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  1. Weird right?
  2. That count as a reset?? Duel ChampionDefeat every character in the Mode B CPU battle (Reset cannot be used)
  3. Same.
  4. Very very happy I bought this in the sale!
  5. Agreed I am actually going through again just to get all the notes.
  6. Yeah playing on the Pro. I deleted the game and saves and redownloaded it got the scores and then it worked. No widea what happened.
  7. For getting 50,000 points and so on? What am I doing wrong?
  8. There is not 192 games on the U.S. store right?
  9. The Deluxe doesn't include either DLC.
  10. Safe mode?
  11. Does the new DLC weapon the Feltrite cannon make this easier? Did you get the assault rifle skin when you beat it on Ultra Nightmare?
  12. Go to the store and look at how many coins it cost. Not hard.
  13. Not hard to understand it didn't say you had to beat it all at once.
  14. Agreed the controls were horrific!!!
  15. So just keep saving?