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  1. Sorry for late response but I think I narrowed it down. The key is to NEVER back out of the game during your play session. That means not pressing the PS button at the bottom left of the console. If you want to play the game, the best way to do it is to reboot the console (turn off and on) and just go straight for the game (open it and play etc.). If you are done with your play session (get bored, need to do something etc.), simply save the game and quit, and when you want to play again, just reboot the console and play again. It seems that Wi-Fi has no effect on the trophy glitch. I played with Wi-Fi on most of the time and don't recall trophies glitching. As for suspend mode, or sleep mode (when you press the power button at the top of the console), I believe it does NOT affect trophies. I just did Challenge of the Gods for the I'll Take the Physical Challenge trophy. It's hard as balls and any sane person would just shut off the game when they reach challenge 10 as it takes the most luck and skill to beat. I couldn't do it in one sitting and, to save my sanity, I put the console in sleep mode by pressing the power button and tried the next day. I put the console to sleep a few times after that too, after my failed attemps, and finally after I completed it, the trophy popped. so I THINK sleep mode is not the culprit for the trophy glitch, it's most likely the PS button. TL:DR; Don't press the PS button, Wi-Fi enabled and going to sleep mode by pressing the power button is fine.
  2. Shining Resonance Refrain, get all of them plats