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  1. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s right before you need to grapple. Instead of grappling to the left (where the spikes and turrets are), jump to the right on the two floating platforms and through a small gap in the wall. Then go down the sewer line in this room. The other two are pretty obvious. One is right about a sewer pipe (in the toxic water) and the other is in the room with the mandatory fight towards the end of the level up high against the wall.
  2. Hey @Frostitel - I think there just isn't enough forges and pools in a normal New Game. It doesn't seem possible to get either of these trophies in your first playthrough. New Game+ (which doesn't carry over your dyes or metals) has a much larger map and with it, more forges and pools.
  3. Version 1.02 came out today. Trophy description was updated to 50 bailichkas. I loaded a save from the very end of the game (which had over 60 bailichkas) and the trophy popped immediately. Platinum is now possible.
  4. I mean, I feel like it's supposed to be Super Meat Boy. But I have a certain level of pride in a bunch of indie games that I played on release, before a guide was written or any real info was out on the internet about it. Like Banner Saga 3 or Armello where it wasn't just figuring out the best way to get a trophy, it was figuring out what the heck the trophy was asking you to do. Especially Banner Saga, because I was talking to a few people at the time and trading information that we had. That was a lot of fun.
  5. Tales of Platinum for Returnal is complete! 



    This one was a real labor. And seeing as we got the platinum for it on July 3rd and July 22nd, it's been almost a month of just working on the video. The script took longer than it usually does as we kept writing and re-writing as we bounced ideas off of each other. But I think in the end it turned out better than most of the other scripts for videos on the channel. There's a good information-to-comedy ratio and we were able to jokes that would have never worked if only a single person was talking. I got to learn a bunch of new editing techniques, so that always makes a video worth it to me. The autotune for "RNG Collectibles" was a real dip into new territory as we rarely add audio effects. The worst part by far was the music. For as good as Returnal's soundtrack can be, the OST doesn't have any of the combat music. And the combat music that the game DOES has isn't well suited for the montages we make. After going back to other Returnal reviews, I saw that all my favorite reviews used music that wasn't from the game, even though they usually do. Seems like we weren't the only ones with that problem. My personal favorite part was all the takes it took to get a good shot of Will getting sprayed with the hose.


    This one was a lot of fun, even though it took a while. We'll probably do another two-person video the next time there's a hot release that we're both excited for.

  6. I don't care about the fastest leaderboards at all but this is baffling to me. I don't think any reasonable person would say that "deleting a save on my playstation" is the same as "downloading third party software to unpack the save, using a file editor, manipulating the save, repacking the save, the going back into the game" or what you're describing here. You're using one of the "Not flaggable" bullets to justify this position. But none of the "Flaggable Offenses" seem to apply here. Using CFW (Custom Firmware) - no Using external software to alter PlayStation system or save data - no Using any “external save file” other than your own - no Using multiple PlayStations to simultaneously play a single [one] game title, at the same time, on the same PSN account - no Timestamp Synchronization Manipulation - I think this is the only rule we can even disagree about as applying. And none of the three examples seem to apply either. They all relate to syncing earned trophies and the trophies aren't earned yet. The line should be "did this person earn these trophies without external manipulation", and the answer here is "yes". I feel like this argument is insanely slippery, muddy, and confusing. And I have no idea where the line ends anymore if this is the case. But if this is the way it's being ruled, can we expect the rules to be updated for clarification and a flag for everyone who has one of the three platinums without this list on their profile?
  7. St Clarity! You can still access the sewers and the guards can spawn there.
  8. The Folklorist trophy is for collecting 70 bailichkas (folklore entries in the encyclopedia). There is less than 70 in the game. The developers have patched the steam version to only 50 bailichkas and stated in their discord that they intend to patch the ps4 version "soon".
  9. Reunite the Brothers is actually about Haruto in Rimina and Tosuto in Aldhurst. Just completing both of their dialog every day should cover it.
  10. There was way more variety here than I was expecting. Super Meat Boy - 14 Invisible Inc - 13 Dead Star - 9 XCOM 2 - 4 Tetris Effect - 3 Tricky Towers - 2 Wolfenstein II - 2 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - 1 No Man's Sky - 1 Nom Nom Galaxy - 1
  11. This is interesting. Do you know what you're looking for? Or just curious in what you'll find? Here's mine: Platinum - 7 trophies (14%) Gold - 19 trophies (38%) Silver - 13 trophies (26%) Bronze - 11 trophies (22%)
  12. This helped me a lot, there isn't too much information out there it seems. Maybe the best part is the team's discord spoiler section. Thank you Vwt277227! I'll add some additional trophies. A Home for Lars Lars is available on Trip 3 in Tosende Canals (bring Squares and Diamonds). Talk to Maya in order to get him to appear. Succeed with Lars in this conversation and he'll tell you of his secret stash. Don't snitch on him to Maya (I spoke to Maya and intentionally failed, though it might be enough to just not talk to her). After the cataclysm before Trip 4, Lars will move to Aldhurst. (Add some Distressed/Grieving symbols to your deck, though he will still have Squares and Diamonds). Success with him here. When you start Trip 5, Lars will be in Bartow. He has Circles now too, but regardless of if you succeed or fail here, you'll unlock the trophy. Caravaneer All you have to do for this trophy is follow the path of the caravan. Every trip (except for Trip 1 where you're sent home early and potentially Trip 4 when the caravan is stopped, but probably safe to do it anyway), you'll want to travel Bartow -> Pachenco -> Clifton -> Bukam Boro -> Aldhurst -> Rimina -> Old Marae -> Tosende Canals -> Anka (in order). You're not required to speak to anyone at these locations specifically for this trophy. You can verify that you're doing it correctly on your calendar (each caravan stop will get a check mark). By far the hardest part of this trophy is getting to continue past Old Marae on Trip 2. This is because you are required to speak to Gull and if you fail the conversation with her, Nadine will kick you off of this Trip. Gull has Squares and Diamonds. You'll want to load up on: 3 accommodates from each of the Elias conversations you can have up until this point. Diamonds can be obtained from Aldhurst and Rimina Squares are where the problem is. It's hard to get Squares from Anka before the Gull conversation. The only way I know to get there and not void the trophy would be to pass the conversation with Ramir in Clifton, then ignore the quest to drop him off there (since you need to follow the caravan), then double back to Anka after you're sent home. But by then you'll have a ton of fatigue cards. I find it easier to ignore Anka on Trip 1 and when you get home to Bartow, have a conversation with Elias to get a second accommodate. Then speak with the stranger to get one of his cards. At the start of Trip 2, Nadine is holding on to a very desirable Square/Diamond to Square/Diamond card. Play the card you got from the stranger to get her to play it. You can encounter the stranger again before reaching Old Marae, though it's not always possible to get him to play a card before you fail the conversation. Then just load up on Diamonds from Aldhurst and Rimina and cross your fingers when you get to Old Marae. Once you get past this check, the rest of the trophy is just walking between the locations each Trip. Play Matchmaker This trophy is in the top-left of the map. Theo is located in the Desert Oasis. He will give you a quest to go to Long Expanse (and gives you the path) to deliver a letter to Mimi. (Depending on how quickly you get to Desert Oasis, his first conversation may be something else). Talking to Mimi in Long Expanse will give her the letter. If she's not packing when you arrive, you'll have to come back on the next trip. Succeeding with her packing conversation will prompt her to ask you to take her to the Desert Oasis. After dropping her off, you may need to come back on Trip 5 and speak with each of them (Theo/Mimi) one more time to unlock the trophy.
  13. Rarest is the platinum for Super Meat Boy with 489 achievers and 0.22%. Least achievers is Amoeba Battle with 1 achiever (me!) and 3.03%. Probably because I was willing to suffer through a port of a mobile game...
  14. Hold on, I have to leave a snide comment about kindergarten statistics.
  15. I’m not disagreeing with your math, because it’s right. I’m disagreeing with the premise that 60 is average and, even if it was, running the numbers on that gives a meaningless conclusion.