restaurants x amount of times, etc. Others require you to do hard things like, earn x million yen in x minigames, earn certain scores in certain minigames, and for me what felt like walls such as mahjong, poker, etc. All I can say is this... don't give up, it seems impossible or really difficult but the more you complete the list of challenges the closer you are to getting that precious platinum! Difficulty: 4/10 (Normal Play though, I upgraded everything), 6.5/10 (Hardest Play through, I make it harder on myself by not upgrading certain things to be more powerful. I needed a challenge!) Enjoyment: 10/10 (I love it!) A last thing before I end this... Everyone.... Yakuza is a very serious game.
  12. Platinum #28 - Yakuza 0


    My 2nd Yakuza game and I love it! Mahjong and other mini games though.... <_< But I enjoyed it!

  13. #27 Monster Hunter: World It only took a Year and almost a whole day to Platinum this game... I wonder why . Where do I begin...? To me Monster Hunter World holds a special place in my heart as it is My second (Technically 4th) Monster Hunter game. My very first game in the series was Freedom 2 then upgraded to Unite, never finished Portable 3rd and then this. Played Freedom 2/ Unite to it's final bosses so I do have an understanding of the game and know how challenging it can be. Them hitboxes in Unite. I could have bought a DS or Switch when the other games came out but I couldn't afford it at the time. Even now I could buy a switch but if I buy it I would prefer to buy other games and not just have one game only. So when I heard that a Monster Hunter Game was coming to console I was filled with happiness and excitement because I was like 12 or 13 years when I first played Monster Hunter and told myself If this ever came to console I would buy it. I would eventually buy a PS4 and other games since I wouldn't just be playing World but that's enough talk about memory lane from me and onto the game! If you ever played a Monster Hunter Game, more specifically the recent games, then you'll have an understanding on what you have to do and play. For those new to the Series or willing to try it for the first time, let me try to describe the game as best as I can without spoiling much about the Game and Series in general. First of all Monster Hunter Games don't follow the previous titles, they are their own "timeline" / story if you will. The type of games they are, it is best describe as grinding. You slain monsters for their materials to create armor and weapons. You continue this process until you reach the endgame, If this is something that is not your style I understand why you may avoid this but if you still want to play this despite the grinding then welcome to the series! So what is this game about? I can give this, You are a Hunter who has decided to join the fifth fleet, a group of hunters that have decided to embark on a Journey to the New World (Unexplored territory) to expand their guilds and knowledge. Once you watch a cut-scene you are able to create your own character and Palico companion (A Felyne). After a couple of story related game play once you reach to Astera which is your new home you will finally be able to choose your weapon. You can switch your weapon at anytime so you are not constricted to one only, feel free to experiment each weapon and choose what you like. Each weapon has their strength and weakness so no matter what people say about a weapon use what YOU want to use. You begin fighting with weaker monster and as you continue in the game you will fight tougher enemies, soon after you reach a point in the game where you will fight "High Rank" versions of the monsters. That is pretty much all I can say about this game. Sure this seems like a simple game but trust me the monsters in this game and weapons are going to enhance your experience playing this game. More importantly since Monster Hunter tends to have multiplayer, playing this with friends and strangers further enhances. What about the trophies you may ask? What do I have to do in order to get the Platinum if I want to go for it? Standard story related trophies, online trophies, a bit of RNG trophies and grinding. Such RNG would be find and capture certain wildlife as pets and of course what will take you a while to get.... Gold Crowns for Giant and Miniatures for nearly every monster. Certain monsters are exempt from this, such as monsters that have been added since the first major patch and onward. Grinding trophies relate to money, points and quests. Difficulty: 5/10 (For me at least, this varies on you and your skills with your weapon) Enjoyment: 10/10 (I have waited for this since my young teenage years)
  14. Platinum #27 - Monster Hunter: World


    Only took me a whole year :awesome: . After all, Unite was my first MH game so I took my time with this one.

  15. I was wondering.... does anyone have a list of trophy milestones? I would like to know if there's a 1337 milestone trophy

    1. YaoiGod


      There is one for the 1337th trophy.

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      There is. If you want to see certain milestones, and how they change the more trophies you get, you can check out anyone's profile that has more trophies than you to see. 

    3. SereneSilent


      Aw. I thought there was a list instead of checking someone else's profile. Oh well and thank you both!

  16. #26 Yakuza: Dead Souls My final Platinum for this year, 2018, and likely my last PS3 game I'll ever platinum. I can't say much about this series since I haven't played any of the other games...Yet! If you played any of the Yakuza games you have more knowledge than me, this game takes place in Japan in a place called Kamurocho (This is based on a real location called Kabukichō). This game is a spin-off game taking place after Yakuza 4 in an alternative world. So any and all events in this game is never mentioned again in Yakuza 5. So if you played the other games you can get an idea of what the characters are going to be like. For those who played the series you will see familiar characters such as Akiyama the owner of Sky Fiance (Not sure If I'm right), Majima (Many people's favorite character and known as the Mad Dog), Ryuji ( Can't say much without spoiling Yakuza 2) and Kiryu, the main protagonist of the Yakuza Series. These four will go though struggles in their world as Kamurocho is attacked by Zombies! Before I go any further I must say this, Yakuza is a beat em up game about the underworld side (Yakuza) of Japan. Enemies are usually other humans but since this is a spin-off game the enemies are the undead. I can't say much without spoiling so let's get into the gameplay. Gameplay wise , It is much different from the actual series as you mostly fight enemies with your fist. In this game you will be using guns! You got your standard weapons for this game such as pistols and shotguns.There are more weapons to use and you can upgrade them at a certain time in the story. Since the enemies are zombies that means there are going to be variants of them. Some Annoying and some easy to take down. There are optional sub-stories that you can complete to gain experience points, money or even items to help you during the game. Now, It's not a Yakuza game if you don't have the games to distract you . Some games like fishing, bowling, golf, batting and much more. You can easily get distracted by these but they are really fun. Now then the difficulty.... The game can be easy in the lower difficulties but brutal in the highest difficulty. When you beat a game you can make a save file for the clear data and if you load that file when you choose Premium new game you get to start the game over with all the items you gathered in that file....except the hardest difficulty called Dead Souls.You cannot start a new game plus from for the difficulty so You will start from level one again and the enemies are more aggressive, damage more, take more damage and will surround you quickly. I would recommend doing all the substories to get every reward as some offer items that you can equip to get more defense. Trust me when I say this.... YOU WILL NEED IT at a certain point in the game. There are also QTE's which go faster in each difficulty. Dead souls qte's to me are 1 or 1.5 seconds reactions so good luck with that. The last thing I want to talk about are the trophies. They're pretty straightforward but some of them are grind fests such as reach level 99. Other than that they are easy but time consuming. I know many people who played this series will say skip this because it is the lowest of the series but give It a try and you'll probably see that this game isn't really that bad. Sure the gun's only aspect might be the cause of that but it is still a yakuza game with hilarious moments and charming characters. All I can say is give it a try. Difficulty: 4/10 (Based on Normal mode) , 7/10 (Based on Dead Souls Mode which really needs you to be at your best) Enjoyment: 8.5/10
  17. Platinum #26 - Yakuza: Dead Souls


    Likely my last PS3 Platinum. Thank you for all you've done PS3. I'll occasionally play some games on you. Huh... Final platinum for the year. :awesome:

  18. Playing possibly my last PS3 game. Yakuza: Dead Souls


    Happy Halloween everyone~

  19. #25 Battle Princess of Arcadias What's this, a PS3 platinum in 2018!? Yes, Yes I know... shocking . Created by Nippon Ichi Software Inc which kind of surprised me a bit. Found this game back in 2015 but never really paid much interest of it. Later bought in a sale last year i believe, thank you sales, I decided to save this game and play it at a later date. Bought a PS4 around Christmas and completely forgot about this game until I went back to my PS3. After finding out that Nippon created this game, they made the Neptunia series (I may be wrong so pardon for false information), I had a dead smug face and said "Let me guess.... there are going to be some grinding trophies". OH BOY MY FAVORITE , in all honestly I really don't mind grinding trophies. So where does this game take place? It takes place during medieval times since you have your kingdoms and cultural relating during that time.Now I can't really say much about the story in case there are people wanting to play this game... although I'm not sure if people still earn PS3 platinum. Let's just say there was a war between humans and another race that lived along side them. Said race wants complete their objective they failed to do before. As for your characters you have your lovely Main Heroine who is a bit of an airhead. She lovable just like another airhead heroine form Nippon. coughneptunecough, excuse me for coughing. A...goose for a king....? EH?! A newbie squire to help aid your battles and a friend from your heroine. Many more characters will join your party and they make the experience a great one. As for combat, it's a 2d side scroller beat them up. You get combos for each character and I recommend reading the description for each combo because I realized I was playing certain characters wrong because I didn't read their combo description/ input correctly. On top of fighting normal enemies you also fight seige's and skirmishes. Seiges involve you fighting along side with your armies (Each character either shares or has a different army) against giant enemies and Skirmishes involve you fighting in the front-lines against enemies while both of you and your opponents armies are fighting in the background. You can control your armies actions, you'll learn more about it in the tutorial. As for the trophies you have standard beat the whole story, all side quests and grinding trophies. Lvl 99 trophies... heh and getting S ranks in all missions. That's right there is a ranking system and I recommend doing a 2nd playthrough since you get a special item to make things easier. Difficulty: 4/10 (In normal mode) , 5/10 (Hard mode and sometimes 7/10 due to certain bosses in hard mode which is easier to platinum due to a certain trophy) Enjoyment: 8.5/10
  20. Platinum #25 - Battle Princess of Arcadias 


    What's this!? A PS3 platinum in 2018? Huh!!?? But it was fun :awesome:

  21. Waiting for Halloween to play Yakuza Dead Souls, kid brother wants to watch me play it, is going to be a pain but I just realized that I had another game I never played on PS3. Battle Princess of Arcadias. At least I have something to play and platinum in the meantime.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Dead souls is in my wishlist. I'll be grabbing it soon once I clear a few games :)

  22. #24 Call of Duty: WWII After being in a Hiatus, thank you Monster Hunter World , I have come back to trophy hunting! This is the third CoD game I have platinum. Like all the other games in the franchise this is a FPS but it takes place during the darkest time in human history, World War 2. That's right we are fighting the Germany more specially we are fighting Nazis. Since this is taking place in 1944, game starts at that year, we are using weapons during that time. The big change from the other CoD games I played is that your health does not regenerate after being injured. You have an actual health bar for your character and the only way to recover any health is to find a med-kit and heal yourself. Does this make it harder in the fighter difficulties? Believe it or not it does! Unless I'm just horrible at FPS games.... I am . So how was the story for this game? I say it was good maybe because I am genuinely interested in real life events that happened. Trophy wise you have your standard trophies, beat it in the hardest difficulty, find all hidden X items, and do certain things in each level. You all have your online trophies, UGHHH (I'm Sorry but I don't like online trophies), nothing too difficult but requires a lot of grinding.After doing those two things you head off to Zombies for their trophies. I'm not going to like this was my first time playing zombies from Call of Duty. The prologue's first zombie actually made me jump because I didn't expect it. Since it was my first time I was actually tense and nervous playing it but after playing a few rounds I ended up enjoying the mode. So how difficult are their trophies? Well the prologue does have a difficult trophy. Survive 20 waves in that map, that small map with two floors where you could easily get trapped by them.... Have Fun ~ . After beating the prologue you unlock a second map which I guess is technically the 1st map. This is where the real trophy hunts begin. Most or some of them are easy but there are two or maybe three that will stand in your way to get the platinum. The Lurking Around trophy is a bit luck based as it might or might not happen. You might even get lucky and get it by accident. Depending if you got the casual ending you know what sorts of objectives you have to do to "beat" zombies. These two trophies will probably stand in your way, Dark Reunion and Dark Arts which you have to do anyways. There is another ending to the first map, Final Reich, the HardCore Easter Egg Ending. Now if you have friends to help you then it makes it easier to beat or if you're like me you will have to do it solo (😥). It is doable solo it just take longer. All it involves is simple, all you need to do is build the variants of the Tesla guns by finding their hidden batteries by doing certain actions, take them to a place to charge them, use the traps in the area and kill specific enemies with said trap, afterwards take them to where you got your Tesla parts, activate to make parts, defend them and many more things. It took me 2 Hours and 55 Minutes and to wave 22 to get the HH Ending. Would have been less but I messed up on some points. After that you have earned your platinum. It was pretty satisfying beating the HH Ending in Zombies Solo. Difficulty: 6/10 (Hardest Difficulty in campaign and HH Ending in zombies) Enjoyment: 8.5/10 (I like it, might occasionally play this with a friend or form time to time)
  23. Ehhhh, The cat turned to a car(?) . How does one fight a car? Either way can't fight a car.
  24. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back , You're almost done with it! Just one more trophy! To the person below am saving MHW for a milestone.. well trying
  25. 10/10, I just love it