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  1. I played it legit, took over 6 hours with breaks. Me n our lass are big fans of match 3s. It's not hard without cheats anyway, only trophy that took me a few tries was the 15x combo. Not enough of these types of games on Ps4.
  2. Would love a Thug 1+2 aswell. Definitely getting this though.
  3. I unlocked unicorn to find in the game a long time ago but it never appeared once in the 7 or 8 playthrough I've done, got fed up of the rng so ditched it.
  4. Monkey Island collection, including the 5 episode ones. Ratchet and Clank Future Trilogy Angry Birds Trilogy {because I'm an idiot, and would do it all again}
  5. Yeah took me 3 freezes before I realised this. 😂
  6. After I do the first move in the desert puzzle it won't let me make another move, it even locks me out of pausing the game or even skipping the puzzle. Is their any way around this?
  7. Thanks for the tips, approaching that part on my nightmare playthrough.
  8. Does the Charlie head roll faster on hardcore and higher? Doing my hardcore run now and I've been killed by it 6 times in a row, I can't run any faster and it always gets me right at the bottom of the steps.
  9. Happened to me in the past when I purchased the ps4 version first. Solved it by going on the vita store then entering my download list, it appeared there.
  10. I work in the food industry so classed as a 'critical worker', so business as usual for me. Nearly done with Mortal Kombat 11 though, then might start the story for Red Dead 2.
  11. Is this like The Settlers that used to be on the Amiga/PC back in the day? If so I might be tempted.
  12. Got it working now, tried all the other horde maps then went back on bitter end. The bronze requirement had actually lowered.
  13. Yeah fully patched on ps4, getting zero xp whenever I retry.
  14. I'm getting zero xp after the first try. Don't know why.
  15. So just got my 600th plat, but yet my profile still reads 599. Wtf. 

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      That's the inflation.