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  1. Go to the store and look at how many coins it cost. Not hard.
  2. Not hard to understand it didn't say you had to beat it all at once.
  3. Agreed the controls were horrific!!!
  4. So just keep saving?
  5. So no unlimited continues?
  6. How could you not have heard of this game??? Unlimited continues?
  7. Thanks I figured it out you have to Level yourself to Level 11. I missed some bugs the first time.
  8. I make it to Level 11 but don't get the trophy.
  9. No reason to suicide.
  10. No that's not what he means. No need to suicide.
  11. So can heads come naturally by having your AI play towers for you? Yes keep track of how many hearts you have.
  12. Same thing happened to me after I played online co op.
  13. Alpha Mission is impossible!
  14. I thought Switch didn't have trophies?
  15. How did you play it already?