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  1. Don't know if this happened to anybody else but I lost my last life at the boss, pressed continue, collected all the vials again but the boss was invisible when I returned to him. His health bar was their but he wasn't. So now I have to restart the campaign again. I'm on the EU version BTW.
  2. So since the new Vita update came in 2 days ago I've bought 2 Cross buy games on the ps4 store, Habroxia and Word Wheel by POWGI. When I've gone onto the Vita store to download that version the option to download doesn't even appear. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. Or maybe the people who flagged him after it was reported to them should of done a bit more digging before being to quick to press the self destruct button.
  4. I used The Great Maw, Black Beast, The Kraken and Kerberus. Used Maw to wipe out the bottom enemy, unless that enemy is immune to devour. Used Black Beast to devour Maw to double up on attack damage. Usually my bottom two troops will get one shot, if they dont devour then i use Black Beast on those two aswell to turn him pretty much into a tank. Skull damage wipes out the rest.
  5. Platted it offline, then signed in to sync up. Strangely it synced up in 1%s at a time. Hope i dont have the same problem with the vita version.
  6. So everytime i try to start this game up it keeps saying an error has occured and keeps logging me out of my PS4, whats that all about.
  7. Cant you just search for other random clubs for matches, if not this club addition is pointless.
  8. Getting my copy tommorow, lookin forward to it.
  9. worst update theyve done, ram the 100%
  10. Nothing for me, either have finished or own except Destiny 2 which doesnt interest me in the slightest.
  11. About fecking time, waited years for this.
  12. i missed 2 dolls, followed another video and they picked them up. Had to do another playthrough. One of them you missed was in the very first room.
  13. 293, so im not gonna list them all. But yeah thats a shit load.
  14. Its a shame PopCap dont release any of their old hidden object games. They did loads.
  15. Cant see it on the store, which is strange considering it says it was released on 1st January 1970😂