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  1. This game is so fucking broken its embarrassing. Got halfway through chapter 3 to the point were you have to hack the laptop for a file to read. Even when matching the waves my R2 or X didn't respond to open up the file. I quit out the game completely, because the options button to pause the game didn't work. Now when I load the game in I don't even get a menu to continue. It just sits in an endless loading screen. Utter garbage, glad I only paid 59p for this shit.
  2. So I've just completed all three bosses for the second time, now I have to find the final share to continue the game. Where actually is it, I've been running around all over and can't find it. EDIT: Nevermind my game bugged out, reloaded it and Ray was in his office with the final piece.
  3. I just started it, got halfway up level 3 tower before I died. Did a bit more story levels then had another go but started from tower 3. Got halfway up tower 4 before dying again and the trophy randomly popped at the game over screen.
  4. Unlocked for me after just 4 tries. Weird.
  5. Exactly, no power bar means total guess work for every single shot including putting. Played this immediately after 2K21 and I'm not impressed.
  6. Yeah I have it now, just need the private match and the small matter of a hole in one which still eludes me.
  7. Is it possible to create and name your own gaps like in Tony 2 back in the day. If yes, were abouts do I do it.
  8. Just got it on roller-coaster as well. Just had a tattoo done on my hand so I'm doing a bit crap at the game at the minute,what with my hand been a bit swollen and painful. Can't wait to get cracking on it properly soon.
  9. Tried this and it didn't unlock. Does it matter if your partner holes the final shot or does your character have to do it.
  10. It's just complete a multiplayer match not win it. I'm wondering if you can play horse online or couch coop aswell. As for the park editor feature, I spent loads of time on ps1 tinkering with that and creating my own gaps, looking forward to doing it all again.
  11. I had my fingers crossed for a "complete all gaps" trophy. Happy it's in there.
  12. Anybody know the best way of going about these. The bow is awful in this so you need the deer very close but they run away when even about 100 metres away.
  13. Is that the right toggle going up n down?
  14. Did I miss this in the tutorial, but how do you put top and backspin on the ball.
  15. The difficulty spike after amateur is laughable, still can't beat the first pro. Not because I'm bad at the game, its coz I can't get to the table. He clears up every time, even the most ridiculous shots are going in. Bought this because it was very very cheap, never expected to plat it but just as a go to chill out game. But I'm venting at not been even allowed to play it.