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  1. The teabagging in TLOU looks like someones taking a shit on your face.😄
  2. Loved the multiplayer in TLOU and still play it to this day, at week 558 last i checked. Would love more of the same, and like an earlier poster said, grindier trophies wouldnt be a problem if its more of the same. Agreed, some of the DLC weapons were a tad over the top. Tactical shotgun is supposed to be mid ranged yet is almost like a sniper rifle for distance and damage. I think actually the worst DLC was adding covert training, gave to much advantage to the user and hardly any negatives. They were practically ghosts.
  3. Does anybody know how to do this, im not doing to bad with the daily challenges, and have a few golds here and there but im usually looking at a silver at best especially the ones that require quick times. Wouldnt mind knowing the easiest way to brake boost so i could get golds on a regular basis and cut my plat time down considerably.
  4. Dont forget Joel will be getting on in age now, he was quite old in the first game, he might just not have the legs for it anymore. I reckon it'll just be random appearances here and there. Cant wait for this, looks superb. Just give us a release date Mr Druckman.
  5. Really enjoyed the first, will pick this up at some point.
  6. I managed to get while free, il just play it offline when i get round to playing it.
  7. Plat 442 NI No Kuni 2, best ive played this year so far, great game.

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      Well done! 💯

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      Nice work!

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      Great job! 👍

  8. Can i be updated, just done Grim Legends 3, cheers.
  9. Cheers bud👍
  10. Wheres the download list on the vita?
  11. Anybody know how i download the Vita version off the EU store? Cant find it anywhere, its ment to be cross buy.
  12. Well said, im about 5 or 6 hours in and personally i think its fast turning into a yawn fest. Great if others like it, but im finding a tad dull.
  13. With them not fixing the first one, i wont be getting this easy or not.
  14. Sad really because in a way they dont even want you to play the game as its intended. walking in and out of a shop x amount of times gets you a trophy. If id of known that id probably of done it. But the biggest one is the battles, leaving every single battle gives you full gold, weapons and even challenges completed. In other RPGs you would of got no reward at all. My first playthrough of the game i fought every battle and read through every conversation and cutscene, but knowing that a bugless run this game can be platted in over just 5 hours is a bit lame. In a weird way im sort of glad it glitched on me when i look back on it, it means i got my moneys worth.
  15. Yeah i got mine, although i had to start a new playthrough. I just skipped all battles and speed ran it to chapter 3 when Esther appeared in my town and was fine after that.