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  1. Hold on, I have to leave a snide comment about kindergarten statistics.
  2. I’m not disagreeing with your math, because it’s right. I’m disagreeing with the premise that 60 is average and, even if it was, running the numbers on that gives a meaningless conclusion.
  3. This is the basis for a bunch of conclusions in comments and it simply isn’t true? Just because there’s 60 potential outcomes doesn’t mean that they’re all equally likely to occur. It’s not even true if we assume all players are identical skill levels (which is a ridiculous assumption anyway and trivializes any conclusions we make since they won’t be applicable to the real world at all). This 1 in 60 number is just so useless for making any claim. If you just take it the next step and say “I never lose in the first round”, does that mean my odds are now 1 in 39-40? And then you might say “ok that’s an above average player, there’s also a below average player in the lobby”. But we have no idea if that’s true, because what if like 70% of players in that lobby is above average? Then we start looking at other factors like people being on a team. If you make it to Royal Fumble and you are 4 out of 4 people in the lobby, the person going for infallible has a 100% chance of getting the crown. It’s not as guaranteed but if you’re 4 out of 8-10 on Hexagone or Fall Mountain, the odds are insanely in your favor. This is one example of something I think is incredibly relevant that we’re ignoring. We can’t even assume that all of this evens out over every game of fall guys because we have no reason to believe there’s a normal distribution of skill either. I would assume that most players are way worse than anything we would guess is the “average” player. But the “average player who is going for infallible” might be better? Idk I’m just guessing, we seem to be okay with that in this thread. Yeah if we assume there’s 60 people and I pick one completely at random 5 times with absolutely nothing impacting my decision, this math holds. But it’s not relevant or useful to do that.
  4. Super Meat Boy (0.21%) Invisible Inc. (0.42%) Tetris Effect (0.47%) Wolfenstein II (0.79%) XCOM 2 (0.84%)
  5. Nightmare (especially Nightmare Survival) is insane with enemies who down you in like one hit. But Nightmare also requires very little coordination compared to the raid. It's probably closer to Gold in terms of how hard enemies hit and how much health they have. We had to figure everything out for the raid ourselves since there aren't really any guides out yet. And we were able to. With a guide or at least one person who's already done it before, it'd definitely be possible with randoms. Everyone will need a mic though since there's parts where you need to communicate well between the team. Chapter 1 set the bar at a good spot and has the least amount of mechanics to worry about. Once you know what you need to do, it'd be fairly easy to complete with randoms. Chapter 2 (especially the last encounter) was the hardest of the chapters. The middle encounter took 4-5 tries for us to figure out exactly what we were supposed to be doing but once we did we got it next try. The last encounter requires individuals who are good enough at the game to be able to take on large number of enemies by themselves quickly. Since we're all friends it was easier for us to just roll into the next attempt or switch up who had to be in what position without really putting blame on anyone. But if you have the right type of people who are in it to win, you could make it through with randoms. Chapter 3 also requires individuals to be strong on their own since you'll be separated a lot. You also need to be really good at the 1v1 duel fights from the single player since someone on your team (probably at least 2 but more likely 3) will need to handle them. Not just at "not dying" during them but also at doing them quickly.
  6. Not really a gloat post. The complaints about this trophy are insanely overblown. Practice the game a lot, develop some skill in even the instant elimination games, and eventually it'll come naturally. I used the exploit but have gotten a 5-win streak naturally twice since getting the platinum. Though that may just be because the pressure was gone. Who knows? Either way, I don't think this thread is all that helpful because of the same reason ThatMuttGuy pointed out. Once the exploit is patched, you're going to need to be able to play every game. Before the exploit is patched, this isn't the category I would put each game in for like half of the games. And I'm sure others would disagree with my placements. What do the categories even mean? "Avoid" probably means "quit on sight" but what is "be careful on"? Is that "be ready to quit when things go south"? Maps you should avoid Jinxed (instant elim and complete luck) - Agree. I've seen Jinxed go from "we're up by 8" to "we lost" in a solid 2 seconds. Jump showdown (people are pricks) - Agree. Jump club (people are pricks) - Disagree. I know the almost-instant elimination feel risky, but almost nobody grabs in Jump Club. This should be a relatively consistent qualification. Individual tail tag (so much luck) - Disagree. Maybe move this to "Maps to be careful on". Other than the rare last second tail steal, you'll know if you're going to qualify with enough time to quit. Royal fumble (so much luck) - Disagree. If you made it to this final, you should play it out. Sometimes you just have control the whole round. Hoopsie Daisey (instant elim) - Disagree. This one is insane to me. Why would you avoid any game that has a score on a timer? Maps to be careful on Door dash (people wise) - Agree. Door Dash is by far the riskiest first round game. I've been having much better consistency using the triangle trick, but that isn't going to stop you from getting bodied by the mob at the absolute worst possible time. Tip toe (people wise) - Agree. Maybe even move this one up to "Maps to Avoid". But with the changes to the game algorithm, you've got to play something in Round 4 and Tip Toe is pretty common. Fruit chute (rng) - Disagree. You need to be good at Fruit Chute. Team tail tag (luckish) - Agree. This one is probably the least in your control out of any team game. Block party (people wise) - Agree. Egg scramble (just shit) - Disagree. All of the 3-team games used to come up way more often and it used to be really important to play it out. But before that, you had to be good at Egg Scramble. Of all the 3-team team games, you have the most power to influence the outcome here and plenty of time to change strategies if needed. Hoarders (rng) - I would say Disagree and move down, but I can see why some people would place it here. I've found playing heavy defense is the way to win Hoarders. But that isn't going to save your skin if you have a team of idiots. Hex a gone (unfortunate mishaps, instant eliminate) - Disagree. I think you have to play Hex-a-Gone enough to know if you're good at Hex-a-Gone. If you are, then it's a "Maps you need to be good at" and if you aren't, then it's a "Maps to Avoid". It's extremely hard to quit out of Hex-a-Gone later in the match so if you're going to quit, you should do it when the round starts. I always play out Hex-a-Gone, but I know some people are insanely bad at it or fed up with glitching through levels. Maps you need to be good at Dizzy heights - Agree. Fall mountain - Disagree. Move to "Maps to be careful on". You have time to quit if things go badly. And as someone who spawns in the last row 99.99% of the time, I feel like I'm always playing catchup. Yes, you should be absolutely be good enough at Fall Mountain to make it every time but I would recommend quitting if someone gets to the spinning hammers at the same time as you. Slime climb - Agree. Slime Climb is hard to quit on though and every now and then you'll get a round of it where the mob sweeps you off the stage. Rock and roll - Disagree. How is Rock N' Roll here but Egg Scramble/Hoarders/Hoopsie Daisy are above it? Rock N' Roll has less "how much can I help the team individually" AND has a glitch that causes the episode to end without a final and randomly pick a winner (which can occur even if your team won). Rock N' Roll should be a "Maps to be careful on". Fall ball - Agree. Don't quit out because you're 2 goals down, play it out. You might come back. You still have an hour to quit. Hit parade - Agree. See saw - Agree. If you're struggling on See Saw, this trophy is going to be insanely hard. Gate crash - Agree. Whirlygig - Agree. Roll out - Disagree. Roll Out can be risky. It has instant elimination and lately people have been extremely grabby. I would put this all the way up in "Maps to Avoid". Perfect match - Disagree. If only for the instant elimination and the fact that every now and then you can't quite make room on a platform. Perfect Match is 100% the game that ends streaks for me, which I know sounds completely ridiculous.
  7. A recent update made it so team games no longer appear twice in a row. And they only appear when the teams can be even. So team games are a lot more rare now.
  8. Yo, great list! All of those games are great! 1) Armello - I think I'm still first on psnprofiles to get it. This one was really fun because it was before people knew how to get all the trophies. So there was a lot of experimentation on what would work. 2) Banner Saga 3 - Wasn't first on psnprofiles, but one of the first. This one had a few trophies that people didn't know how to unlock. There was a ton of collaboration and trading of information on reddit for people to figure out all of the trophy requirements. It was a great time working together with so many trophy hunters. 3) Super Meat Boy - I had played the game on 360, and this just looked impossible to me. But playing on and off on both vita and ps4 for years, I finally worked enough to get it. 4) X-COM 2 - This one required a bunch of playthroughs that were tough and a lot of work. But I also had a blast the entire time. 5) Star Trek Bridge Crew - I had to put something on here that was coop with my trophy friends. This was just us cracking Star Trek jokes for hours while we yelled at each other.
  9. I got it! And I made a video about it. Almost 30 deaths but we got there. Wouldn't have been possible without @BigBossImBeamer's video.
  10. Everything is in line with my experience too. "Very Open Borders" gave me "Queening", "Peacekeeper" gave me "Deus Vult". I have not done the requirements for "Queening" and don't have "Peacekeeper" as a result.
  11. Was it possibly a Mastiff or a Kraber Sniper? I've picked those up multiple times (they're gold) and no trophy. I guess because they have no attachment slots? We found a gold Peacekeeper with 3 gold attachments laying around and passed that around to all get the trophy.
  12. For DLC 9, the following two trophies only unlock on specific map variants: "In Diagonal We Trust" can only be unlocked on the Mega variant of Europe 1912 "Sunny Mediterranean" can only be unlocked on the Big Cities variant of Europe 1912 Hopefully this saves somebody some time.
  13. Can also confirm this trophy appears to be glitched. Has anyone tried anything like playing against a different number of Vanderbots? They also only seem to be available on the standard USA map, so it's not like the trophy is looking for you to play it on the France map or anything.
  14. Hey visighost, From what I was seeing, scenarios unlock when the you've unlocked all the cards for them. Most of the time, you'll unlock 2-3 cards when you win a game. I also experienced occasionally unlocking cards when I lost, but that seemed to happen randomly. The difficulty levels don't really unlock, you have them all at the start. It's just based on the settings you have before starting the game. I also think the event tab is broken. I think the auto-save was pretty good for me and pretty much triggered as soon as I got back to the menu. However, I did randomly have my save get corrupted SIX TIMES while going for the platinum.
  15. Yup, they should both count. Most of my bombs were in freeplay but I got the trophy on replaying a story bomb.