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  1. Unless you bought the 'Season Pass' (or whatever name it went by), then the purchase alone isn't enough - you also need to have downloaded the packs. I speak from experience, sadly 😟
  2. Thankfully, they're back already. Hopefully just a temporary blip..
  3. ...and the Weekly/Daily Challenges have gone again. Before shutdown 😖
  4. Actually, it gives reassurance that it is possible in such a timeframe even now.. 😜
  5. Think I'll pass, given the upcoming Ubisoft server closures.
  6. Back online 😎
  7. Servers down again from 16:05 GMT 19/07/22.. Hopefully they'll come back shortly.
  8. The original Plants vs. Zombies game tends to go for an obscene price on eBay..
  9. I was going to do this as a community event, but.. I decided not to (unless there's serious demand) 😅 Instead, I'm posting this as an aim to try and finish as many PS3 games in my backlog as I can in the coming months.. The recent issues with Driver: San Francisco, Far Cry 2, Need for Speed: Underground and Watch Dogs have served as a stark reminder that the lifespan of the PS3 is on borrowed time. PS3 game progress since 31/05/2022 (last update: 09/07/2022) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - NEW > 1% - E Driver: San Francisco - NEW > 1% - E Echochrome - NEW > 4% - D God of War - 17% - E > 82% - A Jak II - 5% - E > 18% - E Kung Fu Rabbit - 36% - C > 47% - C Need for Speed: Shift - 10% - D > 13% - D Silent Hill 2 - NEW > 1% - E Splinter Cell: Blacklist - NEW > 1% - E
  10. I bought an original phat PS3 back in the day before trophies were a thing in order to play Metal Gear Solid 4, but hardly used it since I was more of an Xbox 360 guy.. I ended up selling it quite early on. I fell out of love with Microsoft and the Xbox 360, and made the decision to get a second-hand PS3 super slim some time in 2015. It took a while to make the transition (as my trophy history shows), but haven't regretted it. To my amazement, that super slim is still going today.. 🙂
  11. Someone should make a(nother) PS3 event.. 😉 I've just fired mine up again. I have plenty that I need to try and play/finish before they pull the plug for good.
  12. It mentions it on TT - and I seem to recall photos don't pop until they are uploaded..
  13. Glad I dodged a bullet and got this one done quite recently.. 😬
  14. I may just pick up a cheap copy of the Definitive Edition from PSN Turkey while it's on offer then.. 😅