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  1. Update #8 No platinum to report this time around, but some good solid progress has been made.. It's going to be touch and go whether or not I manage to complete the list, but if not I'll at least be proud of what I've managed to accomplish in one of these events for once 😅 The majority of my time was spent with Heavy Rain (PS3), finishing my first playthrough and starting to go back through for a second time and selecting the alternative options. It'll take a bit more tidying once that's done in order to see all of the endings, but I'm hopeful that they at least won't require full playthroughs.. I've also continued to play Overcooked 2 (PS4) with my OH, we've already three-starred the campaign and have just started working toward unlocking and three-starring the hidden levels that we missed before starting on the DLC. I was also slightly disappointed to learn that Overcooked! All You Can Eat (PS5) is not a third game, but instead is a 'complete package' of the first two games and their DLCs. I may decide not to bother with that.. Last.. and least (progress wise) - I've made a start on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4). I did decide to restart it from the very beginning because I couldn't remember much of what I'd previously played, and I'm now at the furthest point I've been.. Ubisoft added a couple of new things from the first two games, and I'm not yet fully convinced they're for the better - but it is what it is. It's certainly more of a challenge to achieve 100% sync, having to complete missions with a second objective in order to do so. I've heard that there's a couple of missions that are a nightmare to do with this in mind, so I (don't) look forward to those! Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) - 25% > 29% BirdCakes (PS4) - NEW > 28% > 65% > 74% > 100% Driver: San Francisco (PS3) - 32% > 34% > 51% > 67% > 100% Heavy Rain (PS3) - 11% > 21% > 65% Jak II (PS3) - 18% > 28% Overcooked 2 (PS4) - NEW > 15% > 44% Sephirothic Stories (PS4) - 5% > 100% Watch Dogs (PS4) - 29% > 38% > 41% > 87% Swaps used: 1/3 Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) > Overcooked 2 (PS4)
  2. I'm still very much working toward my list on the Winter 2022/2023 Backlog Challenge.. There's an outside chance of me actually completing a list that I've set out to do, though it will require me continuing to game at quite a pace! So we'll see.. 💪 A bit of forward planning, here's what I'd like to try and tackle for Spring 2023. Think I'll try to stick to the five for now! I Am Alive (PS3) - 9% MouseCraft (PS4) - 15% Need for Speed: Rivals (PS4) - 44%* Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (PS3) - 21% The Saboteur (PS3) - 15% * One game can have a completion percentage of up to 50%, but the rest must be 33% or under.
  3. Sounds like you're forgetting the #1 rule with gaming which is enjoyment. Sure, I like chasing platinums and 100%'s, but at the end of the day I'm not going to lose sleep over not doing so in a game, nor am I going to purposely play multiple stacks or shovelware. There's several community events you could participate in to try and break the cycle to make a start on some of these games. It kinda helps seeing how you're progressing over 3 months or something, and you get to share that journey. It's great that your wife has at least a bit of an interest in your hobby, but ultimately it's your hobby and it sounds like you should set a bit of time aside for you to enjoy that hobby playing something that you want to play. Even if it's just one evening a week. Anything else, shared or alone, is a bonus. My backlog is such that it's very unlikely I'll get around to playing it all. Yet I accept that, and still continue adding to it! Weird. As for wanting a new TV, it sounds like your existing setup is perfectly adequate and you need to try and get past that temptation.
  4. The only hope at this point is an open-source third-party option that gets approved for PSNP. Crazier things have happened, but don't hold your breath..
  5. Update #7 The distraction continued last week with Overcooked (PS4), and together with my OH we saw it through to completion! Once again.. not on the list, despite this one being eligible. This entry was looking somewhat different prior to Saturday evening, where the only progress made had been was in Heavy Rain (PS3) - finally, after putting it off for so long! Despite its age and finicky controls, I'm quite enjoying my time with it.. Unfortunately trophy wise, it's one of those games that you're better off doing a 'pure' playthrough, and then use the chapter select to finish up - it goes against a trophy hunter's natural instinct, I tells ya! Prior to Saturday, I'd attempted BirdCakes (PS4) a few more times to no avail.. I'd even posted on PSNP that I felt destined not to finish the game. However, in an almost 'typical' fashion, I finally managed to take down that final boss in the very next effort and attain the Platinum. I enjoyed the game more than I expected to, but the RNG often feels quite punishing. You could have full life, and be offered a full life replenishment on Level 19 in one playthrough - but be down to minimal life, and not be offered any life replenishment on Level 19 in another! I've also decided to make use of a swap.. Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) > Overcooked 2 (PS4). Straight after finishing Overcooked (PS4) which I decided not to swap out a game on the list for, my OH wanted me to download and start Overcooked 2 (PS4), which I'd purchased on sale just a day or two prior. I'd much rather focus my efforts on that and the other games I've listed, than having to play through Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) and its DLC at least a couple of times.. We're now past the half way point afterall! Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) - 25% BirdCakes (PS4) - NEW > 28% > 65% > 74% > 100% Driver: San Francisco (PS3) - 32% > 34% > 51% > 67% > 100% Heavy Rain (PS3) - 11% > 21% Jak II (PS3) - 18% > 28% Overcooked 2 (PS4) - NEW > 15% Sephirothic Stories (PS4) - 5% > 100% Watch Dogs (PS4) - 29% > 38% > 41% > 87% Swaps used: 1/3 Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) > Overcooked 2 (PS4)
  6. Oh man.. this final boss 😤 I'm starting to feel I'm destined not to finish the game. 4 attempts, 4 failures - despite knowing of this tactic (my last 2 attempts didn't have the explosive can in the top left). I sometimes struggle to locate the heart after killing the brain, and I also find that I start to panic once Cherry is under attack and quickly lose my lives.. I still feel my best attempt was my first. Subsequent ones just haven't felt like a 'clean' opportunity.. --EDIT-- Typically, I finished the game on my next attempt. No explosive barrel top left, but managed to shoot the brain and found the heart right away - blasted him with 2 lots of RB and he was down.
  7. (Not much of an) Update #6 I got somewhat distracted by what to unlock for my 4000th trophy last week, since I tend to try and make any milestones a platinum if I remember to do so.. So I did get another platinum, but it wasn't on the list for this event since it wasn't eligible.. Tomb Raider: Legend (PS3). Beating the England time trial was the key to it really, which allowed use of the Bulletproof cheat. From there the remaining Time Trials and Hard mode were relatively smooth sailing. I've also been distracted by Overcooked (PS4) which is great fun and have been playing through it with my OH. Oh, right.. You want to know about event progress. Well, there's been a little. A few trophies from Jak II (PS3) and a single unlock from Birdcakes (PS4). The latter was so very nearly another platinum and completion to be posting about, but alas it wasn't to be.. I reached the final boss for the first time and took down the first part, but died before I was able to take down the second part and ultimately finish the game. I tried a handful of times straight afterwards to reach the final boss again, dying on the level before in my last effort.. Painful. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) - 25% BirdCakes (PS4) - NEW > 28% > 65% > 74% Driver: San Francisco (PS3) - 32% > 34% > 51% > 67% > 100% Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) - 37%* Heavy Rain (PS3) - 11% Jak II (PS3) - 18% > 28% Sephirothic Stories (PS4) - 5% > 100% Watch Dogs (PS4) - 29% > 38% > 41% > 87%
  8. Overcooked (PS4): https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/51680-play-together-over-shareplay/
  9. Update #5 I said last week that I needed to pull my finger out a bit... and I've done just that! 😁 This week not 1, but 2 games have been scratched off the list. Driver: San Francisco (PS3) which I quite enjoyed my time with despite its age. Having tackled the multiplayer trophies pre-shutdown, it made sense to include the game for this event and (try to) completely finish it. There weren't too many dares, challenges, or missions that posed much of a problem, it just took a while to get them all done! Secondly, Sephirothic Stories (PS4) which I would say is a very average JRPG at best.. It wasn't so bad when I finally felt like playing it, but it feels slightly unbalanced. On the one hand, you have a couple of pretty tough boss fights that in most games of a similar nature you'd need to do a few hours of level grinding. On the other, the game gives you the option of continuing the battle(s) fully revived with the damage that has been inflicted so far, for what is a low in-game forfeit. I took advantage of it just a couple of times to essentially get the game done with.. Next week? I may start tackling Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4), though I'm currently undecided as to whether start over with it or try to continue my previous save.. I don't really remember too much of the game from my previous attempt. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) - 25% BirdCakes (PS4) - NEW > 28% > 65% Driver: San Francisco (PS3) - 32% > 34% > 51% > 67% > 100% Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) - 37%* Heavy Rain (PS3) - 11% Jak II (PS3) - 18% Sephirothic Stories (PS4) - 5% > 100% Watch Dogs (PS4) - 29% > 38% > 41% > 87%
  10. Updated. 100% Completions Rocket League - [PS4] - #63 02 Nov 22 - #43 17 Oct 22 Onrush - [PS4] - #64 15 Nov 22 - #45 15 Nov 22 Shütshimi - [PS4] - #65 21 Nov 22 Driver: San Francisco - [PS3] - #66 03 Jan 23 - #47 03 Jan 23 Sephirothic Stories - [PS4] - #67 08 Jan 23 - #48 08 Jan 23
  11. Update #4 Oh, hello 2023. I hope that everyone's had a pleasant Christmas and New Year. There's not much progress to report on this time around other than some further progress in Driver: San Francisco (PS3). The challenges and dares are taking a little longer than expected to get through.. Nearly a month down, and no games scratched off the list as yet. I need to try and pull my finger out a bit! Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) - 25% BirdCakes (PS4) - NEW > 28% > 65% Driver: San Francisco (PS3) - 32% > 34% > 51% > 67% Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) - 37%* Heavy Rain (PS3) - 11% Jak II (PS3) - 18% Sephirothic Stories (PS4) - 5% Watch Dogs (PS4) - 29% > 38% > 41% > 87%
  12. 2022: 12 platinums (7.56% very rare in Table Top Racing: World Tour) 🎉
  13. My 2022 PS3 purchases.. I'll stop, someday! 😅 (I think The Chronicles of Riddick was purchased in 2022 anyway..) Also, I didn't realise the 100% wasn't available to new players in Brutal Legend, so I may yet end up re-selling it.
  14. The link posted above appears to be still good 👍