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  1. Wow, this is a pretty good month and just before E3.
  2. I would say "Wait for E3", it's too late to buy an XB1 or PS4 with E3 on the horizon. My personal opinion would be buy both.
  3. Welcome to PSNP, Ali-SnakeEater. Now to answer your question, have I listened to the Hitman: Blood Money Soundtrack? No.
  4. Anyone doing anything interesting this Friday night? 

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    2. atlasxof-


      Yeah, he's kinda like that. 


      Not so great, Blizzard have made some changes on Competitive mode in OW. It kinda makes more harder to make a good team, since they're trying to make people play with only one hero for getting for SR. Like if you're playing only Hanzo you'll probably get more SR over a guy who plays tank characters. 

    3. FlareXV


      Ewww Blizzard, that's disappointing. One of the main reasons why my XB1 Overwatch people died out. 

    4. SunsetHysteria


      Ordering pizza. That's exciting, right? Might go out with my sister to do some shopping for my birthday, that's about it. 

  5. I'm using Edge and having no problems scrolling on PSNP. Maybe it's a Chrome specific problem?
  6. I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one. Next month is pretty meh for me.
  7. Well, the switch has a lot going for it. The units it sold were pretty good and it's expected to be continued after MK8: Deluxe releases. I do hope Oceanhorn does come to the Vita soon now that I need a console for my commute to work.
  8. Good news everyone, I've finally secured a Switch. Bad news is, that I won't get it until May 25th lol. Also, I answered the questionnaire at the top of the page. I'm most excited for MK8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Mario O, DQ 11 and the much awaited Pokémon game. I was on GAF and saw rumors that XB2 maybe hitting our shelves in Autumn 2017, hype if that is true.
  9. Yes, but I wouldn't recommend buying a brand new one (unless you want to). There are some heavy hitters like P4 Golden, Golden Abyss, Freedom Wars, Welcome Park (Lol) and features like PS1 compatibility that makes the console worth it.
  10. It's only shameful it you think it is. A lot of us want the My Name is Mayo platinum, but can't obtain it because the game hasn't release in the EU yet (I think).
  11. Nice one on MS, let's hope it doesn't get abused. You're wasting your time, people forget when their preferred choice is winning.
  12. While some people's gaming preferences do baffle me, I truly believe that no one here has an unpopular gaming opinion. I'm sure there's someone else that feels the same. I would like to say that we might have hype up No Man's Sky a bit too much because while it's coming along nicely, it doesn't seem to have the same vision of the first pitch anymore (couldn't be anymore obvious). Lol, same thing happened with Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. People will insult a game and can't really explain why their dislike it.
  13. You're happy to see me suffer? Because of your anime games, my dude-bros game are changing everyday. Due to these games I now how to listen to the protagonist's feelings, see them crying in the rain and watch them trying to get their Senpais to notice them and all that junk. Why won't you notice me, Satoshi?
  14. Did anybody get to test out the Splatoon 2 testfire, how was it?
  15. Absolutely disgusting, it's because of people like you, I voted to leave the EU. I don't want any of your weebness infecting my dudebros games with your hentai ways. JK