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  1. Update #1 I only joined on Wednesday, but it's easier to remember if I make updates on a Monday.. πŸ™‚ I've already made some good progress in L.A. Noire, going from 30% completion to 59%.. It's practically the only game I've played since signing up, and I'm nearing the end of the storyline for a second time (previously on X360). It's the first time I've played through the DLC cases, but they've been relatively enjoyable and pretty straightforward so long as you're aware of the trophies. The platinum (and 100%) may be possible for next week, but I've been struggling with feeling lightheaded over the weekend - I suspect due to getting used to a new glasses prescription - so it depends on how I'm feeling.. πŸ€“ Alien Breed: Impact (PS3) - 5% Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3) - 44% L.A Noire (PS3) - 30% => 59% Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (PS3) - 18% Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PS3) - 7% *Two games can have a completion percentage of up to 50%, but the rest must be 33% or under.
  2. Currently gunning for L.A. Noire (PS3) to be my next platinum.. it's been sat in the backlog way too long (I've previously finished the storyline on X360).
  3. I'd already made these prior to joining the Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Backlog Challenge event.. but I think it's all still doable πŸ˜… Percentages and such are based on TT rather than PSNP. 65% Completion including Owned DLCStarting at 56.68%, 396 trophies left with 434 days to go (an average of 0.9 per day).50 Platinum TrophiesStarting at 31, an increase of 19 over 433 days.Complete Final Fantasy VII (by end of June)Starting at 12 trophies, an increase of 20 trophies over 249 days.
  4. ..nope! πŸ˜‚ it was a dreadful year though.. 2020: 5 platinums (4.12% ultra rare in F1 2017) 2021: 4 platinums so far.. (5.60% very rare in Need for Speed: Undercover) Double figures for 2022! You heard it here first.
  5. My only PS3 purchases of 2021 (so far).. 😱 There's probably a few more digital only releases that I want to pick up before the storefront does inevitably close at some point, but I really liked the look of Shatter so I made sure to pick that up before the storefront was due to close prior to the decision being reversed.
  6. Thankfully the collectibles aren't so bad in Soul Suspect. I found the vast majority without a guide except for most of the graffiti, an easy history plaque in the church, and 1 remaining ghost story collectible in the judgment house.. πŸ™‚
  7. All sections now updated barring the Unstarted games, which has of course grown during many months of sales and PS Plus titles.. I'll eventually get around to it πŸ˜… ..and my Unstarted PS4 games list has grown by about 100 😱 Games completed since last update: Murdered: Soul Suspect - [PS4] - #47 25 Oct 21 - #32 25 Oct 21 Need for Speed: Most Wanted - [PS3] - #46 21 Oct 21 - #31 20 Oct 21 BlazeRush - [PS3] - #45 26 Sep 21 Gravel - [PS4] - #44 09 Sep 21 - #30 09 Sep 21 Need for Speed: Undercover - [PS3] - #43 25 Jul 21 - #29 25 Jul 21 The Four Kings Casino and Slots - [PS4] - #42 21 Dec 20
  8. ...time to play (and try to finish) some PS3 games! I realise this event is 2 months in already, but there's still nearly 4 months to go (if you'll have me @MidnightDragon). My track record with completing events is abysmal, but.. let's see if I can try and turn over a new leaf by submitting and hopefully 100%ing an initial list of 5 πŸ˜… I will state for the record that I also plan to be working on a couple of PS4 games outside of this event, but their trophy lists are as such that it wouldn't make sense to include them in any event.. Alien Breed: Impact (PS3) - 5% Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3) - 44% L.A Noire (PS3) - 30% Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (PS3) - 18% Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PS3) - 7% *Two games can have a completion percentage of up to 50%, but the rest must be 33% or under.
  9. Nevermind.. seems this event has been replaced and/or is dead.
  10. Well if @SpaceCoresDad doesn't want to run another PS3 event, you ought to set one up! I know I'd be interested..
  11. I can only apologise for my lack of activity.. 2020/21 has been pretty lousy for me, honestly - there were lengthy periods where I hardly did any gaming at all. That being said, let's see what little progress was made.. πŸ˜… October 2020: Started 36 - Unstarted 142 PS3 Completions during event: BlazeRush (0% -> 100%) Need for Speed: Most Wanted (63% -> Plat + 100%) Need for Speed: Undercover (NEW -> Plat + 100%) October 2021: Started 41 - Removed* 3 - Unstarted 134 * Removed due to new trophy issues present in 2021, or replaced with PS4 remaster.
  12. There's a glimmer of hope that maybe.. one day.. πŸ™‚
  13. No update to report on my progress, as I haven't made any.. 😁 I've been busy playing Pokémon Blue via an emulator on my phone, and I've just bought a PS2 Slim for a bit of nostalgia as well as a new PC. Busy, busy! Hopefully I'll have a better month in February.
  14. The badges will come, and can only apologise for not being an active participant in an event that I started, but am hugely grateful to the community for keeping it going. If anyone wishes to take this over for 2021, do feel free.
  15. Sign-ups are now closed... πŸ”’ Introduction: Having recently scoured the extremity of my unstarted list, I decided it was time to do something about it.. Hence the creation of this event! My main issues when it comes to starting games are: Deciding which game(s) to start Seeing my completion % drop The event attempts to resolve these issues by: Starting multiple games, which can be as limiting as you choose it to be A desire to finish the games chosen before the end of the year Community based competition / progress reports I'm not sure whether this has been done before, apologies if so and I have neglected credit. The Rules: This event does NOT start until 1st January 2020, games on your list should not be started until then! You MUST commit to a list prior to starting the event You MAY overlap games from other events You MAY swap your games prior to starting the event as much as you like, but NOT once the event has started **LATE ADDITION** You may nominate 3 "backup" games that can be used for swaps against ANY letter during the challenge - without penalty These games MUST be declared prior to the event start An award will be given to participants who do NOT utilise this The event officially ends on December 31st 2020 whether you succeed or not Games are ONLY complete when they are 100%, including their DLCs - non-platinum games are fine Games with separate lists per episode must consist of the ENTIRE game (eg. Jurassic Park) Games that have stackable lists can be used, but they must not auto-pop trophies Games that start with "The" or "A" can be counted as either the first actual letter from the game's title - or - the first letter of the second word - without penalty eg. "The Walking Dead" as "T" (The) - or - "W" (Walking) Games that start with Numbers can be counted as either the first letter of the number - or - the first actual letter from the game's title - without penalty eg. "101 Ways to Die" as "O" (One Hundred and One) - or - "W" (Ways) Games that are prefixed such as "Tom Clancy's" can be counted as either the first letter of the prefix - or - the first letter from the title that the game is known as - without penalty eg. "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist" as "T" (Tom Clancy's) - or - "S" (Splinter Cell) Please seek approval if you are unsure Games that have regional differences with their title can be counted as either title - without penalty eg. "Bully" as "B" (Bully) - or - "C" (Canis Canem Edit) If you do not have any unstarted games for a letter, you may have 1 FREE swap from ANY letter You MAY opt to replace any letter even if you have games available for a given letter Any further swaps will COST you 2 games of ANY letter in it's place - they do not have to be from the same letter If you have swapped / replaced more than 5 letters, you must add 1 FURTHER game (total) in addition to any existing penalties (same rules) Awards: Choose your games! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Participants [Spreadsheet - Maintained by @ArtikSkarab]: iXanon neospoon Conker gazdavis11 Lojtana Ashuri-B PermaFox AuroraHistoire Kristycism Salima-sensei Han_the_Dragon Mohd_AAAA JNSpradlin Edunstar84 Neocarleen flashpool23 Matto_lsi freddie1989 ArtikSkarab SupergiantStarr willythom88 jgm4789 Sanevin FairlyCal DoctorDrPepper cnine Arctic Cress insainraven colinmazzini Together_Comic blu3st4rdust305 firebld95 Slugger_VII Redbeard-Rik ChernobylNinja Juxta-Dowgle TheIndru AffectatiousDonk scarishbal Kevvik Deceptrox GraniteSnake FreeSpark22 Geridian Andrea9281 SpaceCoresDad Cinema_Buns Kishnabe gary_danial brejdak93 DeoffGeoff FinalMiracle13 Mystvayne WDB_Chaotic FFHannibal jasondm300 fisty123 PsychoticLight BlackSquirrell1 GerritSlak tsuki_-no-_usagi Warpedsavior xX_JMPT_Xx igs63 cckerberos rebeccafar piualan90 MattbluePT .
  16. Very small gains made so far, largely due to a lack of spare time (as ever).. 0% ^ 5% - Alien Breed: Impact 0% ^ 2% - Dead Space 5% ^ 17% - God of War (Original post)
  17. I haven't really been in the "gaming groove" of late, particularly since I had some personal issues in early summer.. I'll list my PS3 games, but we'll see what happens. 😝 Started (36): Unstarted (142): I probably won't be touching some of these with a barge pole! πŸ˜…
  18. November 2020 Prediction: Horizon Zero Dawn Marvel's Spider-Man
  19. October 2020 Prediction: Dying Light Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
  20. Free is free.. Sign me up! πŸ€“
  21. Appreciate the heads-up, changed. Thanks. @Gray-Fox-44 @DaivRules
  22. September 2020 Prediction: Horizon Zero Dawn The Last Guardian
  23. Wow, I'm stunned that they're back - I thought I'd have another unattainable for sure.. Time to "git gud" and try to defeat those EA trials! πŸ˜…
  24. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
  25. Quote from Codemasters staff (BarryBL) on 17th July: Fingers crossed.. Nothing further yet.