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  1. That isn't official confirmation.. It's just someone recycling what has already been rumoured (ie. Gamesparks is shutting down, so therefore Onrush is because their logo is shown on startup). I remain hopeful we'll see this alive after 30/09/22, but time will tell..
  2. For anyone else who may be thinking about going for this, note that you can't use the method documented on TrueAchievements. It appears to be calculated differently.. I primarily used this guide, as well as this one, due to the first one failing to detail the UFO hat in Level 3 (Tallstigen 24) which I went back for my 20th (19th) hat.
  3. EU version displays the same build
  4. The employee behind the statement in the screenshot has even said not to take his word as official - he's still trying to get clarification.. https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=1410908&anchor=10760883#m10760883
  5. I consider myself "almost normal" compared with some of the numbers being reported by others 😂 04:00 - 36 05:00 - 135 06:00 - 191 07:00 - 180 08:00 - 176 09:00 - 174 To put in to some context, my peak gaming time is currently 21:00 with 307.
  6. For some reason I had to combine it with the '1.0.0 downgrade' method, and then map the update with Charles and manually force the PS4 to check for updates.. A bit weird, but at least it's working.. 🤓
  7. Thank you for the tip, I could get it working using this method.. Weird.
  8. Do you mind me asking how? I'm trying to do the same, but can't get 1.0.3 to download..
  9. For the life of me, I can't get this to work with Animal Super Squad (EU) - I'm trying to download patch 1.0.3. I found the URL: /gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA11119_00/11/f_8a677f62fc08f98245133c5dd7584040177bebc28f6ee1f187c234edeae1fb5d/f/EP3780-CUSA11119_00-ANIMALSUPERSQUAD-A0103-V0101.json ..but my PS4 says it cannot download it, and viewing the Error info gives: Cannot continue downloading the content. It is not on the server. It will be deleted from [Downloads]. (CE-362246-1) Am I 'up a creek'? 😟
  10. I too suffered from this trophy not popping until very recently.. The fix? Co-driver Calls: Normal I had mine set to Earlier which I suspect was causing an issue..
  11. It's pretty much pot luck at this stage whether you'll get the trophy on 3rd or not.. 😟
  12. This game's server(s) broke on Xbox 360 some time ago.. I suspect the plug may have finally been pulled on PS3 also.
  13. EA acquired Codemasters last year (😟)
  14. See my post a couple above yours. Sounds like you're in a similar situation to myself, sadly.
  15. Hear, hear. I have a life; full-time work, a child, and a partner. As well as other commitments and hobbies aside from gaming. The arguement "you had 7 years" is just ridiculous - yes, I did if I only played this game. I've played 149, and have over 600 in my backlog.. No, that's not the fault of EA or Guerilla Games. A little more notice wouldn't go amiss though!
  16. No.. in the top third of the daily leaderboard.
  17. Oh... poop. I've got some of them done, but.. this game is solid 😬
  18. Not sure if it's the update, or my PS Plus auto-renewed today, but I can't access any of my PS Plus titles.. I get an error saying it can't connect to the server to verify the license, and restoring licenses gets so far (after taking ages) and informs me that the PlayStation Network is under maintenance.. despite there being nothing on the "Service Status" page. Argh! 😡
  19. Well, I managed to finish up the multiplayer of Driver: San Francisco [PS3] and Splinter Cell: Blacklist [PS3] prior to the original shutdown date of September 1st 2022.. Unfortunately this came at the cost of Killzone Shadow Fall [PS4] which I made a conscious decision not to start.. It was a bit frustrating that the Ubisoft games subsequently got a further month on top of an already lengthy shutdown notice, while Killzone got the grand total of about 3 weeks, but c'est la vie. The TT Bean Dive recovery is going pretty well in terms of percentage.. though not necessarily on the games that were dived (some of it is), and this has also been helped recently by the TT Alphabet Challenge which involved unlocking a trophy with the first letter running through A-Z in order, with no more than 2 skips. I decided to skip both X and Z. Start completion % 61.56 End completion % 58.32 Final dive % 3.24 Current completion % 60.16 Recovered completion % 1.84 Trophies needed for recovery 81 Total games dived 8
  20. Guerilla Games could learn a thing or two from Ubisoft.. They've extended the majority of shutdowns for a further month. Kinda gutted that I prioritised both Driver: San Franciso and Splinter Cell: Blacklist over this now, but c'est la vie - I never started it, so other than missing out on the experience, it doesn't affect me too much.
  21. I'll go with The Callisto Protocol 🤓
  22. For anyone wondering the same thing: Mercenaries who wear the UAV suit have a drone as their special tool. The drone is more swift and will explode instantly upon detonation. The down part is that it's loud enough for spies to hear it's rotors and can be destroyed by gunfire and tools.
  23. It was made harder to exploit, but is still exploitable.
  24. Sad times 😟 truly a shame they didn't extend the notice period, especially as they happened to schedule it amongst other shutdowns.
  25. Unless you bought the 'Season Pass' (or whatever name it went by), then the purchase alone isn't enough - you also need to have downloaded the packs. I speak from experience, sadly 😟